July 25, 2016

I was love at first sight when Michelle read the bio on Pickles and saw his photo.  The family came and brought both their dogs for a meet and greet and everything was confirmed...Pickles would be joining their family.  They were going to be gone over this past weekend, so Monday was his moving day.  He was so happy to get to go for his special ride to Manteca, CA where he will be living with Juan & Michelle and their daughter Alysa.  He will also have Jake and Daisy to keep him company.

Pickles came to us from a family in Tracy who didn't want him anymore due to another family member.  Not sure on all of the details, but all I know is that from now on, Pickles will have his permanent place in life.  He was such a good boy while he was at Poke-A-Dot's. 

Thank you so much Juan, Michelle and Alysa for being such a wonderful, loving family.  I am so glad you welcomed Pickles into your home and into your hearts.  You're all wonderful!!!

May 19, 2016
Well it finally happened.  It's been 3 months and God answered our prayer!  Everyone was over looking Lily and Brownie until this week.  We got so many calls, and applications turned in.  I was truly wonderful to finally have people interested in these girls.  I was so praying they could get adopted together and my prayer was answered today.  Sandra, Fritz, Bree and Nina came to meet Lily and Brownie and fell in love with both of them.  They opened their hearts, lives, and home to the sweetest girls ever.  Of all of the dogs so far that have visited Poke-A-Dot's, these two stayed the longest and I know them very well.  When I had a dream of doing this I had no idea 1 1/2 years later, that Lily and Brownie would be dog number 74 and 75.  We have meet some amazing dogs and amazing people who have wanted to adopt these dogs.  When Bree was at our place holding and loving Lily for who she is, it touched my heart in a way it hasn't been touched.  Thank you so much Sandra, Fritz, Bree and Nina for being angels.  I know with all of my heart that they will bless your lives and you will bless theirs.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  Lily and Brownie will be living in Modesto, CA and I can't wait to visit them when they get all adjusted.  Oh, Lily and Brownie had another sister Sasha who was adopted by Fred and Diana from the Sacramento area and is doing wonderful!  Thank you once again to all of you who made a commitment to love Lily, Brownie and Sasha for the rest of their lives.

November 5, 2015
Today was such a great day.  Debbie reached out to use and said she really wanted to adopt a senior dog so she would have a companion.  She was interested in Gracie, but we just placed her in her new forever home.  So, I went to meet with her today and show her some photos of some of the seniors at shelters who needed a home.  She really liked a dog who was at the Oakdale Shelter.  So, I left her house in Stockton and drove to Oakdale.  On the way I called the shelter and they told me the dogs story.  Her name is Cutie, she is 8 years old, and her owners where seniors who had to move out of their home and they had to turn her in to the shelter about 10 days ago.  When I got there, I just knew she was the perfect dog.  She was so happy to get out of her kennel.  We went out into their play yard and she ran around and then she came to me I picked her up, she kisses me.  We did paperwork and off we went. 

Then I called Debbie and told her I pulled her and she is so wonderful.  We stopped by so they could meet.  I had every intention on bringing her to our house for a few days.  When we arrived, she walked in the house and she knew she was home.  She spun circles around, jumped into Debbie's arms and started checking the house out and making herself right at home.  So, I decided she needed to stay.  She had already been to the vet, chipped, all shots so I saw no reason why she couldn't stay.  It was the fastest adoption we have ever done, but everything worked out perfect!

I called later in the evening and all was wonderful.  Thank you so much Debbie for opening you heart and your home up to a senior dog.  You have a heart of gold and we know that you and Cutie will have many years of happiness together.  Thanks again for letting Poke-A-Dot's into your life and help find you your new little companion.  Wow!!!

Feb 21, 2016

Lucy and Ethel found their forever home!  Lucy will be living with Geneva in Stockton, CA and Ethel with Michelle in Clements, CA.  These gals are sister-in-laws and both wanted a companion and best friend and wanted to adopt a rescue dog.  This is going to be perfect for these two sisters.  Geneva and Michelle hang out together a lot so the dogs will get to see each other a lot, but still get some 1 on 1 attention.

Thank you to Jessica from Modesto who took these two girls in to her house to foster and look for their home.  After two months of looking she reached out to us for help.  About two weeks ago they came to Poke-A-Dot's and we found each of them a warm and loving home.  Thank you Jessica for all of your love you devoted to these two precious sisters.

Thank you Geneva and Michelle for reaching out to us and for opening your hearts up to Lucy and Ethel.  Enjoy your special little girls!

May 20, 2016 & May 24, 2016

Larry and Rena from Sacramento, CA have opened their heart and home to Burt and Daisy. It was love at first sight! Burt got settled in their home and then Daisy followed four days later to complete their pack of four doggies. Thank you so much Larry and Rena for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's. You're two very special people with wonderful hearts! And, thanks to our friends Bob & Julie, Velda and her granddaughter for helping rescue Burt and Ernie (who got adopted and lives about 5 miles away in Sacramento). Burt and Daisy, thanks for being a good boy while at Poke-A-Dots! And, thanks to Jeweline for helping with Daisy. You're a jewel for helping all the dogs that come into your life that people don't want anymore.

November 20, 2016

Nellie is now home forever with Jackie and her husband Dale.  Nellie came to Poke-A-Dot's via Julie Ball who just so happens to be Jackie's sister.  Julie and her husband Bob have worked with us over the past two years with a lot of dogs.  They have also helped us with wonderful donations, and we can't thank them enough.  Mid August, Nellie was running around in traffic and Julie stopped traffic to save her life.  We had no luck finding her owners.  She was a mess, and we got her all fixed up. 

We actually adopted her to another family, but Nellie just wasn't the dog they were looking for at the time.  So, Nellie came back to us.  We were going to be out of town for about five days, and Julie volunteered to come over play with all of our dogs while we were gone.  Julie brought her sister Jackie with her and Jackie fell in love with Nellie.  Jackie and her husband had a vacation planned so Nellie stayed a little bit longer with us. 

Thank you so much Jackie and Dale for you wonderful hearts and for opening you home up to Nellie.  And, Julie thanks so much for saving Nellie's life and for choosing an awesome name for her.

Sweet dreams in your new home Nellie!!!

February 9, 2017

Zoe has found a special loving place inside of Stacey's big wonderful heart.  What a wonderful blessing that God placed in her life and in ours too!!

We received a phone call last week from the lady who originally adopted Zoe.  The gal had has several mini strokes and thought Zoe would be better off in another home.  Zoe is diabetic and has to have two insulin shots every day.  She was scared she was losing some memory and didn't want to forget about Zoe's shots.

So, we went over to Antioch and picked her up.  I gave my first shot to a dog and it was very easy, because Zoe is such a good little girl.  She is so sweet and very loving.  We posted her and we actually got several people who were interested in adopting this sweet girl. 

Stacey was perfect!  She wanted to adopt a companion to share her life with and love with all of her heart.  When she came to meet Zoe, you could see the love in Stacey's heart.  Her two grown children are so excited to spend time with Zoe.

I am so very grateful that Stacey came into Zoe's life.  It was such an answer to our prayers.  Zoe, thanks for being such a perfect little girl and may you give you add lots of love to your new mom's life.

Zoe will be living in Sacramento, CA.  Have fun Zoe!!!

October 24, 2015

What an amazing ending to a MIRACLE STORY.  Dexter came to us the first part of May.  He was originally in the Bakersfield Shelter.  He was her one night and he dug himself out of our yard because of the thunder and lightning.  We searched and searched, plastered signs, you name it we did it.  Fast forward three months and a man was in the Acampo, CA post office and he was starring at one of our flyers.  Debbie, the awesome clerk who told everyone to be on the lookout for Dexter started telling him about Dexter.  He told her..."I think he's been living around by my house."  So Debbie gave him out number and he called us later that afternoon.  He was able to call him into his yard and contain him.  Nobody else had the special touch in three month.  Richard, was Dexter's special person who he knew he could trust.  So, Dexter made it back to our house and he was really glad to be back.  I think he slept for two weeks straight and loved having his own bed! 

About three weeks ago, a great retired fireman Bill and his wife Donna reached out to us.  They were looking for another Dalmatian.  They have had five in their past.  They came and took Dexter home.  Dexter who's new name is Dozer scored in a spotted way.  His new house is decorated from head to toe with Dalmatian everything.  Every room from head to toe.  It's truly amazing and the most amazing thing is the Dozer now has a home sweet home with two of the nicest people.  Thank you Bill and Donna for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  Thank you for being the final puzzle piece in Dozer's life.  We know he will be loved forever.

March 6, 2017

Madison's new mom Susan and her dad Doug fell in love with Madison the moment they meet her.  Susan barely got in our door and Madison jumped up in her arms.  It was meant to be!  She will be living in Novato, CA.  She will be joining Sophie who is a Yorkie.  Susan and Doug are wonderful people and we thank them for wanting to adopt precious little Madison.  Susan was so excited to adopt Madison and make her a part of their family.  And, we thank Elena who was fostering her.  She spoiled Madison and loved her so much!

September 29, 2015

What a wonderful story about Heidi...
About four months ago, Cindy (she adopted Misty our special seizure Dalmatian) was in a hair shop in Stockton and overhead two ladies talking about how they were thinking about adopting dogs. So, Cindy shared Poke-A-Dot's info with them. Faith came and looked at one of the dogs we had at the time, and it wasn't a good match. I promised her if she gave me some time I could find her the perfect little girl. So, speed forward about two m...onths, and this amazing dog came into Poke-A-Dot's rescue. I just knew she would be a perfect match for Faith. So, about two weeks ago Heidi moved in for a trial run. She got kind of attached to me and when I left she howled for a little while and then the rest is history...Heidi loves Faith and Faith loves Heidi. I almost lost it when Darrell and I left today to do the "official paperwork." This is why I love doing rescue. To take in a dog, care for her/him, love them and find a perfect forever home. It's the best feeling every. Knowing that once homeless, but will never have to experience that lonely feeling ever again. Cindy, thanks for sharing with Faith, and Faith thanks for having faith in Poke-A-Dot's. You and Heidi are our new friends and you will always have a very special place in our hearts. We thank God for placing you into our lives and especially placing you into Heidi's life forever!!!

August 27, 2015
A groomer in Stockton about a couple weeks ago made a wrong turn in her car and ended up in a bad area of Stockton. She saw Daisy laying under a beat up truck. She was a mess! She got out of her car and asked who the owner was and a guy said "she is mine". She offered him $10.00 and he ...took it. She took her back to her grooming shop and cleaned her up. She had her there for about 3 weeks and now she is with Poke-A-Dots and she is waiting for her forever home. The groomer saved her life big time!

She now has her forever home in Elk Grove, CA with Ted and Barbara and their daughter and son (not in photo).  What a terrific family.  Daisy immediately jumped into all of their arms.  It's so touching to watch "the love connection".  Daisy, you will never have to worry about living in terrible conditions anymore baby girl.  Enjoy your new home and I am sure you will love it!  Thank you all very much for opening up your hearts and lives to Daisy.

Boo...August 8, 2015

Colleen and Linda from Sacramento had a big huge spot in their heart for Boo.  His new name is Finn.  He couldn't of landed in a better home.  He will have a sister Emy who is a sweetheart.  Finn feel in love with Colleen and Linda right when they walked in the door.  It was really important to Finns new family to adopt a dog who was in need of a home.  Finn was an owner release and his former family wanted him to find a home that had more time for him and a place where he would be loved more.  Well Finn found his perfect home!  Thank you so much Colleen and Linda for all your love you have shared with Finn and with us!

Buster...August 23, 2015

What a great family Buster is going to have.  He loves everyone!  Buster was adopted by Toniann from Lodi, CA.  Her 3 year old son is going to be best buddies with Buster.  We were so glad when she reached out to us to find a dog.  It was very important to her to adopt a rescued dog.  And, that's exactly what happened.  We hope Buster will have the time of his life.  He deserves the best!  Enjoy your new life Buster and maybe someday you will get to meet Buster Posey from the San Francisco Giants. 

Charlie...August 21, 2015

Steve drove all the way down from Oregon.  About a 12 hour drive to meet Charlie.  He didn't even get through the door!  Oh my gosh Charlie knew Steve was going to be his new Dad.  He recently lost his dog and he was ready for another best friend.  He plans to take Charlie every where he goes.  Charlie, enjoy your new life and thank you for being such a good boy while you lived with us.  We know Snowball is going to miss playing with you. 

Ollie...June 27, 2015

Ollie was a stray spot that Poke-A-Dot's took in.  Really sweet boy.  Ollie is making his forever home in Reno, Nevada.  He got the best home he could get.  His new Dad has had five Dalmatians and he just lost his last one.  He had a big hole in his heart and Ollie was the perfect spot to fill the hole.  Ollie, may all the years ahead of you be filled with love...you deserve so much!

Dodger...July 11, 2015

Dodger was running around so scared on I-5 dodging cars in three lanes of traffic.  A really wonderful person stopped the traffic and help catch him.  That's how we came up with his name.  We are so glad he dodged all of those cars and that his angel saved him.  We were contacted to see if we could bring him into Poke-A-Dots.  We had his name on a spot.  Richard from Pioneer, CA has been looking for over a year for a dog like this to be his companion.  He was trying really hard to adopt a rescue dog, but it seemed like he was always just missing out by seconds.  We are so glad he saw our post and contacted us.  We hope you and Dodger will be the best buddies ever.  Dodger thanks for all the love you brought to Poke-A-Dot's.  Poke-A-Dot is going to miss playing with you, but she's so happy you found your special forever home.

Holly...June 22, 2015

Precious 12 year old Holly got delivered today to her new family. A great couple in Sacramento lost there dog about two months ago and had a hug hole in their hearts and a great big hole on their couch and chair to fill. A friend of mine contacted me about two weeks ago. Her mother had passed away two years ago and Holly was originally hers. Then her mother in law said she would take Holly. Well, she recently passed away and one of her grandsons was taking care of her. She's not the best with other dogs and kids. So, they reached out to us to see if we could help find Holly a new home. I told her they needed to be patient since she was 12 years old. You would never know by looking at her. Tonight Holly is starting her bonding process with her new parents who will love her forever and she will love them too! Enjoy your new little girl and thank you both so much for opening up your hearts and home.

Coco...June 12, 2015

Coco is now with her new Mom and Dad! What a great story. Coco was on her way to the Stockton Shelter when Dahlia from Lodi just happened to be there in the parking lot. An elderly man told her some friends of his had to move and he hadn't been able to find her a new home so he was dropping her off at the shelter. Dahlia noticed Coco shaking so bad. She decided to take her home to her house and then she contacted us to see if she could come into Poke-A-Dot's. Thank you for being Coco's angel! It was such perfect timing. Len and Dorothy from Auburn, CA are Coco's new Dad and Mom. They are such awesome people. We know Coco is in the perfect home and her new sister is such a QD Pie is a sweetheart. Coco thank you for being such a loving and wonderful dog while you were living with us. Snowball, Hairball, Peanuts, Peaches and Poke-A-Dot are all going to miss you. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives!

Bo.... Bo was dropped off out in the country by his previous owners.  A really nice gal let him hang out at her house for almost a month.  Then she contacted us to see if we might be able to help her find him a new home.  We posted Bo on Facebook and that evening a good friend of mine said his parents have been looking for a dog.  They came to meet Bo the next day and they fell in love.  I took him for a good bath and then delivered their new Bo to them.  What a great dog who ended up in the perfect home with the best possible parents.  You both scored big time!

Lola...Sunday, April 26, 2015 marks the day Lola (now Misty) got to go "home" to a great family.  She will have a wonderful mom and dad, Cindy and Rick.  She will also have two brothers, a sister, and two kitties to play with.  Lola came to us about a month ago.  She has seizures and Cindy and Rick are experienced with dogs with seizures.  They are under control now with a medication.  Misty, enjoy your new life and keep on spreading the love you are so good at sharing.  Thank you for being a wonderful dog while you were at Poke-A-Dot's.  We are all so very excited to you!

Chloe...Sunday, March 15, 2015 was a very special day.  Our dear sweet Chloe found her forever home!!!  She will be living in Boulder Creek, CA along with Carole and Cyndi.  It was love at first sight when they saw Chloe get out of the car.  She loved both of them too.  You could see the bonding process start.  She has two cats to keep her company too.  Chloe, you are a very, very special young girl and we are all so very happy that you have found your forever home.  Enjoy each and every day and we know you are going to be loved for the rest of your life.

Shadow.... Who is new name is Chipper, after Chipper Jones who retired from the Atlanta Braves baseball team.  Mike and his wife Lisa were over at Darrell & Sheri's house for dinner one night.  Well, Mike literally fell in love with Chipper.  He called us a few days later and asked when could he come and pick up his dog?  Chipper scored big time!  Plus his new mom is a vet (she's been our personal vet for almost 12 years) and he will get the best care available.  Thank you Mike and Lisa for opening your hearts to this great dog.  And, Chipper we really enjoyed your stay at Poke-A-Dot's so much!  And, we are so glad you are close so we can visit you!!!

Emma was found on Feb. 2, 2015 running around in an industrial area in Stockton, CA.  The gal who found her was able to convince her to come to her with a hot dog.  She was dirty from head to toe and looked like she had been running around for a while.  We saw a posting and immediately contacted the lady who found her and she delivered her to us the next day.  We waited for over two weeks to see if an owner was going to come forward.  Then the rest is history...Mac and Caroline from San Jose, CA adopted Emma and will love her dearly for the rest of her life.  She loves her new life, and we thank you for all of the updates you have sent to us.  What a blessing she is to everyone who comes in contact with Emma! 

