January 1, 2021

It's becoming a tradition for us to be able to do an adoption on New Year's Day.  Today, Moo Moo and Mary got a little help from me to pack up their bags and move into their new home with Jim and Claudine in San Andreas, CA.

Jim and Claudine are friends of another adopter Dan and Pam who adopted Ivy and they live in Valley Springs.  Pam and Claudine used to work together.  Jim and Claudine recently lost their former dog Peaches and they knew it was time to help another dog(s) who needed a home.  They came to Poke-A-Dot's last week and they both feel in love with Moo Moo and Mary.  They both climbed up in their laps and that was about it.  I could tell by the looks on their faces that they really love dogs. 

Both dogs had got spayed on Monday to we set today up as adoption day.  I know these dogs will be loved forever.  They're both retired and will be able to spend a lot of time with these precious little girls.  They originally were found running around on a busy street in Lodi.  A very nice young lady who works at a local vets office took them home, cleaned them up and then took to the Lodi Shelter.  So, we were asked if we could help these two.  So, I went to the Lodi Shelter and got them and then they did out their stray hold here so they didn't have to be scared at the shelter.  Poor little Moo Moo was so scared she didn't want to come out of her blanket.

Thank you Pam and Dan for referring Claudine and Jim to Poke-A-Dot's.  I'm sure they will love these precious girls and provide them with a wonderful loving home.

Moo Moo and Mary, we're all going to miss you so much.  Thank you for being such good girls.  We love you and look forward to a visit when you're all settled into your new home.

P.S.  Thanks Jim and Claudine for all your welcomed gardening tips and for all the egg cartons!

Happy New Year to everyone!!! 

February 18, 2021

Ellie Mae is in her new home tonight just about 5 miles from our house with her new mama Gina and her husband Kevin.  They adopted Belle from Poke-A-Dot's about two years ago and Gina and I share a special bond.  Gina loves the seniors!  When she came to meet our puppies, she fell in love with little Miss Ellie Mae.  She stopped by a lot to hang out with her and she also helped bottle feed her little puppies.  When she mentioned she wanted to add Ellie to her family, I couldn't of been any happier.  I wish there were more people like Gina out there who open their hearts and soul to the seniors.

Ellie was a stray who wondered into Manteca Shelter.  While she was there (3 weeks) she started getting heavier.  Turns out she was pregnant.  A fellow rescue was going to pull her and help, but she had to help her mother with a medical issues.  She reached out to me and asked if I could help.  I thought what's one more pregnant one since Mama Daisy just had her pups, they could share the space in our doggie condo.  So, a friend and adopter Shae who adopted Dottie the famous bubble girl went to pick her up for me since she lives in Manteca.  She had a sleep over at their house then I drove down the next day to pick her up.

She got all settled in and within about a week, she gave birth.  The first one was stillborn.  It was the most amazing thing to get to watch.  My very first time.  I was crushed figuring out it wasn't alive.  Ellie tended to it for a while and then she figured out it wasn't alive and wrapped it up in a blanket.  Then about 4 hours later two more were born and then the other 2 about 2 hours later.  They were so small.  Around 3 ounces.  All four added up to less than 13 ounces. 

My adopter and friend June and her neighbor Dawn love Chihuahua's and all dogs for that matter.  They came out a lot and helped bottle feed.  Ellie wasn't producing milk.  Probably due to her age, bad nutrition, etc. all the babies passed away one by one.  We made a little grave for them in our garden so they will always and forever be remembered.  June was recovering from surgery and she said Ellie could come and live at her house.  So, we packed up her bags and she walked in like she'd been there forever.  She made herself right at home.  She took lots of great naps under the covers with June by her side.

Ellie was spayed on Wednesday and it was pretty funny what happened.  She was a little firecracker after she woke back up as if nothing happened.  She was ready go get out of there, so I was able to pick her up at the early pick up time and take her back to June's house.  Then today, Gina came to June's house and Ellie packed her little bag, hopped into Gina's car and off to her new home.  This afternoon I stopped by and Ellie has made herself right at home with her new mama, Belle and Pipit...all wonderful seniors!  This evening I got a cute photo of Kevin and Ellie enjoying snuggle time together.

A special thank you to June and Dawn!!!!  There is no way I could of physically of done this without both of you.  You're so awesome and I know Ellie loves you both so much!  And, Gina thank you for your beyond beautiful heart.  I am so glad that your parents entered my life to adopt their two doggies, and the bond we share, and the love for dogs we share is ever so special.  Enjoy your new baby and give her hugs and kisses from all of us who will alway
s and forever love her.

