June 14, 2018

I already have happy tears coming out of my eyes and I'm just beginning Vera's story.  It's going to be kind of long, but it has the happiest of happy endings.

We found a perfect couple John and Cassie to adopt Vera about two plus weeks ago who lived in San Francisco.  The loved Vera so very much.  Unfortunately, they both are allergic to her very badly.  They both made a couple visits to the allergy doctor and it was determined it was Vera.  They were both heartbroken and my heart was also broken for them.  Both of these people are awesome!  So, we meet up in Dublin and we got Vera back.  So, I had another couple who were interested in her (actually several had put in applications) but they lived in Southern California and I just didn't feel comfortable with the distance.  So, I prayed and prayed and asked God to help me as I do with all my dogs, but just a little extra help was needed. 

There is a very special girl Catie who adopted Wei Wei and I couldn't stop getting her out of my mind.  She had briefly mentioned something about Vera in passing and told me if I ever needed any help she would help me.   Wei Wei had an appointment to come to Lodi on Thursday to get his stitches out from having his eye removed.  Just so everyone knows he did GREAT!  Poke-A-Dot's cover the cost of having this done.  So, we thank you to all of you who have donated!!!  Catie and I both got there early and we had time to chat.  I looked her in her eyes almost crying and asked her what she thought about Vera coming to live with Wei Wei?  She looked back and said YES!  So we came back to my house, and you should of seen Vera.  She hopped into Catie's arms and once she saw Wei Wei she was so happy. 

You see, Wei Wei and Vera were both dogs people basically threw away in Taiwan (now I am really crying).  Wei Wei was in the shelter, scared and really skinny.  Vera and her Golden Retriever friend where used as breeder dogs and just dumped.  A really wonderful rescue in Taiwan reached out and saved both of these dogs.  They know that I would be glad to help with smaller dogs.  They primarily do Golden Retrievers.  After 2-3 months both dogs where cleared to make their journey to the U.S. and into our hands.  They arrive around 9pm at the San Francisco airport and the minute I saw these two my heart literally melted.  All the dogs who have come from Taiwan are so special to me.  It's such a blessing to be able to partner with a rescue in a different country and we both have the same mission.  You can tell from watching all their video and looking at their photos that these people truly have golden hearts.

I have not words right now to express how I feel about Catie.  She is one very, very special young lady and I am so thankful that God placed her into my the lives of Wei Wei and Vera.  And, also into my life.  I know in my heart this is the perfect place for Vera! 

Thank you to John and Cassie the original family who adopted Vera.  All the love and compassion you gave her really helped her so very much.  You will always be in my hearts and in Vera's too.  Thank you for all of your support.  I will never, ever forget this experience.  You guys are awesome!  Catie, there are people who come and go in people's life and you're one person that I hope says around in my life forever.  You are such an amazing person and I love the heart you have towards dogs in need.  I know your beyond perfect for both Wei Wei and Vera.  I will always be their Auntie Sheri.  Auntie sounds younger than grandma.  Haha.  And lastly, thank you to all our friends in Taiwan.  If it wasn't for you, Wei Wei and Vera would not be here period.  You all know how I feel about you and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Told you it was going to be a long story with a beyond perfect ending.  Hugs to everyone and especially Wei Wei and Vera and Catie.

October 12, 2018

Roger is home!  His new dad and mom, Danny and Thonie love him to pieces!  The minute they all meet it was perfect.  Roger couldn't wait to pack his bags and start his journey with them.  He now lives in Petaluma, CA and he's one special dog!

Roger was originally found out in a very remote area of Stockton running around with another dog we named Roslyn.  My groomer friend Jeweline bless her heart went out at midnight to try and save these two dogs.  She was able to secure them and they were in really bad shape.  She took them to her shop and bathed and groomed them.  A couple days later they came to Poke-A-Dots.  Roger was in better shape than Roslyn.  After all their vetting, we got a wonderful application from Danny and Thonie and I knew in my heart that Roger would be perfect!  Wow!  What a love connection!  Roger joined Yazmin a kitty cat and another dog Jimmy and he's fitting in wonderfully.

Thanks to everyone involved!  I hope and pray that God will continue to bless me and all the dogs we help and all the adopters forever and ever.

July 6, 2018

 Missy and Patch who were owner surrenders now have a new home with Dalene.  She was originally looking for one dog, but fell in love with both of these dogs and the story behind them.  Their previous owner who loved them so much and had them over 4 years had to move in with his daughter (who wasn't a fan of dogs) and then they moved out of state.  It really broke his heart to have to surrender these two dogs.

Our friend, supporter and adopter Jackie was the one who saw them on a facebook post and asked me if we could bring them in.  We said sure and the rest is history.  Jackie's sister Julie (who has worked with us ever since we started Poke-A-Dots) helped bring the dogs over and both sisters came out several times to visit them. 

We're so thankful for people like Dalene for their love and compassion towards dogs who need a new home.  Patch and Missy will be living in the Sacramento area.  This area in Sacramento is very popular to Poke-A-Dot Doggies!  I think we have about 7 dogs close by.

May 14, 2018

Lambie (who is now going to be called Lucky) is all settled in her new home.  Lucky and her new mom Leslie and dad Alnore are doing awesome.  Lucky is now a resident of El Dorado Hills, CA.  She's going to love to hang out with her new mom during the day.  She was previously an owner surrender because of a living condition.  She is a wonderful dog and she's going to love her now home and family. 

When we brought her to her new home, she went outside and went potty and came back in and made herself right at home.  So special to get to watch!

Thank you Leslie and Alnore for opening your hearts and home to this very precious little girl.

June 28 and July 3, 2018

The two white dogs...Dewey on the right and Huey on the left are brothers and have been adopted together.  Trill is the Yorkie on the left and is 10 years old and Shannon is the proud doggie Mom.  Shannon also has a young son Elijah who was not present at the time of the photo. 

When they first came to meet the dogs, they feel in love with Dewey first (who is now Pickles).  However I could see that they really loved Huey too.  They picked Dewey and Dewey went home with them on June 28th.  A couple days later, Shannon called me and said they would really like to give Huey a home too so the two could stay together. 

So I told her I would bring him by on the morning of July 3 when I needed to get Tessa up to the Sacramento airport.  So at 6 am I arrived!

The two boys where very happy to see each other.

Thank you Shannon and Elijah for having the hearts you have towards rescued animals.  These two were abandoned in a backyard in Sacramento along with their mom, dad and two other brother.  Daddy is still available for adoption at this time.

June 1, 2018

Gracie is her new home!  What a special dog who has a special story.  Her is Gracie's beginning...

Hi! Gracie is my name because by the Grace of God I am alive. I was a stray and I was found in a field in Linden, CA. The only part of that experience that I loved was when I finally got caught in a fishing net by some really awesome, dog loving people who tried to catch me for three days. Two of people knew Sheri and that's why I am a Poke-A-Dot's doggie now. Here is my story....

Gracie is a wonderful little dog. She was found in a field in Linden, CA. It was a group effort rescuing her to safety. Dee Dee originally found her and asked for help from Kathy. Kathy called her friend Janet and her husband Robert (previous adopters of Chuck and Snow and they love to help dogs in need). Dee Dee, Kathy and her nephew Nic, Janet & Robert joined together for 3 days in an effort to bring Gracie to safety. She was so scared and finally on the third day they were able to catch her with a fishing net in a canal. She was so very thankful! Janet reached out to Poke-A-Dot's for help and we were happy to be able to help.

We reported Gracie as a lost dog to the Stockton Animal Shelter and no one claimed her. So we official pulled her into our rescue and she was able to wait out her waiting time with us. We're so blessed to have been graced by her presence. Gracie is one special girl.

Kathy has been out to visit with Gracie a couple times now and Gracie remembers her. She got lots of kisses from Gracie. Kathy loves dogs so much. You can see it all over her face. And, Janet and Robert in a perfect world would have a million dogs!

It was so special because a few of the people on the Linden Lost and Found Facebook page and the founders all made donations to help go towards Gracie's medical needs. Thank you so much for all of your generosity, love and support.

We had Grace since the beginning of April.  We couldn't figure out why nobody had contacted us about her until a week ago when Debbie and Brad called us.  Debbie said she really wanted to come meet Gracie because she really tugged on her heart.  They just moved to Sacramento for Campbell a few months ago.  They previously lost a very special dog and they were ready to give a special dog a new loving home.  So, when they got here, Brad sat down on the grass and little Gracie climbed up in his lap and that was the beginning of something very beautiful.  They both shared with me that they had a name picked out in advance for their new girl...GRACIE!  They also have a daughter and her name is the same as mine just spelled different.  The other gal who was her adopting one of the puppies is Cynthia and Debbie has a sister Cynthia.  Debbie and Brad have been married for 18 years and our 18th anniversary is on Sunday. 

Gracie is doing very well adjusting to her new family.  She has a stroller she has been riding around in and she is going to be one very loved and spoiled girl.  Gracie, Lambie who is now Lucky, and Charlie were such good buddies while at Pokeadots.  So happy they're all in their new homes!

Thanks so much to all who were involved loving Gracie.  Gracie will always have a piece of my heart along with all the people who helped save her.  Hugs to you my little Gracie!!!

Feb. 7, 2018

Poke-A-Dot's didn't have Jefferson very long, but that's ok because he scored a marvelous home with Pat & Gary in Rocklin, CA.

 Jefferson came to us via my rescue friend Debbie who I meet because of Symba a few weeks ago.  She called me and asked if I would be interested in finding a little Yorkie a home.  Since I used to have a Yorkie myself I said of course!  Jefferson was a stray dog and was with Kim her foster mama during a stray hold.  So Kim dropped Jefferson off at my Vets office since he was going to need to be neutered.  When I stopped and picked him up, I feel in love so fast.  I just knew he'd find a loving home.

So, that evening I received and application for Cecil, but he was already committed to a trial run.  I could just hear disappointment in Pat's voice.  I asked her in a perfect world is a Shih Tzu what she and her husband wanted to adopt.  She then said, in a perfect world a Yorkie is what they really really wanted to adopt.  Then I proceeded to tell her we just so happened to get a sweet little boy today.  I wanted little Jefferson to have a couple more days after his neuter to rest so we set up a meet and greet in a few days.  When they came, he melted right into their arms. 

He's doing great in his new home.  Thanks so much to my new friends Debbie and Kim.  Kim, thanks for giving Jefferson a home with you and for all the love you gave to him.  And, above all, thank you to Pat and Gary for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  We feel so blessed to be able to help people like you find dogs like Jefferson to love forever and ever.

May 5, 2018

Well, this was a very interesting story.  My rescue buddy and friend Lisa, tagged me on a post on Facebook.  Precious's mama passed away and her daughter was trying to find a home.  I reached out to Sharon and offered our assistance.  She was so relieved and accepted my offer to help her.