Rusty was an owner relinquish on Jan. 30, 2015.  Rusty was our first official rescue dog.  We couldn't of asked for a better first dog.  He was perfect in every way!!!  When Sherry saw his photo when we posted it, it was love at first sight.  She immediately turned in her application, we did a home check, and we meet her in Bakersfield on Saturday Feb. 21st.  We wanted to help her out since she drove from Mesa, Arizona.  When Sherry and her mom got to meet Rusty in person, it was a very special moment!  We have received several updates from Sherry on how Rusty is doing and one words comes to mind....PERFECT! 

These wonderful dogs have found their forever homes.

We thank each of these families for opening up their hearts and homes.

October 21, 2015

Oscar scored big time!  A big thank you to Arna at AA Groomers for referring Lori to use.  Lori was looking for a special dog and Oscar came into her life.  Oscar is going to have a brother Ronnie and a sister Rosie to play with and a wonderful mom Lori.  Lori, your personality will be perfect for little Oscar!  Thank you so much for opening your heart and your home to Oscar.  Oscar is going to be living in Lodi so we can have plenty of play dates.  Thanks for being such a good little snuggle doggie while you were at Poke-A-Dots!  Have fun with your new family.

Sept. 2, 2017

What a nice couple!  Ed and Bobbi lost a 18+ year old Bichon recently and had a very big hole in their home and hearts.  So, they came and feel in love with little Rambo.  He's such a cool dog.  He's going to love his new home.  He will be living in Reno, Nevada.  I believe he'll be our 6th dog who will be living in Nevada! 

A very special thank you goes out to a very special girl who name is Amanda and she lives in Stockton, CA.  She found Rambo walking lost as can be.  She took him in, and looked for about a month to find his family.  No Luck.  Then I noticed she was ready to find him a home and offered to step in and help.  We got little Rambo neutered and he was all ready for his new home.  Amanda has another dog Hope who is a bigger dog and she was scared she may hurt him playing since she's very large.  So Rambo stayed with us after he was neutered.  Thank you for making Pokeadots very proud of YOU!  Rambo will always love you.

P.S.  This couple was originally interested in giving blind Charlie a home.  When I told them Joe and Carol really wanted to adopt him they said that was going to happen and they feel in love with Rambo.  Perfect fit all the way around!

Feb. 29, 2016

Joel and Ellyn from Sacramento, CA adopted Mindy.  Mindy was a stray who my friend Jeweline from Stockton, CA helped save.  Our very good friend Nancy had to spend 62 days at UC Davis in Sacramento.  Joel was one of Nancy's awesome Nurses during her long visit there and she told him about our rescue.  We were taking care of Nancy's dog Kalli during her stay.  In addition to Mindy, Nancy was responsible for Mimi finding a great home with one of her other wonderful nurses Bernadine and her family in Elk Grove, CA.  Nancy, thank you so much for being such a blessing in Mimi's and Mindy's life.  And, Joel and Ellyn thank you both so much for wanting to add Mindy to your family.  You both are great people with wonderful hearts!

February 1, 2017
Daisy & Rosie

Daisy was a dog from Stockton who needed a new home and a really nice gal who saw a post reached out to use to see if we could help.  So, we said yes and went and picked her up.

Rosie was from the Placerville area.  A fellow rescuer who was able to rescue a bunch of Havenese dogs from a hoarder brought several dogs to safety.  We helped out by taking one into rescue.  Her name is Sweetie and she is now living in Livermore, CA.  One of the dogs was expecting and Rosie is one from the litter. 

Our friends (more like family though), Rico and Alyce who just so happen to live next door to us have been on the lookout for two puppies that could grow up together.  They previously over the past few years have lost three very special dogs.

So, now they are complete.  And what's really cool is that we'll be able to see them all the time!

Thank you so much for having the hearts like you have.  You both are so very, very special and Darrell and I are so blessed to have you in the center of our lives.

November 19, 2015...Winston, who is now Little Robert found his forever home. Tim and Melanie from Sacramento are his new Dad and Mom. Maggie is going to be his sister. Little Robert originally came from the Lodi Animal Shelter. He was such a sweetheart. Thanks for being such an amazing dog. We are so very thankful you found your perfect home. Enjoy your new loving life!

August 7, 2016

A few months ago we adopted Cutie to a really nice gal Debbie who lives in Stockton who wanted a special little doggie to love who didn't currently have a home.  She loves Cutie so much!  Her elderly mother is now living with her, and her mom's caregiver Donnabel reached out to us because she and her family wanted to adopt a dog.  So, my groomer friend Jeweline who has a shop in Stockton called me and said Simba was just dropped off by a daughter who had to place either her mom or dad in a nursing home and the other one just passed away.  So that left Simba without anyone to take care of him. 

I was so hoping this would be a good match.  Simba hadn't really been around kids before, but he soon discovered he was missing out on some fun in life.  Donnabel's husband Rolito is home a lot and will enjoy having Simba by his side.  Their children Jullian and Reianna are going to have so much fun with Simba.  So far he's adjusting very nicely.

Thank you so very much Donnabel for reaching out to us.  And Debbie thank you for referring Donnabel to Poke-A-Dot's.  One more doggie has a home because of your kindness and love.

January 28, 2017

Taffy who is originally from Taiwan has a new home!  He is the second of our 5 Poodles, 3 Standards and 2 mini's who in now in his new home.  He will be living in San Jose, CA with Dennis & Marie, and their other doggie Max. 

Taffy was born in Taiwan.  He lived with a gal who do to a medical condition had to give up Kiwi, Hiroshi, Taffy, Lemon and Hana.  A wonderful rescue in Taiwan took all of them in.  We can't say enough positive things about all the volunteers in Taiwan.  Thank you for all your LOVE! 

A fellow rescuer Jill Morgan who has True Love Rescue approached us knowing how much we have fallen in love with Poodles.  She actually lives very close to us.  She deals with the rescue in Taiwan and receives several Golden Retrievers into her rescue.  A large percentage of the dogs Jill receives from Taiwan have been thru so much trauma.  The rescue in Taiwan does all the medical attention required to help the dogs and provides them with lots of love before making their journey her to the U.S.

I personally believe God made us all and we all share this Earth.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue was honored to be able to help in this situation.  Thanks again to all the people who were involved to make all of this happen.  This has been a wonderful experience that we will remember forever and we are sure Taffy will experience so much love!  I have happy tears in my eyes right now.

This family had previously adopted a Golden Retriever from True Love Rescue several years ago and he recently passed away from cancer.   

Enjoy your new family Taffy!  We all love you boy and we're so sorry we kept calling you a baby girl.  She looks just like another dog we love who's a girl.

June 9, 2016

C.B. and Tess finally found the perfect home!  It took a while, but great things come to those who are patient and wait for the perfect people.  And, they are PERFECT.  Jim an Diane from Sacramento, CA had a large hole in their hearts and home from their previous dog passing away over two years ago.  Now that spot is going to be filled with two wonderful, loving, compassionate and funny dogs!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from their formers Mom's heart too!!!

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to Honey!  You're Christmas gift is a loving home with your new mom and dad, Rena & Larry in Sacramento, CA.   Honey will also join Burt, Daisy and Sugi.  Burt and Daisy are Poke-A-Dot's doggies that these wonderful people adopted in May.  They had a dog recently pass away, and they really like having a pack of four dogs.  So, when they saw Honey they reached out to us and we just knew that would be the perfect home for Honey.  Honey was previously a stray who was found by a really nice gal Virginia who took her in and loved her for the stray hold period and tried to find her a home.  She had posted a Facebook post and I offered to bring her into rescue and find her a wonderful home.  Thank you so much Virginia for all the love and compassion you shared with Honey.  I know if she could talk she was say thanks and I love you!   And, Rena and Larry, thank you for the wonderful hearts you both have towards rescue dogs.  Thank you so very much for reaching out to us and for your continued support.  Yo're both very special people!  Honey, enjoy your new home and Merry Christmas to you girl!

Casey...August 9, 2015

Little Casey who weighs in at 7 pounds and is about one year old and he came from the Stockton Shelter.  He was covered in matts and you could hardly see his eyes.  What a precious little dog he truly has been for Poke-A-Dots!  Today was his day he got delivered to his new home.  He is going to be living in Oakdale, CA.  His new mom and dad, Sommer and Kevin are going to make awesome parents for Casey.  When Casey set foot in their house, he immediately made himself right at home.  It was so precious to watch all of this happen.  Casey, all of us are really going to miss our little boy, but we are so happy that you are home! 

Annie...July 21, 2015

Annie new mom and dad Vicki & Kirk contacted us over a month ago.  We have been on the lookout for a perfect little girl to add to their family.  When we finally had a girl, they came to meet her.  They also brought their dog Boss and their grown up daughter with them.  Everyone fell in love with her.  We had named her Daisy, they already had a Daisy in the family so they choose Annie.  It's perfect for her!  Annie, you're home now forever and you will never have to worry about where your home is again.  Annie will be residing in Davis, CA.

Marley...July 5, 2015

Talk about a perfect match...Marley is in love with his new family and they all love him.  He will be living in Galt, CA right next door to us.  Marley will never run out of things to do.  Rob, Katie, Mikayla, Ethan and their dog Mollie will keep him entertained.  We are so glad they wanted to open their hearts and home to Marley.   Marley was a Stockton Shelter dog.  About three weeks ago, I was at the shelter looking around for our next dog.  It actually turned out to be dogs.  Marley came home with us along with Maggie.  When I originally spotted Marley, he was just sitting at attention and I could hardly see his eyes thru his long hair on his face.  That really didn't matter because our hearts connected.  The day I was there, he could leave so my husband and I came back the following day.  He got neutered and recovered nicely and we enjoyed him so much.  He will always hold a very special spot in our hearts along with all of the other amazing dogs we have had the blessing of helping find terrific forever homes.  Enjoy your life Marley!

Suzie Q...June 26, 2015

What a wonderful dog, and what wonderful people who decided Suzie was meant for their family.  Suzie will be residing in Elk Grove, CA.  Thank you Donna for contacting us and for putting your faith in us but most importantly Suzie.  We saved Suzie from the fear of an unknown future, and now we know exactly what her future will be.  BRIGHT, WONDERFUL AND MOST IMPORTANT SHE WILL HAVE ALL THE LOVE SHE DESERVES!

Mylo...June 6, 2015

What a great dog!  Mylo old mom needed to find a new mom for Mylo because of her living situation.  A really great gal knew of his situation who does rescue work.  She reached out to us to see if we would be willing to take Mylo in and find him a new home.  Mission accomplished!  Heather feel in love with this special boy.  She and her husband have 3 pugs who are really bonded to her husband.  Mylo is all hers, but we're sure she will share.  Mylo is going to be living happily ever after in Gardnerville, Nevada.  Mylo, thank you for coming into our lives and for being the best dog!  Enjoy your new life.  You deserve the best!!! 

Faith and Hope...June 1, 2015

What a journey these two little girls encountered.  They were the Woodbridge School dogs that were hanging out there over spring break.  Poke-A-Dots was involved in helping rescue these two little dogs.  Julie headed up the attempt to rescue them from the school.  Took about 12 people to plug all the holes, etc.  They lived at Julie's house and Poke-A-Dots helped find them the most perfect home in the world with Bob and Karen from Stockton, CA.  Bob and Karen were looking for siblings to adopt.  And, on one of their bedroom walls which has been there for many years reads "Faith, Hope, and Love"...Wow!  It was all meant to be.  Julie, we're so glad that we were able to help you!  Faith and Hope, enjoy your wonderful home!

Cupcake...Sunday, May 17, 2015 was the very special day that Cupcake got to leave Poke-A-Dot's and start her new journey with her very special mom Linda and her new daddy Tom.  Cupcake will be living in Washington state and also in the Los Angeles, CA area when Linda goes to stay with her Dad.  Cupcake is going to be her mama's traveling companion in the cabin on an airplane when she flies back and fourth.  Cupcake originally was at the Manteca, CA Shelter until Poke-A-Dot's rescued her.  She is a really special dog.  Very, very smart and so much fun!  Cupcake, thanks for adding so much love to our lives, and we know you will be adding lots of love to a lot of other people's lives.  Make sure you love your new Mama with all of your heart because she's been waiting a long time for you!!!

Jasmine found the perfect home on Sunday, March 15, 2015.  A great family from San Jose, CA fell in love with Jasmine.  They really wanted to add to their family.  Their two boys are really great kids and Jasmine loved them from the moment she meant them.  Now there is finally a girl in the family! Jasmine, enjoy your forever home with your new wonderful family.  Jasmine, we thank you for being such a great girl while visiting Poke-A-Dot's Dalmatians and Friends.  Enjoy your new life!!!

Bandit was the first unofficial dog of Poke-A-Dots Rescue.  A friend of Sheri's called her one day around Thanksgiving, and said she had found a dog and wanted to know what to do with him.  So he stayed with them for about a week while we tried to track down his owners.  We did find the owner and he didn't want anything to do with getting his dog back.  So, we brought him to our house and he lived like a king for about three months.  He brought us so much joy and happiness.  We had to rely on facebook and word of mouth because we hadn't gotten active on petfinder yet.  He went on a few meet and greets, but that perfect family hadn't been found.  When we finally went live on petfinder, we had a young lady who turned in an application, came to meet Bandit, and she and her dad and mom all feel in love with the boy.  So on Sunday, March 15, 2015 we took Bandit to Tracy and said our goodbyes.  He absolutely made himself right at home and we could tell that Bandit was in the PERFECT forever home!  You're one special dog Bandit and we will come and visit you often. 

Calvin was the first dog Poke-A-Dots Rescue pulled out of a Shelter.  Jamie saw his posting and went and met him on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 at the Stockton shelter and it was love at first sight.  So Riley (who is now Calvin) got to start his new life.  On Feb. 15, 2015, Calvin joined the family of Peter and Judy from Palo Alto.  He loves life so very much.  Judy and Peter say that Calvin "charms" everyone he comes in contact with, as well as plays with all dogs he mets.  They love to take him on walks, and he loves to hang out with their grandkids.  He is such a loving boy and we are so grateful for Peter and Judy opening their hearts to this amazing dog.

Happy story about Missy....
About two and a half weeks ago we took Bandit, a Lhasa Apso, on a meet and greet in Manteca.  A really nice lady Susan was looking for a companion for herself.  Bandit turned out not to be the perfect fit for her.  So, we told her we would keep our eyes open and try our best to find her a precious little dog.  We saw a picture of a little girl that was in the Stockton shelter.  She was described as a Lhasa apso.  So, we went and looked at her and fell in love with her.  She was just standing so quiet and sweet.  She could barely see because she was all matted and her hair covered her eyes.  We put her on a leash, and were ready to rescue her out of there.  Got her up to the desk for check out and discovered she couldn't leave for two more days.  It broke our hearts to have to leave her there.  It was so obvious that she had not been given any care for a very long time.  Whether or not Susan would fall in love with her or not, we knew she needed help.

So we went back two days later when she was available and the little girl was so happy to see us!  First stop was her appointment at the groomers.  When we went back to pick her up, she was on the floor playing with a younger girl happy as can be.  The groomer said she was so thankful to get all of the hair off her body.  We couldn't believe what we were seeing...such a precious little girl.  Darrell actually thought they had returned the wrong dog to us she was so dramatically different looking.

So, the next appt was at the vet to be spayed and to remove a hernia.  She did really well with her surgery and after a few days of recovering, we told Susan we were coming for a visit.  She was so excited.  When we got there, it was love at first sight.  Missy is going to be her name and she is going to be one spoiled little girl. 

We feel so blessed to have been able to save a precious little girl and fill a need in Susan's heart for her new special little dog.  Susan, thank you for opening up your heart and home to Missy.  You will forever have a very special place in all of our hearts.

February 5, 2017

Hana and Lemon are originally from Taiwan.  They're in their new home with Ana & Ed and Ana's dad Arnulfo and his doggie Bentley!  They are the last of our 5 Poodles who came from Taiwan.  We felt it was very, very important to keep them together.  They're gonna love their new home and really nice yard too!  They will be living in Stockton, CA so they'll be close to stop by and visit from time to time.  It was really important to the family to adopt rescue doggies.  When they came to visit you could tell Hana and Lemon loved them right away.  Thank you Ana, Ed and Arnulfo for wanting to adopt these very special and loved dogs.

Hana and Lemon were born in Taiwan.  They lived with a gal who do to a medical condition had to give up Hana, Lemon, Hiroshi, Kiwi and Taffy.  A wonderful rescue in Taiwan took all of them in.  We can't say enough positive things about all the volunteers in Taiwan.  Thank you for all your LOVE! 

A fellow rescuer Jill Morgan who has True Love Rescue approached us knowing how much we have fallen in love with Poodles.  She actually lives very close to us.  She deals with the rescue in Taiwan and receives several Golden Retrievers into her rescue.  A large percentage of the dogs Jill receives from Taiwan have been thru so much trauma.  The rescue in Taiwan does all the medical attention required to help the dogs and provides them with lots of love before making their journey her to the U.S.

I personally believe God made us all and we all share this Earth.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue was honored to be able to help in this situation.  Thanks again to all the people who were involved to make all of this happen.  This has been a wonderful experience that we will remember forever and we are sure that Hana and Lemon will experience so much love!  I have happy tears in my eyes right now for all five Poodles.  They were here with us for about two weeks and I miss them all so much, but know they're all loved and in perfect homes.

Enjoy your new family Hana and Lemon!  Can't wait to come and visit when you get settled in.


100 adopted dogs!  I have no words in my head right now.  A passion and a dream turned into a reality.  All I can do is that God for this marvelous opportunity and I am so thankful for all of our wonderful adopters and all of the precious dogs who have become part of the awesome Poke-A-Dot family.  I thank each and every one of our great dogs and the loving people who are a part of our Poke-A-Dot family.  I will never forgot one of our dogs or the people who adopted a dog!  Not ever!!!  Thanks from the very bottom of my heart!

