May 28, 2020

Our precious little Rachel who will now be Jenny now has a home with very good friends of ours...Larry and Doris from Lodi, CA.  We used to go to the same church and attend a bible study at their house.  I used to always keep their dog Fancy on my lap.  She was an older dog, set in her ways, not too many teeth, but just the sweetest little girl.  They lost her a few years ago.  They also had a dog by the name of Sadie, who they recently lost leaving them with just one dog Maddie. 

Doris and Larry reached out to me about 3 weeks ago wanting to know if I had any good matches.  Well, we just got little Jenny into rescue.  She was a stray and a really great lady helped her and no former home was found and we agreed to help her.  We did a couple a meet her, then I took her over to their house for a walk one evening and the next time for a play date in the house.  She and Maddie did fine.  So, last Thursday was move in day for little Jenny. 

She's doing great adjusting to her new home.  She's going to love Larry and Doris and her new sister Maddie.  Thank you so much Larry and Doris for asking for our help.  We love to save a life and then it brings us so much joy to see him/her join their new family.  And, we've got one more doggie local so I can go love one her from time to time.  I love to do that!!!

calls or they missed out on a dog because of being adopted and the list goes on.  So this past Saturday, Dan stops by the SPCA and speaks to a really nice gal.  I forgot what Dan said her name was, but he explained his issues to her.  She told him to reach out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue in Lodi.  She spoke very highly of Poke-A-Dot's.  Dan went home and found our website and saw the blurb on Buddy.  He reached out with an email and phone call right away.  We spoke and I just knew in my heart this was the perfect home for Buddy.  I really wanted him to have a young person to hang out with and Danica is beyond perfect.  Dan filled out our application, sent photos of their house and I said I would bring Buddy for a meet n greet Sunday.  I told him I was pretty confident he'd be staying!!!

So I called June and she started packing Buddy's bags up.  Darrell came with me and we picked up Buddy and headed to Vallejo.  Buddy did great riding in the car to his new house.  We went into the backyard first thing for a pee and then he was off playing with his toys with Danica and Dan.  Cathy was at work.  Couldn't of been a better match.  Dan and I both know that God was at the center of this whole process.  It was meant to be!  I've learned never to be in a rush to adopt a dog.  I normally want to get things done fast and efficient, but when it comes to the dogs, slow and steady is our pace!

June, thank you so much for being such a good mama to Buddy while he was at your home.  Dan, Cathy and Danica thank you so much for never giving up faith to find a special rescue doggie.  I'll be looking forward to lots of updates and I'm so thankful that you reached out to us and for that special lady who referred you to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue!  And of course, Jennifer and the awesome staff and volunteers at the Lodi Animal Shelter.  Thank you so much for finding June and for all you love and care you give to each and every dog who visits.  I am so honored and blessed to be able to partner with you!!!

Buddy, may God surround you with so much love, happiness and lots of dog toys!

August 21, 2020

Maggie is home with her new mom and dad Peg and Richard in the Sacramento area.

Maggie was one of four dogs we helped from the same home.  The family could no longer care for them.  I can't imagine not helping them!  Maggie is going to need just a little of one on one training and Peg has that in her background so this connection was really a blessing for Maggie.  Thank you both for opening you hearts and home to this beautiful dog who deserves a loving life. 



February 11, 2020

Sonny Albert "Walter" is now home!  We had previously adopted him around Christmas time and his new mom at the time made the decision that he needed to be in a much more active family.  So, she brought him back and we found the perfect active family and Walter with have his very own sister doggie to have lots of fun with around the house.

His new mom reached out to us.  Tarah remembered seeing Walter before when we previously had him.  Tarah and her husband Michael came here to meet him and it was a perfect fit.  Both dogs played till they were very tired and their precious little girl joined the fun.  I wanted to take him and get groomed before bringing him to their house this week.  So Tuesday, Walter got groomed while I was playing tennis and then we packed his bags and headed off to Sacramento.

Michael is a Captain at the City of Lodi Fire Station #2.  Remember Captain Dave who found our bashful boy hiding in a bush?  It sure is a small world!  Poke-A-Dot even got to go for a visit and get her photo taken on a fire truck.  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family! 

Thank you so much for opening up you hearts and home to Walter.  He's going to love all of you!!!

January 25, 2020

Luke our little 5 month old puppy who fell out of the sky one day and landed in my arms is now in his new home in San Francisco.  He's our second doggie who moved to the Mission Bay area of San Francisco.  He will be living with is new mom and dad Monica and Mauricio.

Here's Luke's back story... About three weeks ago when I took two dogs into my groomers, a mention was made of a lady who needed help for a 4 month old puppy who looked just like a small Golden Retriever.  They gave her my phone number to reach out to me.  So, in the back of my head I knew this dog may be coming to us.  I was out at the Bank of America on Kettleman Lane in Lodi doing a store deposit (I normally go to the branch downtown) and my phone rang.  It was Tania the lady with the puppy.  I asked her what the story was behind the dog and this is what she told me.  She was at Walmart in Lodi last Sunday and this guy had a box of puppies.  I believe 7 of them.  He was giving them away free because he said he couldn't keep them at his house anymore.  This gal has a huge heart for dogs and she wanted to help at least one of them to a bright future so she took little Luke home.  Turns out one of her dogs isn't too fond of a new pup and she's scared to leave him home with her other dogs.  She's been taking him to work with her and he's been hanging out in her car.  She also said she works in a terrible location in Stockton and knew she couldn't keep taking him with her for his own safety. 

After I heard the story, I asked her where she was at and it turns out she was almost right across the street from my location.  So, I went to meet her and Lucas.  Tania put Luke in my arms and I could tell the need was really there.  She was in tears because she really had fallen in love with this special little boy.

I put Luke in my car and it was about 3pm and walk-ins just started at my vet and he'd had one shot and was due for his second round so we stopped by and completed his vetting.  He checked out very healthy.  He was born on August 26, 2019.  He weighs in at 16.5 and growing.  I had a parvo test done and it was negative.  Got him home to introduce him to the others and he's a little shy and scared still.  He's a very sweet boy!!! 

So fast forward about 3 weeks and Monica reached out to me the day I posted Luke.  She and her husband were looking for a young addition to their family.  She works at a dog friendly company and really would like to be able to bring him to her office.  Her husband works from home so they'll be able to spend some time "in training mode."  They came to meet Luke last Saturday and they immediately feel in love with him and believe me he feel in love with Monica and Mauricio.  So, Luke packed his bags and headed home to San Francisco. 

He's doing great!  Got his last puppy shot this week and he will be starting some training classes.  He's going to love his new life.  I can't thank Tania the lady who saved him enough!  She just knew she couldn't leave him in an unwanted situation.  Her heart was in the right spot!  She's been checking in with me to see how he's doing on his transition.  Thank you for your kind heart!!!

Monica and Mauricio, thank you so much for reaching out to us and making it a priority to help a rescued dog in need of a loving home.  The world needs more people like YOU! Little Luke, thank you so much for getting along with Rocky, Lavern and Shirley and being such a good little boy while you were with us.  We love you boy and can't wait to come and visit you when you get all settled in.

May 19, 2020

Thank you Pamela (she and her husband Bill adopted one of the 9 toy Poodles...Abigail.  Pamela referred Patti to us.  She was looking for a bonded pair and when she saw Princess and Oreo (now Roxy) she fell in love with them.  Patti and her niece Brittany and her daughter Alice came and meet them about 2 weeks ago.  They knew these were the perfect dogs!  And, so did I!  No doubt either for the dogs.  They both took to them really good.  Considering when they first got here they lived in a crate for about 2 weeks just coming out to eat, drink and go potty.  Then they started to trust again.

You see, they pretty much had to spend their lives living in a garage.  My friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton took them in.  Owner came in with three dogs and only wanted to go home with one.  She said they both lost their jobs and thought the younger dogs would be best in a new home.  Mentioned to me on the phone that they pretty much were garage dogs.  Princess is Roxy's mama and both of them love each other so much! 

Pamela and family, thank you so very much for opening your hearts and home up for Princess and Roxy.  They're gonna love their new family so much!!!  And, Pamela and Bill thank you so much for the referral.  I can't believe it's been a year since all those 9 toy Poodles where climbing all over us.

Princess and Roxy, we love you and thank you both for being such wonderful girls!

October 1, 2020

Salt now has her forever home with Beth and Al and her new brother Buddy.  Here is Salt back story and it's a heart breaking one...

It was 113 degrees, on a Sunday in August 2020, Stockton was the hottest city in the valley..when a resident at a care home started calling for help for her dog senior Jack Russell dog"Salt"  (with heat exhaustion). Salt  had been forced outside this summer by the "NOT" "Tender Loving Care home" or the patient faced an eviction. The senior resident  called shelters, humane societies, PD, APS, DHS, and finally the emergency vet.. Everyone had hung up on her except the emergency Vet. Her dog was in heat distress, not eating, crying for 2 days and throwing up..The emergency vet said call Paula...and she did...Paula raced to Pixie Drive near Louis park and  brought "Salt" home to assess her and syringe pedialyte and cooling towels...Because of Covid, seniors were on lock Salt had been tied outside on a 5 foot line for 5 walk, no yard not even a courtyard. Salt was surrendered on site, and was seen thanks to Village Vet.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue immediately opened their arms to this six year old terrier...

 Salt prior to being adopted was living with her wonderful foster mama Paula and John in Stockton.  Paula has a huge heart for animals and is always ready and willing to help a dog in need and that was Salt big time!  I can't thank her and her husband enough!!!  Salt's first night in her new home, she snuggled up next to her new brother and her new mom and dad in their bed.  She's giving kisses and is settling in very nice.  Salt's new house is in Modesto, CA and she's got a really wonderful place to call home.  She will never ever have to experience anything like her past.  Paula and John thank you so much for caring and loving Salt.  She will never ever forget the one person who came to her rescue and she's got the life she gained all because of YOU! 

Beth and Al and Buddy, welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family! 

November 11, 2020

Skippy is now home in Manteca and is doing great with his brother Mylo and his new mom and dad Janice and Larry.  They lost a very special dog and felt it was time to help another one with a very loving home.  Skippy and I drove to Manteca for a meet and greet and they all loved him!  Thank you Janice and Larry for committing to love Skippy forever.  And, a special thank you to the Lodi Animal Shelter for letting him come to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and an even bigger thank you to my friends Deanne and Sally for fostering him at their house. 

