Our hearts are very heavy, and are hearts aren't quite the same to find out that our first rescue Dal (Rusty) Reily has passed away.  He was only 6 years old.  We're pretty sure it was kidney issues that prevailed and his family provided him the best care possible.  He was originally an owner surrender and a great friend of mine Sherry from Mesa, Arizona said she wanted to adopt him.  He was a wonderful addition to her family.  We know Sherry is so upset about loosing Reily.  We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Reily's family.  We had Reily with us for over a month and he was such a pleasure to have loved.  Rest in peace my sweet boy and we will see you one day in Heaven.  He passed away on the date they celebrated his birthday on...July 4th.

Feb 21, 2017

We are sad because a very special dog passed away yesterday.  Misty who was by far the most special needs dog we've had in rescue so far had severe seizures.  We were so blessed to have found Rick and Cindy from Stockton, CA who adopted Misty almost two years ago.  They loved her with all of their hearts.  They made sure she received the best possible vet care for her seizures.  She had been free and clear for three months and yesterday (Feb 20, 2017) one got a hold of her and wouldn't let go.  Misty was such a warm and loving dog and she will always live in lots of hearts.  Her mom and dad have golden hearts!  God's love always surrounded Misty each and every day.  Misty, you will live in our hearts and soul forever.   See you in Heaven!

Buzz was a very, very special dog to me.  He was where my fostering began for another rescue.  I had Buzz living with us for about four months.  He and I became really good buddies.  Then a very special person with the same name as mine adopted Buzz.  Shari and her husband live up in Sacramento.  I got to personally deliver Buzz to his new home on Christmas Eve of 2015.  I remember being so happy for Buzz and I was so happy that I cried.  He loved his new mom and dad so much!  I was so happy for him.  It took a long time for him to find his forever home, but he finally made it.  He was the best dog.  Never complained about anything.  Buzz passed away February 17, 2017. 

Buzz, I know you will be missed and I can promise you boy, you will never be forgotten!  Love you Buzz!!!