I previously had posted Tessa who is a 13 year old dog who needed a new home.  I got 5 really wonderful applications.  So, one of the gals who applied for Tessa was a perfect match for Precious.  So we chatted over the phone a lot and Sharon brought Precious here Saturday morning from Ceres and Becky and Dean drove here from Pleasant Hill and it was love at first sight. 

Becky was so ready to adopt a little companion who needed a new home.  She's going to love this little girl.  Precious is 1 1/2 years old and she's going to love her new home.

Thank you Sharon for you care you gave to Precious after you mom passed away.  We're so very sorry for your loss.  Thank you to Becky and Dean for opening up your hearts and home.  And, Lisa what can I say....you've got a golden heart for helping dogs who need help and people too!

August 18, 2018

Our little Donut is now sweet little Miya.  She will be joining her new sister Ming and her new mom Daisy.  Daisy is a previous adopter who adopted Lily a couple years ago.  She suddenly died and Daisy and Ming wanted to offer a new home to another Poke-A-Dot doggie.  So, she reached out to us and we started to pray for the perfect match for their family.

A friend of mine Bobbi who has a cat rescue reached out to me to see if we had room to take in a little girl who was a stray? She was living out in a field in a really bad area of Stockton and a very kind hearted lady by the name of Carol was going every day and feeding her.  When I contacted her and said we'd help, she managed to catch her and bring her to me.  She had to wait out her stray hold thru Animal Control and then she had her vetting done.  In the meantime I reached back out to Daisy and told her I was pretty sure I had found her the perfect addition. 

Miya healed up very quickly from her spay and she was so excited to join her new family.  Miya, Ming and Daisy live in Berkeley, CA.  We are so very thankful to Carol for saving this special little soul.  She was such an easy and loving dog!  I think she really appreciated all the love she was shown.

March 3, 2018

Well, this adoption story is awesome.  Jessie came to us from a friend of mine Jessica who fostered to dogs Lucy and Ethel about 2 years ago in Modesto.  She was driving and saw this tiny little dog running around.  She pulled over and Jessie hopped in.  She had no luck finding her owner, so she called me and she came to Pokeadots.  She is so tiny.  Only 3.5 pounds.  She is maybe around 8, but she needed to be spayed and she also needed a dental really bad.  So, she had all her vetting done and recovered very nice. 

We received a couple applications, but I just didn't feel they were the perfect home.  So a few days ago I got a call from Wendy who lives in Livermore.  We talked for about an hour and I just knew God had this all planned out.  This gal has fostered for a rescue in the bay area for several years and she has helped saved so many dogs.  She recently lost her Toy Poodle who was 20 years old.  It was very important to her that we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  She knew it was her calling to rescue a senior Poodle and create a very happy and loving "last chapter" in her life.  She so missed having a pocket baby for an emotional support dog.  She took her dog Bee everyone with her. 

I am so happy she made the phone call to me.  We arranged a meeting the next day.  I packed up little Jessie and she was so excited.  I could tell she knew she was going to meet her new mom and dad.

Oh my gosh it was so special when we got there.  Wendy looked at her, Jessie looked at Wendy and there are no words to describe what I got to watch.  Her house is all about the comfort of her dogs.  Jessie meet their other dogs and fit right in.  Her husband Jim is so supportive of her compassion towards rescued doggies.  She even had her dining room table set up with bird cages for some rescue birdies. 

I know beyond any doubt that Jessie is in the perfect home.  I am so happy that Wendy and Jim entered Jessie's life.  She will be loved, cared for, and treasured the rest of her life.  Wendy and Jim thank you for your wonderful hearts and souls!!!  And Jessica thank you for caring so much to help little Jessie and for taking good care of her while she was with you.  Jessie, thanks for being such a good little girl and we're so blessed to have gotten to know you baby girl!

Jessie is having some kidney issues going on right now and we're doing a fundraiser for her.  Any donation would be gladly appreciated.  Please see fundraising page.

October 29, 2018

Little Miss Pebbles is loving her new home with her new mom and dad, Dianne and Gary.  They all live in Florence, Oregon and were so happy to adopt Pebbles.  Her new name is Dolly, and what a doll she is!  Dolly was originally found with Bam Bam right in front of our house.  Our neighbors thought they were dumped.  We looked for owners with no luck.  My rescue buddy Janice from Modesto told me she would foster them at her house.  Janice had friends in town visiting who was were ready to adopt a dog.  They came and fell in love with this special little girl.  Dolly has adjusted nicely and we're so grateful for Dianne and Gary.  A very special thank you to Janise for being their mom for a little while!!!

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year to Ellie!  Ellie found her mama.  We originally adopted Ellie about a month ago to a wonder family, but as time went on, Ellie managed to express that she wasn't very fond of men.  The family was heartbroken but knew it was best for Ellie.  So, we found a wonderful mom for Ellie.  Debbie lives by herself in Concord, CA. and really wanted a companion.  A very special dog she could enjoy her life with.  Thank you to the family who loved Ellie for a month for all your compassion and love you showed her while at your home.  And, to Debbie, thank you for wanting Ellie to become part of your heart.  Hugs to all!  Oh, Ellie was originally Wilma Flintstone.  We pulled her and three other doggies from the Tracy Shelter.  Now, they're all in their forever homes!

June 22, 2018

There is now way I am going to finish this story without shedding lots of tears.  Maggie came to us about a month ago.  Her owner due to age could no longer care for this dog who according to all of the paperwork is somewhere between 14-16 years old.  She was living with the son and daughter in law and they no longer wanted to care for her.

So, we took Maggie into Poke-A-Dot's.  You could tell her whole world feel apart, but I made sure she felt loved her.  She had fun with all of her roommates.  I started to think I was going to have her for a long time!  Well, I prayed that Maggie would find a mommy angel and she did!  Peggy came and meet her and feel in love with her.  Peggy has two other rescue doggies Frankie Valli and Binky.  Maggie walked in the door and started to make herself at home.

I am so grateful to Peggy for opening up her heart and home to Maggie.  Older dogs get overlooked because of their age most of the time and it's so very sad.  I hope when I get old I have an angel such as Peggy who will help and love me.  Peggy you're loving spirit is so awesome!

January 6, 2018

Wow!  What a Joy in so many ways.  Joy was dumped from a car in Lodi.  A volunteer from PALS, Suzanne (People Assisting Lodi Shelter...I was a volunteer there right before I start our rescue) saw a posting on facebook and said she'd come pick up the little puppy and then we volunteered to take her into Pokeadots.  She is a such a wonderful little doggie.  When we posted her, we had several people who were interested in adopting her.  The family we choose lives in Southern California.  They flew up to Sacramento on Saturday, rented a car, drove her, loved on Joy, drove back to the airport and flew home with their new little baby.  They're such a wonderful family and they will all love this precious dog forever.  Maria, thank you so very much for reaching out to Pokeadots.  I am so thankful and feel so blessed that you're family has joined the Pokeadot's family.  We will always share little Joy together in our hearts and souls.  May God bless Joy and her new parents!  Hugs to all! 

November 7, 2018

Our friend Peggy who adopted our 18 year old Yorkie Maggie a few months ago now has her little Ricci.  Peggy and I had to make a rough decision to put Maggie to sleep.  She only had her for about a month, but she had an awesome last month of her life.  Peggy told me to let her know when we got the next Yorkie in rescue.  Mr. Yorkie came to us from Jeweline, my friend who has a grooming business in Stockton.  He was a stray and his owner couldn't be found.  So he came to Poke-A-Dot's and when I meet him, I knew right away who his new mama was going to be...Peggy! 

He's settling in great with Lucy (a Poke-A-Dot's Chihuahua) and her other dog Binki.  Ricci and family live in the Sacramento area.  Thanks so much Peggy for loving Ricci and all you other doggies!

October 6, 2018

Lola and Brownie are now Libby and Luke!  They backed their bags from Poke-A-Dot's and move to Roseville, CA with their new mom Verlinda.  She was ready to have two dogs back in her life and it was important to her to reach out to a rescue.  I am so thankful she wanted to adopt these dogs!

The back story on these is this....

Rico, our family member, neighbor, and fellow dog lover (His wife Alyce is the general manager of our business Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition Center) works for a safety company on road construction jobs. This past month he's been on a job Santa Nella. He's been driving a pilot car and the company used a dairy for storing some of their big equipment at nights. There's a small house on the land and there's a mom and her four children who live there along with two dogs. There used to be three dogs, but one of them got hit by a car and died. Rico found out all of this during the course of the three weeks. He was trying to tell the kids they really needed to give the dogs a bath and give them a hair cut to get off some of the painful mats from their hair. He asked them if they'd be willing to surrender the dogs to him and they would get the help they needed and then be placed with a perfect family for the rest of their lives. The kids spoke to the mom and they all agreed to let Rico take them this morning. Rico was so scared that these dogs were going up like the other dog and get hit by a car. The dogs were also not allowed to come into the house so they had to spend all their time outside.  So, Rico brought these two dogs home and their lives started to change overnight. 

Thanks to Verlinda for opening your heart and home up to Libby and Luke.  I love their new names!  And, Rico you're the BEST!  These dogs will forever remember the love in your heart!!!

June 13, 2018

Warning...this is going to be a long story, but an amazing one.

Nancy our extremely close friend and more like our family member was speaking to Alicia who owns Sycamore Lane Kennels about a male Poodle Patrick who lost his mom and was being boarded there and that he needed to find a new home.  So, Nancy immediately called me and then I called Alicia and got all the details and offered our help. 

The next day, Nancy was at an event and ran into Bonnie who said she would be interested in fostering/adopting Patrick.  So, I spoke to Bonnie and Alicia, picked up Patrick and delivered him to Bonnie and her husbands house.  They love Poodles.  They have fostered before for Animal Friends Connection another rescue in Lodi. 

Patrick adjusted really fast and everyone feel in love.  In Bonnie's heart she could tell the Patrick would do much better as a solo dog since that was what he was used to being.  So, a couple days ago one Sabrina who works at Lodi Vet (one of our Vets) mentioned she knew an older lady who was lost because she just lost her dog.  She referred them to me and the next day Stina's daughter Laura called me explaining the situation.  She said her mom really needs a dog!!!  So, I went right over to meet Stina and Laura.  I knew Laura and her mom is so nice and so ready for another dog to love.  I told her I may have the perfect one.  Her eyes opened right up.  I called Bonnie and she brought Patrick right over.  Stina asked me can he stay?  I said let's see how it goes.  Bonnie got there, Patrick came in like he owned the place, jumped up in his arms, she hugged him and he was home!  She has a wonderful house and her daughter is very close and checks in on her almost every day.  Patrick is home!  Stina's hole in her heart is mending and foster mom Bonnie is so happy!  I am so happy to have meet Bonnie and she's offered her fostering services to us.  I feel so blessed and so thankful to be able to be involved in miracles like this.  Patrick enjoy your new mom and know you're loved!!!