January 25, 2021

Bonnie has joined Otis and are going to live happily ever after just like our people friends Bonnie and Otis.  When I adopted Otis, Cheryl his new mama told me she really wanted two dogs, so I was keeping this in the back of my mind.  Bonnie and Otis were roommates and they loved playing and sleeping together.  They're about the same age.  So, when Bonnie was spayed last week, I asked Cheryl if she wanted to adopt Bonnie?  So, yesterday was adoption day for Bonnie. 

When Bonnie and I arrived to Sacramento, we knocked on the door and when we got in, Otis was so happy.  He and Bonnie immediately started playing with all the toys!  It was so fun to watch!  They were so happy to be back together!!!

So, Thelma and I made out trip back home.  Now, fast forward to today at about 11am.  I was folding laundry and I when done I was going to go up to my store for a while.  My phone rings and the gal says "Are you missing a dog?"  I said that's a really loaded question because I have a dog rescue.  So, I asked for some more information and discovered it was Otis.  She said "your number was on his ID tag."  I gave her the address to return Otis too.  It was only a block away.  So, I called Cheryl and asked her if she knew Otis was missing and she said yes and Bonnie too!  I told her Otis is on the way home.  In the meantime I'm over half way back up to Sac.  Then I got another call from a gal who had picked up Bonnie looked at the tag and called me.  I asked her if she had Bonnie in her arms and she said no she's back on the ground.  I grumbled under my breathe.  I asked her to please keep and eye and see if she can find her again.  Then I called Cheryl's cousin Erin (the gal who now has all my Hallmark ornaments) and told her the address where Bonnie was around.  She drove over and some of the other neighbors knew the yard she adventured into.  Erin was able to get her and bring her back home.  She had a little dirt on her so she was getting a bath when I arrived. 

So, we all went into the backyard and tried to figure out how they got out.  When I was there two weeks ago I did a complete search of any way out.  She always keeps the gate locked so we knew that wasn't it.  In a corner behind a storage shed we found a neighbors fence post that had just enough wiggle room to fit thru.  So, Bonnie and Otis ended up in the backside neighbors yard and worked their way out of it and down a couple more houses.  I think we all had tears just me.

So, there is a lesson in all of this.  KEEP TAGS ON YOUR DOG AT ALL TIMES!  MAKE IT EASY FOR SOMEONE TO CALL AND RETURN.  I always tell this to our adopters!  Cheryl has new tags on order with address on them and she also is ordering a GPS tracker just in case.  Better safe than sorry. 

Both dogs where happy to get back home and they both got extra hugs and kisses and I told them never to scare me like this again.  And, you can be guaranteed that I'm never going to miss an area behind the shed again!!!  Now the dogs yard has been condensed and they can't even access that area anymore.  Thank you Erin and Brian for all of your help you gave to Cheryl.  Cheryl thank you for letting me us this as a learning experience.

If this wasn't enough, this afternoon I receive a phone call from Donna who is an older friend of mine and she does dog sitting at her house.  I've helped her with a few dogs in the past.  So, she asks me for my help with a stray dog she found across the street from her house last night.  She housed it last night, bathed it, and loved it.  So, I told her to send me a photo and I looked on the Facebook Lost and Found page for Lodi.  I thought he looked familiar.  I was almost 100 percent sure based on photos it was a match.  So, I posted my number and a gal by the name of Roxana called me.  I picked up the dog from Donna and meet Roxana down at my store.  Roxana and Donna only live about five blocks apart so he didn't wonder too far, but he's been missing over one week.  When Roxana got to my store, Soto was so happy to see his mama.  I also installed a chip, registered it to Roxana, put a collar with a Poke-A-Dot tag and told her always to keep in on until she gets one with her address and number.  I also told her that Poke-A-Dot's Rescue would be happy to get him neutered.  She said she would take me up on my offer.  So, tomorrow I will be calling to make an appointment for him in February to get neutered.  He's about two years old.

What a day!  I'm so happy it ended up with three dogs all returned home safe and sound.  ID TAGS SAVE LIFE'S.  If you're reading this and you don't have one on your dog, please get one.  If you can't get out of the house, let me know and I will be glad to have one made and deliver to you or send it to you.  I can also give you a Poke-A-Dot's Rescue tag temporarily.   If you don't like the jingle of tags, you can get your number on a collar.  There are several different options!  Also, make sure your dog has a chip installed.  They cost me $4.00 each and I would be happy to chip your dog for FREE.  I learned how to do this without passing out! 

Time for bed, so sweet dream Bonnie and Otis and thank you Cheryl for opening up your heart and home to two very special Poke-A-Dot's doggies!!!!  And Erin thank you for referring Cheryl to Poke-A-Dot's and for giving my Hallmark ornaments a great new home!