March 19, 2017
What a couple of cutie pies...Abby and Pooky came to us from Livermore, CA.  Their former mom reached out for some help.  She was going thru a divorce and couldn't keep her dogs anymore due to living arrangements.  We agreed to help them.  After the dogs got groomed, Pooky had to get neutered, and both vetted it was time to find them a new home.  Vickie from Ione, CA. will be their new loving mama.  Abby will love her new home and mom so very much in no time at all.  Thanks Vickie for opening your heart and home.  She will be living in the same area as another dog Lucy we adopted in Ione.

Update...Only Abby was adopted!  We decided it was best to split them up and so far it was a good decision.

December 10, 2017

 Well, today when I woke up I was a little bit sad because I just adopted Wilma (who is now Ellie) yesterday and I was hoping that Betty would be too sad missing her buddy.  So I prayed God would place a very special person(s) into her life...hopefully before Christmas.

 Well, I was sitting in my office after church this morning and the phone rang.  It was a nice older gentleman by the name of Joe and he and his wife recently lost their very precious dog and were looking to adopt a dog just like Betty.  Wow!  Now I know why nobody expressed interest because Betty was meant to be with Joe and his wife Nikki.  They live in Jackson, CA which is less than 30 minutes from us.  So, I invited them to come and meet Betty and the rest is history.  I handed Betty to Nikki and she put her head on her new mom's shoulder and their it stayed until I picked her up and placed her in her new daddy's lap.  Then we went and did the paperwork, packed her bags and off they all went. 

 I am so thankful and blessed!  I know this was all meant to happen and the most important thing is that Betty will be surrounded by never-ending love!

 Betty name will more than likely be B.B.  Their last name begins with a B.  I think that's cool.  Betty came to us as one of the 4 Flintstones, Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty who we pulled out of the Tracy Shelter.  Yes, we took all four at one time.  I thought I maybe a little nuts taking four at a time, but I knew it's what God wanted me to do.  So, I know when God speaks, I need to listen and do.

 Betty, thank you so much for all the love that you shared while you were her.  You'll be missed but I know you'll love your new home and your new mom and dad so very much.  I will be coming up to visit you when you get all settled in.

 P.S.  THE PHOTO BOMBERS WHERE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO TODAY!  Poke-A-Dot, Snowball and K.J. and Thelma wanted into the action.   

December 28, 2015

What a great Christmas season for all of the Poke-A-Dot's doggies!  A great family finally submitted an application to adopt Ralph.  He was with us for a while, but great things come to those who wait!  Ralph who will probably be going by the name Blanco, will be living in Sacramento.  Mom Monica, son Antonio and daughter Lilianna, and of course his new little sister Chica will be Blanco's new family.  All we really know about Blanco, is that he was at the Manteca Shelter and that is where we feel in love with him.  He was such a wonderful dog while at Poke-A-Dot's.  He got to hang out with our to Pomeranians and teach them the ropes.  Thank you Monica, Antonio and Lilianna for falling in love with Ralph aka Blanco.  May you have many happy years loving him!

July 22, 2017

Fox was a dog who was at the Stockton Shelter.  Shaquoya who is a wonderful young lady who works at the Stockton Shelter posted a video of Fox on their facebook page.  I just so happened to see it and it literally brought tears to my eyes.  The poor boy was a mess.  The shelter had to totally shave all his hair off because he was covered in so many foxtails.  God really put him on my heart and I immediately made arrangements with the shelter staff to pull him.  He was neutered shortly and recovered nicely.  I knew he'd be best as the only dog and in the back of my mind I knew that our son Darren and his family were thinking about adopting a dog.

The next week Darren who recently moved to Kuna, Idaho with his wife Debbie and Luke, Zachary, Kate and Addie was in town staying with us for a week.  He spent a lot of time with Fox and Fox packed his bags up and rode back to Idaho with Darren and Luke.  He did great during the car ride and he's settling in very nicely.

A very special thanks to all of the great people at the Stockton Shelter who watched over Fox while he was visiting them.  It really takes a village of people to help in rescue.  And, above all, thank you to the Didreckson family for opening up your hearts and home to Fox. 

And, Fox thank you for being such a wonderful doggie while you were at Poke-A-Dots!  We love you boy!

You're part of our family!!!

Sadie...August 15, 2015

What a perfect match!  This wonderful family, Greg, Jessica, Joel and Alexis wanted to adopt a special female poodle and this one had their names all over her.  They contacted us a few weeks ago and we have been watching.  She was a stray who made her way to the Stockton Shelter and when I saw her I knew in my heart where she needed to call home!  Sadie will be living in Reno, Nevada.  What a wonderful dog!  Sadie, thank you for being such a wonderful little girl and I promise you I will never ever forget the kisses you gave me as we left the shelter.  You will be loved forever by your new family.  You're the best and so is your family for reaching out to be the final link in your rescue endeavor. 

Chewie...August 15, 2015

My friend Diane told me she wanted to adopt a male dog and it was important to her to get a dog who had been overlooked at the shelter for a while.  The volunteers at the shelter told me that this dog really wanted to go home with several people who were interested in him, but nothing ever became of the idea.  Chewie had to get his hair shaved because when he came to the shelter he was matted and infested with fleas.  He will look like a new dog when his hair grows back in.  When I meet him I just knew this was the dog!  He was so excited to exit and enter his new wonderful life.  Chewie will be living in Lodi, CA and his mom is a vet dental tech so he will get the best of care.  Thanks Diane for having a heart of gold!

Delta Peaches...July 13, 2015

Delta Peaches was a stray who literally was on the loose and jumped into a nice lady's car who was leaving her house.  She must of not liked her present and was looking towards her future.  Dogs are smart.  We tried to find her owners, but no luck.  She is a real sweetheart and it was love at first sight when here new Mama Margaret meet her.  Peaches will be making her forever home in Vallejo, CA.  Enjoy your new life and Poke-A-Dot's thanks you for being such a good girl in our care.

Abbey...July 8, 2015

What a special little girl.  And, what a special wonderful family who Abbey will be capturing the center of their hearts.  Abbey is going to be one blessed dog.  She's going to have two moms and a dad.  Mike and Lori and Lisa's mom Carol who live in Wallace are the special family who adopted this cute little bundle of fur.  We hope you will enjoy her and we'll definitely have to get together for some play dates.  Abbey, enjoy your awesome family and never forget Poke-A-Dot's loves ya!

Maggie...June 19, 2015

Maggie found a wonderful forever family in Stockton, CA. Thank you Candy and Bob for opening up your hearts and home to Maggie. Thank you so much for contacting us and for letting us be a part in finding you the most precious dog. Maggie was in the Stockton Shelter for about a week. When she got to the shelter, she was covered in foxtails from head to toe. She had them really bad around one of her eyes and they had to shave around it. She also had them in her female parts. The shelter spayed her and removed all they could see. Upon her vet check, the vet said she was convinced she still had one lodged inside somewhere. This morning it festered so she had to have it removed which required being put to sleep and opening her up to do so. Vet found one but said there is a small chance one is still hiding somewhere. Fingers crossed she won't have to go thru this again. Note, if you have foxtails around your house, DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS OR CATS WONDER THRU THEM! Poor Maggie has to spend tonight at the vet and her new mom and dad have been worried about her, and us too. She will be coming home in the morning. We have occurred a little more expense in Maggie, but she is so worth every penny. If you feel so moved to help contribute, we would so appreciate any donation. You may donate thru our website at www.pokeadotrescue.com. P.S. Maggie is the one on Candy's lap. Snowball photo bombed every photo we took.

November 15, 2017

Warning...this is going to be a long story, but a very wonderful one.

About June of 2017 I was contacted by a couple who live in Lodi who shop at our store.  They found a little dog when it was a puppy and couldn't find it's family.  So, the kind people they are, they took him in and took care of him.  When he was old enough they had him neutered and did all the vet care for him.  They both where retired and they also had another dog and lived in an apartment.  They spoke to their landlord and he agreed they could care for him.  So, they knew it was his time to find a wonderful home and they reached out to us for our help.

We found a lovely lady and her husband who wanted to adopt Charlie.  He backed up his bags and moved in with them.  He lived there for about two months and he just wasn't the right fit, so Charlie came back to Poke-A-Dot's.  In the meantime we had brought in a Shih-Tzu who I thought may be a better fit and her and he certainly was.  So, Toby is so happy living with his new family.  Toby was previously stuck in a backyard for about 6 years.

A good friend of ours Sherry along with her mom Mae who just so happened to adopt our first Dalmatian Riley were visiting her brother in Oklahoma in September.  He's in his 70's, retired and really wanted to adopt a dog to be his companion.  Sherry showed him Charlie's photo and he feel in love with him!  Sherry called me immediately and wanted to know if we could work it out for Charlie to move to Oklahoma and be by his side.  I said YES really fast!  He was planning a trip out this way in November so yesterday Nov. 15th was the day Carl had been waiting for to put Charlie into his arms.  Carl could hardly wait for the time to pass...

It was so special when I place Charlie in his arms.  He didn't want to let him go and it was so very touching to see this man almost in tears.  This is just one example of why I love doing what I am doing.  I heard last night from them that Charlie did awesome in the car and they were getting settled into their hotel room and that Charlie was in his daddy's arms.  And, I just heard prior to posting this they made it back to Arizona and Charlie is doing awesome.  Follows Carl everywhere, yes even to the bathroom!

I can't wait to get updates.  Charlie will be visiting his Auntie Sherry's and Grandma Mae's house in Mesa, AR for a few days and hanging out with her dogs Max and Lucy.  Then they will embark on their journey to Oklahoma. 

Charlie, you're the best!  Thanks for being so gently with all the other rescue doggies you've meet during the last 2-3 months while you've been here.  Thank you so much for showing sweet Cookie the ropes and for letting her know she doesn't have to be so scared.  Thanks for sharing your love with Chocolate and McKenzie.  Thanks for all the kisses you gave to Cali.  And recently thanks for welcoming the Flintstones...Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty to Poke-A-Dots.  You're a true ambassador Charlie and we will miss you, but we are so happy that you found your perfect spot for the rest of your life.  Love you Carl and Charlie forever!!!

December 12, 2016

Mitzy came to Poke-A-Dot's because I saw a posting about her needing a new home.  When I went to meet her I just couldn't leave her there.  She was pretty much left in a backyard since she was a puppy and she just turned one year old.  So we brought her to our place, got her vetted and we had a wide variety of people interested in her due to our Jax we just had in rescue. 

So, Mitzy's new home will be with her new dad and his two children who live in Berkeley, CA.  Bob is going to be a great dad to Mitzy.  She going to have some training to work on because this girl is all puppy!

Thank you Bob for dedicating you time, love, and home to Mitzy.

July 13, 2016

Sprinkles was at the Stockton Shelter.  I just so happened to look on Petharbor after having so many folks who wanted Cocker Spaniels.  I was surprised that the Stockton Shelter had one, so I went to look and immediately fell in love with the boy.  So, off we went to the Vet to get neutered.  I had it set up in advance from dropping off three other dogs in the morning.  The night before I reached out a family in Stockton who really wanted to adopt a male.  Perfect match!  Sprinkles will be living in Stockton, CA with his mom Connie and his new dad Joe.

May 25, 2016

Bentley scored!  He's going to be living in Sacramento about 5 miles from Daisy his mom.  He is pictured with his new mom Alicia (Dad is Geoff and isn't in the photo) and his new sister and brother Kingsley and Geoffrey.  Bentley's mom Daisy is living about 5 miles away also in Sacramento.  Bentley is going to have so much fun with these two kids.  Thanks Alicia for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue!

A special thanks to Jeweline for letting their former owner leave them off at your grooming shop.  Both Bentley and Daisy are in great home!!!

March 9, 2017

Daisy was originally adopted out to a wonderful doggie loving family.  They like having four small dogs in their pack.  Daisy and one of their older dogs weren't getting a long too well.  They thought it would be better for Daisy to go to a single dog home.  So, Kara from Santa Rosa, CA just retired from a high stress dog and was ready to adopt a little companion.  Daisy will be get to go for rides to visit Kara's mom in a retirement home and she will love to sit in all the laps and get pets.  Thank you so much Kara for reaching out and for giving Daisy a new loving home.

We appreciate all of our adopters opening their hearts and homes!

July 13, 2016

Stella was an owner surrender.  A younger gal wanted a better life for her dog.  She had a two year old autistic boy who kept pulling on her hair.  So, we agreed to take Stella into Poke-A-Dots.  What a wonderful dog.  When we advertised her on PetFinder and AdoptAPet, I had no clue what was about to happen.  My email started over flowing with applications.  Lots of wonderful and loving people who wanted to adopt Stella.  Stella will be living with her new mom Lanette and her husband Michael in Folsom, CA.  She will have a doggie brother Wookie who is a spaniel/poodle.  Thank you so much Lanette for wanting to adopt Stella.  I know she'll be in a wonderful loving home the rest of her life.

September 7, 2016

Bubba (left) found his very special place in life right next to Matt and Kim and Mason from Elk Grove, CA.

They were looking for a companion for Mason and a new companion for them.  They all hit it off perfect.  Bubba originally spent his former life sitting on a picnic bench in a backyard.  His owner dropped him off at Jeweline's grooming shop in Stockton.  She called us and he came to Poke-A-Dot's.  We previously adopted him out and it wasn't a good fit for the family.  Now, Bubba won't every have to worry again.  He's home!  Thanks so much to Matt and Kim and Mason for opening your home and heart to Bubba!

May 3, 2016

What a little cutie pie...Freckles you're going to make your mom so happy.  Daria works at the bank we go to and she told be to be on the lookout for a small Chihuahua.  Well last week, one just dropped out of the sky.  A gal who works at another bank emailed me and said she rescued on off the streets about 5 weeks ago and tried and tried to find it home with no luck.  She asked if we could take her because her place wasn't set up for small dogs and she's really small!  So we said sure, she brought her to us and what a sweetheart.  When Daria came to see her she cried the minute she looked at her and just knew it was for her!  This is so special to watch!  Freckles will be living in Lodi.  Thanks Daria for being her mom forever!

March 19, 2017
Ollie was found as a stray by my friend and fellow rescuer and also vet tech Diane.  Ollie was running around on a busy street and nearly got hit.  She tried to find his owner and no luck.  When all the vet care was completed, she reached out to us and asked if we could try and find him a great home.  So, we said sure and Nancy and her husband Heath from Turlock, CA were ready to add a doggie to their lives.  They really wanted a dog, but living in a condo, they decided to wait until they had a house and a yard.  Ollie is going to be a wonderful addition to their lives.  Thank you for reaching out to adopt Ollie and Diane thanks for all the love that you provided him while he was with you.  Ollie enjoy your new life!

September 16, 2015
Jill and Steve from Lodi, CA reached out to Poke-A-Dots well over a month ago in search for a very special addition to their family. We told them we would do o...ur very best. Well, I didn't really think it would happen so soon, but this precious little girl was at the Stockton Shelter within a week or so. She had their names written on her heart. Well, it all worked out and Poke-A-Dots was able to pull her from the Shelter. She is so special! Jill and Steve named her Lucy. My husband Darrell nicknamed me Lucy, so this doggie Lucy will always have a special place in our hearts. Lucy enjoy your mom and dad and sister Zoe with all of your hearts. You are a true blessing to this world and we are so grateful that you blessed our hearts. Jill and Steve, thank you so much for reaching out to us to help you find your little Lucy.

Miss Maddie...August 12, 2015

Thanks to Karen for opening her heart and home up to Maddie!  Maddie needed to be rehomed due to a personal situation and one of Maddie's family members reached out to us.  We told her we would try are best and start with a posting on facebook and our website.  Well, Karen from Fresno who just recently adopted two shelter Dal mixes came to Maddie's rescue.  Maddie is going to love her new mom and her two new sisters.  We are so glad this had a fast happy ending.  Awesome!

Bobby and Coco...July 21, 2015

Today was probably one of the most exciting days since we started doing rescue work. About three weeks ago a great guy contacted us about wanting to adopt a dog. His dog who was a sweet and very much loved Maltese passed away. He had 16 years together loving her. He also had a death in his family and he knew he needed another dog to add joy to his life. In honor of her, he wanted to adopt rather than purchase his next companion. So, we started watching several different avenues and our prayers where answered...not once but twice. These two are sibling's and he wanted to adopt them both to keep them together as a big happy family. We feel so blessed to have had a part in making a dream come true. Bobby and Coco will be making their forever home in Modesto, CA. You guys are going to have the best life possible. Greg, we thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to find you these two bundles of joy, happiness and love.

Lucky...July 14, 2015 

Dan and Carol from Sacramento, CA finally have their perfect Dalmatian. They have been so patient with us in trying to find them a Dal. Thanks to Jamie for spotting a post on facebook. Aimee from Elk Grove, CA was needing to rehome her boy Dalmatian Lucky do the circumstances of needing to relocate her home. So, we reached out to Aimee and told her we had a very qualified couple who have been waiting for a very long time. They all got together for a meet and great and it was a perfect match. We are so thankful that Lucky was able to go from a great home to another great home. Thank you Aimee for trusting Poke-A-Dot's. We are so very happy for everyone involved. And, again Jamie, thanks so much for seeing the post and letting us know.

Molly...July 6, 2015

We feel in love with Molly and Marley on the same day at the Stockton Shelter.  What a precious little girl.  She was very matted up with terrible long hair.  She could hardly see out of her eyes.  She came thru spay surgery with flying colors.  Cathy contacted us the day after Molly was adopted out.  Her spirit was really crushed because Molly was already living in her heart.  Due to circumstances beyond the original adopters control, she came back to us.  When we called Cathy and told her Molly was available, you could hear the joy in her voice.  Her 6 year old granddaughter hangs out a lot with her and she loves dogs!  So, they came and meet her and the rest is history.  When they both walked in the door, they didn't even get five steps inside the door before they were on the floor with Molly.  We are so happy for little Miss Molly!