August 16, 2020

Poncho is home!  He's one of 4 dogs who came from a family who could no longer care for them.  We originally helped one of his puppies back in November 2019.  Then the family reached out about a month and asked if we could help Poncho and Maggie.  Then just last week, they reached back out again and wanted us to take Daisy and she's pregnant!  These 4 dogs will never have to worry about anything anymore!!!

Vince and his wife Roni live in Sacramento.  Vince came down to meet Poncho and it was love at first sight.  The next day, Poncho and I packed up his doggie items and took a nice ride to his new home.  He walked in and made himself right at home like he lived their all his life.  It was so cool to watch. 

He's doing super in his new home with his dad and mom.  I'm so happy for Poncho!!! 

November 15, 2020

Little Jenny who was named after Officer Jennifer from the Lodi Animal Shelter now has a new home and a new name.  Her new name is now Roxie and her new mama Dolores loves her to pieces.  She did a sleep over for a couple of nights and they both fell in love with each other. 

Delores was referred to us from one of the awesome volunteers at the shelter.  So, she called me and at the time I didn't have the right dog for her and I told her to please have faith in me and that I would sooner or later have the perfect match.  I stopped by her house to meet her and turns out her late husband had a business right across from my business in downtown Lodi.  Small world!  Dolores had a hole in her heart after loosing her precious dog of 15 years and wanted to give a rescue dog who needed a new home a beyond wonderful place to call home.

When we got Jenny from the Lodi Shelter, I invited her to come and meet her and that was pretty much it.  She needed a couple more day to heal from her vetting and the we did a weekend sleep over to see if it was perfect.  Perfect indeed!

Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family Dolores!  Thank you for promising to love Roxie!  I know you'll take wonderful care of this little girl.

Oh and she going to be living in Lodi!  Another dog who I can stop by from time to time to love!  Thank you Roxie for being such a good little girl while you were with us.  I could tell tonight that you're HOME SWEET HOME!!!

June 13, 2020

Belle is in her new home with a friend of mine Gina and her husband Kevin and their two other dogs Cooper and Sissy Sue.  Gina and her husband love the seniors!  I personally meet Gina about 2 years ago.  Her mom and dad adopted two bonded dogs from us and she came with them on their meet and greet.  There's a whole other story behind the bond that Gina and I share, but I'll save this story for another time.  I still have to write it up and it may turn out to be a book.

Belle was living with a family in El Dorado Hills next door from one of our adopter's of two Pugs.  They referred her to Poke-A-Dot's.  Marissa who was Belle's mom helped save her life.  She brought her into her family and cared for her.  Well, over the past 4 years, her family has grown and Belle was spending all her time hiding under the bed from the three kids.  Marissa really wanted a better life for precious little Belle. 

So, when Gina reached out to me saying she'd take in Belle to love, I thought...PERFECT!  Beyond PERFECT!  We set up a meet and greet and little Belle made herself right at home.  She climbed up into Gina's arms and pretty much never left.  She really liked Cooper and Sissy Sue too.  Oh, and did I mention they also have horses? 

Gina and Kevin, Cooper and Sissy Sue, thank you so much for letting little Belle move in with you.  Thank you for your special hearts.  Gina, I will never ever forget the special connection we have and how God brought you, and your parents into my life.  (Promise to share this store when I have time to write it up.)


Marissa, thank you for trusting Poke-A-Dot's Rescue to find the perfect home for Belle.  Thank you for loving her and watching over her!

September 8, 2020

Ziggy is home!  Her new name is going to be Josie.  What a wonderful gal Pamela who reached out to me to adopt Josie.  She and her sister Christine live together in the same house.  They're both dog lovers!!!  The live in Manteca, CA and their house is all about the dogs!  The dogs rule!  Josie right now she has a crush on Pamela's foster dog (thru another rescue) Zeus who is the biggest at 13 lb. She is ignored by her Maltese/Poodle Ella, she is watched by the 13 1/2 year old yorkie Romeo, and she plays toys and chases non-Stop with Taylor our Chihuahua Terrier who is the exact same size and weight and they are close in age.

Josie was a stray from Stockton, CA. who a really nice gal took in and car for.  My friend Paula asked if I could help and I said sure.  So, Josie joined Poke-A-Dot's and had so much fun playing and playing and playing.  We found a great home for her, but unfortunately the mom's sister was diagnosed with stomach cancer and she needed to devote a lot of time flying back and forth to Texas.  We're keeping their family in our prayers.

Thank you again Pamela for reaching out to us and for opening up your heart and home to Josie.  Thanks to all the others who were involved in saving this amazing doggie.

December 1, 2020
Well, last week a friend of mine Julia referred Sarah to Poke-A-Dot's.  He Aunt Nancy passed away last Friday, leaving two dogs.  Tipsy who is about 13 years old and Lucy who's about 6 years old.  They both needed new homes together and her Aunt Nancy expressed what her wishes were...a home together and there would be some financial support to the family who adopted them.  So, I went out and meet them and there was no way I could say no when I meet them.  They melted my heart and Sarah was doing things the right way to honor her Aunt Nancy.

So, we set up a plan...they got groomed this morning at our groomers, then she was going to bring them to us tonight.  Well, last night I decided to post them on PetFinder and AdoptAPet.  I totally placed this situation in God's hands.  In the world of dog rescue, I like to take my sweet time.  However in some cases fast is better and this was one of those cases.  I didn't want them to have to adjust here and then again. 

So, this morning I received a wonderful email from Jean and Jim from Galt.  I called them right away and I mean everything feel into place.  They recently lost two 17 year old dogs and their little dog Blue who is 15 years old was pretty lonely.  Not to mention Jean and Jim had empty spots in their heart and wanted to help these two have a loving home.  So, Tipsy and Lucy were dropped off early this evening and then Jean and Jim and Blue made a trip her to meet.  They all feel in love and I already had my car packed with their belongings and then they left and we soon followed to their house in Galt.

We got things unloaded and the dogs started to make themselves right at home.  This is going to be perfect for both dogs.  Jean and Jim used to breed Maltese and Maltese/Poms so they know a lot about this breed of dogs.  When I left the house Jim had both dogs sitting on his lap.  How special!

Remember the financial support funds that were set aside for the dogs.  Well, Jim and Jean didn't want to receive the funds and wanted them to go to Poke-A-Dot's.  The family also helped out with a big supply of the medicine that Tipsy is on for her heart.  Thank you so much!  Jean and Jim are familiar with dealing with heart issues.  I can't begin to thank Sarah and her family and especially her Aunt Nancy.  Aunt Nancy would be so proud of her niece Sarah! 

A very special thank you to Julia for referring Sarah to us.  Wow!  What a day and I am ready for bed, but I so wanted to get this story finished and posted.

Today has been a day of giving love and receiving love...Thanks everyone!

August 29, 2020

Mary reached out to me some time ago in search for her perfect companion.  When she came to meet Kona she knew Kona was the perfect one.  So, we made plans for the following week that I would bring her up to her house in Elk Grove.  I didn't want to have Kona leave before Sunday because the two girls loved to play with each other and Kona helped Sunday come out of her shy shell when she first came to us.  It actually worked out perfect because Kona and Sunday both got adopted on the same day. 

We stopped at Kona's new house first and Kona walked in and made herself right at home!  She's going to be loved so very much by her new mama.  She slept all night right next to her in bed all snuggled in safe and sound.

Kona was originally a stray in Stockton and a really nice family took her in an loved her while looking for her home.  They had no luck and reached out to my friend Paula.  Then Paula asked me if I was interested and then Kona joined Poke-A-Dot's.  Thank you for caring so much and for all the love you shared with her!

Thank you so much Mary for opening up your heart and home to Kona.  May God bless you both so very much!

Well, this was FAST and AWESOME!!! I just got a text from June saying she was going to be a foster failure and asking for FiFi's hand in adoption. No thinking on my part...SO, FIFI IS HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

FiFi’s previous owner came in Lodi Vet and in a nut shell wanted to put FiFi to sleep because of a growth on her foot. After examining her the Vet said she could not put her to sleep. (Her toe nail was so overgrown it created an issue on her foot. Trimming the way too long toenails and an antibiotic and she’s on the mend.) So after telling her again she wasn’t going to put her to sleep the lady surrendered her to Lodi Vet. She’s been staying with McKenzie’s sister but her family is too busy for this little one and gone from the house too long. So, McKenzie reached out to us for help.

She's now with her new mama who’s going to foster her until we find a wonderful new home for FiFi. June recently fostered Buddy and now she’s ready to share some love with a dog who deserves so much more! Today, she's had her out for a little walk, introduced her to her dogs, played a bunch with her and now FiFi is fast asleep under her blanket. Thank you so much June! I am so thankful God put you into our lives to touch special dogs in need.

FiFi is 10-12 years old and in good shape. This is why the Dr could not put her down. Sweet and loving and knows the doggie door.

Thank you to the staff at Lodi Vet for caring so much!!!

December 20, 2020

Great things to those who wait!  Baby and FeFe are in their new home just in time for Christmas!!!  Elise their new mama reached out to Poke-A-Dot's and after speaking to her, I just knew this was going to be the perfect home for them.  Elise and her mom Kate took a drive to meet them last week and they really feel in love with them.  FeFe had a few skin tags that were driving him crazy and I really wanted to get them taken off.  Thank you to Dr. Casey from Lodi Vet for working him in at the last moment.  Another 10 days with his inner tube around his neck and then he'll be free from his necklace.  Both of these dogs have been a pure pleasure to have and to help. 

Yesterday when we got to their new home in San Jose, CA., they both hit the backyard with a pee and poop and then they started to make themselves right at home.  It was like they'd been there forever which is the final goal.  Thank you so much Elise and family for all your love!!!  I'm beyond happy for these two special dogs. 

Baby and FeFe, thank you so much for being such awesome dogs while you were at Poke-A-Dot's.  My promise to you became reality!

The following is their back story for those of you who haven't read it...

October 14, 2020

I've been praying all day whether or not to share, but there is so much kindness involved and a very valuable lesson that I have to share this story from my heart.  So, here it goes...