Thank you so much to all who were involved in making this wonderful match happen!!!

March 23, 2018

Beautiful blue-eyed Demali has been adopted!  She will be joining her new Mom and Dad, and new brother Max in Oakland, CA.  Her new mom and dad wished not to be mentioned so we're respecting their privacy.  They're both wonderful, loving people and they care so much about rescue dogs. 

Demali takes the word rescue dog to a new level.  Susan a very nice gal who loves to help rescue dogs, noticed her in a field.  She tried to build her trust for almost a week.  With no luck, Susan reached out to Deb who is excellent at trapping scared dogs.  Demali wondered into the trap within a day and was safe and sound.  Deb fostered Demali and Susan helped from time to time.  When her hold time was up, Deb reached out to Poke-A-Dot's and asked us if we could help find her the perfect home.  (We recently helped Deb finding a home for Jefferson another stray dog.)

So, Demali packed her bags and moved in with us.  She is such a good girl!  Thank you Susan and Deb for all the love you both shared with Demali.  I am sure she'll remember you forever!  And the 3 of us will always have her in our hearts. 

Demali hit it off right away with her new brother Max.  Max is one cool dog and both dogs are going to have so much fun playing together.

A very special thank you to Demali's new mom and dad.  Thank you so much for all the compassion you have in your hearts and for opening up your hearts and home to Demali.  I can't wait to come and visit her once she's all settled in.  I just got an update and they're going to call her Stella and she's doing GREAT!

June 19, 2018

Daffy the baby puppy now has a new home with his new family Tami and Shawn from Sacramento.  They reached out to us and have been searching for a new little rescue doggie to love forever.  What really nice younger people who understand the world of rescue dogs.  Daffy's going to be sporting a new name.  Hemi is his new name!  He's going to have a happy, loving life. 

Hemi, you've come a long way from being abandoned in a backyard!  You deserve so much love.  A special thank you to Cynthia a previous adopter who told us about these dogs in need.  She adopted the other puppy who name is now Simon.  It was lots of work, but so worth all the effort!  Just look at Hemi's face!!! 

September 15, 2018

What a lovely couple who are now the proud parents of Gina and Tia.  Jim and Phyllis live in Elk Grove, CA and recently lost their precious dog.  Jim and Phyllis and their daughter Gina came to our place and fell in love with Gina and Tina.  It was pretty cool how their daughters name in Gina.  They had a few commitments to complete so the following weekend was move in day.  Both dogs previously came from and older gentlemen who lived for his dogs.  Nobody in the family wanted these girls so we agreed to take them in and help find them a home together.  They're very good dogs and now their family is complete!  Thank you so much Jim and Phyllis!  You're officially part of a very special Poke-A-Dot's Family!!!

December 29, 2018

Thomas has his new home!  Thomas moved in with a Shih Tzu loving family who lost their Shih Tzu and they had a big hole in their hearts to help another one.  Lynn fell in love with Thomas and his story.  Thomas was originally living in Stockton with a couple and his mom passed away and the dad didn't want him anymore.  Did I mention the poor boy had to live in the backyard for over 2 years?  He looked like an over grown skunk when he was brought into my friend Jeweline's grooming shop in Stockton.  She took him in and cleaned him up and called me and then I came the next day to pick him up.

Thomas, his new sister Nana, Lynn and Pete and their son Harrison, thank you so much for all the love and compassion in your hearts.  I am sure Thomas will love his new home with you.

Jeweline, thank you again for your golden heart and always wanting to help a dog in need.

Dec 8, 2018

This is such an interesting story...

Last July 2018, a really nice gal Sharlene who is from Linden, CA lost her beloved mom who lived in Lodi.  She was in a panic because her mom had two dogs, Dolly and Doofy and the both were staying at her moms house being cared for but they needed to move out because they were dealing with the estate affairs, etc.  So, she reached out to Poke-A-Dot's and we gladly received these two precious dogs.  Sharlene and her family were so grateful.  These two dogs were loved so much by her mom and very spoiled too in a good way! 

We found a previous adopter who adopted both dogs.  Unfortunately, Dolly bonded with her new mom, but Doofy and her not so much.  So, Doofy came back and stayed with us.  He was going on five months with us and showing several other dogs the ropes.  We had a couple people interested in him, but we said no to both because it wasn't the right environment for him.  One person was gone all day long and the other one lived in the snow.

I received a phone call from Tony who was diligently looking for a companion dog for his parents Allen and Lilia who are from Lodi.  When he mentioned their names my ears perked open.  What a small world!  They were my neighbors 20 years ago in Lodi.  He proceeded to tell me they both wanted to adopt a small dog.  He asked me..."Do you think you have the perfect dog.".  I said I think I may just have a couple dogs that may work.  So, we scheduled a meet and greet and I took a little Poodle and Doofy.  The little Poodle didn't even make it out of my lap.   Oh my gosh, Doofy just made himself at home right up on Alan's lap and that was it.  Doofy stayed and then I went back a week later and did the paperwork.  He loves his new house and his new mom and dad.   Doofy takes is new dad for a walk every day.  I think in his future he's going to take Doofy to visit people at nursing homes.  He'll love that!

Sharlene, you can rest assured that your mother would love Doofy's new mom and dad and home very much.  I am so thankful you reached out to us.  It all worked out the way God wanted it too.  Doofy was so helpful to me because he trained all the new dogs how to use the doggie door and shared all his love with them.

Thank you so much Tony for reaching out to us.  It's really a small world.

May 19, 2018

Wow! What a really cool story!
My business store manager Alyce and I left to go to Anaheim on Thursday, March 8 to attend an extremely large trade show. I prayed a week before we left and asked God to put a very special dog into my life that I could help from Southern California.
So, two days before I left I was tagged in a facebook post by my rescue friend Lisa. I reached out to help. I was figuring the dog was local around our area. Turns out the dog was in Yucaipa, CA. I spoke to Theresa the gal who was caring for the dog. I explained I was coming to southern CA in two days and could pick her up. So, we fine tuned the details and we were all set.

The dogs name is Nancy and she originally was a stray dog who was found in Victorville, CA buy her mother. She searched for a long time to find her owner, but no luck. Her daughter Theresa said she'd try and find a home for her and that's how we entered the picture.
Alyce and I stopped by on Thursday and Nancy greeted us with a nice big smile and a kiss. Theresa was so happy that we agreed to help her. So, Nancy, Alyce and I headed out from there to head to Anaheim.
I reached out to a family who recently adopted Joy our puppy we had in rescue to see if they could babysit Nancy till we left the area on Sunday. They said sure and came Thursday evening and picked up Nancy.

Joy had so much fun playing with Nancy and Nancy had so much fun too. They whole family fell in love with her and I wasn't too sure if Nancy was going home with us. When we got there Sunday, it was extremely hard for them to say goodbye. They just weren't too sure if they were ready for dog #2 being they just adopted Joy.
They told us if we couldn't find the perfect home for her they'd come get her. I actually think I have a good home lined up so we shall see how this all works out.

Nancy went to the groomers and she cleaned up really nicely.
I am just so thankful my prayers were answered and that we were able to help. Thanks so much for all who were involved in helping Nancy. You're all a blessing and so is Nancy!!!!

March 17, 2018
Nancy now has her very own family. Ed and Sandy, a retired couple from Elk Grove, CA lost a precious 14 year old dog and really want the companionship of a little dog once again. When they came to look at Fanny, Demali and Nancy, it was Nancy that they both fell in love with. So, later in the afternoon, I pack up Nancy and some of her goodies and she moved into Ed and Sandy's place. She made herself right at home! She'll be really happy there with them by her side all the time. So much love to go around.
A very special thank you to all who was involved with this special little doggie. I feel very blessed that we could offer help to Nancy!!!

January 20, 2018

This may turn out to be a long story...

Meet Norm, Renee, Cookie and Sunshine.  Norm and Renee came into Cookies life at the end of November when they opened their hearts and home to Cookie.  Cookie was found by a friend of mine in a vineyard.  It took her over 2 weeks to gain her trust.  She was with another dog who Tina the founder named Chip and she and her family gave him a home.  Cookie was scared of her own shadow.  She loved being around all the other dogs who we had in rescue.  They helped bring her out of her shell...just a little bit.  Norm and Renee are Cookie's angels!

They love her and are helping her make baby steps.  We all agreed that another dog with the right temperament might help Cookie even more.  So, I have been keeping this in the back of my head for a couple of months. 

Jeweline my friend who has a grooming shop in Stockton, CA called me up and said she had a very sweet Poodle/Shih Tzu who was left at her shop.  She had Sunshine at her house for a month and said she was ready for a home.  The minute I saw her and her personality I knew she was going to be Cookie's new little sister.  She needed to be spayed, so we had that done and she recovered nicely and today was the special day.  She packed up her bags, and said goodbye to Poke-A-Dot's and hello to her new Mom and Dad and sister who live in Sacramento, CA  just pass where Money (one of our Taiwan doggies) lives with his new mom and dad.   

She's going to be the perfect dog.  Norm and Renee immediately fell in love with her sweet spirit.  Cookie will take it slow, but I am so hoping within no time that she'll have a little more pep in her personality. 

I can't thank Norm and Renee enough for all their love.  You both are very, very special people and you wear your love for dogs on the outside...loud and clear  :)

May God bless you both, Cookie and Sunshine forever!!!

April 22, 2018

Tango loves his new home and his new family loves him.  He now lives in Elk Grove, CA with Derick, Melissa and their adorable daughter Madison.  Their dog Tuffy now has a new brother too.  Tuffy and Tango so cute!

Tango former mom of over 8 years passed away and left Tango with a home.  We offered to help the family and the family really was very supportive and really cared so much about Tango and his future.  We previously adopted him out and the first home didn't work out.  So, Melissa reach out to us and really wanted to help out and offer Tango a warm, loving home.  These people are awesome and Tango is doing very well.  Better each and every day.

A special thank you to my friend Jeweline who has Raining Cats and Dogs Grooming in Stockton for referring the family to us.  Also, my heart goes out to each family member and for their support during Tango's transition.  Thank you so much for everything you did for Tango.  And, lastly thank you to Melissa, Derick, Madison and Tuffy for opening you hearts and home to Tango. 


November 18, 2018

About six weeks ago a really wonderful Mary came into my life.  She really wanted to adopt a very special dog who needed a home as much and she wanted a companion for her husband and herself.  They live in Elk Grove and at the time we didn't have a dog for her.  So, one afternoon I went to her house to meet Mary and get a feel for the perfect little girl.  Her husband Harry was out of town for a few weeks on a mission trip.  We had a wonderful visit and both of our hearts connected with each other.  I literally connected with two of their geese...Fred and Ethel.  I thought they were so cute and I thought Fred might like a pet from me and ouch!  He got my finger a pretty good lick.  Mary put a band-aid on it and it healed perfect.  Lesson learned!