January 30, 2021

About two weeks ago a very special girl by the name of Hannah came into my life.  A friend of a friend referred the family to Poke-A-Dot's.  Her 89 year old mama passed away and the family couldn't care for her.  So, she packed up her bags, and she came to stay at Poke-A-Dot's.  After a Vet check up, we posted her and a really wonderful family entered into her life.  Her new dad Ken has been searching for the perfect dog for about 6 months.  The day he saw Hannah's photo and her story he told his wife Carol he was in love.  They reached out to me and we all just knew.

So today, I packed up a bag of Hannah's favorite dog food, her really tiny bed she loves, her harness and leash and she climbed in a crate and then I put Thelma in the van and we were off to her new home in San Jose, CA.  After the adoption, Thelma and I headed to Santa Cruz to stop by and see Happy and her new family for a short visit.  Happy and her mom and dad are all doing wonderful.  They love her so much and she's adjusted very well! Then we went a couple blocks down the street and I meet a sales manager for Natural Factor's a new line we just brought in to our health food store.  Monique is all about rescue doggies to and I got to meet her to dogs.  Then Thelma and I stopped by our favorite restaurant in Capitol called Dharma's in Capitola for take out and brought it home for Darrell and I.  Oh and on the way home I stopped by Gloria's in Stockton to say hi and fix her shower.  All in all a very rewarding and relaxing day for me that I needed. Oh, and the weather was fantastic!

A very special thank you to Ken and Carol for you compassionate hearts and thank you for opening them up to Hannah.  She's going to love you both forever.  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's Rescue family!!!  And, Hannah remember you'll always be in my heart, and thank you so much for showing the ropes to Sophia and Dorothy when they got here so scared.  You really helped them so much and now they're ready to help the next dog who takes your place.

P.S. Thank you to Auntie June and Auntie Dawn for coming over to check on our Mama Daisy, Heart and Soul and our new Mama Ellie Mae to be.  I know all the doggies had a great time with you and I really appreciated knowing you checked in on them.

January 8, 2021

Otis has an interesting story.  About a month ago I decided I wanted to find a new home for all my Hallmark Ornaments from over 20 years ago.  I was thinking I'd be happy with a nice donation to Poke-A-Dot's.  So, enter Erin and Brian from Sacramento.  She saw my post on Facebook and she reached out to me.  After speaking she agreed to make a wonderful donation to Poke-A-Dot's.  She and her husband drove down to our place and loaded them all up.  She left a happy camper because she got a tour and got to meet a lot of the dogs.  I think she wanted to take a few home with her. 

Well, she referred her cousin Cheryl from Sacramento to us.  She was looking for a small dog preferably a Shih Tzu.  Well low and behold one literally feel out of the sky.  She recently lost her very much loved Maxwell and she really wanted to have another little one in her heart.  So, Cheryl and Erin and Brian all came and meet Otis.  Otis really loved her and oh my gosh the look and love on her face was so special.

So, yesterday (Thursday) Otis backed up his bags and paperwork and Thelma and I took him to his new home.  He literally made himself right at home.  He found the toy basket right away.  After some playing, and paperwork I disappeared so Cheryl and Otis could start bonding.

Thank you so much Cheryl for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's and Erin an Brian thank you so much for giving all my all Hallmark ornaments a brand new home!

February 22, 2021

April and Comet packed up their bags and I drove them up to Woodland, CA.  Their new mom and dad KC and Robin absolutely love them.  They lost their older dog and had a big hole in their hearts and they really wanted two bonded dogs.  Bonded they got!  These dogs have been together since they joined our rescue.  Comet was about a 3 month old puppy and April was about a year old.  They love each other so much!  Last week when KC and Robin came to meet them, they both didn't make it too far past the door.  They were both on the floor and both dogs climbed in their laps.

April and Comet returned to Poke-A-Dot's because their previous family had to move to a single story and the landlord would not allow dogs.  They looked and looked for a place that would but had no luck.  So, they contacted me like I always tell people once a Poke-A-Dot's dog, always a Poke-A-Dot's dog and they come back!

Thank you KC and Robin for all the love you'll be sharing with April and Comet.  Welcome to the best family in the world...The Poke-A-Dot's Rescue Family!

January 15, 2021

Our special little girl who we named "Christmas" now has a new name!  When her new mama Vicki came to meet her she told me she wanted to honor all of my hard work and all the love that I put into this special little girl.  So, her new name is going to be Sheri.  I'm very touched!