Tuesday 6pm October 13, 2020

My phone rings while I am eating dinner.  Person on the phone says "Are you missing your Poodle?"  Well, those of you who know me, that's a real loaded question!  I asked the young lady where the dog was located at?  She replied with very close to I-5 in Los Banos.  She has a tag that says Pokeadot's Rescue and this phone number as well as one more.  I said that's one of my dogs that's been adopted out.  She told me her husband jumped out of their car as the dog almost got hit not by one semi truck, but by two on them!  He was able to secure her and she didn't seem like she was injured. 

They were on their way from Turlock to pick up one of their children about 80 miles south from where they rescued the dog.  So, we agreed they would take the dog on their road trip and they would be back home in Turlock by 10pm.  So, in the meantime I was having a heart attack thinking of all sorts of issues that could be attached.  I started looking thru my website diaries of adopted dogs, and I couldn't pin point it and those of you who know me well, it was driving me nuts.  I started calling and texting people and making sure their "white Poodle" was accounted for.  All of this turned out to be a dead end.

So, my friend Deanne said she'd ride down to Turlock with me.  The young lady Mayra and her husband Mauricio as well as their children, Amayah, Victoria, Amaziah and Ezmiah all greated us at the door.  What a wonderful family.  I explained to them that people call me an angel for what I do to help these dogs.  Well, tonight you guys are all angels and I said the world needs more people like all of you in it who truly care.  I gave them a card with $100 of my personal money as a token of appreciation for what they did.  One the way home in the car the kids started calling her Baby.  (Turns out that is her name.)

Well, we loaded her up into my van and then I scanned her so I could resolve this interesting mystery.  I was scared her family had been in a car wreck.  In June of 2019 we took in 2 dogs who were surrendered to us by their owners...FiFi and Baby (pronounded BeBe).  They were involved in a family situation and felt like the dogs would be better in a new home.  So, we took them in.  My friend Janice who has Country Road Rescue in Modesto helped me and went to their house as they speak Portuguese.  Janice got the dogs and then I drove to her place in Modesto and picked them up.  Janise is a wonderful gal and she was a total blessing to be able to offer me her help.  They were extremely sad and about 3 weeks went by and the lady's sister reached out to me saying they made a big mistake and wanted the dogs back.  So, I did what I thought was best for the dogs and also to help the hearts of the people who surrendered them.  When they came to pick them up they were so happy.  Both the dogs and the people.

Well, this found dog turned out to be Baby!  So, I texted the sister at midnight when I got home and let her know I found the dog.  Yes, I don't think I feel asleep until 1 am...that's a really late night for me!  Well, she told me her sister (she lives in Turlock) gave the dogs away to a friend who lives in Los Banos because their situation needed help.  The people who had the dogs saw a car stop down the road and put Baby in and they thought they were stealing Baby.  I said absolutely not!  They saved her twice from getting ran over by two big semi trucks.  I asked her to check with her sister if I could keep Baby so she checked with her sister and she said yes.  Then I asked how long have they been at the new place?  One I asked the sister to ask if I could PLEASE come get Baby because they deserve to have each other.  So, yes was the answer.

So, my adopter June who's been a foster failure twice was going to Merced this morning.  She said she'd love to help and pick up FiFi.  So about noon she arrived and picked up FiFi.  I picked up FiFi from June's house and he climbed into Thelma's bed in the back of the van and off we went.  Baby and FiFi were so happy to see each other when I got FiFi home!!!

So, this whole story is packed with kindness to the moon and back.  To the family who stopped and showed kindness, you not only saved one dogs life but opened the doors to us helping FiFi too.  Your love, compassion and honesty will always be remembered.  To the sister who was in the middle communicating with the former owners, thank you for your kindness in helping get the dogs her again.  The former owners where only doing what they thought they had to do and my only regret is that they didn't remember to reach out to us again like I tried to explain to her.  Thank God she kept the collars and Poke-A-Dot's tags on both dogs.  This little tag made it so easy for the finders to call.  The dogs were also chipped by me, and we had arrangements they would just stay in the Poke-A-Dot's account when they took the dogs back home.  And, Deanne and June, thanks so much for helping me with these precious two dogs.  Both of you are amazing, kind and loving people and my life is so blessed with your presence. 

So, this is why I wanted to share this story because we should always choose kindness and love and try to find the good in every situation.  Thank you to all who let your love shine bright to help Baby and FiFi.

Now, if you have a dog whether or not it's a Poke-A-Dot's dog or not, ALWAYS KEEP A ID TAG ON HIM/HER/THEM!  I'm so thankful Baby had the Poke-A-Dot tag on.  Second defense would have been the chip that was registered to Poke-A-Dot's but it never came to that because it was easy for the finder.  And, remember a little kindness goes a long way and will never, ever be forgotten.

Here's the type of home we're looking for them...Quiet home with maybe retired people.  People who are home a lot because these two dogs have so much love to give.  They're very quiet dogs, housebroken, and in good shape.  FiFi is a male, about 15 pounds and Baby is a female, about 10 pounds.  Both dogs stole a piece of my heart when they were here the first time and well now they've got the whole thing.  Baby is 10 years old and FiFi is 8.  If you're interested in adopting them please visit or you may also call me Sheri at 209 603-5866.

Thanks again everyone involved from the very bottom of my heart!

Baby and FiFi, welcome back to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue with open arms wide open.  I promise you with my heart that you both will find the perfect home and until then you're home with Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.

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December 1, 2020

Well, Daisy packed up all her goodies and headed home to Grass Valley with her new mama Pam.  I've been working on selecting a perfect home for her for a couple of weeks and I really wanted to find a similar living situation to the first home we placed Daisy in.  So, tonight she and her new mama will spend their first night together.

Thank you so much Pam for opening your heart and home to our very precious Mama Daisy.  I can't wait to come up in a couple of weeks and visit her in her new home.  Daisy thank you for being the best dog ever while you were with us!!!

Daisy's back story...she was the 4th dog of 4 dogs from a family in Lodi who needed to be placed in a new home and we said we would help.  She was pregnant at the time we picked her up, she delivered a boy and a girl but they only lived for less than two days.  They're in Heaven.

Jan. 19, 2020

Willie Jr who I we named after my stepmoms dog Willie now has a new home!  He moved in with Leilani and Bill who life in Stockton.  They lost their companion and wanted to help Willie feel loved and invited him to join their family.  When they came to meet Willie Jr. I knew it was only a matter of days before I was going to have to put Willie Sr. to sleep.  They were very understanding of what was going on.  I introduced them to Willie Sr. first so they could meet the dog I named Willie Jr. after. 

It was love!  He jumped in their arms and that was it!  So Sunday was going to be the big moving day.  Willie and I packed up his things and drove to Stockton.  He's such a great little boy!  We're so excited because Leilani and Bill are going to keep his name Willie.

The following day on Monday we had to say goodbye to Willie Sr.  However, his spirit will live on thru so many people who loved and cared for him.  Plus his name will live on thru Willie Jr.

Thanks to both Willie's for being the best boys ever!!!

And Leilani and Bill have a great time getting to know your precious boy.  He's going to enjoy you both very much and he'll never have to worry about being homeless again.

Archie and Jelly Bean are home sweet home!

November 1, 2020

Popeye has a new home with his new mom Kari in Woodland, CA.  She reached out to us and she's going to be the perfect mom for Popeye.  Popeye is going to enjoy lots of walks and being in a home with someone who won't let him run all over the streets of town.  He and his buddy Olive Oil were both found as strays.  (Short version of the long story)   We agreed to take them both in and help them.

Officer Jordan from the Lodi Animal Services went to their former home and convinced their previous family to surrender both dogs.  This was their third time out on run around the town and they both had never been spayed or neutered. 

So, they both went to get groomed and came home to Pokeadot's.  They both were very good dogs.  They both completed their vetting and originally I thought to adopt them together, but then they changed my mind.  We had two amazing adopters come forward and it all worked out perfect.

So, Popeye who will probably go by Pops in settling in very nice after a very busy day.  Thank you Kari for opening up your heart and home to Pops!  And, Jordan thank you for being the reason these dogs have a new life!!!

December 2, 2020

Today was one special day!  Sugar and Brownie are in there new home.  When I brought them into Poke-A-Dot's I was prepared to have them for a long time.  You see they are both 15 years old and brothers.  They've been together their whole life.  Their former dad passed away and the family reached out for help.  So, I stopped by to meet them one day in Elk Grove after adopting Brownie and Dottie the two Jack Russel Terriers.  My heart stopped when I saw them.  The looked up at me with their sweet eyes and that's all it took.  I loaded them up in a crate in my van and that was the beginning of a very special relationship. 

These two boys are so easy going.  Combined they're like not having a dog.  They are so perfect!!!  They helped some of our other additions adjust and they were the perfect roommates.  They saw a few dogs come and then get adopted.  I really thought they would be with us forever and that was perfectly fine.

Well, about 4 days ago I received a lovely email from Kris wanting to adopt this two precious seniors.  She lost a dog recently and she and her current dog Riley had a hole in their hearts.  Kris is a retired nurse so caring for seniors is right up her alley.  She is ever so kind and loving and all about the dogs! 

So, we picked today and I packed them up along with Thelma of course and we headed to Benicia.  When we walked into Kris's they made themselves right at home and she loved them.  I am so thankful for the precious, loving heart that Kris has.  She will be perfect for them, and they'll be perfect for her. 

This week was a very special week for senior dogs at Poke-A-Dot's.  Speaking of seniors, Betty White started it all for Poke-A-Dot's.  Betty was about 14 when we took her in and we a beyond wonderful lady Gloria reached out to us one day and said she wanted to adopt Betty White.  That opened up a whole new door for Poke-A-Dot's to travel thru.  And, Gloria is so much a part of my life and she's become a special part of our Poke-A-Dot's family.  Betty had about a year with Gloria...the best year of her life.  There are so many other doggies like Betty White, Brownie, Snow and Tipsy out there that need help.  Thank you dear Betty White for opening up our eyes to the senior dogs.  They totally rock!!!

Kris, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for offering these boys a new life with you.  May God bless you and your babies so very much!!!

August 5, 2020

Little Miss Tia who was formally Ethel is in her new home with her new mama in Ashland, Oregon.  My friend Deanne who volunteers at the Lodi Shelter is good friends Judy's daughter who lives in Southern California.  Deanne rode with Thelma and I yesterday to Oregon and back in the same day.  It was so perfect!  There was no traffic, weather was so beautiful, and the company was awesome!