So, I made Mary a promise if she had faith in me that I would do my very best to find her the perfect dog for her and Harry.  I said it may take me a day, week, or in this case a little over a month. 

My friend Jeweline who is a groomer in Stockton took in this special dog.  Her former family didn't want her anymore.  They asked Jeweline if she'd take Coco and then she called me.  Jeweline kept her for a couple days and then I went in and picked her up.  The minute I picked her up I just knew that God had placed this dog into my life for Mary and Harry.  Coco had already been spayed so she got updated on her shots, and I started getting to know her.  She was so sweet and special. 

I called Mary and told her I thought the perfect dog was ready to meet her.  She was so happy!!!  She proceeded to tell me that one of her baby chickens who she was nursing that she named her Sheri after me.  How special!!

Harry was do home from his mission trip on Sunday.  So after church, Coco packed her bags and we took a short drive to Elk Grove.  The minute I walked into their house with Coco it was love at first sight for both Coco, Harry and Mary and even little chicken Sheri was singing.  She actually can carry a tune too!  

Coco in settling in very nicely and she's been enjoying hanging out with Mary and going for walks with Harry.  She found a spot in bed right next to Mary.  So sweet.

I am so grateful to God for Mary reaching out to us to adopt a dog.  Another special relationship that has been a special gift from God.  Coco, thanks for being such a wonderful little girl and enjoy your new home sweet home! 

One more thing....One day I was taking Coco for a walk and at the time I was calling her Miss Cockapoo and I thought Coco would be a great name for her.  So, when I got to Mary and Harrys house and asked them about potential names for her.  She said..."I was thinking about Coco."  Then I told her my story and Coco is her new name!

March 21, 2018

Fanny has a new mom to love her for the rest of her life. Fanny's former mom wanted to find her a better home without children so we took her in and we completed our promise we made. Fanny and her new mom Sue live in Rancho Murieta, CA which isn't too far from us. Sue has helped several Poodles in the past call her place home. The hole in her heart now has a special dog by the name of Fanny to occupy it! Can't wait to go and visit her.

Thank you Jeweline and also to your daughter for all of your help in making sure she'll be loved forever.

December 4, 2018

Holly is home sweet home!  Holly's new mom and dad reached out to us about a month ago.  They were interested in adopting a very special dog.  They had lost the very special doggie and they new it was the right time to add another dog who needed a new home. 

When I saw this very special dog available at the Modesto Shelter I just know she was the perfect dog for them.  My friend Janise who lives in Modesto helped me save a spot in line on a Saturday at 6:30 am.  I got there at 7 am to take her place in line.  There was another rescue behind me in line who wanted her too! 

The following Monday I was able to return to pick her up.  She was so very happy to get out of the shelter!  I was able to get her into the vet on the following day for her check up and shots and chipped.  It was determined she'd already been spayed, so we're all glad she didn't have to go thru spay surgery.  

So, the next day Holly and I took a drive up to Mather, CA for her meet and greet and she walked in like she'd been there forever and Bill and Marlena fell in love with her.  She'll be loved for the rest of her life!!!  Holly, I am so glad I saw your eyes looking at me and melting my heart with love and kindness.

January 18, 2018

Symba who is now going to be Sammy loves his new home!  And he's saying in Lodi, CA!  Always love it when one of our doggies stays close by...the more to visit! 

His new mom Linda reached out to us about 4 months ago looking for another dog to join her husband and their little Poodle Susie.  So, we've all been waiting patiently for the right dog to enter our lives. 

About two weeks ago I noticed a gal who was trying to find a new home for her dad's Maltese/Poodle Symba.  Her dad could no longer care for him due to health issues.  She was trying not to take it to the shelter.  I saw her post in facebook land and reached out to try and help her.  When I saw Symba a part of my heart immediately was attached to him.  Daisy was so happy to know that Symba would be well taken care of.  I told her I would keep her posted every step of the way.  She was extremely happy when she found out he has a new home.

Linda and Leo are definitely dog people with wonderful, loving hearts.  Their little Poodle Suzie is a so funny.  Talk about energy, she perks me right up!  When I walked in for the meet and greet with Sammy, so went crazy and was so happy to have another dog to play with.  Well, he stayed the night and the next morning Linda called and said he's staying...We love him!!!

Thank you both so very much for opening your hearts and home to Sammy.  I know he will be so happy with you both and Susie.  May God bless all of you.  And, thank you for your patience with me and allowing me to have a part in your new family member.

June 1, 2018
Simon one of the backyard "Ducks" (Donald, Daisy, Daffy, Huey, Dewy, and Louie) has been adopted by Cynthia our previous adopter of Fred Flintsone who is now Riley. Riley and his bother Willy will now have a new little brother so show the ropes. Cynthia was the person who brought these dogs to our attention who were left in a backyard of an evicted home. Owners moved out and left 6 dogs. A really nice gal Judy was going to a garage sale and just so happened to see the dogs in the backyard. She gathered took them to the VFW hall for an over night stay and we got them the next morning. We couldn't say no to helping these dogs. Sacramento County was so happy we stepped in and helped them. Simon is about 4 months old and he's really thankful for his new home. Thanks Cynthia for loving another Poke-A-Dot's dog and for helping all of the precious doggies. Simon and family live in the Sacramento area.

August 27, 2018

Dino came to use about 4 months ago.  I originally spotted him on a video that a gal from Tracy had posted on Facebook.  She goes to the Tracy Shelter on a regular basis and videos all of the dogs who need help.  I spotted this dog.  He was a matted mess!  He could hardly walk because he was in pain from all of the mats.  During his hold time at the shelter, the staff did get him groomed.  He was so happy all that hair was off.  He was practically bald when shaved.  He also had cataracts which I know that most people don't want to adopt a dog with them, but it didn't stop me.  I told Tracy Shelter that Poke-A-Dot's would be happy to help this boy.

When I went down to pick him up, I feel in love with him and he feel in love with me.  Previously, we pulled a family of Poodles and we named them Fred, Betty, Barney and Betty after the Flintstones.  So, I thought the perfect name would be Dino. 

When Dino arrived to Poke-A-Dot's he was so happy to have a place inside to call home.  I don't think he was ever allowed shelter.  He loved to be loved.  His eye sight is actually very good considering how his eyes look.  He acts like he's got about 85% of his sight compared to other dogs without cataracts.

Dino got to be the big brother to about 12 other dogs.  We had a few people who came and looked at Dino but didn't want a dog without good eyes.  It was very sad how people would judge him with really getting to know him.

So fast forward to about two weeks ago...We had an application put in for him from Robert and Kathy from Little River, CA which is close to Mendocino.  They sounded like beautiful people and they recently lost their precious dog whose name was Hummer.  Hummer and Robert used to go on lots of walks each and every day.  They were willing and ready to accept Dino just the way God created him.  Dino is about 3-4 and he was more than likely born this way.  After speaking on the phone with Robert we decided that Darrell and I would drive Dino up for another little road trip.  We backed all of Dino belongings up and we headed out.  Darrell started driving and Dino wanted to sit on my lap and get lots of extra loves.  I usually make them stay in a crate, but he'd never been in one and it was a very special occasion.  After a couple hours it was my turn and Dino feel asleep on Darrell's lap and then we arrived at Dino new house.Robert greeted us in the driveway and we proceeded inside with Dino.  Kathy was sitting in a chair and Dino walked over and she picked him up, gave him a big hug, and that was it!  They'd been waiting for this moment for a long time and it was finally her for them.  Dino started to make himself at home right away.  He got one of his toys I brought and dismantled the stuffing within 10 minutes.  Robert and Kathy gave us two tickets to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg so Thelma, Darrell and I got to explore the gardens.  Was a very nice, refreshing place.  We got an update in the evening that Dino had gone on 3 walks.  Kathy on her scooter and Dino and Robert walked thru the neighborhood and greeted other neighbors and dogs.  Dino loved everyone!  Then Robert took him on a couple more walks.  Dino is going to get to walk on a lot of cool trails.  Robert was going to send us an email and when he sat down on his computer, Dino was right on his lap.  When it came to bedtime, they set Dino's bed up on the floor. 

They also have steps but will have to train him to use them.  Dino came up to Robert, whined like he wanted to be picked up and he slept between them all night in bed.  Awesome! 

Dino is one special dog and these people are so special and so loving to accept Dino.  I never gave up faith that the right people would come into Dino's life. 

I'd like to say a very special thank you to Shadan from Tracy for giving of her time to do the videos that she posts.  The minute I saw Dino, I knew he was going to get a wonderful new life.  That was our mission and now it's complete! 

And, Robert and Kathy, Dino will always have a big chunk of my heart with him always and forever!  May God bless all of you!!!

Feb. 13, 2018

Cecil Marty Chance has been adopted!  He's going to go by "Chance".  He joined a very, very special family.  Barbara and Dan live in Stockton, CA and are very loving and caring people.  I first meet Barbara about 6 months ago when she adopted a very special dog from us Toby. 

On the day I sent Cecil M. Chance home on a trial run, she reached out to me saying she was interested in him.  I said I was sorry, but he just pulled out of the driveway.  Well, two days later, he pulled back into the driveway.  He wasn't the right match for the gal who was interested in him.  I never want people to keep a dog that isn't the right match!  So, I called Barbara up and she said "sure bring him on out."  Well, to make the story short, he is HOME!  I went out of town for a couple of days and when I got home I went out to do the paperwork and oh my goodness he was so excited to see me.  I told him not to worry that I wasn't taking him with me.  He loves his two new brothers Luke and Toby so much.  He also loves his new Daddy and Mommy.  Daddy Dan packs him around the house and he loves it. 

Chance will never ever have to worry about his future again.  I can't thank Barbara and Dan enough for all the love I have experienced from them towards dogs and towards Poke-A-Dot's. 

Because the story behind Chance is a long one, I am going to copy and paste it below just so it's attached to this adoption story because it's truly an amazing story. 

Thanks again Barbara, Dan, Luke and Toby for opening your hearts and home to Chance.

Here's the beginning of his story...

I totally forgot when I posted name ideas for this boy that I promised a gal whose name is Marty that the next male dog I brought into Pokeadot's I would name after her doggie who had tragically bad accident and passed away.  This was back at the end of December.  So, I wanted to be a person of my word.

Now for the rest of the story and it will more than likely be long. 

Marty has been a wonderful supporter of Pokeadot's during the last three years.  She is totally into rescue dogs, cats, goat, you get the picture.  Marty lost her house in Glen Ellen during the horrific Santa Rosa area fires.  Her Dad's house in the same area was spared, but her house totally burned.  She rounded up all of her animals  and moved in with a friend of hers.  The only one she couldn't find was her cat named Fergus.  It was so heart breaking for her.  Then she had to experience a terrible accident that  took the life of her dear Chihuahua Cecil.  It crushed her and her spirits.  Add this to the fact that she couldn't find her cat...Wow! 

