Sheri's Special Note:  If you are looking for a special breed of dog to adopt, please fill out an application and once approved we can keep our eyes wide open.  We really enjoy working in advance with people wanting to adopt a rescue dog to add to their family.  Our application is under "adoption application".

If you'd be interested in fostering please let us know.  Thanks!

We could save more lives if we had more available fosters.

Here are the wonderful dogs we have available for adoption.

Oct. 11, 2017
We just got Chocolate today.  She is about three years old.  She is spayed and up to date on her shots.  She was found in a warehouse parking lot and she had been there for a while.  When she finally trusted someone, she was found with her back legs tied together with a shoelace.  I took some skin off but it will heal up really good.  We don't know too much about her personality.  What we do know is she rides great in a crate in the car, good on a leash, and is as sweet as sweet gets.  More photos later.  I think she weighs about 15-20 pounds. 

More photos coming soon.

Charlie is about 1 1/2 years old.  He is part Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Pug and Chihuahua.  You ask how do we know this...He's had a DNA test.  He is good with everyone and everything.  He's used the quiet lifestyle.  A nice couple found him and took care of him when he was a puppy and now it's time for Charlie to find a home.  He's a very sweet and lovable dog.  Not a mean bone in his body.  He would love to sleep next to you in your bed. 

This is Peckham.  We helped unite him back with his family back in July when he got out an open door while be babysat by his groomer.  We saw him as a found dog.  A gal found him in the country and I just knew I could find the owner...and I did!  I mentioned to the family if he ever needs a new home to let me know.  Well, he does and they called me.  They have two kids 6 and 9 and they can't seem to figure out to keep the door and the gate closed.  He just came back from being gone for two weeks.  So they reached out to us to help them.  He's now with us and we're searching for a perfect fit for him.  He's a great dog, but needs not to be around open doors and have a good fenced in backyard with a locked gate!!!

He's 7 years young!  He weighs about 14 pounds, is up to date on all shots, chipped and neutered.  He's an awesome doggie!!!

PENDING ADOPTION!  A former adopter and good friend of ours from Arizona was visiting her brother in Oklahoma and he's been wanting a dog for a companion.  He's coming out her in November so Charlie will be with us until he can go home on a road trip with is new daddy.  How exciting!!!

Vick is 3 years old and came to us from a terrific rescue in Taiwan.  Vick is a very sweet dog.  He's potty trained, good with other dogs and cats.  He's got lots of energy!  And, he's a love bug!  Weighs about 10 pounds.