Now, let me tell you about this wonderful gal who just came into our lives.  Vicki actually lives very close to us in Lockeford.  She has a Border Collie mix Roy who is about 6 and she recently lost her other small dog Sassy.  Roy, is one amazing dog.  Smartest dog I've ever meet!!!  His mama has trained him so well as a therapy dog.  He's got lots of ribbons hanging up on the wall behind this photo.  They used to go all over the place visiting people.  Hopefully soon they can return to all their friends.  Vicki ran thru about 20 different things within a couple minutes that Roy knows how to do.  Vicki's goal is in a few months to start teaching Sheri and train her to also be a therapy dog.  I can't wait to see her progress.  She's come so far from the day I feel in love with her.

Sheri came to Pokeadot's Rescue about a month ago.  She was a stray who found a home for about 6 weeks in a dirt flower bed in front of a lady's house in Stockton.  This gal feed her and she decided she needed help so a friend referred her to Poke-A-Dot's.  I went in to Stockton right away and picked her up. 

At first, I could hardly handle her.  She was timid, scared and when I got close she'd get nippy.  It took me about two weeks to help gain her trust and Otis and Bonnie really helped Sheri.  I have a little kids chair in the doggie condo and she found that the first night and never left it.  She was so thankful not to have to sleep outside at night and to be in a safe indoor environment.  A friend and adopter Gina was over last week to meet Mama Daisy and Sheri and I told her that chair was going to have to go with Sheri to her new house.  So, Gina went out and got her a brand new chair.  THANK YOU GINA!

So, today was the official adoption day that Sheri got to move into her new house with her new chair.  She jumped up in that little chair like she was home!  Smart little girl.  The first person who was interested in her fell thru the cracks.  Vicki and I came together from a Facebook post on a re-homing dog sight.  I have no doubt that God brought us together.  Vicki is a very special lady and her heart is so huge towards dogs.  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family Vicki, Roy and Sheri!  Again, thank you for your wanting to be Sheri's mama.  You're going to love this special little girl so much and you will always have a piece of my heart and it's a big piece too!

January 5, 2021

I'm not too sure how to start this story and it may turn out to be a long one.  Well, about two months ago there was a very sweet and overly scared dog that made her way to the Lodi Shelter.  Officer Jordan called me right away to see if I could come and get her and let her do her stray hold with us and then pull her.  I went right over and feel in love with her.  The staff at the shelter on intake had to cut all her mats off because she could hardly walk or see out of her matted eyes.  I literally cried for her.  Well, I took her to my groomers for a good bath and then we went home to start the process of de-stressing her.  Took about five days and she developed a very special bond.  I didn't post her on my normal channels because she was helping me with other dogs and I wanted God to place the perfect family into her life and in the meantime she was mine!  She helped with Mary and Moo Moo and also with Mo Mo.  After those three were adopted I looked at her and I said I think now it's Mae's time.

Oh, I forgot to mention I named her after the sweetest, coolest and best quilter/crafter ever.  Mae who lives in Arizona and I've been friends with she and her daughter Sherry for a long time.  They actually adopted our first Dalmatian we had in rescue.  They're very near and dear to our hearts.  They had a trip planned to come and see us but Mae had a stroke.  Her goal was to get herself better and stronger so they could come and see us and some other family in Fresno.  So last month they were able to come out and she got to hold her namesake little Mae.  It was so precious.  Did I mention that Mae is 97 years young?

Ok now back to the doggie Mae.  So last week I got a call from Bonnie and Otis.  They recently lost two very precious dogs Nikki and Iris.  Nikki was a standard Poodle and Iris was a toy Poodle.  They really like having four dogs in their family.  They already have two Poke-A-Dot dogs Lucy a toy Poodle from Taiwan and Kyle a mini Poodle who came from a family who couldn't keep him any longer.  Bonnie and Otis said they would foster Kyle and Kyle decided to move in with them.  Bonnie told me she was following Mae and was wondering if she and Otis could come over and meet her.  Well, when Bonnie walked in she sat on the little dog bed, she picked up Mae and that was it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So, I took her in Tuesday to get a bath and groomed and then we packed up her goodies and went to Bonnie and Otis's house.  She literally made herself right at home.  So, after I played with all the dogs on the floor, took a few photos, I disappeared and left a little chunk of my heart in their house.  Bonnie is also the lady that originally got Poke-A-Dot's involved in helping the 9 Toy Poodles last year.  That was an experience Bonnie and I will never ever forget!

Love you Bonnie and Otis, Clayton, Lucy, Kyle, and Mae and of course Nikki and Iris too!!  You guys are such a blessing to us and to the lives of many, many doggies.