This is the accounting  that Marty shared with me....

Cecil died in October one week to the day after my house burned. As soon after the fires as I was allowed back on my property I  mounted a motion activated camera on my property and put out an igloo with a cat bed in it and put food out regularly. I was still living in my trailer on my friends property (still am), and reviewed photos regularly to see who was coming to eat the food at night. Mostly it was random raccoons and skunks. Occasionally a cat. But never Fergus. Until one night on January 2nd - 86 days after the fire- when I was reviewing photos from that day on my laptop at home, and I caught sight of a cat that I thought might be Fergus. We immediately drove over to my property. It was about 9 at night. I got out of the car calling his name, expecting even if it was him that it might take  days before I could get him to come up to me. But instead, he came walking right up to me that first night within minutes of me getting out of the car. He'd lost close to 5 lb. Was skin and bones under a lot of fluffy dirty fur. But now he's already gained back 3lbs and is getting used to trailer life and super happy to be back with his pack.

On December 31st Marty made a nice donation to Poke-A-Dot's.  I told her I felt like I should be the one making the donation to her.  That's when I told her the next boy we'd name Cecil after her Cecil.

I really loved all the names everyone suggested.  If I can help it, I don't like to repeat names that I have used in the past.  The one name that really spoke to my heart and summed this little guy up is Chance.  So this little boy is going to be named...Cecil Marty Chance.  Has a nice ring to it.  I just found out this morning that one of the great loves of Marty's life was her Dalmatian named Chance...a liver spotted boy who was with her for 14 years.  Now, how is that for timing?

Cecil is about 7 years old, 12 pounds and could stand to gain a couple pounds, he's now neutered, chipped, updated on all shots, teeth.  He's actually doing pretty well considering all this little guy has been thru in the last week.

Cecil was standing on a corner in a not so good area of Stockton.  He was tied up with mess and couldn't walk.  A nice guy by the name of Johnny picked up the little guy and took him to his house.  Then he called a friend Jeremy who loves dogs and just so happened he is Jeweline's nephew.   (Jeweline has a grooming shop in Stockton and she takes in a lot of dogs and most of them come here.)  He came over and got the dog and attempted to find the owner but had no luck.  So Jeremy took the dog to Jeweline's grooming shop and this was the start of his transformation.  Jeremy helped rescue a Cocker Spaniel Chocolate about 4 months ago whose back feet where tied with a shoe lace and was in need of help of help.   I can't even begin to imagine what this poor little guy has gone thru.  Just breaks my heart.  He's so thankful and he's a very good dog.

Thanks  again to all of you who have contributed financially so we can help dogs like this one and a dog like Joey who was adopted last week.  She had lots of vetting that needed to happen to help her to the tune of $800.  Cecil was around $400.  I can't imagine not going the extra mile and giving dogs like this a chance for a happy, loving life.  If you'd like to donate you can visit www.pokeadotsrescue.com.  This wasn't meant to be a note asking for donations.  Just thought I better mention it.

Thanks for taking your time to read this tribute to two special Cecil's.  Well, ok 3 special Cecil's because Joey who was adopted last week now has a brother who is also a rescue and his name is Cecil. 




July 22, 2018

What a wonderful family who adopted Noah!  He's home!  Noah packed  his bags from Poke-A-Dot's and moved to Rocklin, CA with his new family.  John and Ana, and their two children really  wanted to adopt a little rescued doggie and we're so happy they choose Noah.  Both the kids  decided to use their own money to go towards a donation to us.  How special!  Noah is settling in very nicely and learning the ropes.  He's actually a very smart dog!

Noah came to us from my groomer friend Jeweline who has a dog grooming business in Stockton.  Noah was a stray and she looked for his family for about a month and had no luck.  When she found him he was a horrible mess.  So, she called me and I came in and picked him up and it was love at first sight.  He got all his vetting done and he was here for about a month.  We really enjoyed his personality and he really liked hanging out with Dino...poor Dino hopefully he'll be next to get adopted.

Thank you so much Ana for reaching out to us.  You're family is awesome and were so glad you've joined the Poke-A-Dot family of dogs!  And Jeweline thank you once again for all you do to help dogs like Noah and all the others you've saved! 

June 29, 2018

What a story!  What a great dog!  What a great new family!  And what a great person who trusted us to make all of this happen!

We just returned home from Gold Beach, Oregon.  We made a fast 2 day trip to deliver Stormy to his new family and it gave Darrell and I a little change of scenery and Thelma came along with us.  It was so beautiful!  We drove up I-5 to Grants Pass and then over to the coast.  Coming back we took 101.

Stormy came to us a couple of weeks ago.  His previous mom reached out to us to see if we could help Stormy find a new home.  She has been getting very ill and needs to spend several days at a time in the hospital and she was finding it hard to care for him.  I had contacted her about 4 months ago about another dog she was trying to find a new home for.  I was too late, but she kept my number.  This time she didn't want to find a home herself, she wanted my help so I said yes.  I went and picked up Storm, the next day he was neutered and since I knew he was coming I started the application process.

I received a phone call from Jennifer and she told me she and her husband Roland and their entire family had a huge hole in their hearts.  She proceeded to tell me their dog Buddy heard something outside, barked a couple of times and then he died.  She said their house just doesn't seem the same.  I could tell it was hard for her to talk and I could relate one hundred percent because our dog Pebbles did the same thing.  Barked at Pokeadot and then died on the floor right in front of me. 

I knew they were the ones for Stormy.  So after he recovered from his neuter we said we needed a getaway so Darrell and I and Stormy and our dog Thelma left early Friday morning and we just got home now.  I wanted to get this posted right away. 

Jennifer and Roland's family all stopped by while we were there.  All such nice people and they welcomed Stormy into their family.  I thought for a moment Thelma was going to move in too!  Haha!  Thelma loves everyone and everyone loves Thelma.  Especially ME! 

Stormy, thank you so much for being such a good boy and we pray you will have a wonderful life with your new mom and dad in Gold Beach, Oregon.  You've got the best view of any dog we've ever adopted!  Enjoy it Stormy!  We love you!

A special thank you to Stormy's previous mom for giving us your precious boy.  I made you a promise and it's now complete.  From head to toe!  And, Jennifer and Roland, welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family.  You guys are loved!

May 18, 2018

Bocce is home!  He joined a really neat couple David and Nancy who live in San Andreas, CA. 

He was a stray who was found by the Stockton Gun and Bocce Club.  My friends and fellow rescuers Deb and Susan helped bring this precious little boy to safety.  Deb saw a post about a dog showing up on a property and they couldn't catch it.  So, Deb took her doggie trap and put a hot dog in it and presto in 5-10 minutes he was save.  Deb took Bocce to Susan's house where she took really good care of him and loved him so much.  After his stray hold was up, he came to Pokeadots and then we had all his vetting done and got to have lots of fun with him.  Bocce is about a year old and ever so sweet.

Deb had come in contact with a couple looking to adopt a rescue doggie so she pointed them in our direction.  They both have hearts of gold and when they meet him they totally fell in love with him.  So, Bocce packed his bags this past Friday and we went on a short ride up to San Andreas.  His new mom and dad welcomed him with open arms. 

He immediately made himself right at home and he's been adjusting wonderful.  Thank you Susan and Deb for all the love you shared with Bocce.  We make an awesome team!  And, David and Nancy thank you so much for coming into Bocce's heart and promising to love him forever!

August 11, 2018

Benji scored BIG time!  As do all of our Poke-A-Dot doggies. Benji was a stray and this is his story. 

Benji was found by Tom and he was able to keep him safe until Debbie was able to get him and bring him to her house.  Then Shayna contacted Debbie and donated Benji's much needed grooming. Then Becky fostered Benji at a drop of a hat for Debbie until she could find another perm foster/rescue. Michelle from Monte Vista Vet helped by squeezing Benji in for his neuter/rabies and microchip through Fureeka Rescue. Deb helped find a wonderful foster mom Susan and then this is where Poke-A-Dot's came into helping Benji.   (I think I have this correct, but I could be off a little on something.)

This one dog took as you can see a village of wonderful people to help him.  I am very grateful to all of these wonderful people for stepping in and helping this amazing dog.

Benji had a wonderful time with Susan who did an amazing job being his Mama for about a month.  I went to visit him a few times at her house and she brought Benji here a few times for playtime.  Susan is an awesome person and I am very thankful that God brought her into my life.  She has become a very good and treasured friend and she's now a part of our Poke-A-Dot's rescue team.

When we posted Benji both Susan and I were looking for the perfect person/family.  We placed Benji with a family with a mom and dad and kids.  It turned out to be too much on Benji and the family thought it would be best to find Benji a different home, one maybe with just a gal.

So, we received a wonderful application for a really great gal named Gerri who lives in Livingston, CA.  Her husband recently passed away two years ago.  She wanted to adopt another dog to join Lucky and her kitty cat.  Benji has been enjoying rides to the coast, walks on the beach along with following her around as her shadow while working in her orchard.  We wanted to hold off on posting this for a while to make sure Benji settled in nicely.   

I personally would like to thank all the great people that helped Benji.  Benji touched a lot of our hearts and a big piece of his heart will remain inside of us forever.  Especially inside of his foster moms Susan's heart.

Benji, enjoy your new home and know that you will be loved forever!!!

November 23, 2018

Rudy who's new name is Milo now has his forever loving family.  His new mom Patti reached out to us after having a very difficult time searching for a new dog.  Patti and her husband Ken along with their sons Henry, Jack and Tim really wanted another dog.  Their current dog Charlie was also in search of a new buddy! She look for a local rescue and was very impressed when I answered my phone.  So, we spoke for a long time and I told her I would be honored to help their family find the perfect dog who needed a new home.  I told her it may  be quick, a while, or a long time...just depends on how things all come together.

So about a week after speaking to her my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton had a family who dropped off their dog because they no longer wanted him.  When I meet him I just knew this dog was going to bring so much joy into Patti's family's life. 

They all came to meet him and fell in love.  They had plans for Thanksgiving and didn't want to take him home until afterwards.  They didn't want to put any extra stress on him.  So, Patti came back the day after Thanksgiving and Milo back his bags up from Poke-A-Dot's and made his journey to Shingle Springs, CA.  He's going to get to play in the snow!

Thanks Patti for reaching out to us, and as always Jeweline thanks for your golden heart!!!

July 17, 2018

Hurray!  The final dog from the backyard doggies has been adopted!  Donald joined his new mom Natalie, her husband Matthew, their daughter and his new sister Emma in Escalon, CA. 

Donald was part of a family of 6.  Daddy, Mommy and 4 little ones.  2 younger puppies and two older puppies.  They were all abandoned in a backyard in Sacramento and we stepped into help all of them.  It was a major undertaking, but looking back on it, I can't imagine not helping. 

