We're getting ready to have our fundraiser.  We need donations!

Fundraiser for Jessie!
March 13, 2018
We are doing a fundraiser for Jessie.  She is going to be needing some more ongoing medical help.  She has signs of kidney disease.  Wendy has lots of experience with this issue.  I personally feel so bad that Jessie was adopted and soon after discovered her issues where worse than what we first thought.  When she was with Pokeadots we had the cost of her spay, an extensive dental, and blood work to the tune of about $700.  Wendy and Jim already spent an additional $600 towards more medical care.  She has a good relationship with a wonderful Vet in Grass Valley, CA and Wendy and Jim live in Livermore, CA.  They feel like Jessie is in good care with him.  I trust their judgment 100%.  I feel so bad that little Jessie has this kidney issue.  We want to give her a chance to stabilize.  She at least deserves a chance.  So, I told them I would do a fundraiser to help meet some of her medical costs.  She is going to need by-weekly blood tests, fluids which Wendy know how to do, medication, etc.  Any donations will be gladly accepted...even if it's just $1, because it will all add up.  I plan on helping as much as we possibly can.  We promise to send you a 501(c)(3) receipt in a very promptly manner.  You may find a link to our paypal account at www.pokeadotsrescue.com.  It's located on our home page.  You may also send a check to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue, 6 N. School St., Lodi, CA  95240.  You may also call me at 209 603-5866 and we can process it with your credit card over the phone.  We are very flexible and all of us will be so grateful for your help. 

Wendy and Jim are over the top passionate rescue people.  They have 3 senior dogs all of whom they adopted from a rescue.  When Wendy originally contacted me she was passionate about rescuing from a 501c3 organization.  Wendy and Jim are angels.  People call me and angel, but they're a step above me in the department of caring for senior dogs. 

My prayer is with all of our help that little Jessie will have an a wonderful final last few chapters of her life. 

Thank you in advance and if you aren't able to donate, please pray for Jessie!  Sheri