March 22, 2016

Hippie and Freckles have been adopted TOGETHER! We were holding out for the perfect family who would adopt both of these very bonded dogs. Doc and Rosie from Reno, Nevada will be their new dad and mom. These two boys were strays that my friend and tennis partner Ilene found in her neighborhood. With the help of her neighbor Cory, they were able to catch them. They stayed with Cory for a couple of days before coming her. Their owner called the shelter and the staff told her they were save and sound with us, gave her our phone number and she never called us. They are going to have a fantastic new loving life. Thanks to all who were involved with helping them!

Marcy 29, 2016...Hippie had to come back to Poke-A-Dot's because he kept chasing their cats.  They really felt bad, but needed to keep peace in the family of pets.

February 4, 2017

Hiroshi who is originally from Taiwan has a new home with Harry and Sharon from Oakley, CA!  He is the third Standard Poodle of our 5 Poodles, 3 Standards and 2 mini's who is in now in his new home.  He is going to be receive so much love.  Harry and Sharon have had standard Poodles in the past and will love Hiroshi forever.

Hiroshi was born in Taiwan.  He lived with a gal who do to a medical condition had to give up Hiroshi, Taffy, Kiwi, Lemon and Hana.  A wonderful rescue in Taiwan took all of them in.  We can't say enough positive things about all the volunteers in Taiwan.  Thank you for all your LOVE! 

A fellow rescuer Jill Morgan who has True Love Rescue approached us knowing how much we have fallen in love with Poodles.  She actually lives very close to us.  She deals with the rescue in Taiwan and receives several Golden Retrievers into her rescue.  A large percentage of the dogs Jill receives from Taiwan have been thru so much trauma.  The rescue in Taiwan does all the medical attention required to help the dogs and provides them with lots of love before making their journey her to the U.S.

I personally believe God made us all and we all share this Earth.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue was honored to be able to help in this situation.  Thanks again to all the people who were involved to make all of this happen.  This has been a wonderful experience that we will remember forever and we are sure Hiroshi will experience so much love!  I have happy tears in my eyes right now...again!

Harry and Sharon are standard Poodle lovers.  They recently lost their last Poodle from cancer and had a huge whole in their hearts.  I know Hiroshi will wiggle right in there and live in their hearts forever.  Darrell and I love him so much.  We had him a little longer than the other two standards and he is such an amazing dog.  We will miss all of them, but we know he is in his special place.

Enjoy your new family Hiroshi!  We all love you boy and can't wait to come and visit you when you get yourself all settled in to you new loving home.

May 29, 2017

What a wonderful family who adopted Lincoln.  We came across Lincoln thru my friend Jill who has a Golden Retriever Rescue close by us.  So, since we have fallen in love with the doodles, we wanted to help with finding Lincoln a new home.  He is just a pup...He is a Golden Doodle and is almost 9 months old.  He has a couple of issues that his new dad has almost gotten all worked out.  He just needed some consistency and love.  His new family loves him so much.  Michael has lots of experience with dogs, so this was a wonderful fit.  Lincoln will be living close to Santa Cruz, CA in a town called Boulder Creek.  A special thank you to Michael and Ashley for opening your home up to Lincoln and to all of your children for their amazing love towards Lincoln.  Enjoy Lincoln with all of your hearts.  Also, thank you Jill from True Love Rescue!  You're a pleasure to help doggies together with you!

April 24, 2016

What a great guy! Brian was looking for a companion to share his life with and Oliver was looking for a perfect home. It was love at first sight. It was such a blessing to be involved in something so special. Brian really needed Oliver and Oliver really needed Brian. A perfect match made by God! Thanks to Brian's sister Sharon for reaching out to us to help find her brother the perfect little buddy.

Jan. 30, 2016

Barney just left Poke-A-Dot's with his new Daddy Bobbie from Woodbridge, CA. He knew it was time to get a new best buddy and Barney is going to be so perfect. ... Barney is alive today because a fellow rescuer and friend Diane Barney helped save this dogs life. She found him on the streets running around. Since she used to work for animal control she thought he'd have a better chance of finding his owners through that channel. She called and checked once his holding period was up, and nobody came forward. He was chipped, but every means of finding the owner was exhausted. The shelter was really over crowded and he was at risk of being put down. Diane felt so terrible she called us and we went and pulled him out immediately. Because of Diane's compassion and love for Barney, his future will be wonderful. Barney, thank you for being such a good boy while visiting Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.

December 18, 2016

This adoption a very perfect timing for all involved.  I was contacted by Richie from Stockton, CA who had a family member who had to move and couldn't take their dog.  She already had three dogs so she reached out to me.  I just so happened to get an application from Bonnie who has her 94 year old mother living with her in Modesto, CA and they both wanted to adopt a very special little Poodle Mix to share their lives with.  So, Mr. Booz had some vet work that needed done and once all that was complete, we had the transfer set up.  Only one problem, I got sick and had to reschedule three times.  I felt so bad because Bonnie and her mom where so excited.  Well, it finally happened!  They were very pleased and Mr. Booz was right at home.  Mr. Booz is also going to have his very own kitty cat to call is own too.  Thanks to all involved for making this a wonderful experience!

November 30, 2017

 Barney is all settled in his new home in Sacramento with Sue and Allen and their great children.  Barney is going to love all the attention they will be giving him.  Sue reached out to us about two months ago and when we got Barney I thought he'd be a wonderful match. 

 Barney was part of the Flintstones, Fred, Betty and Wilma.  They where stays who were found all together in Tracy, CA.  They ended up at the Tracy Shelter and I knew I really needed to help them.  So we brought all four to Poke-A-Dot's.

Thanks Barney for being such a wonderful dog and may all you days be filled with love forever and ever.  Thanks Sue and family for giving Barney a wonderful, loving home.

June 12, 2016

Lavern and Shirley were on quite the adventure to make it to their home in Washington.  A friend of mine spotted them both on a Facebook post.  They were strays who came into the California City shelter which is about five hours from us.  She was very interested in adopting both of them.  We contacted the shelter and they were very easy to work with pulling them.  Plus a volunteer was traveling to Sacramento and transported them here.  They were both spayed, caught up on shots, chipped and recovered for a few days here.  Then Saturday at midnight, they hopped on board Wiggle Butts Pet Transport and then Sunday they arrived safe and happy to Susan who is from Tacoma, WA.  Susan, thank you so much for opening your hearts to these two wonderful, loving dogs.  It was such a pleasure working on this adventure of saving these dogs with you.  You and I will always share a very special place in their hearts together.  Have fun with your new girls!!!

December 2, 2015

There is no way in the world that I can make this a short and sweet adoption note, so here it goes...

I spotted a Dal at the Stockton Shelter and went and looked at him on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015.  He was so scared, and he looked so heartbroken.  He came close to me and I put my face down to his and we feel in love really fast!  I wasn't able to take him out for a walk because his holding time wasn't up until Monday.  I spoke to the staff and they told me to come back on Monday and then I could take him out of his kennel.  So, my husband and I did and the rest was history.  He came home and after a day, all the stress from being in the shelter and on the streets had disappeared.  What a wonderful dog!  So, I really felt in my heart that I needed to list him even though he still needed to get his vet check, shots, and neutered so I listed him a few days after we got him home.  The following morning, I was laying in bed and checked my email, and this is what I received...

Hello I am inquiring about the pooch named "Scooby" I saw on a post and Petfinder. Believe it or not this animal broke our hearts this morning. Over the weekend my family visited the Stockton Shelter. A few months back we made the decision to add to our family. Our 3 teenage daughters, my boyfriend and I saw him at the shelter an had an immediate gravitation toward him. Seeing he was emaciated, scared and lonely the girls knelt down in front of this dog who immediate came to the front of his kennel and snuggled them for affection. There was an immediate gravitation and fondness, one that was very heartfelt so we immediately spoke with the front desk who told us we had to wait the three day period and they would be closed Monday all day and to be there first thing Tuesday as first come first serve to adopt him. He sat in our minds and on our heart strings all day Monday, we talked about names and what foods would be best for the breed and to face the challenge that he could be deaf as so many Dalmatians are and we prepared ourselves to give this charming boy a family. I changed my work schedule to make sure we were first at the shelter today and we waited 40 minutes in the rain with our girls, and we ran straight to his kennel when the doors opened only to find he wasn't there. Not only was he not there but they wouldn't so much as tell us if he was safe or available to adopt at all. We were so disheartened and walked away with an awful feeling. I ended up working the evening shift In hopes of this adoption, and feeling just as down my boyfriend resorted to Petfinder when he was home and simply searched the breed maybe thinking he could send me other options when he spotted him!!! He was overwhelmed to hear he is safe and being cared for. I confirmed it was him the second I saw him on our computer with those dark eyes and unmistakable nose and am sending this message now in hopes we still have a chance....PLEASE tell me he is STILL available for adoption!? We are willing to fill out forms tomorrow as I have the day off, pay fees, meet anyone we have to if there is a chance he can still become the newest love bug in our home. If you can help please contact me immediate here on FB, email or phone. I intend to call the number listed in the morning if I don't receive a response as well. Thank you SO MUCH for your time and reading our little story, we truly felt he was meant to be amongst our tribe.

So, I reached out to this awesome family and invited them to come and see Scooby.  They were so happy.  Brittany and I were both in tears at 6:30 am in the morning.  Scooby remember each and every one who had come to visit him at the shelter.  Scooby got neutered on Monday and on Tuesday he went to his forever home.  He will be surrounded by so many loving hearts and he will have a little sister, Dallas who is a sweetheart.

I went to visit him this morning at his new home.  He has adjusted like he's lived there forever.  I am so thankful that Scooby found the family of his dreams and thank you to his new family for having hearts of gold and for opening your hearts and home up to Scooby. 

Scooby, thanks for being such a great loving boy while hanging out at Poke-A-Dot's and we are so happy for your bright future!

Wow!  This is why I love helping dogs find homes and helping people find their love...a dog!

I ran out of room and had to start a new page.  See the rest under Adopted dogs and the year.

December 9. 2015

Rosie (who was originally named Heidi) has been adopted by Richard & Sylvia and their two wonderful children Olivia and Darius from Davis, CA. They have been waiting for the perfect time and the perfect dog. Thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's and for wanting to adopt a special little doggie for your family. It was really important to them to adopt a rescue dog. So, we thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

I would also like to thank the staff at the Lodi Shelter for taking really good care of her. She was very skinny when she came into the shelter. From the time she came into the shelter till now, she has gained 2 pounds. Thanks for all the extra love you gave this special, precious little girl.

Aug. 31, 2017

So about two weeks ago I went and meet a really nice lady who lives in Stockton, CA and really wanted to adopt a small Poodle. Her doggie passed away about 4 months ago and she wanted to give a home to a less fortunate dog. I told her I would keep my eyes open. I also told her it may take a while or one might come into my life real soon.  She really wanted a girl and I had all boys currently at home.  Well, soon it was...

So, I just so happened to get a call about a Standard Poodle at the Stockton Shelter that I wanted to meet. A fellow rescue was ahead of me, and they pulled him so he's in good hands. On the way I spotted this one and she was in the same kennel as our Snowball was when I got her. Her eyes and heart immediately connected with my heart. So, I went back the following day and she was so happy to see me and find out she was going with me.  When I got in the car I called Joan and told her I was going to stop by so she could meet a very special little girl. Well, it appeared to be love at first sight with both of them and Joan kept her for the weekend to see how they do with each other. When I checked in with her over the weekend Joan was so happy with her.  She's a keeper!  Joan has decide to name her Sugar.  She is so sweet and she is so thankful to have a new loving home.  She'll never have to worry again. I am so thankful for all the special times like this that God allows me to be able to touch a dog's life and a person's life in a very special way.

 Thank you Joan for being such a wonderful lady and for loving Sugar forever!

December 12, 2015

Mimi...Merry Christmas Mimi!  You received the best Christmas gift ever!  A terrific home with people who promise to love you forever. 

Mimi was dumped out of a car in Morada, CA and then she jumped into Louise's car as she was getting ready to leave her house.  She was a mess.  Louise took her in, gave her a bath and she slept at her house that night.  She has two dogs and they weren't very happy about the visitor.  It was very important to her not to leave her at a shelter.  She stopped by Pals in Lodi and a good friend of mine Janet referred her to call me, and we said we'd take her.  So, Louise brought Mimi to Poke-A-Dots.  She was a very scared little girl at first but she figured out she was never going to have to be scared again.

A wonderful friend of ours, Nancy who has been a patient UC Davis hospital for a month (we are watching her dog Kalli for her) showed her photo to one of her awesome nurses Bernadine.  She got so excited and wanted to adopt her!  Nancy told her I think there maybe another interested party.  I spoke to them and explained I had another family who was waiting for a dog and they would be number two in to adopt this doggie.  Bernadine and her husband Alex filled out our application and understood the situation, but never lost hope.

Two days later the other family decided that they wanted a little bigger dog and wanted to wait.  So, I called and told them the good news that they could adopt Mimi.  Talk about being happy, oh my gosh! 

Today we delivered little, precious Mimi to her new home in Elk Grove, CA.  She will be joined by Alex and Bernadine and their two sons Mathew and Joshua and Bear.

Afterwards, we stopped by UC Davis to visit Nancy with her dog Kalli and we got to meet Bernadine.  We couldn't believe how excited she was about everything.  She could wait to get home and give her a big hug and kiss.  This was so touching!

On our way out of the hospital, I got a text from the other family saying they just adopted a dog from another rescue in Shingle Springs.  Two very happy endings!   

Thank you so very much to Louise for saving this little girls life off the street.  Thank you Janet for referring Mimi to Poke-A-Dot's.  Thank you Nancy for sharing the photo with Bernadine.  And, most importantly, thank you Bernadine, Alex, Mathew, Joshua and Bear for opening your hearts, life, and home to a very special little dog who you want to call Mimi.

We feel so blessed.  And if anyone is counting Mimi was blessing number 54!  Wow! 

March 30, 2016

Hippie scored a terrific home.  His previous adopter wanted really bad to keep him, but he couldn't figure out how to get along with their two cats.  We were hoping and praying we would find another family relatively fast so he wouldn't have to go thru another transition.  Fast it was...we got a wonderful application last night and we did a meet and greet and he loved the new place and his new mom and dad.  Mom and Dad loved him too!  Hippie will be living with Daphne and Phil from Woodbridge, CA.  The are huge Doxie lovers and Hippie is going to love chasing the squirrels out of their backyard.  Hippie, thanks so much for being such a wonderful boy!

April 30, 2017

Our little 5-6 month puppy Nikki who was a scared little girl while being at the Lodi Shelter is now in her new home with her mom Sharon and her Yorki sister Liberty.  I have known Sharon for a long time.  She recently lost a doggie and Liberty and Sharon wanted another companion.  Sharon saw Nikki on Poke-A-Dot's Facebook page and commented "I will take her."  So, Nikki and I needed to give a friend of ours a ride up to the airport so afterwards we stopped by and introduced her to her new mom, sister and home.  She will be calling home in North Highlands.  Thank you so much Sharon and Liberty for wanting to adopt Nikki!!!   And, a special thanks to everyone at the Lodi Shelter for all the love they shared with Nikki while she was there visiting.  Sharon makes some pretty cool doggie stuff and soon we will be featuring some of her items for a fundraiser.  She's a very talented lady and above all she loves dogs!

July 16, 2016

This dog marks our 99th adopted dog.  Wow!  I can remember when this all started with Bandit and Rusty.  It's been almost a 1 1/2 years to the date.

Randy, Jennifer, Samuel, Jacob and Ella along with Lulu and Maisy all have a new family member...Rusty, who is now Oliver. What a wonderful family who is from Rocklin, CA.  Jennifer reached out after seeing Rusty's photo.  She was looking for a small "lap dog" and it was very important to their family to adopt a rescue doggie.  When they came to do their meet and great, it was love all the way around.  Oliver was originally a stray that a good friend of mine Becky found running around in Stockton.  We tried to find his owner with no luck.  Becky and her family cared for him for about two weeks and then it was time to come to Poke-A-Dots.  We can't thank Becky enough for the love she shared with Oliver.  Becky has a heart made out of gold and so does Oliver's new family!!!  Thanks Jennifer for reaching out to us, and thank you for all your work you do in the rescue world.  The world won't change for rescuing one dog, but the life of the dog or cat or any other animal rescued will change FOREVER!

March 18, 2017
Little Miss Chloe is going to be living very close to us! She scored a wonderful new home with Tony and Colleen who live in Galt, CA...only about four miles from us. Colleen is also a good friend of Julie who has been involved in Poke-A-Dot's a lot. She and her husband Bob have helped us with transports, rescuing strays and scared dogs, loving on our rescues and our own dogs when we leave town on occasion, donating funds, and the list goes on. Her sister Ja...ckie adopted one of the stray dogs Julie found. So, Julie & Bob thank you once again!

Chloe is going to have a really cool brother Chico. When they all meet it was so special. You could just tell it was meant to be. Ricky Dog passed away last fall, and they all have had a empty spot and wanted to help a dog without a home. So, Chloe you're never going to have to worry about anything anymore. You're in extremely wonderful hands!

Chloe came to us by way of my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton. She gets dogs left at her shop all the time who need new homes. Chloe former family lost their house and had to move into an apartment and couldn't keep her. Thanks Jeweline for your loving heart!!!

Chloe, thank you so much for being such a good girl the short time we had the pleasure of your company. Enjoy your new life!!!

November 15, 2015

What a wonderful family!  Sadie will be living in Elk Grove, CA with the Moon family.  She is going to have a rescued little brother Obi too.  They two of them are going to be best friends forever.  Thank you for wanting to add Sadie to your loving home.  Enjoy her and we are so glad you are close to us.  Snowball can't wait to come over and play! 