I had made a facebook post with all of our available dogs on it and kindly asked for people to "share" the post.  Natalie saw our post because her friend Catie who adopted Wei Wei and Vera shared it.  So thank you so much Catie!!!!!!!!!!  Catie and Natalie are friends and went to school together.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with this rescue and thank you Natalie for loving Donald for the rest of his life!

August 30, 2018

What a story!  Couldn't make up one like this if I tried. 

Our sweet little Abby from the Manteca shelter has arrived at her new home in Kamiah, Idaho.  I just happened to see Abby listed on Petharbor and I reached out the following day to the staff at the Manteca Shelter.  They said not a soul was interested in adopting her so Darrell and I went down and she literally jumped up in our arms.  When I got her home I put a posting up on Facebook with her story and a photo.  I had two people who were interested in her and one of the gals put her application in very promptly.  Upon looking at her app, I knew she and her husband would be a wonderful home for Abby.  They lost their dog last year and they both had a hug hole in their hearts and they wanted to help a rescued dog.  Then I looked where they lived.  Kamiah, Idaho.  That name sure sounded familiar.  I adopted a Dalmatian Dottie about 4 1/2 years ago (she passed away about 2 years ago) to Marie and Vince in Carson City.  They also owned a house in Elk City, Idaho.  They sold their house in Carson City, moved to Elk City and bought another house in Kamiah, Idaho for when it gets so much snow in Elk City for the winter time.  I googled both homes and they live next door to each other.  I immediately called Marie and asked if she referred her neighbors Sandy and Dick to us?  She said she never told them about us or our connection.  Wow!  So, after calling and speaking to Sandy on the phone I just knew she and Dick were so perfect for Abby.  They said they'd be willing to drive so we both decided to meet in Reno, NV.  They backed up their truck and travel trailer and we loaded up Abby, Snowball, Thelma and Darrell and I and we meet them at our vacation rental in Reno.  It was so nice having a house instead of an unfamiliar place to meet up.  The minute they walked into the house, Abby started attaching herself to Sandy and Dick.  It was so cute to watch.  After a couple hours they loaded Abby and all her goodies up and headed back to the place they were staying.  Abby did great and made her bad in their bed.  Road great on the road in their truck.  I just got and update and they all made it home today safe and sound.  She's learning her new house and yard and she made friends with the kitty cat and was great! 

It's really a small world.  I still can't believe that Marie and Vince live right next door to Sandy and Dick.  Wow!

Poke-A-Dot's Rescue is so blessed to have these awesome dogs and awesome adopters.  We cherish each and every dog relationship and we also cherish the relationship we develop with their adopters.  Abby we love you girl and we will keep you and your new mom and dad in our prayers.  Have a great life in Idaho!

May 18, 2018

What a breath of fresh air!  Meet Catie, she is the new mama of Wei Wei our very, very special boy who came to us from a wonderful loving rescue in Tawain.  Catie lives in Downtown Sacramento and Wei Wei is going to be the hit of the town!

Catie just returned from a trip to Thailand and she wanted to bring a dog back with her, but it just didn't work out.  She was amazed at all the homeless dogs that needed help.  She had been looking for a while before her trip, but didn't find the perfect dog until she meet Wei Wei.  She saw that we had a dog from Taiwan and she started falling in love with him.  She filled out our application and we spoke a few times and then I invited her to come and meet him.  When she saw him for the first time in person it had to be the most special meet and greet that I have every witnessed.  Wei Wei knew she was going to be his new mom.  There aren't any words to describe what I saw.  LOVE to the moon and back!!!

When I took Wei Wei to his new home, he found his toy box and started making himself right at home.  Wei Wei wears his smile and heart on the outside and you could see how happy he truly was because he was home sweet home!!!

I am so blessed to have Catie join the Poke-A-Dot's family.  She has a golden heart and so much love in her heart.  She had no problem at all adopting a one-eyed dog.  She and Wei Wei are going to have a very active life together.  She enjoys the outdoors and Wei Wei is going to be right by her side.

Catie, thank you so very much for your compassion, warm heart, and above all love that you will be sharing with Wei Wei.  Looking forward since you're pretty close to spending some time with you and Wei Wei.

A very special thank you to all of the people in Taiwan who made this all possible.  Without you pulling this boy out of the shelter none of this would of ever happened.  Wei Wei is a true blessing and so are you.  Jade and friends, thank you so much for all the amazing love you share with each and every dog you touch. 

July 1, 2018

Little Buddy has a wonderful new home.  We really didn't have to post him too much because right before we received him into rescue Brenda who actually lives very close to us in Lodi reached out to us. 

Buddy had been in a foster home for 30 days waiting out his stray hold before we got him.  I called up one of our awesome foster moms who fostered Patrick for a couple of weeks and asked her if she'd be interested in foster Buddy.  She said sure so I took him over right away.  They love Poodles!  So he fit right in.

This past weekend they had to go out of town to Buddy came here to hang out and that's when we did the meet and greet and Buddy moved in with Brenda.  The two of them are doing great. 

Brenda lost her precious dog Sabrina who was 18 years old last October and she knew it was time to add another dog to her life.  She's a wonderful lady with a wonderful heart.  And, it's an added benefit because she's local which means I get to stop by and visit!

August 5, 2018

Warning!  This is going to be a long story and a beyond wonderful one.

On my birthday which was July 10th (I turned 57) I prayed that God would put a very special dog into my life that needed help.  That's all I really wanted for a birthday gift.  Well, I got two dogs!

My friend Jeweline who is a groomer had two owner surrender dogs who really need help.  They were matted terribly, foxtails from head to toe.  She cleaned them up and I went to her shop to pick them up.  The moment I saw them I knew something special was going to be waiting for them for their future.

I named them Bobby and Julie after two very special people who have financially supported Poke-A-Dot's .  We've also helped so many dogs together that I'm guessing is well over 15 dogs, and some of them have been bonded pairs like Bobby and Julie.  They're awesome!  So, I thought what better way to honor them to name two bonded dogs after them.

Bobby had a pretty bad head tilt.  He had two foxtails in one ear and one in the other that were removed as well as he needed to be neutered.  Julie had to x-rays taken of her jaw and it was either broken or fractured and grew back lopsided.  Doesn't bother her when eating soft food at all.  Both of our vets said to leave it alone for now.  She may need to have a couple teeth taken out in the future, but for now it's doing great.  She also needed to be spayed.  Both dogs we're recovering nicely at Poke-A-Dots and enjoying being loved so much by us and by all the wonderful people who came to meet them both.

One day when I was at my store, my cell phone rang.  I always try and answer my phone.  It was a call from Canada from a really nice sounding Jos.  She told me she had sent me an email (I hadn't seen it yet) and she wanted to follow up with a personal phone call.  She proceeded to tell me she and her family where very interested in adoption Bobby and Julie.  She explained their precious Poodle Opal had just passed away and her family were so crushed.  They wanted to add another dog, but when they saw the story behind Bobby and Julie their hearts were so touched and they really wanted to offer them a home...IN REGINA, CANADA.  Yes, I said Canada!  She asked me "would you be willing to adopt to a family in Canada?"  I said "Why not if you're the perfect family!" 


So after talking a lot and emailing back and forth, I felt so comfortable with this family and I had no doubt in my mind at all that this was the perfect family that God had picked out for this family.  We decided on a time period and we meet about half way in Idaho Falls.  They left Canada on Friday, Aug. 3 and we left on Sunday Aug. 5.  Jos and Greg and children did some sightseeing on their way.  My Aunt Sharon came with me on this trip and my dog Thelma.  I left at 3 am Sunday, picked Aunt Sharon up at 4 am and arrived in Idaho Falls at 7pm that evening.  It was a very long drive, but so worth it.  We arrived at the hotel about 20 minutes before the family.  We had all three dogs out on a grassy area at the hotel and when the family saw the dogs for the first time in person it was so wonderful.  There aren't enough words to describe how perfect the meeting went for everyone. 


We all hung out for a while playing and walking with the dogs.  We all spent the night at the Best Western Idaho Falls and the next morning went walking with all the dogs and doing some bonding, both people and dogs.  Greg and Jos and children are all so awesome.  You can tell that each one of them loves dogs so much.  This was one of the most wonderful experiences during the past 3 1/2 years of having Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  This is what rescue is all about.  Dogs finding the perfect home and people finding the perfect dog or dogs in this case.  I feel so overwhelmed with joy and happiness.  I had a fellow rescue tell me that I was crazy to do what I did.  Well, I would do it all over again and again and again for this beyond perfect family. 

We've gotten several updates and Bobby and Julie are doing wonderful.  The children are teaching have an agility course that they set up in their backyard and Jos said Bobby will do anything for treats!  We will post photos from time to time.  To all of you who donated towards their vet care, we thank you so very much. 

Again, to this wonderful family, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for reaching out to us and for loving Bobby and Julie forever!  We love our new Canadian Pokeadot family so much!  Hugs to all of you and to Bobby and Julie!!!  Thank you so much for falling in love with these two special dogs!

A special thanks to Jeweline you're such a blessing to so many dogs!!!  And, thank you so much to my awesome Aunt Sharon for coming on this trip.  I had a great time with you.  I love you so much!!!

September 22, 2018

Ruthie came to us from the Lodi Shelter.  Suzanne, one of the awesome volunteers for PALS/Lodi Shelter called me and asked if I had room to pull her.  She was very shut down and all she wanted to do was hide under a bed cot.  So, I went to meet her and she whispered "please get me out of here."  So off we went straight to AA Groomers for a bath and hair cut.  Then I was lucky and was able to get her vetting appointment at the Vet for the next day. 

We had an adopter all approved and ready to adopt a little girl just like this one.  So we spoke again on the phone and Katy and Erik came to meet Ruthie and fell in love with her.  Katy's parents Steve and Jill who live in Lodi adopted precious little Lucy from us a couple years ago.  When I picked little Ruthie up from the groomers, I stopped by and introduced Ruthie to Steve and Jill and Lucy and Zoey.  They all loved her.  Ruthie is a little on the shy side, but she's doing good and starting to come out of her shell. 

Katy and Erik, thank you so much for wanting to adopt a very special little girl and I personally thank you for having faith in us.  I knew the perfect little girl would come into all of our lives.  Thank you so very for having the beautiful hearts that you both have inside of yourselves.   

Ruthie will be making her home in San Francisco with her new mom and dad.

May 6, 2018

Charlie has a new awesome home!  He packed his bags up and hopped into the arms of his new mom and dad Joan and Will.  Charlie will be joining them at their home in Manteca.  They had a hug hole in their hearts from losing their very special dog about a year ago.  They knew it was time and they really wanted to help a dog in need.  They reached out to us and we're so happy to be able to help both them and Charlie. 

