We're so lucky to have found Poke-a-Dots Rescue!  Sheri responded so quickly to our questions about her recent rescue Little Eddie. She is very passionate about saving dogs and has a clear connection with them.  Before we met Little Eddie, she was able to tell us about his temperament because she spends a lot of time getting to know the dogs.  In fact, we were looking at two dogs and she knew which one was clearly better for our family.  And she was right!  Little Eddie is a wonderful addition to our family!  Sheri has a gift with animals. Poke-a-Dots is a genuinely honest rescue center with the utmost integrity and love for the animals and their people.

Thank you Poke-a-Dots!!

Sara Atherton, CA

This is Poke-A-Dot...She changed our hearts & souls forever and made us want to help rescue other dogs in her position.

Poke-A-Dot’s Dalmatians and Friends Rescue is ran by Sheri and Darrell. We are all passionate about saving dogs lives and finding special forever homes for each of them.

We pull stray dogs from shelters, take in owner surrendered dogs, etc. We take stray dogs directly into our rescue and hold them while looking for owners.

We provide any necessary veterinary care for all dogs in our rescue, including but not limited to shots, microchip and spay/neuter.  We do not skimp on medical care.

All of our rescue dogs are treated as they are part of our family. They are allowed in our homes, integrated into daily life and showered with love.

Our adoption process includes an application, a home check, and meet and greet with our dogs.  We also will spend time sharing emails and phone chats too.

We believe in being a partnership with our adopters. We love to keep in contact and hear about our dogs in their forever homes, as well as receiving pictures. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit pet rescue.  Any and all donations are gladly appreciated and you will receive a tax receipt promptly.  We thank you in advance, and all the dogs too!

first class care

Our rescue dogs become part of our family.  Shots, chips, spay/neuter is always done.  And, of course, lots of love!  They have a wonderful environment here.


Communication first and foremost.

We believe in replying to your emails, texts, and calls promptly.

What to Expect

Hi my name is Sheri Didreckson and I love dogs! 

I was born in Santa Cruz, CA and my very first dog was a Basset Hound and his name was Teddy.  He passed away when I was about six years old.  I really loved that dog!  I couldn't wait to get another one.  My parents divorced and my mom wasn't much of a dog lover, so I had to wait until I was on my own.  I remember the day I called about an ad in the newspaper for a free dog.  He was a Dobie/Lab, but more Dobie.  The minute I opened my car door, Baron jumped in and the rest was history.  I had Baron for about five years before he passed away.  (The ironic thing is when I went to meet Baron, he was right across the street from the house we live in now in the country.)  I lasted about a week and then I went to the Lodi Animal Shelter and fell in love with a Lab.  I really wanted a smaller dog, but Lady was on her last day of being alive and she looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and the rest was history.  I had Lady for about twelve years.

Darrell and I got married in June of 2000.  Darrell wanted to get me a dog.  He knew I really liked Dalmatians.  He came across a breeder in Georgia who had smaller Dalmatians.  Enter Peaches to our lives.  Then over time, we added Puddles, Pebbles and Peanuts.  Currently we still have Peaches and Peanuts. (Update...both Peaches, Peanuts and Hairball our Yorkie are in Heaven)

It wasn't until about ten years ago that we started getting involved in rescue dogs.  My husband Darrell and I were facing having to put Puddles to sleep due to health issues.  So, we wanted to adopt a small standard Dalmatian to give Peaches a friend, and help save a life.  We found the perfect dog from a Dalmatian Rescue.  We named her Poke-A-Dot.  She literally changed our lives and opened up our hearts to so many special dogs in need.

We fell deeply in love with Poke-A-Dot the first time we meet her, and she loved us too!  We can't imagine our life without her.  Shortly after getting Poke, we decided to get involved with fostering.  We fostered at least 8 dogs and helped with the adoption process.  We also helped with transporting dogs that were in need.

We even became a foster failure with Maggie the dog in the photo.  She was a senior and she was in a shelter.  We had her for about a month and then an opportunity came for Maggie to be transported up north.  We decided that she could spend the rest of her life with us.  She lived with us for about 6 more months before we had to put her to sleep.  She was such a perfect, wonderful dog and we knew she was very happy here!  She has since went to Heaven.

Then around Thanksgiving time 2014, I started thinking about the fact that I wanted to take my passion to a new level.  That is when Poke-A-Dot's Dalmatians and Friends was born.  When we bring in a dog into rescue, it becomes a part of our family.  We take really good care of him/her and we both look forward to the day with he/she gets to go home with a forever family.  We also love to stay in contact with our new friends.  So far as of 6/16/2018 we have placed over 200 dogs since January 2015.  Wow!  We feel so blessed!  Now as of Feb 2021 I think the number is well over 450.  Double Wow!  We have meet some amazing people who have wanted to share their lives with a special dog or dogs.  We are looking forward to the future!  However, we could do this with out YOU!  So, we thank all the people who have adopted, people who have given us donations.  It takes a village sometimes to help just one dog.

Another update...In March 2017 we had to say goodbye to Peanut and Hairball our little Yorkie on the same day.  In April 2017, we added a really cool Golden Doodle Thelma who needed a new home to our family.  So, currently we have Poke-A-Dot, Snowball, KJ and Thelma.  And in November of 2017 Stella a standard Poodle needed a new home and she's added a puppy to our lives.  She's just a little over 1 and her favorite thing to do is play with remote controls.  Haha

In Feb. 2020, a friend of mine with the same name Sheri had a massive stoke.  Her cousin Sheila by the grace of God found me and we took in her 3 dogs...Sadie, Elsa and Piper.  I promise her that she'd never have to worry about them again!  They could stay with us till she got better or forever for that matter.  Well, Sheri passed away in the next month in March and the 3 girls have adjusted and every time I think about the whole situation I get tears in my eyes.  Sheri passed knowing the most important things in her life where home for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for reading!  I wish I was a better writer, but all of this comes from my heart.

Love, Sheri


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We love dogs!