July 15, 2016

Chloe is this dogs new name.  We called her Pepper when we got her from the Lodi Shelter.  Sue from the shelter called me and asked if we could pull her.  I fell in love with her a few days prior when she first arrived there.  She was so scared and all she wanted to do was hide.  The minute I held her in my hands, I just knew this little tiny dog was going to touch a very special person's heart in a very special way that only a dog can do.  Well, it all came true.  Enter Cheryl...she called me, came and meet her, and the rest is history.  Cheryl recently lost her dog of about 18 years and she really wanted to help give a rescue dog a wonderful home and life.  Chloe will be living in Stockton, CA with her mom.  Thank you so much Cheryl for reaching out to us and for opening your heart up to the most special 5 pound dog in the whole wide world!

December 10, 2016

Our precious Lucy will be living with her new mom and dad Kathi and Rick and her new sister Keri in Ione, CA.  Lucy was the mother of a previous dog Bobby who is now Chewy and lives with his new family in Sacramento, CA.  Lucy and Chewy's former mom wanted a much better life than she could provide for them.  So, now they both have wonderful new home.

Thank you Kathy for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's to assist you in finding the perfect addition to your family.  Thanks for all the love that you and your husband have in your hearts.  You guys are wonderful!  So thankful that Lucy will have a Merry Christmas in her new home! 

November 29. 2016

What a story...a very special story indeed!

It all started about two months ago when a really caring lady Regina reached out to us.  She had taken in a Labradoodle who she named Jax who was a stray and in very bad condition about 1 1/2 year ago.  She got him the vet care he needed and he became a member of her family.  She has two other large dogs, and knew that this would be a temporary situation.  She knew it was time for Jax to find a new home.  She had a vacation planned so she took her vacation and then I meet up with her so I could meet Jax.  I had every intention leaving him at his current home while we searched for the perfect family. 

Well, the minute I walked in the door, he and I fell in love with each other.  His personality was awesome.  I sat on the floor and he laid down, put his head on my lap, looked up with his big eyes and it was all over.   I told Regina I would love to let Jax come live with us so I could get to know him better.  She agreed and off we went to my house.

He transitioned perfectly, so in my heart I knew when we found the perfect family that he would do great.  Darrell and I came pretty close letting him hang out her forever, but I made God a promise that I would try my best not to keep all of them.  I knew in my heart there were a couple of hearts and a wonderful, loving home ready for Jax. 

I decided to post him on adoptapet.com and petfinder.com.  Within three days, we received 54 applications.  Yes, I said 54.  I knew we'd get a lot, but I never thought 54.  So during the next few days, we narrowed it down to 3.  Then the 3 narrowed themselves down to one.  And that one was the one that when I originally read thru all the apps stood out above and beyond what we were looking for Jax.  It was so difficult to tell 53 people/families...sorry.  Worst part of the whole adoption process is to have to say no to so many people who want to adopt a dog.

So, Jax will be living with his dad Art and mom Pam in Bend, Oregon.  They both are newly retired and are very active people.  Jax will be living in the middle of mother nature.   He'll get to go for lots of walks every day, socialize with other dogs in the area, and most importantly he will get the love and attention he deserves for the rest of his life.  Art and Pam are very compassionate and loving people and it was very important to adopt a rescue doggie. 

It was perfect timing because Art and Pam had family very close by and where going to be in this area over Thanksgiving.  So they came to meet Jax and of course everyone feel in love within the first two seconds.  They had plans in Napa for a couple of days and then came back to pick up Jax and make the journey back to his new home.

Now, all of the above would of never happened if it wasn't for Regina!  I can't thank her enough for blessing our lives with Jax.  We only had him at our house for about 3 weeks, but it was such an amazing time.  We really enjoyed him so much.  Regina, thank you for reaching out to us and more importantly for giving Jax all the love his deserved.  You're a very special person in my book for doing what you did to help Jax.   Please tell you other two dogs thank you for letting Jax hang out.  Now they have you all back to themselves.

Darrell and I feel so blessed to have taken part in this process of helping Jax find an awesome home for the rest of his life.

Oct. 10, 2016

What a great match!  Toby was an owner surrender due to the fact the family had to move and choose not to take him with them.  He is nine years old.  We adopted him out to a younger family and he wasn't too found of their little girl who was about five years old.  So, the family thought it was best to bring him back so he could find a better matched home.  A long time client of my groomer friend Jeweline in Stockton went by her shop and said her 82 year old dad really was lonely and needed another dog because his long time buddy had to be put to sleep.  Jeweline immediately thought of Toby.  We took him over to his house a couple days later and he's working out great.  Robert and Toby will be so good for each other.  I am so happy Toby found his special place!!!  They both live in Stockton, CA.

July 8, 2017

Well, Snowball #2 who is now going to be Diego has found a wonderful home with his new Dad and Mom Juan & Gladys and they live in Vallejo, CA.

They recently lost their precious Poodle Joey while they were traveling on a trip in San Diego.  So in honor of Joey, they are going to call him Diego.

Juan and Gladys are going to start training classes for Diego next week.  They're going to start training Diego to be a service dog.  These two people are so warm and loving dog lovers.  Diego immediately took to both of them. 

Diego is settling in nicely and is doing very good.  Thank you for being such a good boy while you were at Poke-A-Dots.  Thank you Juan and Gladys for opening your hearts and home up to Diego.  Enjoy you new little baby boy!

May 14, 2016

Laura and Wayne are Ernie's new mom and dad.  These two people have an amazing story...Laura gave one of her kidney's to Wayne.  Wow!  Now they will also share loving Ernie forever.  Thank you so much for reaching out to us to adopt a special doggie.  So glad our path and paws crossed.  Ernie will be living in Sacramento, CA.  Thanks to our friends Bob and Julie, Velda and her granddaughter and Paul and Amy for helping rescue Ernie.  Ernie, enjoy your new life and thanks for being a good boy while at Poke-A-Dot's!

October 19, 2016

I was going to wait a few days to post this but I just couldn't stand myself.  Today a miracle happened...Freddy is in his new home.  We've had Freddy for quite some time.  He was pretty much attached to my hip and I was beginning to think he would stay here forever and that would have been fine by the way.  However, I never gave up hope that the perfect person would come into his life.  I was praying to find a retired person who was home a lot so Freddy could get all the love he deserves and that Freddy could bless someone's life in a special, meaningful way that only Freddy can do with his wonderful spirit. 

Last week I got a phone call from Jessica who was looking for a companion dog for her father in law.  He just moved back to California six months ago and found a nice place in Cameron Park, CA.  I told her everything I know about Freddy and she told me about her father-in-law.  She told Chuck about Freddy and he got pretty excited.  So, today was the day I packed up Freddy and meet up with Jessica and her husband and Chuck.  Chuck is 78 years old and the minute I walked in the house, he got on his knees on the floor and started bonding with Freddy.  I really had to control myself not to burst into tears.  It was so perfect.  Freddy went in a jumped up on his bed like it was his very own.  It is now! 

Jessica let me know that he's taken him on 3 walks already today so he can meet the dogs in the neighborhood.  She said this is the happiest Chuck has been in a long time and kept thanking her for finding him Freddy.  He also told her he was going to eat at home for the next 3-5 days until Freddy feels comfortable enough to leave him by himself.  Chuck lives in a great retirement community.

The part that really touches my heart and soul is this...Freddy is about 8 years old, and his former mom passed away.  We took him in because we cared about him and his future.  So many people ignored him because he was a senior on our adoption listings.  Well, he's not going to get ignored anymore in the listings because he's got a home in a very special seniors heart tonight.  Aging is a natural thing, we all do it.  Just because a person gets older, please don't ignore them.  They need love just like everyone else does.  The same things goes for dogs, cat, and all other animals. 

Freddy, my heart and soul will always be in your heart as it is with all of our other adopted dogs.  You're just a tad bit more special because you hung out her for a long time.  I promise you're in great loving hands and I can't wait to come and see you when you get all settled in with your new dad. 

Today Chucks life changed forever.  Thank you God for answering my prayer for Freddy!!! 

A special, special thanks to Arna at AA Groomers in Lodi for being the one who originally took Freddy in and called me right away asking me if he could come join Poke-A-Dot's.  You're awesome Arna and thanks for all you do for all of our Poke-A-Dot's Rescue doggies.

And, thank YOU Jessica for caring and reaching out to us for our help.


August 31, 2016

Our two senior ladies, Blanca and Dolly have an outstanding home!  And, it's so exciting because they will be living within 2 miles of our house.  They have a very interesting story.  About five weeks ago a desperate family reached out to us because of a death in the their family.  Blanca and Dolly's 96 year old mom passed away and the family needed to find a new home for the two dogs and they tried but failed.  So, I went to look at them and I immediately fell in love with them and wanted to help.  The family made a nice donation to help towards their medical care that they needed.  Both dogs needed a dental cleaning and Dolly had to get spayed in addition to shots and a chip.

So, I picked them up and the next stop was the vet.  Then Blanca went to the groomers.  When we all got home and settled in I decided to post them on adoptapet.com and petfinder.com.  I was thinking to myself "it's gonna take a long time to find the right people for two dog."  That evening we got an application turned in from Karen and Mark who actually live within two miles of our house.  I called her and she came the next day to meet them.  Blanca was very friendly and Dolly was still in shock from getting spayed, moving, etc.  She fell in love with both dogs so fast!  She told me she and her husband had a trip planned in a couple of weeks to Hawaii and didn't want to adopt and run.  They wanted to wait until they returned.  So, they stayed with us for a month.  They are so sweet and loving. 

The day I delivered them they made themselves right at home.  I can't say thank you enough to Karen and Mark for wanting to adopt and love these two amazing ladies.  They both have hearts of gold and we know they are in such great hands.  Thank you Blanca and Dolly for adding so much love to your new mom and dad's life.

April 26, 2016

Little Eddie (Named after my dad who recently passed away) has been adopted.  He was visiting the Stockton Shelter and when I saw him, it was love at first sight.  He is going to be living with a wonderful, loving family in Atherton, CA.  They were ready to add a special dog to their family and they had some bad luck finding a dog. It was very important to them to adopt a rescued doggie. They found a couple and right before their eyes they were adopted to someone else.  I wanted to restore their faith and Little Eddie scored big time.  When I took him to their house, he made himself right at home.  I was a wonderful thing to watch the love connection.   A special thank you to Sara & Jason and their wonderful children Erika and Zach.  You're awesome!!!

June 29, 2016

I would of never thought when I woke up today that Linus and Lucy (Now Charlie Brown and Lucy) would of gotten adopted.  I had a phone call from Barbara from Sacramento who was helping search for a dog for her friend Nicole.  Nicole's mom is also living with her and part of the deal for her moving in was that they would adopt a dog.  Nicole lost both of her dogs very recently.  Barbara originally called me regarding Fluffy.  Well, I forgot to take down the posting...So I told her about Linus and Lucy being available and that I hadn't posted them as available yet.  I invited them to come and meet them.  Well, when all three arrived, there was definitely love in the air.  Nicole's mom Denise sat down and Linus and Lucy jumped up on her lap and all Nicole, Barbara and I all just know these dogs were the special ones.  So, I packed all their things up and got the paperwork prepared and off we went for a ride to their new house.  The minute we walked in, it was like they both knew they were home.  They found Denise, climbed up on her lap and the rest is history.  I am so glad that I messed up and didn't update our adoptapet and petfinder account.  Thank you so very much for adopting these awesome dogs who were strays that a police officer picked up in Tracy, CA and they spent five days in the Tracy Shelter.  It's actually a very nice facility.  I originally spotted these two when I was picking up Annie on a Sunday and promised them both I would be back on Tuesday for them.  Oh I am so glad I fell in love with them so this family will have an opportunity to love them forever!!!

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Coco!  You're new family is going to love you Coco.  Coco will be living with her new mom and dad, Judy and Brian and their kids Angelica and Kendrick in Orangeville, CA.  What a wonderful family.  Coco will be joining three other dogs...Jack, Sammie and Harley.  All three dogs are rescue dogs.  Coco came to Pokeadot's by way of a Facebook post that I happened to see from a young lady in Stockton who works in the health care field and took in Coco because someone had passed away and left her behind and her family didn't want her.  What a very special thing to do.  Thank you Chelly!  We volunteered to bring Coco into rescue, get her spayed, shots, and chipped and find her a loving home.  Judy had seen the post about Coco and was very interested in adopting her.  After speaking with Judy, I knew she had a heart of gold.  So, Coco received the best gift in the world...a new loving home and will be surrounded by so much love.  Thank you Chelly for taking Coco in and letting her live with you.  You did a wonderful thing and I know Coco will be forever grateful to you.  And, Judy and your family, thank you so much for loving Coco the rest of her life.

September 27, 2017

Arlen and Betty lost their Poodle and their home was very empty without a loving four legged buddy.  There friend Donnabell (a previous adopter) reached out to me to try and help fill the void.  All of this happened about a month ago, and I was trying to find the perfect match for them.  Last week, I saw a dog who was at the Stockton Shelter.  I had a feeling that she'd be perfect.  So, I made arrangements and pulled her.  She was very withdrawn and sad at the Shelter.  The moment she got out, she snapped out of being sad and was ever so happy.  I stopped by Arlen and Betty's since they live very close to the shelter and oh my goodness Betty didn't want to let go of her.  She had no idea I was going to have a dog with me.  She came home with me for overnight. 

 When I brought her back, they were both so very excited that their lives would be complete with a dogs love .  I kept telling them, to be patient and now Sugar has a new mom and daddy to be loved by and give love to them.

 Enjoy your new life Sugar and you have my promise that you always be surrounded by love.  Thanks you to the staff at the Stockton Shelter for taking good care of her and loving her while she was there. 

January 29, 2017

This in an extra special story because of the bonding that took place with us and then her new parents.

Jill came to us from Southern California.  The transport company we us Wiggle Butts Transport asked us if we had room for a female Poodle who was about 2 and spayed.  We said sure and the following weekend we meet them at midnight off of I-5 on their way to Washington.

When we got her she was terrified.  She was afraid of us and everything else.  We had to keep a long leash on her (about 12 feet) so we could comfortable take her in and out to go potty.  She is totally housebroken and she didn't have a mean bone in her body.  She would not come to us at all so we really gave her the space she needed.  She loved to eat and she got close to us at feeding time.  She loved our other dogs!  And they all helped show her that she was missing out on some good loving.  So, after three weeks, she finally would jump up on our bed and snuggles, get belly rubs and a complete massage.  The bed was her comfort zone. 

So, over this past weekend we had an older couple who always had standard Poodles come and look at all of our dogs.  The loved the 2 little ones, and they also loved Hiroshi.  When they meet Jill, we knew she was going to be the one!  She took up with them and I personally just about lost all of my emotions.  So, they headed back to Fairfield where they live in a marvelous retirement community.  I was very scared inside how Jill would do making the transition and really wanted to be there for a while to help her.  She traveled very nicely and when we got there, she walked in the house and started to make herself right at home.  After about 10 minutes, Janie went and sat on the couch, and Jill immediately jumped up and snuggled in next to her.  Then my tears started.  I was so happy that all of the work we had done with her helped her to get to this point.

I showed her the doggie door one time and her new little yard.  She went potty for me and went right back in the house and jumped back up in Janie and Bill's arms.  The report I got before I went to bed was that she went in an out a few times and settled in very nicely, ate her dinner and was a happy new adopted and loved dog.  Bill loves to give massages and Jill loves to receive them.

These people where a big answer to a big prayer for Jill.  She will have a beautiful live surrounded with so much love.  Jill is going to let these wonderful people experience again what a dog can do...crawl into their hearts forever!

Jill, we love you girl and can't wait until we come over for a visit next month.  Thanks for leaving a good chunk of your heart at Poke-A-Dot's!!!

November 29, 2015

11 months ago I never thought that today would come so soon. Lady was the 50th dog we have placed in a wonderful forever home. I feel so blessed!

Lady...She left Poke-A-Dot's Rescue this afternoon after being here for about two months. She was a perfect little dog in every way. She lives to sleep under the covers and would snuggle up right next to my heart. So the first question I asked her potential mom was "Can she sleep under the covers right next to your heart?" Absoulte...ly was her reply!!! So, today Ericka made the trip to pick up her new little buddy Lady. Ericka and Lady will be living in Fortuna, CA which is up by Eureka, CA. Ericka, thank you so much for wanting to let Lady come in and occupy a very special place in your heart. I know all about that special place! Enjoy all the love she will give to you and thank you so very much for promising to love her for the rest of her life.

Ericka on the left with Lady and Poke-A-Dot and Snowball wanted in on the action.

November 30, 2017

 This is a day that I wasn't expecting to happen quite so soon, but I am so thankful and blessed that it did!!!

 Cookie came to us in October.  She was rescued out of a vineyard by a friend who loves dogs.  She and another dog they named Chip were in the vineyard for about two weeks running around.  They both finally decided to trust Tina and her family.  Tina is a tennis friend of mine and told me about them so I went to her house to take a look.  Tina thought if we couldn't find the owners, she and her family would keep Chip who is a Border Collie mix.  The other small dog, Cookie looked to be a Shih Tzu mix.  Cookie was scared to death of everything and her skin was in pretty bad condition.

So, Cookie came home with me and Tina kept Chip.  We had no luck finding the owners.  So after ample time searching, Cookie and I went to the vet and she spayed and vetted.  She was a little limited on hair towards her back end due to fleas, but I knew in time that would grow back in.  Cookie wouldn't come to me for about 3 weeks.  At the time we had 6 other dogs in rescue and that was a blessing because they helped teach Cookie the ropes.  Eventually, she started jumping up on me when I was going to feed the gang.  That was a huge step for Cookie.  Then she started to allow me to pick her up and she'd sit on my lap and get pets.  So, after having her about a month, she made so much progress that I was thinking maybe I could find an adopter who would continue what I was doing getting her to trust.  She really has an incredible personality.  She never had one accident in the doggie condo.  She learned the doggie door right away.  She never barked.  She has a very sweet spirit about her.  She's not the greatest on a leash, sometimes you have to drag her so she gets the idea but I know with tender loving care she will figure it out.  Oh, she has such a cute little under bite and she can smile.  And, she loves to wag her tail.