When we arrived about 9:30 am, Judy was so excited to finally get to meet her.  We've had this planned for over two weeks.  Tia got used to the house and made herself right at home.  Judy fixed a wonderful lunch for Deanne and I.  Then we played with Tia, took some photos and when Tia was comfortable on the couch, we snuck out the door and headed back.

Tia was originally at the Lodi Shelter.  She came in with another Chihuahua that the shelter named Lucy.  Lucy got adopted.  My birthday was on July 10th and I was feeling very overwhelmed in a godd way from all the donations I received for birthday gifts.  So, I decided what I really wanted for my birthday was to save a dog!  So I called Jennifer at the Lodi Shelter and asked her if there was a special dog who could come home with me?  She said Ethel!  So, I went and meet her.  She was a little scared but she warmed up to me and off we went. 

Couple days later, Deanne and I spoke and she told me about Judy who was looking for a companion.  So, I called her and the rest is history.

Thanks Judy for opening your heart and home to Tia.  Jennifer thank you for letting me pull the best birthday gift I could of received.  Deanne, thanks for your place in helping this special little one find a new home and thanks so much for accompanying Thelma and I on the trip to Oregon and back.  You're a wonderful person Deanne!

Mo Mo moved in just in time for Christmas with his awesome new family!  Last week a wonderful family reached out to us in regards to adopting Mo Mo.  They came yesterday (Christmas Eve) to meet him.  Lily and her two daughters Mia and Ava came with her.  Mo Mo was very happy to meet them and likewise.  It was a wonderful time and I could tell they all wanted to take him back home.  I normally like to bring the dog into the new home myself but I felt beyond comfortable letting Mo Mo go on his own.  We packed his bags, and I loaned them a crate for the car and off they went.  Darrell and I were going up to my Uncle and Aunts house in Granite Bay and I told them we could stop by their house in Rocklin and pick it up. Then  I could see how Mo Mo was fitting in.

Oh my goodness!  When I walked in, he was right at home with his new family.  In his previous family he had two little girls and now he has two girls who are a little older.  He's also has a big brother a lab named George.  He's a very kicked back dog and Mo Mo and George became friends really fast.  Lily and her husband Adam, Mia, Ava, and George couldn't be happier.  Oh, and they also have a little pet rabbit whose name is Willow and she's a sweetheart!

Mo Mo came to Poke-A-Dot's because his mama was going thru a divorce and had to move out of her house.  There aren't a lot of rental homes available who would take 3 dogs and 2 cats.  So, I said I would help her with Mo Mo and my good friend Jill with True Love Rescue is helping find a home for her Husky Halo.  Halo will be going to her new home next week.  Her other dog went with another friend of hers.  I know this young lady didn't want to have to give up her dogs.  I'm blessed that she reached out to me for help with Mo Mo. Thank you for trusting Poke-A-Dot's!

Thank you so much Lily and Adam and family for opening up your heart and home to Mo Mo.  I was so happy last night after leaving you house and it's always exciting at Christmas time to be able to deliver a dog to their new home!  Mo Mo thanks for being such a marvelous boy while you were here and thanks for showing Moo Moo and Mary the ropes at Poke-A-Dot's Rescue. 


May 16, 2020

I've been so excited to finally get to write this story up.  ROCKY IS HOME!!!  Rocky was part of the Lavern and Shirley trio.  I originally adopted Lavern and Shirley to a wonderful senior lady in San Rafael, CA on April 20, 2019.  At the end of August 2019 their mama Liz had a massive heart attach and she called 911 for her apt and Lavern and Shirley and Rocky their 9 year old brother watched the paramedics try to save her.  She ended up passing away at the hospital.  The family reached out to me the next day and I couldn't believe it.  I dropped everything and drove over to pick up the two girls and Rocky.  Rocky was such a good big brother to both girls.  I tried and tried so hard to place them in a home all together.  Well, about two months ago we found a beyond perfect home for the two girls.  I new in my heart Rocky would be fine because he was the solo dog with Liz for all his life.  The two girls have adjusted awesome.

I was beginning to think Rocky was going to be here forever until Julia reached out to us.  Actually, if I remember correctly my staff member at our business Marilyn mention that Julia was looking for another dog.  Her husband Bill and her had a Lab who recently passed away.  Bill had a stroke and is confined to a chair or a wheelchair.  He so wanted a little lap dog to be able to pet and love. 

So, last month Julia and I worked out a couple details and Rocky and I took a ride up to Ione.  Rocky was going on a trial run.  From day one, he was perfect!  Bill and Rocky get to spend lots of quality time together.  He also loves his new mama.  He also has Bill and Julia's daughter and son in law close by and their family of dogs to love.  Rocky loves going for walks on their property!

Rocky, I know your first mama Liz in up in Heaven with a huge smile on her face.  I can feel her presence all around you Rocky and I know she would approve of the families we choose for the three of you.  Enjoy your new family Rocky and always know you're the one and only Rocky!  Thank you so much Bill and Julia and family for promising to love Rocky.  This means so much to me and to his former mama.

April 25, 2020

Well, Calli packed her bags up and Darrell and I drove her to her new home with her new mom Mischa in Marina, CA.  Mischa has had 4 Golden Retrievers from True Love Rescue.  I have become very good friends with Jill and Lynn from True Love.  Jill lives about 4 miles from us and we're always doing something together that involves a dog or two or three.  Anyways, about a month ago Lynn mentioned that Mischa was looking for a smaller, maybe Poodle mix to adopt.  When Mischa saw Calli she just knew that was the perfect dog.  Mischa and I spoke a few times over the phone and we agreed to drive her to Marina. 

When we got to her house, Calli who now is going to be call Mouse walked right in.  She was pretty interested in what I was going to do.  Mischa has a small backyard and I volunteered to bring our weed whacker and blower and tidy up her yard for Mouse.  Oh, did I mention Mischa has orange wing Amazon named Harvey.  His 45 years old!!!  Wow! 

After Darrell and I left Mouse whined for a little while and then she soon settled down and got lots of pets and loves from her new mama.  Mouse came from a single dad and he had a two year old son who tried to hurt the dog several times and one time Mouse snapped back.  She had enough of that stuff.  So, he told me he went all around Sonora where he was from and nobody would let him surrender her.  So, then he came to Lodi.  He got the same results.  One person at the Lodi Shelter referred him to us.  I received and email that said...Poodle she need to be gone today!  I have never received one like that before, so I called the number back.  He was in a state of panic and literally said is he can't leave her with someone today that he was going to drop her off in a park and leave.  I told him NOT TO DO THAT!  I grabbed Darrell and we jumped into the car and meet up with him.  When I saw her I just knew we needed to be her saving grace.  He passed her over to us, signed some paperwork, and off we went. 

My friend Jeweline volunteered to clean her up for us and she loved staying with Princess and Oreo, but her favorite was loving me!  She's a total love bug!  She even gave me a tattoo for a week.  I was sitting on a toddle bed trying to give the others attention too, and she took her paw that was sharp trying to get my hand for pets and she got my face.  It was pretty noticeable, but that was more than ok in my book!

Mischa, thank you so much for opening up your heart and home to Mouse.  I know you both were meant for each other.  I know God placed Mouse in my life for this very reason.  Jill and Lynn, thank you both so very much for your part in Mischa's and Mouse's future.  You both are near and dear to so many people's and dog's hearts!!!

Mouse, thank you so much for being such a good little girl.  Princess and Oreo say hi and next time we're down your way we'll come by for a visit.

On our way back home, we stopped by for a real quick hello in Hollister.  Jasmine who adopted Spotty and Lucy about a year ago had some doggie goodies to donate to Poke-A-Dot's.  Oh my goodness we got lots of awesome things!  Thank you so much!  You are your hubby are wonderful doggie parents and I am so proud to have you both in our Poke-A-Dot's family.  I could tell Spotty and Lucy rule the house! 

Thanks again to all who made this possible and Mouse always remember you'll never have to look backwards and you'll never have any worries anymore.  You're LOVED!!!

March 8, 2020

Miss Cookie is in her new home!  She recently joined the Poke-A-Dot's family.  Her former family had too many dogs and they needed to find a new home for her.  They reached out to my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton and Manteca.  Her daughter from the Manteca store took her in and then I came and picked her up.  She's a very sweet little girl and she's going to love her new home. 

She backed her bags today with a little of help and we took a drive over to Petaluma.  Her new family consists of her new dad Joe and her mom Holly.  Her new husband as Holly calls him is Oscar.  They had previously lost a special family member and wanted to help out a dog in need.  Holly has been an avid follower of Poke-A-Dot's Rescue on our Facebook Page for a very long time.  She saw our dog Maggie and was interested but I already had a comittment for her.  The next day little Cookie literally fell out of the sky. 

They had a few things on their calendar and I kept her for about an extra week.  She was such a good girl and I just love her face and her loving personality.

Thank you so much Holly and Joe for reaching out to us and for opening up your hearts and home to Cookie.  She and Oscar and going to love each other!

And of course thank you to Jeweline and her daughter for all of their love!

November 28, 2020

Lucy is home sweet home tonight with her new mama Debbie.  Debbie reached out to me about two weeks ago and we set up a meet and greet and she feel in love with Lucy.  Then I brought Lucy over to Debbies house for a brief introduction to one of her friends dog Ava. 

Lucy came to us from the Lodi Animal Shelter.  A family from Lodi found her in Rio Vista at a gas station.  The Lodi Shelter agreed to take her in and she had a chip.  The shelter was not able to get in contact with the person registered on her chip.  So, I said she could come to Poke-A-Dot's.  She's a very sweet little girl and she ended up in really good hands.  While she was at Poke-A-Dot's she enjoyed Daisy and our two 15 year old boys Sugar and Brownie. 

Lucy and her new mama live in Woodbridge...hurray another local dog for me to visit!  One of my favorite things to do after they're all settled into their new homes.

Lucy, thanks for being a wonderful little girl while you were visiting Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  And, Debbie thank you for being the newest addition to the Poke-A-Dot's family and for having a beyond beautiful heart. 