Charlie was an owner surrender for a gal in Stockton.  She lived in an apartment and the landlord told her she either had to move or the dog needed to move.  She reached out to us on the spur of the moment in tears.  We drove to Stockton and got Charlie and promised her we'd find a wonderful home for him.

Charlie has such a sweet and loving personality and I already heard that he's made himself right at home in their house and most importantly in their hearts and they love him to pieces.

Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for your faith in what we do!!!  May God Bless you and Charlie, and I can't wait to stop by and love on him and visit with my new friends! 

Feb. 18, 2018
What a story...About 6 weeks ago, a customer at my store called me up and told me there was a small dog running around for a few days on their property which is in the country. She would come and get food, but didn't warm up to any of the people trying to help her. They said they were going to purchase a trap and see if they could catch her. I told them to call me when they did. Well, that evening about 5pm they caught her. I want out and had a very difficult time getting her out of the trap and into my crate. After about 30 minutes we got her secure and then I took her home.

She was so scared. She wanted nothing to do with me. I mean nothing. I told her she could take all the time in the world to trust me. Well, it took about 3 days and then she would come to me for about a second but that in itself was a miracle in my book. Every day got better.

About 1 week into having her, one of our business reps wife Chrissy told me her husband Jay loves Cattle dog mixes and that they were interested in adopting her. I told them when I thought she was ready they could come and meet. It took me a while between her vetting and trusting and they came a week ago and brought their dog Buster. All Hope wanted to do is growl and try nipping at him. Not the way you want a meet and greet to go. Hope immediately took a liking to their 11 year old daughter Neilani. And Neilani loved Hope. They really wanted to take her home and give it a try and I was scared, but we decided she could give it a try.

So, off to Sacramento went Jay, Chrissy, Neilani, Madison, Buster and Hope. I got a text and video that evening and Hope was tolerating her new brother pretty good. She sleeps in Neilani's room every night. They're calling her Nala-Hope. She really lived up to the name we choose for her. We new there was hope for her! We're so very happy to have this family join the Poke-A-Dot family.

And, thank you so much Jay, Chrissy, Neilani, Madison and Buster for opening up your hearts and home to this very special little dog. All of you have amazing hearts. Neilani, Darrell and I are so proud of you and the wonderful young lady you are becoming. You're love for animals is awesome. We love all of you!!!

And a very special thank you Susan, her husband and the neighbors who found this dog and had compassion in their hearts!

Feb. 11, 2018

Luna has her special home!  Her new name is going to be Piper Luna.  Her new mom's name is Joan and Piper Luna is her new shadow.  She loves to follow her all around the house!  Piper will be living in Lincoln, CA.  I can't wait to go and visit her and Jefferson just live down the road in Rocklin.

Piper came to Poke-A-Dot's because the family who had her was scared that the baby in the house was going to pull on her tail one to many times.  She never snapped at her, but they didn't want it to happen.  I happened to see all of this happening on a facebook and offered to help. 

A really nice gal by the name of Sandy was helping the family.  So, she went and picked Luna up and then I meet and picked her up from Sandy.  She was a very scared dog for a couple of days.  Once she got over the initial shock she was fine.  We adopted her out to a family in Lodi, but she wasn't the right fit for them.  Sometimes you just don't know until you place the doggie.  Her new mama Joan was meant for her.

Thank you Joan for you sweet loving spirit and thank you so very much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's.  We appreciate your compassion and caring attitude so very much!  Enjoy Piper!

October 6, 2018

Sweet little Roslyn is now Willow and is settling into her new home very nicely.  She's one lucky girl to join Frannie, Susan, Kaleb, Tobias, and Bella the Lab in Sacramento, CA.  The family was ready to give a home to a smaller doggie and it was very important to help a rescued dog. 

Roslyn was originally found out in a very remote area of Stockton running around with another dog we named Roger.  My groomer friend Jeweline bless her heart went out at midnight to try and save these two dogs.  She was able to secure them and they were in really bad shape.  She took them to her shop and bathed and groomed them.  A couple days later they came to Poke-A-Dots.  Poor little Roslyn needed Vet care right away.  She had a fracture bone in her lower leg.  It's mending slow but sure!

A special thank you to Jeweline for helping these amazing dogs and thanks so much to Willow's new family for loving her the rest of her life!

June 4, 2018


Mommy Daisy who was part of the 6 doggie ducklings (Daisy, Donald, Daffy, Hewey, Deuy, and Louie) who where left abandoned in a back yard in Sacramento has a wonderful new home in Rancho Murietta with Mark & Jacqueline.  We've been working with them for a while to find the perfect little girl for their home.  When Jacqueline meet Daisy (who is now Roxy) there was definitely a love connection all the way around.

A special thank you to our previous adopter Cynthia who told us about these dogs who needed help. 

July 3, 2018

Wow!  What a story and I'll just warn you it's going to be one of my long ones.

It all started a few months ago when one of our customers of my store Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition Center came in and wanted to speak to me.  He told me he his wife passed away and he was going to have to move into a condo that didn't take dogs.  He asked me if I could help him find a new home for his dog Tessa.  So, I went over to his house and meet Tessa.  I feel in love with her right away.  I told him I would be glad to help him.  She stayed with him for about one more week.

I posted her and I did a couple of meet and greets with some local people but for one reason or another they didn't want to commit to giving Tessa a home.  The first application I got in was from a couple in Florida.  They were perfect in every way so I started talking to them.  After the first conversation, I cried!  Dawn and Jeff take in seniors and offer them a home, care for them and love them.  I just knew Tessa would fit into their family.  The only problems was how to get her to Florida. 

Dawn and Jeff have a friend Molly who also helps in the rescue field.  She is well versed with different transport rescues.  She got us signed up with Delta Rescue which is active and retired flight attendants who give their time to fly rescue animals to their new homes.  It took us a little while to find the right plan.  Molly and I worked with Erika who coordinates for Delta Rescue very closely.  Erika said one of their awesome volunteers Jo was planning a trip to visit her cousin in Sacramento.  She was more than willing to transport Tessa. 

Tessa and I spent a few days practicing in her little travel crate and I was very confident she would do fantastic!  So, on Tuesday, July 3 Tessa and I headed to Sacramento to pick up Jo at her cousins house and headed to the airport. 

She and Tessa left Sacramento at 6 am to Atlanta.  From there, she was able to catch another flight to Jacksonville, Florida.  She didn't want to have Jeff drive 7 hours to get to Atlanta so she wanted to get Tessa to Jacksonville.  It's very close to where they live.  Jeff was at the airport waiting for Jo.  He was so excited to get this very special dog into his arms.

Everything went so perfect!  Dawn was so happy when Jeff got home with Tessa.  Her new little girl was now in her arms.  Tessa has fit in perfectly with the whole family.  Their granddaughter Ryliegh lives with them and helps take care of their precious dogs.  I can't say enough nice things about Jeff and Dawn. 

Tessa will always have a very special place in my heart.  The joy she has in her heart is so wonderful.  Her former dad is so very grateful that she will have a wonderful rest of her life with this family.  I know that God answered my prayers providing Jeff and Dawn to watch over Tessa.  Thank you guys and will will ALWAYS be family because we have Tessa in our hearts!!!  Love you guys so much!

A very, very special thank you goes to Molly for all your help in finding transportation.  You're a great new friends.  Erika and Delta Rescue and Tessa transport mom Jo, I can't begin to  THANK YOU enough.  This whole process was so awesome and I look forward to the future working together to help another rescue doggie get home!

November 10, 2018

Mr. Shih Tzu is doing great in his new home.  He packed up his bags from Poke-A-Dot's and moved in with his new mom and dad, Stan & Pamela.  They live in the beautiful town of Sonora, CA.  He's our third doggie to move to Sonora.  He's going to get to spend a lot of time playing with their grandson who loves dogs.    

Mr. Shih Tzu was formally a stray and ended up with my friend Jeweline who own a grooming shop in Stockton and never says no to a dog in need.  Owners couldn't be located so we welcomed him.  He had his vetting done, recovered nicely and is now loving his new home.


Thank you Pamela and Stan for reaching out to us and for you love towards a rescue doggie.  Thanks for being such a good little boy while you were with us Mr. Shih Tzu.  (I am sure he has a new name, but haven't gotten the updated name yet.)

December 27, 2018

Warning...this is going to be a long story!  I am not too sure how to begin this one.

About two years ago we pulled this really scared dog from the Lodi Shelter and we named him Doodles.  Once we got the boy cleaned up, we brought him home and the minute he looked at my husband Darrell, Doodle feel madly in love with him.  Every time I tried to get close to Darrell he'd look at me and growl.  He wanted to sleep right next to Darrell and you guessed it I had to stay far away from the two of them. 

A older couple stopped by the Lodi Shelter looking for a white Poodle.  My friend Janet referred them to me.  They called me right away and I normally don't let people just stop by, but they sounded perfect!  So when they got here I demonstrated what Doodles did with my husband and that didn't bother them at all.  They wanted to adopt him!!!  I told them I would deliver him in a couple of days.  They live in Gardnerville, Nevada.  So, Doodles and I left and Dan and Mika were so happy with Doodles and he never showed that kind of growling with them.

Now fast forward about 8 months and Dan called me in tears.  His wife had a family emergency in Poland and needed to go there and care for a relative and he needed to go with her.  They had nobody they could leave Doodles with for about 6 months.  So, I told Dan to bring him back to us.  When Dan got here, it was so hard to say goodbye to Doodles.  In my heart something told me we'd still have a future together.

Can you believe Doodles walked right back in the house like he owned it, jumped up on Darrell's lap and then growled at me.  It was so crazy and funny!  We had him here for about 2 weeks and we found a wonderful couple who live in Sacramento who wanted to adopt Doodles.  So, Doodles and I packed his bags and we moved him into his new house.  He never did that growling thing with his new family.  Doodles is doing really great in his new home.

So, a couple of weeks ago I received a call from Mika.  She told me that she and Dan are back home and that they both really wanted another boy doggie.  Dan has kidney issues and she really wanted to help make his desires come true.  I told Mika, it may take a day, week, or month or two so she needed to be patient with me.  She said she did and that she only trusted me.  What an honor!

I have a friend who name is Donna and she does doggie day care in her home and she also reached out to me about a year ago because she had a Chihuahua who needed a new home.  She tries to help homeless dogs too!  So, I was able to find a wonderful home for Buffie.  She had called me and left me a message and since I was at the gym right behind her house, I stopped by a couple days after her phone call.  I asked her want she wanted and at the time she had a cute little white dog in her arms.  She proceeded to tell me this story...

Wilbur belong to a homeless gal and Donna gained her trust and finally the gal releashed the dog to Donna.  Donna got all the vetting done on Wilbur and he's lived with her ever since...like over 2 years.  The only problem is that he gets along with most dogs except one of Donna's older Poodles.  Donna said she's been struggling with this for a while, but she thought he'd be happier in a single dog home and she asked me for my help.  I could tell it was very emotional for her to let go and she had tears in her eyes.  I had happy tears in my eyes and I proceeded to tell her I had the perfect home for him in Gardnerville.  She agreed and we started making plans.