 So, last Sunday I listed her on adopt-a-pet and pet finder.  This is where 90% of the people who adopt find out about our rescue doggies.  I received a phone call from Renee who really touched my heart.  I normally tell people to fill out an application, and then once I review it I reach back out and proceed.  Renee and her husband Norman really wanted to come and meet Cookie.  I explained what she was like and they said "that's fine, we have lots of time to dedicate towards her.  They came to our place on Wednesday and fell in love with her and on Thursday I delivered her up to Sacramento after I adopted Barney to his new home.  (His story to follow soon). 

When I delivered Cookie up to Sacramento, Norman was there and Renee was on her way home.  Norman scooped up Cookie and Cookie laid on Normans lap and I really had to hold back my tears.  Shortly after Renee came in with such a wonderful smile on her face.  She sat down on the couch with Cookie and Norman and then I almost really lost my tears of joy. 

 I've been checking in to see how she is progressing and so far she's doing a lot better than I expected her to do.  She now jumps up and down on the couch and has claimed her favorite spot.  She also jumps up and down on their bed on her own.  I told Renee that I feel so blessed that they reached out to me about Cookie.  She told me that I was the blessing for giving Cookie to them.  (Oh, did I mention that after I posted her I got about five people who wanted her). 

 A very special thank you to my friend Tina.  If it wasn't for her and her family Cookie and Chip could of still been wondering around out in a vineyard.  Tina, we made a good team and thank you so much for all the love that you gave to Cookie.  I can't wait for Cookie to settle in and know she is loved by her mom and dad.  You and I will then go up and visit so you can see the new life that Cookie received.

 Norman and Renee, I am sitting here at my computer with happy tears dripping out of my eyes.  I am so very thankful for both of you and I know that you are the PERFECT LOVING HOME for our Cookie.  Enjoy your new baby girl and I feel so blessed to know you both!!!  Cookie, thank you for being the best little girl ever and thank you for starting to trust people again.  I know you've been let down in the past, but your past is now over and I promise you only good things in your life from now on.  Love you Cookie   

March 8, 2017

Sasha will be living in Oakley, CA not too far from where Hiroshi found his loving home.  Sasha first adoptive family didn't work out.  She needed to be the only dog and not be around a cat or small little kids.  So, Sandy is perfect.  Her daughter in law reached out for our help.  Sandy lives by herself and wanted a companion really bad.  So far Sasha is doing very good.  They both love to go for walks, and now they both have each other! 

March 11, 2017

Daisy...True Love Rescue and Poke-A-Dots

Daisy is a Chihuahua that came in a shelter in Sacramento.  My fellow rescue friend Jill who operates True Love Rescue which is a Golden Retriever rescue went up to pull a Golden Retriever last month and the shelter staff said if the where going to pull the GR that this Chihuahua needed to go with her.  That's one way to find homes for dogs.  Anyways, Jill took both dogs and found a wonderful gal  Stephanie from Manteca to foster her.  Then she reached out to me to see if we could help find her a home.  Jill left to go on a trip to Taiwan to visit rescues over there so we listed Daisy and we got two awesome people who wanted to adopt only a Chihuahua.  So, the best suited home was with Robin and Virginia from Antioch, CA.  They are RVer's and Daisy will be traveling around with them.  So, read the next adoption for part two of the Chihuahua story...Thanks to all!!!  

December 23, 2017

Lulu (formally Cher) was found with another dog and the founder named them Sonny and Cher.  The founder is a great gal named Janice who lives in Modesto in the country.  Dogs get dumped by her property a lot.  She found these two wondering around and couldn't find who they belonged to.  We we've worked with Janice in the past with two other dogs.  One we found a wonderful home for and the other one, well the word "foster failure" comes to my mind. 

So, back to Lulu...Janice took it upon herself to get both dogs spayed and neutered, chipped and vaccines.  When they were ready to find homes, she reached out to us for our help.  In the meantime her daughter Rachel in Sacramento was fostering them.  She did an outstanding job.  She still has Sonny at her home. 

This really great family had reached out to us wanting to add another doggie.  They were interested in Cookie, but we had already committed her to another wonderful family.  Well, she saw Cher and the rest is history.  Lulu is her new name and when I stopped by last week to do all the paperwork, she looked right at home!  Lulu is living in Sacramento, CA and will have 2 other doggies to hang out with along with 2 beautiful cats.  All of Zoe and James doggies and kitties are rescues.  Bless them all!

Thank you so much Zoe & James for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  We're truly blessed to have you join the Poke-A-Dot family. 

Thank you for being a blessing to Lulu and to all of your other doggies and Kitties too!

Nov. 3, 2015

Gracie came to Poke-A-Dot's as an owner release.  Her former owner didn't think she was going to be able to afford her dog food and grooming since her property taxes and her personal medication increased a lot.  Gracie is 8 year old.  When I went to meet Gracie, I immediately developed a bond.  We took her into Poke-A-Dots and we only had her about three days and a really great guy reached out to us wanting to come and meet her.  When Bob came thru our door, he immediately saw Gracie, got down on the floor and then Gracie jumped in his lap and they sat their together for at least 30 minutes.  She had her vet appointment the next day and then I delivered her to Bob's house.  The minute she walked in she knew she was home forever.  It was so touching.  Bob's mission in life is to help the seniors.  It was a very sad situation for Gracie's former owner, and we even offered to help support her and Gracie.  She really wanted Gracie to have a better life with someone who would spend more time with her.  So, thanks Bob for your wonderful loving heart.  May you have many wonderful years to come with Gracie and Bingo. 

February 4, 2017
Doodles has quite the story.  He was originally a very scared dog who ended up at the Lodi Shelter.  We pulled him because they called us and said he was terrified.  When I went to meet him he laid his head on my shoulder and that was it!

He took up immediately with my husband Darrell.  I couldn't pick him up off his lap with him wanting to snip at me.  He was head over heels in love with Darrell.  Several people looked at him but didn't want anything to do with his jealously.  However, a retired couple from Gardnerville, Nevada came and fell in love with him.  I delivered him and he was living the dream.  Never growled at all...go figure.  Well, about a month ago, his Dad called me and said his wife had to move to Poland to be a caregiver for a family member and that he was going to move over there with her.  It was breaking his heart to have to bring Doodles back but that's what happened.  Yes, he went right back to his old ways with Darrell.  They did everything together.  Haha

A previous Adopter Jenny who adopted one of our puppies, shared a photo with her friend Krystle.  So, she and her husband Jamie came to meet him and they fell in love with the little guy.  So, they took him home for a week for a trial run and it's been perfect!

We're so very grateful for this couple.  They really wanted to help a rescued dog and Doodles was perfect for them.  Doodles will be living in Sacramento, CA.

What a perfect place...in the hearts of Jamie and Krystle forever...and Darrell's!

April 24, 2017

Sunshine, our very precious, happy and sweet one-eyed doggie has her new home.  She will be joining a wonderful gal Lori and her Yorkie Cutie in Pine Grove, CA.  She fell in love with Sunshine and her story and it didn't bother her at all that Sunshine only has one eye.  Sunshine was a stray in Downtown Lodi one block from my store, hence the name Sunshine.  Her eye was ulcerated and the vet had to remove it.  Thank you to Dr. Elaine Dornton from Lodi Vet for doing such and awesome job.  When I took Sunshine back to get her stitches out, she remembered all the gals at the vets office and kissed everyone.  She was so appreciative of all the love she received. Lori recently lost two of her other dogs and Sunshine loves Cutie and her new mom so very much.  When it came time for Lori to offer us a donation, we told her we where donating Sunshine to her because of her love and compassion towards Sunshine.  She was totally overwhelmed that we would offer her such kindness.  We told her to take whatever she was going to donate to us and use it on Sunshine's health care in the future.  When we started this rescue up it was very important for us to be able to do things like this to help people and dogs!  Thank you Lori for seeing Sunshine in a very special way and for all your love that you will share with Sunshine.  And, Sunshine thanks for being such a good little girl!  Oh and a special thank you to the Lodi Animal Shelter for reaching out to us to see if we could pull Sunshine.  Thank you for watching over her so good while she was in your care and for getting her eye tended to!!!

Jan. 20, 2017

Q.T. Pie has a new wonderful home with Elena from Lodi, CA.  Elena is a friend of a very special lady to us...Nancy who's dog Kalli we took care of for 2 months while she was in the hospital last year.  While Nancy was at UC Davis, she was responsible for 3 other doggie adoptions thru Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Now Elena is the 4th. 

Elena wanted a little companion to share her life.  Q.T. Pie was formally a spray dog who a really great gal took in and cared for and then reached out for help. 

Elena it's been a please to get to know you and we hope you'll have many years with Q.T. Pie at your side.

Thank you so much for opening your heart and home to her.

December 5, 2015

Brando is Home!  My friend Jeweline who is a groomer and fellow "dog magnet" from Stockton originally had Brando and was carry for him.  She has groomed him all his life and his former mom passed away from cancer.  So she reached out to me to help find him a perfect home.  A really nice lady from Sacramento, Donna reached out to us to help her find a little Doxie.  He previous Doxie passed away and she had a huge whole in her heart.  Just so worked out that Brando had a whole in his heart too for a new mom.  The two of them hit it off and the rest is history.  What a great dog who now has a great mom!

August 8, 2016

Little Stevie is going home to Enoch, Utah.  His new mom and dad are so excited to have him join their family.  They are "all about the dog people."  Phyllis saw Stevie bio and reached out to us and asked if we would adopt to out of state people.  I said where there's a will, there is a way.  Her husband John drives a truck for a living so when he got home from one of his jobs, they headed out.  They arrived here this morning at 8 am and Stevie immediately knew he was in the arms of LOVE.  Phyllis and John have always had a little Poodle and they recently lost theirs.  They had a big hole in their hearts and now little Stevie will fill that whole.  He will also be joining two little Poms and a cat at his new home. 

Little Stevie was a stray that a very nice gal in Stockton by the name of Gail found.  She tried for three weeks to find the owner with no luck.  So, she reached out to us and we knew the right person would be out there for Little Stevie.  Thank you Gail for all the love you gave to Stevie.

Safe travels back to Utah and little Stevie thanks for being such a wonderful boy while you were visiting Poke-A-Dot's.  Thanks Phyllis and John for your love for Stevie and for showing such dedication and driving here to pick him up.    

Stories coming soon.

Been a little busy with the dogs to sit down and write.

Ginger passed away and Sweet Pea was placed in a new home.  You will always be in Sweet Peas heart!!!

October 29, 2015

Mac came to use as an owner release.  His former owner moved into a place where she couldn't keep him.  So, Poke-A-Dot's took little Mac in.  He was pretty scared the first night not knowing why his world was torn apart.  After a couple of days, he came out of his shell.  He's really a great dog.  He's 7 years old and we were hoping his age wouldn't be a factor.  What a blessing when Tiara contacted us and wanted to adopt little Mac.  She is a younger person (and so was his original owner) and wanted to offer a home to a rescue dog.  When she came to meet Mac, it was love at first sight for both of them.  Tiara, thank you so much for wanting to open your heart and home to Mac.  Mac will be living in Stockton, CA.

April 10, 2017

Jeweline my friend who has a grooming shop in Stockton had a couple bring in little Annie.  The couple had found the dog and tried to find the owner with no luck.  She was so matted it took Jeweline about two hours to groom her.  Her feet were so bad and red for a few days after grooming.  Upon taking to the Vet, she also had a vaginal infection.  The Vet thought she had been spayed, but it was questionable.  Turned out a few days later she went into heat so she went back to the Vet for another visit. 

We originally adopted Annie to a 96 year young gal in Roseville, but Annie didn't work out because she walked to fast and the lady was scared she was going to trip on Annie.  She really wanted the best for little Annie, so I went back and picked her up.

Shortly after getting her home, we received a lovely application from Gloria and Jerry who are a retired couple who live in Sonora, CA.  They wanted a little companion and when we invited them to come and meet her they both immediately feel in love with Annie and Annie with them.

Annie is so happy and content in her new home, and Gloria and Jerry love her so very much.  I am so blessed to have had a chance to help Annie and find her the home of her dreams.

January 14, 2017

Sweetie has a new home with Doug and Albert in Livermore, CA. 

Sweetie came to us over two months ago.  A new friend who does rescue work in the Placerville area reached out to me to see if I could take Sweetie.  She is about 8+ years old and needed to have some dental work done along with getting spayed.  So, she had all of that done and she's been a part of our family.  I was taking her to one of our neighbors who is 82 and had a couple of strokes and has a fulltime caregiver.  She would sit on her lap about three days a week to keep her company since her 17 year old Chihuahua recently passed away.  Well, it was time that Sweetie found her own permanent home.

When I posted her I didn't think she'd get much attention since she is an older dog.  I was basing this on past experience with Freddy.  Boy was I wrong!  We received over 20 applications!!!  There was one application that really stood out in my mind.  Doug had recently lost his female Yorkie Sara a couple months ago and really had a terrible hole in his heart and Albi was really missing Sara too.  Doug is home a lot and takes his dogs everywhere with him.  Doug is a retired Veteran and served in Vietnam.  The man literally lives for his dogs!  His dogs spend a lot of time with other Veterans and they really help bring joy to their lives.  The day I called his Vet doing a reference check, they told me he had just left and he showed them a picture of Sweetie and explained how he just submitted an application. 

There was just something very special about this man...In my heart I just knew this was the special place that God wanted for Sweetie.  Today, when we delivered Sweetie to her new home, it was so special.  Sweetie made herself right at home with Doug and Albi.  Albi snuggled in right next to Sweetie.  He was even kissing her.  It was so cute to watch.  Albi is also an older doggie.

Darrell and I decided since Sweetie is an older doggie and because Doug is going to share Sweetie with other Vets who need some extra special loving from her that Pokeadots Rescue is going to donate Sweetie to Doug and Albi.  When we started doing Rescue, this was one of our goals to be able to listen to our hearts.  So, thank you to all of our previous adopters and people who have donated to us.  Today you blessed a man who served our country, received a purple heart and who wants to love Sweetie and give her the best of care the rest of her life. 

We feel honored to be a part of this story!!!  And Sweetie, the bottom of our bed won't be the same without you.  However, we know tonight the bottom of your new daddy's bed will have you on your pillow and his heart will have you in it.  Sweet dreams Sweetie, Doug and Albi.

September 24, 2015 

What a very special heart touched day! Jodie who we took into Poke-A-Dots was an owner release. Her former Dad had to move and could only take one of his dogs. He decided to keep his older dog and find a new home for his younger dog Jodie. We got this very heart touched letter from Alan. It really moved our hearts and soul so much. His wife passed away and so did his Shih tzu Maizie. So, he has been looking for a perfect dog to fill his empty spot in his heart. He saw... our listing for Jodie and reached out to us. It was a perfect match! We promised her former Dad Mike that we would do our very best and find special little Jodie the perfect place to make her home. Everytime this happens, I (Sheri) get tears of joy and I know that God is in control of all these special dogs who we get to love while they are with us. Thanks to Jeweline Hughes for telling us about Jodie and her need for a new home. Thanks to Mike for totally trusting and having faith in us. Jodie is such a precious and special girl and she will forever have a very special place in my heart and I know she will be in your heart forever too. And, thanks to Alan for opening up your heart and home and above all for all the love that you will be sharing with Jodie.  Jodie will be living part-time in El Dorado Hills and in Arizona.

April 20, 2016 Zoe joined her new mom and dad. Zoe is going to be the talk of the town at the Arbor Senior Apartments in Lodi, CA. Frieda stopped by Animal Hospital in Lodi looking into adopting a little companion for her and her husband Ed. My rescue buddy Diane who works there gave her our number. I promised her I would find her a very special little girl to love forever. The next day, my groomer friend from Stockton Jeweline called me and said she had a wonderful dog ...that someone just dropped off because she had to move out of her house. Wow! Talk about perfect timing. Zoe was with us for a few days because she needed to have her teeth cleaned first. She recovered nicely and was delivered yesterday. I couldn't stand myself and I went by and visited and she's made herself right at home. Stories like this is why I love doing dog rescue. Seeing Zoe in their arms makes my heart so happy inside. Thanks to everyone involved and I am so glad senior housing like the Arbor allows dogs and cats too! Thank you Frieda and Ed for opening your heart and home to Zoe!

June 25, 2016

I was at the Vet picking up Linus and Lucy and a gal was really fascinated with especially Lucy.  She told me she had a friend looking to adopt a dog and I gave her one of my cards.  That evening her friend reached out to us and we set up an appt for her to come and do a meet and great.  She was really interested in Lucy, but while Levee (now Buster) fell in love with Alice and especially her husband Gabino.  It's so much fun to watch the love connection.  So, they adopted Buster.  Buster was a dog who was a stray in Stockton and found on the levee.  A nice man paid for all of his expenses to have him neuters, shots, chipped, plus donated some money also for him.  What a great guy!  Then he took him to my groomer friend Jeweline and he stayed with her until I had room at Poke-A-Dot's.  Thanks to all involved with saving this dogs life!  Buster will make his home in Stockton, CA.

August 29, 2017

Betsy has a new home!  My good friend Julie tagged me on a post that Betsy was in need of a new home and asked if I could help.  I love Great Danes, and Betsy sounded like a wonderful dog.  SHE IS AWESOME!  Courtney had gotten her about 3 months ago and at first she got along ok with her Lab.  Well as time went on, the two dogs just did not get along.  So, she thought Betsy should be in a home with no other dogs.