July 2, 2020

Cowboy who is now Ducky is doing wonderful in his new home with his new dad and mom.  Paul and Alonna and their dog Gibbs welcomed Ducky on Thursday to his new home in Linden.  He also has 2 kitty cats to call his own too.  I have known Alonna and Paul for about 4 years.  They're so compassionate and giving to Poke-A-Dot's.  We wouldn't be where we are today without their love and support.  You both are awesome people we're blessed to call you our friends and now you're officially Poke-A-Dot family members.

About four months ago, they lost two of their senior dogs within a couple months of each other.  They adopted Gibbs about a month ago from another rescue.  When they meet Ducky, their hearts knew he was the one to add to their family!

I have a friend Jeannie who lives in Alabama and she was recently diagnosed with cancer thru pretty much her whole body.  It all came on very suddenly.  She actually passed away today with her boyfriend Joe at her side.  When we pulled this dog from the shelter, I really wanted to honor Jeannie and her former dog Cowboy.  Now, Jeannie and Cowboy are running free up in Heaven.

Paul and Alonna, thank you so much for all the love you have to give!  Enjoy Ducky and may you have many, many years ahead with Gibbs and Ducky and the cats!

July 24, 2020

Lullaby and Treasure completed their journey from Huntsville new loving home in Athens, New York.  This one hit home in my heart because Jeannie was a friend of ours and our ties to each other go way back.  Darrell and I used to have mini Dals before we started our rescue.  We're still very close with a lot of people.  I am going to leave out all of the detail because if I don't this will be about 10 pages long.  You can always read the whole story on our Facebook page.

 About two months ago Jeannie who was Lullaby and Treasure's mama was experiencing something uncomfortable going on with her legs.  Her wonderful long time boyfriend Joe took her to the hospital.  Long story short, she had cancer, plus a brain tumor all of which were fast growing.  All of this took towards the end of June and into July.  On July 4, 2020 Jeannie went home to be with the Lord. 

 She left behind two dearly loved dogs, Lullaby and Treasure as well has her boyfriend Joe.  Joe has been such a wonderful man of God thru all of this.  I have the utmost respect for everything that he did for Jeannie.  Thank God the hospital allowed him to be with her thru her time there.  When this all happened the dogs went to a kennel where they'd been before.  I told Joe for their well being to see if he could find them a foster home.  A really nice gal by the name of Amy kept them for a week and then he found Judith who was able to be a long term foster.  Both ladies really helped the dogs so much and I sincerely thank you. 

 Joe knew he was not going to be able to keep the dogs.  However, he did bring Jeannie's 2 cats to his house and they're doing great.  He figured out the family he wanted them to go to.  Wayne and Debbie from Athens, New York who also had ties to Joe and Jeannie.  This is where I was asked to get involved and help figure out how to get the dogs from Huntsville, AL to New York.  We were originally looking at flying.  We're on board with Delta Rescue which are airplane workers, both retired and active that donate their time to fly dogs to their new homes in the cabin of the plane.  Well, because of limited flights in and out and the virus it made it almost impossible to do this.

 So, the coordinator who I spoke to referred me to a rescue transportation company.  So, Thursday July 3, Judith left Huntsville and meet up with Damaris who is in out mini Dal group and lives close to Atlanta.  They transferred the girls and then Damaris drove back home.  Within an hour Sandy from the transport company picked the girls up and drove back to her house about 2 hours closer to New York.  That evening Sandy got a call the transport had a snag in it.  So, Sandy called me to let me know and she and her husband said they'd bring the girls up to New York.  What a blessing!!!  So, the girls got to ride in a car in the backseat with blankets and fresh sandwiches.  (Yes, they got into them!  Hahaha)  So, Sandy and her husband Bobby had the girls at their house Thursday evening.  They got up and left about 8 am and arrived in New York at the meet up location about 10-11pm.  Everything worked out perfectly.  I got to join the meet up via Facetime and I had happy tears knowing that my friend Jeannie who I made a promise to one day that if anything ever happened to her I would always be there for the dogs is up in Heaven with a hug smile on her face.  She used to call Darrell and I Auntie Sheri and Uncle Darrell.  Darrell always had eyes for Lullaby because she reminded him of his little Peanut.

Lullaby and Treasure are adjusting awesome.  I've been calling a couple times a day and checking in with Debbie and Wayne.  They love their new doggie brothers, they've figured how to run in and out the doggie door, how to get treats, and they love to snuggle with their new mom and dad.  What more could you ask for?

I would like to take a moment and thank special people who made this all come together.  First and foremost is God.  He guided all of us involved and provided the direction in everything.  Secondly to Joe.  You're one of the most special men in the world.  Your love and compassion for Jeannie and her two girls is totally awesome!  Thank you for having faith in us and in Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Amy, thank you for taking in the girls so they could get out of the kennel.  Judith thank you for making your home into their home while they were with you.  Thank you for getting the supplies they needed and for driving them back and forth to the Vets and for driving the girls on the transport day.  Rebecca from Miniature Dalmatians, thank you so much for all of your help and support.  Thank you for all the integrity and love you have in your heart.  Damaris, thank you for driving and picking up the girls from Judith and letting them hang out at your place even though it was for just a short time.  Erica from Delta Rescue, thank you for the referral because Sandy and her husband Bobby were found.  Thank you to Berry Animal Hospital for your wonderful communication with Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Your office staff was amazing and I know you all loved both girls very much.  Thank you our transport drivers, Sandy and Bobby for treating these girls like they were your own and thank you for providing Poke-A-Dot's Rescue a much needed service of transporting these two girls.  And, that leads me to Wayne and Debbie.  Thank you for reaching your hearts out to Joe and for providing the best loving home for them.  Our friendship, love and support we have for one another means the world to Darrell and I.  We're so blessed to have been given the opportunity to help with this process.

Over the years the Mini Dal Group has had gatherings and the first one was actually at our house about 15 years ago.  Time sure flies.  They've had raffles and then the money collected has gone to dog rescues.  Poke-A-Dot Rescue has been included several times.  This is the second pair of dogs we've been able to help in this amazing group.  The first set of dogs actually ended up in a shelter and we were able to pull the dogs to safety and we placed them in a new home.  Now, being able to help Jeannie, Lullaby and Treasure we feel so honored. Thank you to all of the people who made donations on behalf of Jeannie.  We received about $500.00 in donations that came from friends of Joe and Jeannie's as well as some of out Poke-A-Dot Rescue friends.  All of this money was used towards the dogs.  Plus Poke-A-Dot's Rescue covered some vetting that needed to be done before they were transported and well as additional transportation coverage.  Thank you all for having faith in us!!!

God, please watch over Joe and Jeannie's cats and surround him with love and always guide and direct him.  Let Him feel all of our love and the love of so many wonderful people who call him a friend/family.  We all love you Joe!

Jeannie, I hope you're sitting on a bench in Heaven with your bubble machine making bubbles for Cowboy and all the other dogs in Heaven and I can see your radiating smile on your face and peace in your heart.



February 24, 2020

Captain is home!!!  And his new mama Judy has him at the center of her heart now!  Judy just recently lost her husband and she really wanted to adopt a special little companion.  Judy stopped by the Lodi Shelter last week and feel in love with Captain.  One of the volunteers Suzanne referred Judy to Poke-A-Dot's.  She called me from the shelter and I was actually on my way to the shelter to see if I could pull Captain and have him join Poke-A-Dot's.  So, this is what happened...I pulled Captain, took him down the street to AA Groomers to get a good bath and groom and then he stay with us until today when he went to Lodi Vet for his neuter. 

Judy came out a couple times to visit with him while he got to relax from shelter life.  He was a frequent flyer at the shelter and he had an issue with his right eye.  I was pretty happy when our Vet's office called me today and told me they found a nasty foxtail in his eye.  Now with a few days of treatment, it should heal up and not leak out gunk. 

Captain is going to love his new mama and his new home.  I just got an update and he was following Judy all around the house.  He's still pretty mellow from his surgery.  Judy, thank you so much for wanting to adopt a dog who really needed a new and secure home.  He'll never have to worry about being unwanted ever again.  Thank you for all the love you and all your family members will be giving to Cappy.  Oh, and did I mention we have another local adoption?  Cappy and Judy live in Lodi, so I can't wait to go and visit him when he's all adjusted. 

Cappy, thank you so much for being such a wonderful boy this past week you were with us.  May God watch over you and your new mom always!

November 27, 2020

Today I meet an angel!!!  Trixie's new angel mama Adela.  She and I had been speaking and she really wanted to adopt a special senior and offer her a wonderful loving home.  It was really important to adopt a dog that was going to be had to place.  Well, that had Trixie's name all over it.  She came this morning and feel in love with her, and her story and her needs.

So, this afternoon Trixie and I packed up all her toys, blankets and the best of all her treats and we took a short drive to her new house in Stockton.  It's going to be so perfect.  Nice and quiet for her to continue coming out of her shell.

You see, Trixie was living on the street for about a month that we know of.  She staked out Vinewood School/Vinewood Dog Park as her home.  She played hide and go seek with Officer Jordan from Lodi Animal Shelter.  Well, one day he out tricked her and was able to catch her.  She also had so many faithful and loving people feeding her, but she didn't want to trust anyone.

I went to the Lodi Animal Shelter to pull another dog that was in her kennel.  Of course I asked what her story was and during the time I was hearing it, Trixie was staring at me begging for me to help her!  Well, I knew I just had to help her.  She wouldn't let anyone near her with trying to snap.  I got the one dog I was pulling all settled in and then came back the next day to get Trixie.  She served her stay hold at our place to it would be a lot better for her.  I personally couldn't do anything to her.  I just let her be herself.  Slowly but surely her walls started to drop.  The other dogs taught her the ropes.  She was vetted and then she kept making small improvements. 

A lot of her friends have come and offered her visits and lots of love.  I now can pick her up about 50% of the time without her snapping.  When I am sitting down, she'll jump up on my lap and give kisses.  Oh my gosh she'll do anything for a treat!  She's made so many improvements and I am so thankful.  I really thought we may have her forever.

I've probably meet about 5 people over the last 6 years like Adela.  I am so happy for Trixie!  Thank you so much Adela for the heart you have inside of yourself.  Thank you for all the emotions you shared with Trixie and I today.  You're truly an angel and I thank you so very much.

May God always watch over you and this precious little girl.

Thank you to Officer Jordan for never giving up.  Thank you Officer Jennifer and Officer Jordan and the staff at the shelter and all the amazing volunteers for always trusting Poke-A-Dot's to partner with you and do what's best for all of these wonderful dogs. 