I called Mika and Dan and they were so happy!  I told them I would bring Doodles up after Christmas and hope and pray for good weather.  I asked my adopted mom Nancy if she'd like to ride up to Nevada with me and we could take her car just in case of snow.  So, we backed out bags and Wilbur's bags and we left Thursday for Nevada.  Wilbur got lots of pets on the way since he sat on Nancy's lap.  He'd never been in a crate in the car before so the lap was his choice.  Don't normally travel that way, but I made an exception for him.

I dropped Nancy off at our hotel in Reno, and then I drove over to Gardnerville with Wilbur.  When we arrived and Dan and Mika's, Mika ran out and couldn't wait to take Wilbur into her arms.  Then Dan came around the corner with tears in his eyes. 

I stayed there about an 90 minutes and Wilbur roamed around in the house, made pee (as Mika calls it) outside and then made himself right at home.  Dan and Mika told me before I left that I was a miracle maker and that they are so glad that God answered their prayers.  Dan wanted to know how many dogs we've adopted and I told him I needed to go count again but probably over 250.  And, I told him of all those 250 dogs that Doodles is the one I remember the most because I only liked my husband and I was a piece of chopped liver.  Haha

See, I told you this was going to be a long story.  I don't think I left anything out.  Oh, one more thing...After I left their house I drove to the other side of Gardnerville and had a date with two other dogs we adopted out a couple years ago.  They live next door to each other.  Wilson and Buddy.  Buddy came over with his mom to Wilson's house and I got to love on both of them for a while.  It was so much fun!

A special thank you from my heart to Donna.  You're the best and you've got one of the best hearts around for dogs.  You're a very trustworthy and loving person and all of your clients are blessed to have you in their lives.  Thank you for all the love and care you provide for Wilbur.  He will always have two moms and a dad!

Dan and Mika, we pray that Wilbur will fill your heart and soul with so much love.  And, Dan special prayers for your health and that God would watch over you in a very special way. 


And, last but not least, Nancy thank you for the time we got to spend together.  You're the best ever and the love you share with all our rescue dogs and our own dogs is so precious.  Darrell and I, Snowball, Thelma, Stella, and KJ love you and Kalli so very much!!!

November 23, 2018
Bam Bam is home!  It was love at first sight!!!  

Tabitha reached out to use as her husband Jigme and her two children were ready to add a special dog to their family.  When they came to meet him, Bam Bam jumped up in their laps and that was it!!! 

I have gotten several updates and Bam Bam is adjusting very nicely.  He gets to go on lots of walks with the family, he loves to ride with dad when he takes the kids to and from school.  Bam Bam loves being a part of this amazing family.  He even got to watch the kids ice skate. 

Bam Bam and family live in Folsom, CA.  Can't wait to go and visit him and see him in his new home.  Bam Bam was originally found as a stray dog with another dog right by our house.  My rescue buddy Janise who lives in Modesto said that she would would be their mama at her house until we found a new home.  Thanks Janice for helping me out!!!

Thank you so much for all your love and compassion! 

Feb. 28, 2018

Gary and Genice from Garden Valley, CA (close to Placerville) are Precious's new Dad and Mom.  They love her so much and are settling in very nicely. 

We got Precious almost a week ago from a couple in Lodi who mentioned they didn't want her anymore to my groomer Arna when they dropped her of to be groomed.  Arna called me right away and I called the previous owners and they agreed to turn her over to our care.  I promised them I would find her the perfect home.  Precious is so sweet and she's only 1 1/2 so she'll never have to worry about her future.

Gary and Genice had a rather large whole in their lives.  They lost 3 dogs all in one year about 2 years ago.  They feel in love with Precious and we're so glad to have them join our Pokeadot's family.

Precious was a very popular dog as a few wonderful people wanted to adopt her.  Now when we get another dog similar to Precious we will have a home for her.

Feb. 19, 2018
Tammy who is now going to be called Goldie has a new wonderful home with Darlene from Sacramento. This gal has a very sweet spirit and loves Shih Tzu's. She is all about helping "older" dogs. We're so very thankful that Goldie will be loved. And, I know Goldie has so much love to give to Darlene.
Jeweline my friend who has a grooming shop in Stockton, CA had this dog left at her place. The original owner of Tammy past away and then Jeweline found her a new home with another man. He recently took a new job which meant he could not care for her so he took her back to Jeweline and she took her in and called me. She is a very sweet dog. Once she was vetted and recovered from having some dental work, we called Darlene and said she was all ready to meet her.
Darlene and Goldie are all settled in and doing well.

January 23, 2018

Our precious little Joey is now in her new home!!!  She will be joining Rick & Cindy, Freddy, Cecil and Nellie and I think a kitty cat too.  She is going to love this home!  Rick and Cindy are angels to rescue dogs.  They adopted Misty from us about 3 years ago.  She was a blue-eyed Dalmatian and she had seizures.  She lived a wonderful life with Rick and Cindy for about 2 years until they had to put her to sleep.  Then about two months ago, they adopted Dutches McKenzie from us.  She was a Cocker Spaniel.  Sweetest girl ever.  We didn't know this at the time, but she was prone to seizures.  She ended up at the vets with a seizure like no other and Cindy and I where with her and we had to say goodbye to her.  I couldn't believe that Cindy had to go thru something like this again, but I am glad Dutches had a wonderful last two weeks of her life. 

Now enter Joey...Joey was living with a gal in Stockton who ended up with her because her nephew couldn't keep her anymore.  He and his kids had her since she was a puppy.  She didn't really want her anymore so she took her to my friend Jeweline's grooming shop in Stockton, CA.  Then Jeweline called me and asked me if I could take in a 12 year old Yorkie.  I went right in and she reminded so much of our little Hairball who was also a Yorkie and we lost her last year.  I noticed a tumor/cyst on her mamamory gland by her personal parts.  I called my Vets and they had time to see us to get updated on her shots, etc.  My Vet reccommended the tumor/cyst be removed, so 2 days later she went in for a dental and had the surgery done.  After the surgury, she was leaking a lot.  I was very grateful for all the bedding we get from Motel 6 in Lodi...Thanks again!!!  She had some issues with the scar tissue, etc so they had to go back in and clean more stuff out and then they glued her up and within 4 days you couldn't tell what happened with her.

Cindy saw the our post on Joey and she said she'd love to give her a loving home.  I was so happy!  I took her in last week for a meet and greet and she loved everyone and she packed up her bags from Poke-A-Dot's and moved in on Tuesday.  She's doing great! 

Rick and Cindy, thank you so very much once again for opening up your heart and home.  You both have such amazing hearts and I am very thankful that Joey has an awesome home. 

This dog stole another chunk out of my heart.  I am so thankful that we were able to help her.  That brings me to another subject...Thank you to all of you who support Poke-A-Dot's.  You helped Joey!!!  And, Joey says THANK YOU!

November 1, 2018

What do you get when you come in contact with a wonderful couple looking to adopt a very special dog and a very special dog?  A perfect match! 

Aubrey and Jan were ready to add a very special dog to their lives.  They reached out to us and we invited them to come and meet Little Man.  Little Man jumped right up on Jan's lap and didn't move too far from it during the meet and greet.  They had a few things they wanted to get ready at their house, so I brought Little Man who is now Oliver to their place yesterday.  Hurray!  Another dog in Lodi that I can visit!

So, yesterday on our way to Oliver's new house, we stopped by AA Groomers for a quick bath and then we made our short journey to his new home.  Thanks to Arna for always working us in!!!  Oliver got out of the car, got into his new dad's arms, went in the house and made himself right at home.  Of course he jumped right back into his new mom's lap.  Did I mention he really loves toys?  I brought his favorite one with him and Aubrey and Jan had lots of other fun toys for him too! 

Thank you both so much for all the love in your hearts towards Oliver.  He's come a long way in less than a month.  Oliver was running around on the streets of Turlock.  A nice person dropped him off at Monte Vista Vet and one of my rescue friends Michelle who works their found he was chipped.  She called the registered owner and she told her that "we have to move soon and you can find a new home for him."  So, Michelle knows I love little Poodle mixes reached out to me to see if I could take him in.  Darrell and I drove down to Turlock to pick him up.  What a love!  I'm so thankful I was able to help him and I'm so thankful Michelle reached out to us.

Oliver, thanks for all the love you shared with us while at Poke-A-Dot's.  Thanks again to Aubrey and Jan for you love and compassion!!!

July 20, 2018

Julie who we formally named Jackie is HOME!  She packed her bags from Poke-A-Dot's Rescue yesterday and took a ride to Sacramento to join her new mom Patti.  What a nice and loving lady!  She's going to be the perfect mom for Julie.  I've been working with Patti for a couple of months to find her the perfect little doggie.  She recently lost her dog and she wanted another one so badly to love and it was very important to her to help a little rescued dog. 

So, one day I was at the Lodi Shelter and I meet three dogs all in the same kennel.  I told them I would take all 3 if possible.  They all had names on the back of the kennel card and the public comes first before rescues.  Two of them got adopted to the public and on the day that Julie was available, I got to the shelter early and sat and waited and nobody showed up so I was able to pull her.  All she did at the shelter was lay on a little bed for 4 days.  She originally came in over the 4th of July weekend I believe.  I immediately had a connection with her and it was a very strong one.  So, when it was time for the shelter staff to go and bring her to me, when we touched eyes I couldn't help but cry.  She started to come out of her shell and it was uphill from there.  I had a spay appointment scheduled just incase I got her so in a couple of days she was vetted.  She recovered for a couple of days and now she's in her new lovely home in Sacramento with a really special lady.  You can tell she's all about the dog!  

Thank you to the Lodi Shelter staff and volunteers for helping her and loving her while she was visiting.  And, above all thank you so much Patti for trusting me and having faith in me and in my rescue.  I am so thankful for being involved in Julie's life and being able to bring her into your heart.

December 9, 2018

Little Miss Jingles is now Miss Marley.  She is in the arms of her new mom Judy who lives in Sparks, Nevada.  Her daughter Jessica the gal on the left in the photo and Jessica's husband Greg and their daughter and son (not pictured) live in Reno, Nevada.  They adopted their dog Sadie from us in our first year when we started our rescue.  Wonderful family.  I recently went for a visit when I was in Reno in October.  Jessica's mom Judy lost her dog and she's been wanting to adopt another dog.  I reached out to her when we got Marley.  There was a voice in my heart telling me she just may be the perfect fit for Judy.  Marley was originally a pretty rough looking little stray dog. 

When they all arrived, Marley climbed up into everyone's arms just like it was meant to be.  Wow!

A very special thanks to Brena who helped save Marley's life and also to Judy for wanting to add Marley to your heart and to the hearts of your wonderful loving family.