So, we posted Betsy and John and Barbara from Stockton, CA have entered Betsy's life and will be her new Dad and Mom.  They're Great Dane lovers and had a hole in their hearts and lives.  Courtney told us Betsy warms up to men a little slow.  Not the case with John.  She took to him right away and John to her.  Then she moved over to Barbara and loved on her too.  Perfect match!  Betsy reminds me of Poke-A-Dot...ever so sweet!

Courtney thanks for having faith and trusting us to find a new home for Betsy.  And, John and Barbara thanks for wanting to adopt Betsy and give her a home forever! 

August 4, 2017

Well, Summer is going to be living with her new loving mom Sally in Pacifica, CA.  Just a few minutes from the beach.  One lucky and blessed doggie!  She will also be joining Sally's other to dogs Rusty and Pippa.  Rusty is a Standard Poodle and Pippa is a little Chihuahua.  Sally heart is golden!  She is all about her dogs!  We hit it off right away and I had no doubts about her becoming Summers new mom.

Summer is a very special dog.  Summer, Sparkle and Money who is now Monty all came to us from a fellow rescue in Taiwan.  We were very honored and blessed to experience helping them for the second time.  This past December we receive 5 Poodles, 3 standards and 2 toys.  It was a very touching experience to help.  The Taiwan rescue people hold a very special in my heart as well in the hearts of these dogs.

Thank you so much Sally for all the love you will be sharing with Summer and we will forever share her in our hearts.

October 28, 2017

What a perfect wonderful little girl and a perfect loving family.  Cali who was originally Tracy who we pulled from the Tracy Shelter a couple weeks ago is living at her new home tonight.  David, Naomi and David came over last week to meet her and it was love at first sight.  Then she had her spay surgery and today was her moving day.  So we packed up her things and went for a little ride to Orinda, CA to join her new family.  She felt right at home the minute she walked in.  David took the leash from me and started showing her around.  First stop...the toys!  She loved them! 

Cali will be their first family dog and what a great dog she will be for the whole family.  Thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and we sure hope your experience you had was awesome, just like Cali.  We will always have a bond that we share...Cali!

June 12, 2016

Wilson has been adopted!  Wilson's new parents are Bert and Sheron from Gardnerville, Nevada.  This is our second family from this area.  Mr. Doodles is also making his home in Gardnerville.  They have a hole in their lives and hearts from losing a very special Poodle.  Well, now Wilson will give them lots of love and fun in their lives.  He is a really great dog who came from a family who wanted to find him a better life than they could provide.  You're one blessed dog Mr. Wilson!

October 26, 2015

Charger is on his way home!  His new mom and dad, Katie and Albert and their daughter Abi and sister dog Nanna are going to be his forever family.  He will be living in the Redding, CA area.  They are going to love this boy.  He came to us very shy and he's leaving knowing that he has been loved so much while at Poke-A-Dot's and he knows his new family is going to love him forever!  Charger's favorite thing to do is to lay in bed at night and get belly rubs.  He loves to snuggle next to someone.  We know that Katie and Albert and Abi will love Charger.  Charger, you are a very special dog to us!!!  We can't wait until you get yourself all settled in and we can come and visit you.  Thank you so much for opening your heart to be loved!  You made such a big paw print of love on our hearts.  May you touch a lot of people's hearts in your new home.  We love you Charger!  And, Katie & Albert thank you so very much for opening your hearts and home up to our special boy.  It was so heartwarming to watch the connection he had for you.  Enjoy your new little boy!

May 25, 2016
What a neat young girl!  Meet Megan who adopted Otis.  Otis came from Los Banos, CA.  He was a stray and a really nice guy by the name of Eddie and his wife were taking wonderful care of him.  They searched high and low for owners and had no luck.  After a month, they started reaching out to rescues and found them to be full.  Then he reached out to us and we agreed to take in this very special dog.  Thank you so much for all the good care you gave to Otis.

Megan who is a college student who resides in Elk Grove, CA and attends college in Long Beach wanted to adopt a best friend to be with her all of the time.  They are going to make a wonderful couple!  Thank you Megan for having a huge heart and for wanting to open your life to a very special doggie. 

Enjoy Otis, and thank you for being such a good boy while at Poke-A-Dot's!

August 4, 2017

I can just tell you this is going to be without a doubt the hardest adoption story to pull the words out of my head.  By the time I finish this I can guarantee I will be in tears.  Let me start...it's going to be a long story.

Georgia and I went to grade school, and high school together and lived around the block growing up.  We were awesome friends and called each other sisters.

Last December Georgia was diagnosed with the worst form of brain cancer you can get.  Well, her doggie Daisy means the whole world to her along with her two sons.  Daisy slept every night right next to Georgia.  Prior to getting Daisy, Georgia had a dog whose name was Chloe.  She was part Jack Russell and she had some springs in her legs.  One day she accidently got hit by a car and I was the first one Georgia called in a panic.  I came right over but Chloe didn't make it.  That was the first time I ever saw my friend Georgia cry.  We both got thru the loss together and a few months later she adopted Daisy from a Lab Rescue.  She couldn't wait to call me the day she got her.  She loved her so much right from the beginning!  I used to take a lot of our rescues over to Georgia's so she and Daisy could meet them.  She loved all of them! 

Darrell and I have always watched over Georgia like a family member.  She rented my grandparents old house from us until she recently purchased it from us a couple years ago.  So, we spent a lot of time together.  I made a promise that as she progressed and was approaching the end, that I would find Daisy a new home with someone who would promise to love her for the rest of her life.  Well, that day came about two weeks ago. 

Daisy moved in with Darrell and I and I put a post up on facebook.  Another friend of hers, Shayne who also has known Georgia for a long time, offered to let Daisy come live with her and her husband, two kids and their lab.  What a perfect place.  And the fact that Shayne and her family will appreciate all the emotions involved in helping Daisy for the rest of her life.  Daisy will be living in Bakersfield, CA.

Georgia is one of the strongest people I have ever known.  She doesn't want people to be sad for her.  She has such an amazing spirit and has never complained about anything.  I don't know why God choose for her to go thru this, but like her sister Goldie said, "she's going to beat us to Heaven."

Please keep Georgia in your thoughts and prayers.  I am so thankful that Daisy found her perfect place.  She was in a good place with us, but her perfect place is with Shayne and her amazing family.  Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart Shayne for opening up your heart and home to Daisy.  She's a very important part of my heart because she lived in the center of Georgia's heart.  Daisy is just like Georgia...very happy go lucky!!! 

October 10, 2015

Snowflake is going to be call her home in Sacramento with Bobby and Susie.  What lovely people.  Both are retired and will be spending lots of time with their new little girl.  They lost their special little Maltese over a year ago and had a huge hole in their hearts.  Their wonderful granddaughter Nicole reached out to us.  We are so very grateful that they opened their hearts and home up to Snowflake.  Her new name will be Daisy.  She is a very special dog.  She originally came from the Lodi Shelter.  Thanks to all the staff their for keeping her safe and loved while she was there.  She will never have to worry about being loved anymore!  Enjoy your new home Daisy.  All of us at Poke-A-Dot's love ya!

September 23, 2017

Well, sweet little Coffee (who is now Lucky) loves his great new home.  Sherry and her daughter Elena who live in San Anselmo, CA fell in love with one of the sweetest dogs.  Lucky is one lucky dog.  Lucky came to us from a fellow rescue in Taiwan about a month ago. 

Sherry and her daughter recently lost a very special dog and they had a hole in their hearts and lives and wanted to give a special dog a new home.  Lucky is that doggie!

A special thank you to all the people in Taiwan who love Coffee while he was in Taiwan in rescue.  These people are awesome and Pokeadot's feels so blessed when we can help.  It's really a neat feeling knowing that you're helping a dog and people from another country.  We're all family!  And, of course Jill thank you for asking Pokeadots to be a part of something awesome!

Sept. 2, 2017

What a wonderful for a home for Charlie!  See Charlie is blind and can't see very much.  I happened to see a post on facebook that the family was looking for a rescue for Charlie.  His dad passed away and his mom had to go into a care residence and couldn't take Charlie.  Their grandson John brought Charlie to our place.  Poor guy was in tears having to do this, but I assured him we would take excellent care of him and place him in a perfect home.  Well, we did just that!  They recently lost a doggie and their hearts and home needed another one.  They had no issue with Charlie being blind.  Charlie taught me something...I never have to be afraid of having a dog who can't see.  They see just fine in their own minds! 

January 4, 2016
Today Buddy arrived at Silver Paw Ranch in San Andreas to begin his training to become a service dog for a very special veteran who will become Buddy's best friend.
Her is Buddy's story...
A college student, Samantha who attends UC Davis was at home for Christmas visiting her family in Ceres, CA (we meet her 2 weeks ago at an adopters house when delivering a dog) when she noticed a dog chained to a tree with about 2 feet to move around. She noticed the house looked empty and after researching it more found out the people moved and left their dog chained up to a tree. She rescued the dog and it hung out with her during Christmas. Then she took the dog back to Davis and reached out to us after Christmas to see if we could possibly to bring Buddy into our rescue. We picked the dog up that afternoon and I took him to the vet and he actually had a chip. We made contact with the registered owner and he said he gave the dog away to a family member who wanted him. I told him the dog was chained to a tree and people moved away.  I also told him what a terrible thing they did to this dog.  He said he didn't want him anymore. I agreed that Poke-A-Dot's would fine him a good home, and he seemed thankful. He was originally adopted from the Ripon Shelter within the last two months and we were able to get copies of all paperwork.

 He's a really good dog, but just needed some work in the manner department.  We aren't really set up to handle such a high energy dog, and I started reaching out to fellow rescue people about Buddy's situation. 

 A good friend of mine Stephanie got in touch with Silver Paw Ranch and explained the situation.  I called them and Guy agreed to let Buddy enter their training program.  How special!  They train dogs like Buddy to be service dogs for vets and they have about 15 vets on a waiting list for a dog.

 Buddy was delivered today (1/4/2016).  Poke-A-Dots Rescue donated his medical care he received and Darrell and I personally made a really nice donation to show our appreciation for accepting Buddy into their training program.  We will keep you posted on his future. 

 Samantha, thank you so much for rescuing Buddy from being chained up to a tree and Silver Paw Ranch thank you so much for your compassion!  Thank you to Stephanie and all of my other rescue friends for your help.


August 6, 2016

Clover is going to be joining our two other dogs Doodles and Wilson who reside in Gardnerville, Nevada.  A few weeks ago, we adopted Wilson, a Poodle to Bert and Sheron.  They referred their friends Gary and Ann to us.  They were in the process of looking for another dog for their family.  So, when we got Clover, we thought he may be a pretty good match.  So, Clover will be joining their family.  Clover came to us from Kate's Rescue out of Los Banos, CA.  They were short of foster homes and they asked us if we had room, so we took him in.  He is a wonderful boy and will have a wonderful new home.  Thanks to Bert and Sheron for sharing Poke-A-Dot's...one more dog saved.  And thanks Jolene for reaching out to us to see if we could help Clover.

December 20, 2015

All we can say is the Barry and Leonor from Lincoln, CA both have a heart made out of gold.  Teddy, who now will be Max, came to as about two months ago.  He was originally a stray from Stockton, CA who my good friend Paula helped rescue and foster for a while before coming here.  Poor thing must of had a very bad past.  When you go to pick him up, he screams.  He get better each day as he his trust level improves.  They came to meet him about two weeks ago, but had a vacation planned to go to Hawaii.  They wanted to wait until they got home and today was Max's very special day.  These two people have what it takes in their hearts to give Max the best home in the whole wide world.  We can't wait to go and visit once he settles in to his new home.  Thanks for being such a good boy while you were at Poke-A-Dots! 

Sept 12, 2016

Lucy who is now Coco was adopted by Louise from Roseville.  She is a friend of Linda a fellow adopter who adopted Jill who is now Jewel.  She was looking for a companion and reached out to use.  Now, she has her very own special little companion.  Thank you so much for placing your faith in us to help you find you special little doggie.  And, thanks Linda for referring Louise to Poke-A-Dot's!  Coco was a stray running around in the streets around UOP in Stockton and a really nice gal who works there helped save her from an unknown life.  She tried and tried to find her owner and every road came to a dead end.  It's had to see her in the photo, but she's a black Poodle.

Jill has a new mom!  Jill and her new mom Linda will have such a great life together.  Linda recently lost her little girl and wanted to find a new little one to share her love with.  What a nice lady!  Linda resides in Roseville, CA and Jill is going to be the new little girl on the block.  Thanks you Linda for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  Enjoy your little girl!


Kayla (Yorkie on the right)...What an interesting story.  Jeweline my friend in Stockton who has a grooming shop calls me up and tells me a family just dropped off a Yorkie puppy about 6 months because their kids weren't taking good care of her.  So, I set up an appt at our vet and Jeweline took the little girl in and the rest is history.  Libby who works at Venetian Vet fell in love with her and knew her sister would love to adopt her.  So after she was spayed, she went home for the weekend.  What a wonderful little girl and what a wonderful family Kayla will be living with in Manteca, CA.  She will be living with, Olivia and Victor and their awesome son Manny.  Kayla will have other little boy doggies to play with...Yoshi and Lucky.  When I arrived to do some of the paperwork it was like Kayla had been there forever.  Thank you Libby and Olivia and the staff at Venetian for making all of this possible.

August 20, 2016

Last week we got a phone call from Beth's sister who was helping her look for a small rescue dog to adopt.  She came and looked at Princess and just knew in her heart that would be the perfect dog for her sister.  So everything came together and she packed her bags up from Poke-A-Dot's and took a car ride over to Pittsburg, CA to meet her new wonderful family...Beth and B.  What a blessing these two people will be for little Princess.  She will never have to worry about being loved again!  Princess will also be getting a sister next week from another rescue that they had committed to prior.  Two precious little doggies now will have a wonderful home.

Princess came to Poke-A-Dot's because of our friend Julie.  She has done several rescues and we meet about over a year ago when we worked together placing Faith and Hope the Woodbridge School doggies who took a long time to bring to safety.  Julie saw a posting for a free Chihuahua and thought it may be a stolen one.  So she goes to get it and the guys says "what just a second" and he goes outside and comes back with Princess.  He says "you want to take her too?"  So, Julie goes out the door with two unwanted dogs.  Turned out the male Chihuahua Rico was not the stolen dog but a really nice gal Jennifer offered to foster them for a short time.  After they got neutered and spayed, they moved into Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Julie, you're awesome!!!

Princess will be loved like never before.  Enjoy your new loving life with your moms and thanks so much for being such a good little girl.  And, thank you Beth and B for the loving hearts that you both have and for opening them up to Princess.

August 31, 2013

Little Miss May is going to be living in Benicia, CA with her new Mom Lynne and Dad John along with her sister Pebbles.  They all hit it off perfect when they meet.  Lynne lost another doggie about three months ago and had a very big hole in her heart and wanted to give a rescue doggie her heart and home.  Pebbles former mom had to go into a nursing home and could no longer care for May.  A family member dropped her off at my friends Jeweline's grooming shop in Stockton. 

Thank you so much Lynne for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's!  And little Miss May, watching TV at night will be a little different without you, but we know you will be loved and that makes it all ok!!!

November 11, 2017

Yabba dabba doo...Fred Flintstone has found his forever home!  His new mama reached out to us in mid October looking for a new doggie.  She recently lost her Bichon Grace who was 13 years old.  Her other dog Willy was missing his sister and Cynthia had a big hole in her wonderful, loving heart.  She really wanted to give a home to a dog in need. 

I am so glad she reached out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Riley is perfect and he'll never have to worry about being out on the street or take part in a puppy mill again.  he originally was found running around with 3 other dogs...Barney, Wilma and Betty in Tracy, CA and ended up at the Tracy Shelter.  He's going to enjoy his new home, his new brother, and his new mom and his mom's boyfriend Mark so very much.

Thanks for being such a good boy while you were with us, and may all your doggie dreams come true!

There aren't any words to describe being able to pull four dogs at one time out of a shelter, get them vetted, love on them, and now watch them start to find their perfect homes for the rest of their lives.   Thank you God!

July 24, 2016

Paulo has his forever home!  He went to live with his new mom and dad today.  He will be joining Kim and Rob who live in Lodi, CA.  He's going to love his new home.  They previously lost their dog and where ready to have one again. 

Paulo was a stray who was found in an almond grove in Modesto.  Janise who has lots of experience in the rescue world took him in and looked for a month for his owners with no luck finding them.  She had Paulo neutered and shots and chipped and then reached out to us to help this sweet boy find a wonderful, loving home.  Janise brought him to our place last Friday.  Kim and Rob came today and feel in love with him and then I brought him to their house this afternoon.  He was very comfortable right away.  Rob brought a box of toys in and he was so happy to play with them.

Thank you so much Janise for all the love you gave to Paulo.  You're a wonderful person and I am proud to call you one of our Poke-A-Dot's "Moms".  And, thank you Kim and Rob for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  Enjoy you new boy!

July 13, 2016

About a month ago, Vi's daughter Darlene reached out to me.  Her parents who are 87 and 92 tragically lost their little Opal.  They really wanted to adopt a poodle and I didn't have any in rescue at the time.  I explained it could take me a day, week, month or two.  About two weeks later I saw one on Facebook that the Los Banos Shelter posted and I just knew her future was about to change.  We worked with the rescue coordinator and MaryAnn an adopter and friend who has helped with transports in the past picked her up and we meet her in Westley.  On the way home, she just sat on my lap and was so thankful to be out of the shelter.  MaryAnn gave her a bath and I think she appreciated being clean.  Then when we got back to town, I stopped by to show Vi and Mel.  They both feel in love with her and wanted her to stay that night.  I told her she needed to go to the Vet and get spayed first.  So, she came to Poke-A-Dot's and had all her vetting done and we enjoyed and loved her, and now she is home on their laps!  I am so thankful that God provided them a very special little Pearl to love.  Pearl will be living in Lodi, CA.  I love it when I adopt a dog local so I can visit!