October 6, 2020

It's a HAPPY DAY!  Happy is in her new home and I am so jealous!!!  My friend Deanne who volunteers at the Lodi Shelter road with me today to Happy's new home in Santa Cruz.  She also recently took another road trip to Ashland, Oregon.  First stop was in Saratoga to visit with Lincoln and his family who lost their home in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Oh my gosh, Lincoln was so excited to see me.  Mike and Ashley said he normally doesn't get that excited so they said I was extra special to him.  He went outside and got the zoomies!  Lincoln received some more dog food and Lincoln wanted me to thank all of the people who made a donation to get him the things he needs for his daily life.  The family moved from the hotel into a rental house and I could see all of Lincolns things around for him.  So, thank you so much from the bottom of Lincoln's heart and also from his family!

Now, back to Happy's story.  We arrived to Happy's new house about 10:30 am.  His new mom and dad Debra and Al couldn't hardly wait to meet Happy.  Debra reached out to Poke-A-Dot's because a friend of hers whose name is Jeannine referred her.  She told Debra another friend of hers Alexia adopted a little Poodle from us and was extremely happy with us.  Well, that Alexis is Ash's mama and he's the little boy who were having the fundraiser for his broken leg that he just had surgery for last week.  What a small world.  So, because of the little Toy Poodle who we saved a year ago, now little Happy has her new wonder home. 

Debra and Al were looking for an older dog short haired dog, but we didn't have an older one.  We did Face Time on our phones and I introduced them to Happy.  They really loved her and I said I'd be more than happy to deliver her since I had some other adventures to do in their area.  Well, the neighbors needed to install a new fence so we had to put it off a couple weeks.  So today was the day!  What wonderful people!  I can tell they're going to love Happy and Happy is going to love her new home.  She will always have a part of my heart inside of hers.  I was born and raised until 12 years old in Santa Cruz so whenever I go there it's my second home.

After we got Happy settled in, Deanne and I walked around a little bit by the lighthouse by the boardwalk.  My dad used to take me their when I was younger and he'd talk to all the sea lions on sea lion rock.  Did I mention Thelma got to go and she loved our little walk.  Lots of doggie smells so her nose got to go for a walk too.  Then we drove over to Capitola to one of our favorite restaurants Dharma's for lunch.  Then we headed home to bet some of the traffic.

Debra and Al, thank you so much for opening up your home and hearts to Happy.  She's a very special dog who I am so glad I feel in love with at the Lodi Shelter.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Lodi Shelter for loving Happy while she was there visiting.   

Happy, thank you so much for being such an amazing little girl helping Trixie adjust.  Cotton Ball and Webster send their love to you and we all pray that God will bless you so very much and your new wonderful family. 

Here are some other special photos from this special day!  And, thanks Deanne for coming with Thelma and I!!!

Jan. 18, 2020

Georgia, the Shih Tzu is in her new home with her new mom and dad Diane and Randy and her new little sister Zooey in El Dorado Hills.  Georgia was a stray in pretty rough outward appearance.  She was found by one of our groomers.  No owner was located so she joined the Poke-A-Dot's crew.  What a wonderful dog! 

I named Georgia after a dear friend of mine who passed away last year of a brain tumor.  She was such a happy go lucky person and when I meet this precious dog the name of Georgia came to me.  Perfect fit.  Diane and Randy and going to call her G.G. for short.  I'm so happy their keeping her name.

She's going to have a wonderful new life and will never have to worry about anything ever again.

Thank you Diane and Randy for coming into Georgia's life and loving her forever!!!

May 19, 2020

About two months ago, Jane reached out to use and really wanted to adopt a precious little one.  At that time we didn't have any available dogs.  Jane called me last week to check in.  I told her we had just gotten Honey and Miss Yorkie into Pokeadot's.  She beat me to the phone call!  They came over to meet them and you could just see it in their eyes they really had a hole in their hearts.  I showed them a photo of another dog we were getting the next day.  Mind you the dog in the photo was a mess.  Dirty and mats all over the place.  Jane's face lit right up.  So, the day after I got the new cleaned up little girl, she and I took a ride her over to Jane and Lyle's house in Lodi for a meet n greet and she decided she was home!  Perfect match!!!  So, she stayed there and this week she had her vetting all done.  Now, she'll never have to worry about being a stray dog living on the streets ever again.  A very special thank you to all the great people who helped with Maggie.  She will never forget your compassion!

Lyle and Jane, welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family.  Both of you are wonderful additions and we're so very thankful to have you for Maggie's new dad and mom.

P.S.  Lyle makes some really cool looking bird houses and we're going to partner with him for a Poke-A-Dot fundraiser soon!

May 31, 2020

Our very special Miss Yorkie is now Bella and she's doing awesome in her new home.  We adopted her out to a couple in Dixon, but she had to come back because she needed to be the only dog.  I was bummed a little that she couldn't learn to share attention with another dog.  However, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and God will always provide another perfect family.  This time it was the beyond perfect home!

I received a phone call from a gal by the name of Danielle.  I meet her a long time ago when I pulled a dog from the Oakdale Shelter.  She told me her grandparents were looking for another dog and they recently lost one.  Both of them wanted to help out a dog who needed a home and her grandma's lap!  So, I just happened to be up in Sacramento when I was speaking to her and I drove to their house in Orangeville to meet them.  Oh my gosh, I knew Miss Yorkie would love them and their home.  So, the next day on Sunday, Miss Yorkie and I packed her backpack and drove back up to Orangeville and she got to meet her new mom and dad.  They both loved her!!!   Her new name is going to be Bella.

I've gotten a couple updates from Ed her new dad and all is going great.  Danielle said Bella is doing great and her grandparents are so happy again to have a little dog in the house.

Bella, I'm going to miss you.  You reminded me of our old dog Hairball that we lost a few years ago.  Bella, enjoy your new home and I'll be up to visit you soon.  Thank you Ed and Dorothy for opening up your hearts and home for Bella!!!

February 3, 2020

Our dear sweet Curly now has a wonderful new home.  His new name is going to be Charlie.  His new mama Jamie, the middle gal in the photo reached out to us wanting to offer a new home to Charlie.  What a wonderful family who is all about helping rescue doggies.  Jamie lives with her mom and sister and all three of them love dogs.  Charlie is about 11 years old, and I am so proud to have this family join our Pokeadot's family.  They love the seniors!!!

Charlies new home is in the Sacramento area and he's doing really good settling in.

Thank you Jamie and family for loving Charlie!!!

March 26, 2020

Scrappy who was originally at the Lodi Shelter is happy and so much loved in his new home.  Scrappy's name is now Frank.  We pulled Frank from the Lodi Shelter the day after the shelter had to close due to the virus situation.  He went in a couple days later to our Vet for his vetting and then we started his search for a new home.

Heather and her husband Morgan reached out to us previously but it wasn't the right timing.  They had an ill dog and had to say goodbye.  So, they were ready to add another dog and fell in love with Scrappy.  They came to meet him and the we scheduled the best day for me to bring him to their house to move in.  He loves his new little brother Fred and he's got his very own human sister Rachel.  Rachel and Frank love to take walks together.

He's adjusted very nicely and the whole family loves him so much.  Thank you so much Heather, Morgan and Rachel for your opening your hearts and home to Frank.  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's Rescue family!!!

January 25, 2020

Our two precious brother and sister duo Ace and Macie are now in their new home and are doing absolutely fantastic!  They came to Poke-A-Dot's from a family who felt it was best to find them a new home due to several different reason of which I am not going to list.  This was best for the dogs.  So we agreed to bring them in to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  They were both very scared at first, but after about a week they started to adjust and then they were all over me and able to give and receive love.

I knew it was going to be hard to place them since they needed to be adopted together and then add the fact that they're 11 years old.  Well, God provided a wonderful family for them.  Venus and her husband Larry wanted to open their hearts and home to them.  Venus initially stopped by to meet them and the love happened right away.  The next evening I took them both over for a meet and greet with their other dog which is actually their sons dog Penelope and their kitty cat.  They both had no issues and made themselves right at home.  So, Venus and Larry came the next day to pick both dogs up and their bags of goodies and moved them into their place.  They've settled in very nicely.

Thank you so much Venus and Larry for your love, compassion and above all your gift for loving 2 older doggies.  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue welcomes you into our family and another great point is they live in Lodi so I'll get to visit! 

Ace and Macie, I love you both so very much and I am so happy for you both!  Hugs and kisses!

October 30, 2020

What a wonderful home that our little Jordan scored!  His new name is going to be Auzzie.  His new dad Lindsay is from Australia.  Lindsay and his wife Ruth contacted us last week.  They were ready to add a special rescued dog to their life.  They recently got married and both of them recently lost a dog. 

They both live in Eagle Point, Oregon.  They also have a home in Redding.  So, they left Eagle Point on Thursday morning and stayed the night in Redding.  Then they travel down this way to meet Auzzie Friday and see if there was a love spark.  Well, spark away!  He jumped up in their laps and that was it!  Oh and did I mention the kisses?  He sure had some for them!

We did a little paperwork, packed up his bags, and loaded him up in the car.  Lindsay and June are so happy with their new mate as they called him on the way to the car.  "Come on mate let's go for a ride."  They have been searching for a while for the perfect little one.  They had terrible luck with other rescues returning phone calls, emails, etc until they discovered Poke-A-Dot's.  To this day, I take what I do very seriously and I believe in good communication.  I am so happy the God brought them both in our lives and now they have a very special dog to love forever.

Auzzie was found as a stray dog, and we named him after Officer Jordan from Lodi Animal Services.  He's got a wonderful heart to help animals.  Thank you Officer Jordan for always going the extra mile!

Lindsay and Ruth, enjoy little Auzzie and may God always watch over all of you.  Thank you for reaching out to us and I personally would like to thank you for the hug you both gave me right before you left.  I really needed that so much so, I thank you!!!!!  You really touched my heart and Auzzie's heart in a very special way!

October 2, 2020

Casey who is now going to be named Beau is in his new home with Josh and Christina.  Hurray another dog in the Lodi area!!

Christina parent's adopted a dog who's name is Lucy from us last year.  Her parents are here in Lodi a few months out of the year and now Lucy is going to have a buddy to hang out with when she comes for a visit.  Christina saw this special dog on a facebook post and immediately reached out to me and then she and Josh came to meet him.  They knew he was the one!