December 6, 2015

Little Bear was a stray dog running loose around Stockton, CA until my friend Jeweline was able to catch him.  She tried to search for owner and she kept him at her grooming business.  After about 3 weeks, she reached out to us and wanted to know if we would take him in and we said sure. 

Little Bear who is now Wyatt landed in a terrific home!  He will be living with his mom Chris and dad Ed is Somerset, CA.  They recently lost a very special Pomeranian Troy.  The really wanted to give a very special dog a home and now this very special dog Wyatt has that home.  He is going to have a big brother to teach him all the ropes whose name is Wolfie.   At present time, it's only been seven hours since I left him off, but he's made himself right at home.  Thank you so much Chris and Ed for reaching out to us.  Wyatt is one blessed dog to find you both and we are sure that he will bless so many others.  Merry Christmas Wyatt!

June 19, 2017
Sweet Pea has found herself a new mama. Her first mom passed away very unexpectedly. A neighbor and good friend of Sweet Pea's former mom Ginger whos name is Dee notified us. I drove over to Petaluma and picked Sweet Pea up and I am so very grateful to Dee! Sweet Pea immediately remembered me and gave me lots of special kisses.

The gal who we choose to adopt Sweet Pea is a retired lady, Trudy and she lives by herself in Carson City, Nevada. She has had toy... Poodles in the past and was ready for another one to take up residency in the middle of her heart. She wanted a dog who she could carry around all the time. It was a perfect match.

When Trudy arrived at our place to pick Sweet Pea up, oh my gosh...Sweet Pea must of kissed her at least 100 times and not once did Trudy say stop. I had tears in my eyes.

It was really a hard decision too who to select to adopt Sweet Pea. We had wonderful applications submitted but I was trying to find the perfect place for Sweet Pea in an environment similar to her previous one.

Sweet pea made a beautiful transition to her new home and her new mama. She sleeps on a pillow next to Trudy's head every night. She is glued to Trudy's heart and will forever be glued to mine too.

March 12, 2017

Precious is now living with a really sweet retired gal Ginger who lives in Rocklin, CA.  Ginger was the other wonderful gal who was insisting on a Chihuahua and I really wanted to be able to find her a dog that would be a companion for her.  So, my groomer friend and fellow rescuer Jeweline from Stockton told me she had an 8 year old female Chihuahua that an older lady had to surrender because she had to go into a nursing home.  And it was an added plus that Precious was used to walking with a lady who had a walker.  Sandy uses a walker sometimes, so this was so perfect.  I was so happy that two great Chihuahuas received their loving home that they so much deserved.  Ginger, thanks for your wonderful, loving heart!  P.S.  Precious at time of photo was so excited to get her treat that she didn't want to look up and smile.

October 1, 2017

Well, after two months at Pokeadots, Money is in his new home tonight.  Money came to us at the end of August from a wonderful rescue in Taiwan.  He is a super cool dog and he's going to love his new mom and dad.  Jack and Dawn live in Sacramento, CA and today when Money arrived, he made himself right at home in no time.  They recently lost their Poodle and their house needed another one and all the love one brings.  Jack and Dawn originally meet Money and fell in love with him about a month ago, but they had a vacation planned.  Rather than uprooting him from here, Money stayed with us until they returned home.  So, today was the day!  Thank you so much for promising to love Money forever.  He's one special boy!  And, a special thank you to all of the awesome, loving people in Taiwan who loved and cared for Money while he was in their care.  And, one more special thank  you to Jill Morgan from True Love Rescue.   I love partnering with you and I appreciate our friendship!

November 9, 2016

This is going to be a real long story!!!

About two months ago I noticed a Poke-A-Dot's facebook friend, Lisa who posted that she had a poodle mix that she was ready to find a new home for.  Tigger was a stray and Lisa couldn't find the owners.  So, she got Tigger neutered, shots, chipped, etc.  Lisa's daughter Nicole was also involved with Tigger.  She really liked helping a dog who needed help.  So, we listed him as being available for adoption.  At the time we had a previous adopter who referred her friend Daisy to us.  Daisy adopted a little rescue dog Ming a while ago, and really wanted to help save another little one.  She told us that Ming changed her life forever and she really wanted to share her love with another doggie.  Plus the fact that Ming has poor eyesight, another dog will be a help in her future. 

So, Lisa and Tigger meet up with my husband and myself in Berkeley at Daisy's house.  Everything was set that we would all meet back up in a month and Tigger would have a new home.  Daisy had a vacation planned to Italy and wanted to wait until she got back to introduce a new dog.

So, right before Daisy left for vacation, I checked in with Lisa.  She was a little speechless because she knew she needed to break some news to me.  Her daughter just couldn't give up Tigger!  Lisa told me she explained that we made a commitment and we needed to follow thru with the plan.  Well, I had just received another dog into rescue that I honestly thought would be a much better fit.  So, I said hold that thought.  I called Daisy and she said she trusted my judgment.  I called Lisa back and congratulated them on being our first "foster failure."   Well, maybe the second one because we failed with one or two.  So, Daisy left for vacation and her new dog was all ready for her on her return.  She and Ming drove here to pick up Lily and it was beyond perfect!!!

Haven't had a story such as this one yet.  Thank you so much to Lisa and Nicole for everything you did for Tigger and especially for loving him forever.  Nicole, I am very proud of you!!!  And, Daisy thank you so very much for trusting me and for wanting to adopt another rescue doggie.  You're a wonderful person.

And, thank you to the very special lady who saved Lily's life! 

I loved being a part of such a wonderful story about two very special doggies.  May God watch over them and their new families.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

June 26, 2016

Little Miss Moxie has been adopted!  Moxie was an owner surrender and is a wonderful dog.  Her mom Barbara is going to love her to pieces.  This will complete the missing piece in Barbara's life.  Moxie will be joining her mom who lives in Mill Valley, CA.  Barbara really wanted a companion to share her live with and she will be taking Moxie everywhere.  Thank you so much Barbara for putting your trust and faith with us to help find you the perfect dog.  Moxie is going to love her new life!!!  And, thanks Moxie for being such a good girl at Poke-A-Dot's!

June 19, 2016

Spensley is going to be living with her new mama Christina up in Sacramento, CA.  Christina has an older doggie and she wanted to start training a new little dog perhaps to become a service dog.  Little Spensley is going to have a wonderful life with his new family.  Spensley was one of the two dogs who my friend from Stockton who is a groomer took in from a family who didn't want them anymore.  Thanks Christina for opening your heart and home for this special pup.

May 17, 2016
Gracie is now in the best home in the world for Gracie.  Gracie's new mom Patty lives in Lincoln, CA in the Del Webb Community.  Patty lost her husband two years ago and wanted a companion to love.  Gracie is going to love her new home so much and she was already snuggling with her new mom before I left.

 Patty's daughter just recently adopted a one year old little Doxie named Ginger who will be hanging out with Gracie some of the time.  They are going to love to play and hang out together. 

 We really enjoyed having Gracie at Poke-A-Dot's the past three weeks.  She is the very best dog that Poke-A-Dot's had visit during the past year.  Gracie's mama could no longer care for her because she has Alzheimer's.  Her granddaughter reached out to Poke-A-Dot's and we said we would help her find a new wonderful loving home. 

 Jessica and Caron, thank you so very much for putting your faith in us to find Gracie a new wonderful loving home.  I know she will be happy with Patty forever!  Jessica you were so right when you told me Gracie was a PERFECT DOG!  I love her so much and I know her new mom will cherish ever moment with her just as I did!

May 1, 2016

Sweet Katie found her special retirement home and new mom.  Katie is a retired breeder.  She needed a new home and she scored a new sister Sophie.  Both are very big girls and oh so sweet.  Katie will be living with her new mom Lorraine in Fremont, CA. 

January 24, 2017

Kiwi who is originally from Taiwan has a new home!  She is the first of our 5 Poodles, 3 Standards and 2 mini's who in now in her new home.  She will be living in Berkeley, CA with Angela & John, their daughter Ruby and their Labradoodle Satchel.  The first night Kiwi slept with Ruby and the whole family loves her so much!  We thank you for wanting to offer this wonderful dog a beautiful new life her with you.

Kiwi was born in Taiwan.  She lived with a gal who do to a medical condition had to give up Kiwi, Hiroshi, Taffy, Lemon and Hana.  A wonderful rescue in Taiwan took all of them in.  We can't say enough positive things about all the volunteers in Taiwan.  Thank you for all your LOVE! 

A fellow rescuer Jill Morgan who has True Love Rescue approached us knowing how much we have fallen in love with Poodles.  She actually lives very close to us.  She deals with the rescue in Taiwan and receives several Golden Retrievers into her rescue.  A large percentage of the dogs Jill receives from Taiwan have been thru so much trauma.  The rescue in Taiwan does all the medical attention required to help the dogs and provides them with lots of love before making their journey her to the U.S.

I personally believe God made us all and we all share this Earth.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue was honored to be able to help in this situation.  Thanks again to all the people who were involved to make all of this happen.  This has been a wonderful experience that we will remember forever and we are sure Kiwi will experience so much love!  I have happy tears in my eyes right now.

Enjoy your new family Kiwi!  We all love you girl!!!

May 26, 2016

What a marvelous story...

A wonderful senior lady in Stockton found a Dalmatian almost three months ago wondering around.  I noticed a post on Facebook and reached out to the lady's granddaughter.  No owner could be located, no chip, etc.  The poor little girl was skin and bones.  The grandma took it upon her to nurse the dog back to health and her health at the time wasn't too good.  They both got thru it together.  I stayed in touch the whole time with the granddaughter and last week, she was finally ready to part with the dog.  She wanted the best for the dog so she let us come and pick her up.  I can't thank this special lady enough for taking care of the special spotted girl.

About two months ago, Janelle reached out to us wanting to adopt a young female Dalmatian.  I told her about this one and told her I would stay in touch.  So, when I knew for sure she was coming to Poke-A-Dot's I called her and told her that God was answering her prayer.  Janelle is a huge Dalmatian lover and has lots of experience with Dals and had a big hole in her heart for another rescued Dalmatian.  She will be sharing Skye's love with her mom Nancy.  They both live together in Modesto and they are wonderful loving people.  I am so thankful she reached out to us and we're so thankful that Skye will have a top notched home.

Thank you so much Janelle and Nancy for your spotted big heart and thank you to Skye's two little angels who nursed her back to health!  The world needs more people like you!

Sept. 8, 2017

Wags is off to live in Citrus Heights with a really wonderful couple.  Josh and Lindsay and their Bolt where looking for another member to adopt into their loving family.  Lindsay reached out to me very disappointed with the fact she had her eyes set on a dog and it got adopted out from underneath them.  I promised her that would never happen to with us.

She and her husband loved Wags photo and bio and wanted to bring Bolt here to see how they would react toward each other.  Wow, it was so fun to watch both of them play with each other.  I knew Wags would get along with anyone.  I brought tears to my eyes to watch this happening and in the meantime Lindsay and Josh loved Wags!

So, we went in and did some paperwork, and I helped Wags pack up her bags and off she went with her new family.  She is such an amazing dog.

She came into our life a little over a month ago when I was leaving the Lodi Shelter.  I saw this dog and of course I always have to pet.  The gentleman told me she wondered into his yard.  The girls in the office were really busy so I offered to help him.  I had my chip reader in the car.  I could tell she had been spayed and she actually did have a chip.  So, I told the finder I would take it from here.  Told the Shelter I would keep her and I had no return calls or emails from the registered owner.  I felt I went way above and beyond trying to find them. 

She is such a wonderful little girl and I am positive she will love her new family forever.

Thank you Lindsay and Josh for giving her a wonderful home filled with love.  I could tell you both are awesome doggie parents.  Wags, thanks for being such a good girl while you were here.  We will always love you Wags.  And, never stop wagging your tail!!!

October 29, 2016

Another PERFECT MATCH!  Our precious little Sweet Pea has found herself a perfect mom.  Her new mama is Ginger and she and Sweet Pea will be living together in Petaluma, CA.  When Ginger saw our post, she immediately contacted us and told me she'd been looking for a long time for a dog like Sweet Pea.  She wanted a companion who she could have close to her heart all of the time.  She wanted a lap dog to sit on her lap.  She wanted a dog to sleep next to her at night and be able to feel their heart beating.  She wanted to help a dog in need.  Couldn't of asked for a better person to want to offer Sweet Pea a home for the rest of her life.

You see, Sweet Pea only weighs 2.5 pounds.  She is so tiny!  She was a stray dog who a someone walking around brought to a vets office in Stockton, CA.  They left her up by the building.  When Pat, a staff member found Sweet Pea, she was using the building to prop herself up.  She was very hungry, frail, and her looks were a mess.  Pat tended to Sweet Peas needs for a few days, and then Poke-A-Dot's took her in.  No owner came forward.  We are so grateful that Sweet Pea is going to have a wonderful life.  She'll never have to live off the streets again.  A special thank you to all who were involved in saving the precious "little" Sweet Pea. 

We know her new mama Ginger will love her forever!!!

December 26, 2015

What a great day after Christmas gift Andy received...His new family.  He will be living in Roseville, CA with his newest two buddies Diana and her brother Matthew and their dad Wily.  What a wonderful family who had a goal to adopt a rescue dog.  Thank you to my good friend Janet for referring them to Pokeadots.  Andy previously had a pretty rough go of things.  He originally came from the Antioch, CA Shelter.  He was there for two months. My friend and fellow rescuer Stephanie saw Andy and called me and asked if I would like her to pull him and bring him to me.  She did and the rest is history.  Andy, thank you so much for all the joy you brought to us.  Enjoy your new family and have lots of fun playing with them! 

August 21, 2016
Annie has found her special place in life.  Julie reached out to us because they really wanted to adopt another dog for their family.  I took Annie over for a meet and great and she really hit it off good with their other dog Roxie, and she really liked everyone in their family.  Roxie loves to play and so does Annie so they will have so much fun together.  They like to do a lot of activities with their dogs and Annie will love to participate.  Annie originally came from the Tracy shelter.  She was previously adopted to another family, but it wasn't the right connection.  Annie will be living in Lodi, CA with Julie, Matt and their awesome daughter Shaina.  Annie will be surrounded with lots of love!  Thank you so much for accepting Annie into your heart and home.  Annie is the doggie on the left.

August 28, 2017

A really nice family reached out to us for help placing dear Butters in a new home.  Her mom passed away.  Well, as it turns out Leslie the gal who was taking care of her found a wonderful retired couple who absolutely love Butters.  She's sleeping in the bed with both of them!  Perfect ending!

Feb. 6, 2016

Janet and her husband from Linden, CA are going to be Chuck and Snow's new mom and dad. They are the cutest Poodles and they are brothers. They are 9 month old. There mom was in a very difficult situation. Her husband had a tragic end to his life and she is trying to understand and process it all. She was so relieved when she saw our place when she dropped them off knowing they will be loved. Thank you so very much for opening your hearts and home to these two very special brothers.  I know they will help fill your hearts with so much joy!

Oct. 24, 2016

Chewy, who we originally named Bobby is his new home tonight!  What a great family...Curnell, Jenny and their precious little daughter Aaliyah.  They wanted to adopt a puppy for their family and we just so happened to have the perfect little guy.  Chewy came to Poke-A-Dot's because his former owner wanted a better life for him.  I saw a facebook post and I responded.  Her heart was in the right place and I promised her I would find him the perfect home.  Tonight Chewy will get to sleep with his new family in his new home.  Yay for Chewy.  And, thank you so much Jenny for reaching out to us.  You and your family have terrific hearts!!!

June 20, 2016

Don and Shirley from Yuba City will be little Annies forever dad and mom.  They had a big hole in their hearts for another dog and little Annie was the perfect match.  Little Annie was one of the two dogs we took in who ended up at my groomer friend Jeweline from Stockton, CA.  Don and Shirley will be perfect for Annie.  Thanks for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  Thanks for opening up your hearts and home!

September 13, 2017

Buffie has found a great home! 

Her new mom Dez reached out to adopt Buffie.  She was looking for another companion for her and her other small doggie.  Dez is a really nice lady with a heart of gold.  Buffie will be living in Galt, CA.  Buffie came to Poke-A-Dots via a really nice gal who took her in because her former family had to move and couldn't keep her.  Donna, the lady who offered her help is familiar with the rescue world.  She also pet sits for people who go on vacation.  She reached out to us for help adopting her.  So, where proud to say Buffie is home!  Thanks Donna for all the love you gave to Buffie while at your house and for Dez for adding her to your family.

November 14. 2016

God answered our prayers and Snoop's too!  Snoop is in his new home tonight!  Snoop will be joining Leonard & Maralyn and Keba and will be living in Lodi, CA.  I get very happy whenever one of our dogs stays close by.  Today when I took Snoop to his new home, it was like he'd been there before.  Both dogs got along good, and he acted like he'd already lived there.  Their grandson Brennan was visiting for the day and night and Scoop  really took a liking to him too!  As a matter of fact, this young man plays minor league baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.  One day he wants to pitch for the major leagues.  He's a really nice young man.  Good luck with your future dreams! 

Speaking of dreams, I am sure Snoop with have sweet dreams tonight in his new home.  His former family had to move and Snoop couldn't follow.  They were really broken up about it since they had him since he was about 9 months old.  Snoop is about 10 years old give or take.  As a matter of fact his former family was so happy when I called them to let them know that we had found a home for Snoop. 

I can't thank you enough Leonard & Maralyn for opening your hearts and home to Snoop.  Thank you so very much for choosing to adopt a senior dog.  It's always so tough to adopt an older dog, because sometimes people overlook them and want younger dogs.  Thank you for reaching out to us and for having faith in us.  It's greatly appreciated!

May God Bless you Snoop in your new loving home.