Beau was originally found in Stockton as a stray.  No owner could be located so the original founder had to move into a place that didn't allow pets.  Tara offered to let Kobe (the original name Tara and family named him) join their family until a new home could be found.  Tara reached out to a friend Carolyn for suggestions and she referred her to Poke-A-Dot's.  So Tara called me and it just so happened I was going to be in at my friend Gloria's house in Stockton so I stopped by, meet Beau and he came home with me to begin his journey.  I was able to get him into our Vets for his vetting within a few days and now he's with his new awesome family! 

Thanks you so much Christina and Josh for your wonderful hearts.  I feel like because of Lucy, you're already Poke-A-Dot family members!  I'm so thankful Beau will be loved the rest of his life by you and Josh.  Thank you for your loving hearts!

And, Tara thank you for providing a wonderful home for this very special doggie!!!

May 15, 2020

Chloe was saved by a very special gal.  She almost got hit by several cars and eaten up by other stray dogs.  My friend Jill who has a Golden Retriever rescue told me she had a friend by the name of Linda who really wanted to foster a very small dog.  Well, when Chloe arrived, she only got to spend a couple hours with me if that.  I called Linda and off Chloe and I went to her house.  The minute she saw her it was "foster failure staring me right in the face.  For the past month or two, Chloe has never left Linda's side.  She's fit in good with her two cats and has a puppy next door that she loves to play with.  Linda, welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention this...Linda is a teacher and she knew of another family wanting to adopt 2 dogs.  April and Comet are happy in their homes because of Linda!  Thank you Linda for loving Chloe forever!  And, Jill thank you for your friendship and we always know we can always count on each other and always have the dogs interest first!

June 19, 2020

Gracie is home and loving her new family.  Jenny & Curnell and their daughter Aaliyah (she has Gracie on her lap) were our first adopters of our first puppy we had in rescue almost 4 years ago.  They named him Chewy and he's the large dog in the photo.  Well, they were ready to add to their family and little Gracie was the perfect dog.  Jenny and Aaliyah came down a week ago and meet and couldn't wait for her to join their family.  I didn't want to take her away from her buddy Becky until I had a possible family for Becky.  So, this past Friday, Gracie and I packed up her bags, got in the car and headed to Orangeville.  She walked in the house, went to the back yard, went potty and made herself right at home.  Everyone was so excited!

Thank you Jenny, Curnell and Aaliyah for opening your hearts and home for another Poke-A-Dot dog.  Chewy and Gracie will have lots of years of love, joy and happiness ahead of themselves together.  Thank you for giving Chewy and now Gracie the perfect family to call home. 


October 17, 2020

What a special day and a very special pup and her new mama Alexandra.  This special little girl we named Little Angel who is now going to be Parker was found by a wonderful caring lady by the name of Anna.  She was found about 3 blocks from our store in downtown Lodi.  Also spotted out running around loose was probably her mama and siblings.  The Lodi Shelter has been on the lookout for the others and I drive by everyday trying to bring them to safety.  Anna reached out to Pokeadot's for help and I came and picked up this little Angel.  Anna and family bathed her because she was covered in fleas from head to toe.  Plus when I got her home she got one more bath.  She was logged into the system at the Lodi Shelter and stayed with us until we could legally pull her. 

Alexandra was referred to us by her brother and sister-in-law Mauricio and Monica who adopted Luke.  Luke was the puppy from the family of 4 we helped which included Poncho, Maggie, and Mama Daisy.  Alexandra originally wanted to adopt one of Mama Daisy's puppies.  Unfortunately both of Mama Daisy's puppies only lived less than one day each.  It was so very sad for all of us.  Mama Daisy was spade about 2 weeks later and now she's in her very own home.

When we got this little Angel in, I thought she looked just like Mama Daisy's pups would of looked like and I thought Alexandra may be interested in the special little girl.  When I called and spoke to Alexandra she said yes!  So she came on Saturday to meet her and it was LOVE!

We packed up all of her things and they headed off to Parker's new home in San Francisco.  She's our third dog to make San Francisco their home.  Thank you Alexandra, Mauricio and Monica for your loving hearts and most importantly for making a commitment to love Parker and Luke forever! 

A very special thank you to Anna for your compassion to help this little Angel Parker. 

And, Parker thank you so much for being such a great little puppy for us while you were here.  Can't wait to get updates on you as you grow up.  Hugs and love to all!

August 29, 2020

Our double adoption day concluded when Sunday arrived at her new home in Fair Oaks which is close to Sacramento.  Sunday joined Micheal and Deanna and their two nice children who love dogs and Bella!  Bella is on the left side of the photo and Sunday on the right. 

Sunday was formally a stray in Stockton that a really nice lady found all skin and bones as a stray.  She tried to find her home with no avail.  She reached out to me for our help.  When I came to meet her, I saw a very scared little girl, more like terrified and ever so skinny.  These are the kind of dogs I love to help.  She just needed some TLC and the help of Kona to help her come out of her shell and trust people again in her life.

It was so at first, but she came a long really good.  One step at a time.  I have a long time friend from back in high school and his name is Harold and he told his cousin Deanna about Poke-A-Dot's.  Well, she reached out to us when she first saw Sunday thinking she might be a good addition to their family.  They were looking for a friend for Bella and for themselves too!  They're all about helping rescued dogs.

So, the whole family came to meet Sunday here.  The minute I saw Bella get out of the car, I was so happy!  The two of them hit it off and Sunday loved the two kids!  So, the following Saturday, Sunday and Kona got to back their bags and I drove them to their new homes together.  Sunday is fitting in very nicely!

Thanks you Deanna for reaching out to us and Harold thank you for being you!  Harold, thank you so much for sharing all of our posts on Facebook and for caring so much about rescued dogs.  Deanna, Michael and kids, thank you so much for all the love you have to share with your two special doggies...Bella and Sunday!

October 5, 2020

Well, this story is somewhat over due. 

Meet June and her four dogs!  FeFe, Vanna, Skeeter and Sadie.  I first meet June through Officer Jennifer from the Lodi Shelter.  She was fostering a dog by the name of Buddy for the shelter.  I was asked if I would consider pulling him so I said sure.  So, then June became a Poke-A-Dot's "foster mama".  We found an amazing home for Buddy about 2 weeks later. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and McKenzie one of the staff members at Lodi Vet reached out to me to see if I could help this older senior by the name of FeFe.  So I said sure.  June came over and meet FeFe and she said she would foster FeFe.  Well, that didn't last too long because she said..."FeFe needs me."  So, FeFe joined her family.  (I posted this a while back.) 

Now, this is where is gets really interesting and even happier.  I took in a stray dog who is one lucky and blessed dog who ended up here at Pokeadot's.  I truly believe with her past history she would not be here.  She's a true miracle she's still alive.  Anyways, when June heard I had another Chihuahua in rescue, well she said she'd foster her.  Under my breathe, I was thinking foster ya right!!!  Haha  So, Vanna packed her things and moved in with FeFe (the queen bee) Skeeter and Sadie.  She fit right in!  So, June calls me in a couple of days and says...FeFe needed me, and Vanna, well I need her!!!  So Vanna is HOME, SWEET HOME!

June is a dog lover and they all love her.  She came out to visit yesterday and Trixie our grouchy old gal who was outside running around at Vinewood dog park for a month was up in her lap in no time.  She was even giving June doggie kisses.

I am so grateful that God put this wonderful person into Poke-A-Dot's Rescues life and into my life as a friend.  She's got an amazing loving heart and these four dogs who call her mom are so blessed to have her.  Her neighbor Dawn is also a really wonderful person and she loves all four of these dogs too!  Thanks Dawn for all your love you share.

June, sorry it took me a little while to type this story up.  You're a wonderful person and we're so blessed to have you in our Poke-A-Dot's family in more ways than just one!

Skeeter and Sadie, thanks for opening up your hearts for FeFe and Vanna to join your family.

April 23, 2020

Comet, who used to be Dusty and April are both in their new home TOGETHER.  I'm not too sure where to start with this story.  I'll try the beginning.  A very kind and caring person who loves dogs, found an abandoned puppy who we took in and her name is Chloe.  We agreed to take her in and she moved in with her foster Mama Linda.  Linda is a friend my Golden Retriever rescue buddy Jill who has True Love Rescue.  She told me her friend Linda really wanted to foster and hopefully adopt a small dog.  Well, little Chloe was the perfect one for her.  She's officially a foster failure and I'm so proud of her!  Haha!  Adoption photo coming soon.  Now, the same person who discovered Chloe, discovered another abandoned puppy.  This one we named Dusty and agreed to help too.  Both these dogs were in pretty rough shape.  Little Chloe was full of worms!  Yes I said worms.  Her little stomach was so full of them.  Poor little Dusty who is now Comet, well he had about 16 ticks all sucking blood out of him.  My friend Jill taught me how to take out ticks.  Can't say I'm looking forward to doing that again.  He felt so much better when they came out!

Linda is a teacher and she knew a family who really wanted to adopt not one but two dogs.  So Sheila the mom reached out to me.  Her two twin kids are amazing young people and Linda is one of their teachers at high school.  So, they adopted Comet and love him to pieces.  Comet has developed a very special love for her son as you can see in the photo.

So, when April joined Poke-A-Dot's I had a funny feeling she was going to be joining their family.  When they all came to meet her, well it was so perfect.  April's foster mama Bonnie brought her over and got to watch Comet and April meet and play together.  April loves to play and so does Comet.

So, April got to back her bags up and join her new family.  April was a stray who came into the Lodi Shelter in really bad condition.  Now, she'll never have to look backwards again.

Now, there's an interesting end to this story.  Sheila's son and I were on our way to their car and I was in the process of opening a door to our driveway, looked down and I saw a SNAKE!   For those of you who know me I MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR I AM SCARED OF THEM!  Well, I screamed, jumped and ran away.  Darrell heard me and came out, I got him a shovel and he tended to it.  Now, I need to do a better job of looking ahead when I walk.  I had a dog on my mind, not a snake!!!  Hope you got a good laugh!!!

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with Comet and April and Chloe too!

November 1, 2020

Wow!  This story is so special.  The day I posted Olive and Popeye, I received a phone call from a guy by the name of Steele.  He sounded shocked that I actually answered my phone.  He explained the terrible experiences they were having trying to find a rescued dog to adopt and love.  He told me his 10 year old daughter Anna was also involved with the search online.  So, she came across my website and read all about Olive and Popeye.  She also told her dad how impressed she was about our website and the love we have for dogs.

I explained to Steele that I was trying to find a home together for them.  He replied with they really just wanted one dog.  I told him I would be in touch.  Well, then I really prayed, and thought a long time what would really be best for both dogs.  I came to the determination adopting them separately may be best especially for Olive Oil.

I asked Steele if he could send me a video of their home in San Francisco?  He said sure thing.  Within an hour Darrell and I watch this amazing video specifically made for us.  At the end of the video, Steele should a project Anna did for summer camp.  It was on animal abuse and how to report it.  She explained her compassion to help animals.  I had tears coming from my eyes, and well my heart just melted.

I had a wonderful lady who really wanted to adopt Popeye and I knew would be a great fit for him.  So, yesterday (Saturday) I called Steele back and asked if the family could FaceTime with me?  So, with a click of a button there was Steele, Deborah his wife and their amazing daughter Anna.  I asked them if they would like to take a look at Olive over video?  The look in Anna's eyes was priceless.  Then after they viewed Olive, I asked Anna if she and her family would like to come here on Sunday (today) and meet Olive and if there was LOVE all the way around she could go home with her.  Now the look on her face...well was so happy, excited, and oh the sparkle in her eyes was contagious. 

So, today at 11 am they arrived.  Anna and Steele and Deborah got out of the car and you could just see the excitement in their faces.  I gave them a tour of our chickens and turkey and she got to pet a chicken for the first time.  Then we proceeded towards meeting Olive.  She immediately fell to the floor, and Olive jumped up in her lap and they literally held each other.

Steele and Deborah both looked at me with huge smiles on their faces.  This is what it's all about!  This little girl and this little dog are going to have a bond like no other. 

Then we did a little paperwork, and the family got to meet all of our own dogs and they all enjoyed it and all of our dogs enjoyed all the pets they received.  I let Anna fill out the adoption paperwork too!  She did a great job.  A great learning experience too.  She even contributed with her own money towards an adoption donation for Olive.  Thank you!

 I am so BLESSED to be able to be in the center of this adoption.  I know Anna will love Olive forever and there's no doubt after what I saw today with both dogs that the right decision was made!  I told her she needed to share her with her parents too!  Haha 

A special thank you to Officer Jordan from Lodi Animal Services for caring enough to ask the previous owners to surrender Olive and Popeye.  Because of you these two dogs have a new life to live in a loving, safe and secure environment.

Anna and family, thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  You truly touched my heart and I will never, ever forget you.  I hope I was able to restore your faith in adopting a rescued dog.  Have fun with Olive and if Olive isn't the right name I'm sure the name you choose will be perfect for her!

February 9, 2020

Hot Doggie Blue has a new awesome home!  I delivered him to his new home in Stockton.  Steve his new dad came to meet him on Saturday and fell in love with him.  So, we packed up his bags the next day and off we went for a short ride.  Hot Doggie Blue made himself right at home! 

His new mom Denise had a really bad stroke and it's left her pretty much in bed.  They recently lost their dog and they both had such a hole in their hearts and wanted to help a dog who needed a home.  When I put Blue up on the bed she broke out into tears.  It was so touching!  Blue is going to love his walks with his dad and snuggle time with his new mom.

Blue came to Poke-A-Dot's by way of my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton.  Literally a gal walked in and told her she didn't want him anymore.  He was left in the backyard and sometimes she said she forgot to feed him.  He was pretty skinny, but he gained some weight and looks much better.  Thanks Jeweline for your kind heart once again!!!

Steve and Denise may your hearts be filled with lots of love from Hot Doggie Blue!

April 12, 2020

Our precious little Sparkles has a new home!  She will be joining her new mom Katy in Sacramento, CA.  Katy is a friend of a family who adopted our little Rose about 4 months ago who went to live in Davis.  A very special thank you to Jelena for referring Katy to us.  Sparkles new name will be Mika.  Thank you Katy for your golden heart!!!

Sparkles back story is she was a stray in Stockton and we said we would help her.  She was actually found very close to the house where my friend Sheri and lived with Sadie, Piper and Elsa our new three girls.  She joined us either on our near the day Sheri passed away.  I wanted to honor Sheri and name this dog after her.  Every time I walked into her room with a dog, her eyes would sparkle.  So I thought Sparkles would be a perfect name for her.  Katy is going to change it to Mika, but in my heart I will always remember her as Sparkles.  I am so thankful that God picked us to help her doggies and this one as well. 

Thank you Mika for being such a wonderful, loving girl and I know Sheri is watching down from Heaven and very happy you found a perfect home.  Enjoy your new life baby girl! 

September 9, 2020

I don't even know where to begin this story, but I will try...

About 3 months ago a really nice lady by the name of Debbie reached out to me for our help.  Her husband who passed away a few years ago actually went to school with my husband Darrell.  Small world.  She needed help finding a new home for her dogs.  Well, you see she had 4 "Hot Doggies" so I stopped by to meet everyone.  I kind of knew Debbie from her being a customer at my store.  When I meet her dogs Dartanyan, Aragon, Coco and Mercedes I immediately fell in love with all of them.  I sat on floor and I can't begin to tell you how much love I received.  Debbie and I spoke and came up with a plan.  I told her Poke-A-Dot's has had lots of success in adopting out pairs of bonded dogs, but never a family of four, but I was up for a challenge.   

So, I posted on the two sites I normally us and we got a few people who were interested in adopting the girls and boys but not all together.  This was going to be my last resort.  Then one day I got a call from a gentleman by the name of Kevin.  He started off the conversation with...I WANT TO OFFER THESE DOGS A HOME WITH ME ALL TOGETHER!"  Then he proceeded to tell me about his current dogs he has and it brought a tear to my eyes.  He told me he has a deep love for this breed and he currently has 3 seniors and would love to offer a home to these 4.  He told me all about his house and how he has it set up not for him, but for his dogs.  What a wonderful man!  He also told me he has the means to financial support their medical needs for their future.  I new in my heart he was going to be their new daddy.

So, Kevin drove from his town in Dinuba, CA which is about 30 minutes south of Fresno to Lodi to meet the 4 hot doggies.  It was LOVE!  I could tell he was fighting off tears of love and joy.  He learned all about them and after he left, it didn't take Debbie and I very long to make up our minds whether to proceed.  I called him before he even got out of town. 

During the next month or so Debbie took each dog into her Vet for a teeth cleaning and to get all their other vetting up to date.  She was totally awesome in doing all of the for the dogs.  Most people I deal with just drop the dogs off and run!  Debbie was so amazing!!!  She made copies of all their previous vetting one copy for me and one for Kevin. 

We set the travel day for Wednesday, September 9.  I went over to Debbie's house the night before and loaded my van with all their goodies.  And, there were lots!  Then in the morning I arrived at 7:30am and we loaded up the 4 hot doggies and off we went.  We stopped for a people potty break and all the dogs decided to sing to us when we opened the back of the van.  It was so funny!  Then we headed out for the final stop...their new home.

Oh my gosh, when we arrived we had a lot of people who greeted us.  Of course their new daddy Kevin, his sister DeDe who lives on the family ranch next door, Kevin's house cleaner and doggie helper and friend Debbie and the ranch hand Hugh.  What wonderful people!!!  We got the van unloaded in no time and brought the crate into the yard, opened the door and off they went exploring.  They got to meet the other dogs and then they all walked in Kevin's house and made themselves all at home.

I was sitting there soaking all of the love up.  I put all of this in God's hands and right now I have tears coming out of my eyes.  Yes, of course they're happy ones...really happy ones!  Kevin is going to love and care for these precious 9 year old Hot Doggies forever and I know they will give him and endless supply of love.  I wish this world had more people like Kevin in it.  There are no words to describe his love for these dogs. 

Debbie, thank you so much for trusting me and having faith that I could help.  Remember I asked you in a perfect world if you'd want them to stay all together?  Well, they all got their perfect world with Kevin and his awesome support system he has around him.

May God watch over everyone involved and I'm so blessed to have been trusted with their lives. 

Kevin, you're the BEST HOT DOGGIE DADDY IN THE WORLD.  Thank you for your compassion, love, support and most of all for being YOU!

July 15, 2020

Thelma and Louise are in their new loving home together!

Thelma and I packed up their things and made the trip to Daly City.  They are two lucky dogs.  They can look out their windows and see the ocean!  Mark and Helen came over about a week ago to meet the girls and it was a love connection.  They wanted to help two dogs in need and their older dog Cody is having some health issues.  He's a really calm and happy dog and he didn't want me to leave.  Thelma and Louise are going to love their new place!  Thank you Mark and Helen for all the warm love and compassion you have in your hearts!


Here is there back story....
Thanks for reading this and Paula My friend Paula who lives in Stockton and I can't begin to tell you how many dogs she has helped since I have known her, but it's a lot!  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue has helped her with many. 

I'm going to try hard to get this story correct, but if I leave anything out, I'm sorry in advance.

Paula got a message from a very nice caring lady that there were two stray dogs full of Italian food but the person could catch them.  Paula help set up an area and it took a while but evidently both dogs were secured.  Louise was the first one to catch and then Thelma was curious and she finally decided to join the fun and surrender herself.

 Next step, they scanned for chips and filed a shelter report as well as several other postings.  No one stepped up to claim them.  Paula ask me if I could help so I said sure!

 So, they've been hanging out a Paula's and she and her husband John wanted to provide Poke-A-Dot's all of their vetting.  So, Paula took them to the Animal Clinic in Stockton where she's gone for years and all of their vetting was done.  They contributed everything for these girls. 

 Thank you so much Paula and John for your huge donation to helping this two special girls.  Thank you for providing all the love you shared with them!  Thank you to the other people who cared so much to reach out for help!

 Well, I think that's about it as far as the story goes.  Now I'll tell you a little bit about them.  They both weigh around 20-25 pounds.  Sweet as can be.  Louise is more than likely Thelma's mama.  Louise is somewhere maybe around 5-6 and Thelma is between 1-2 years old.  Yes, they need to be adopted together!  They seem to have figured out the doggie door real fast.  They'll need a few days here to adjust and Louise needs to heal from her spay.