March 14, 2022

Hans is in his new home and doing great with his new family.  His new family is awesome for him.  Jeremy, Nichole, their daughter Brooklyn and their Doodle Dixie welcomed Hans into their home.  He made himself right at home way before I left.  He’s sporting a new name of Hurley and gets to go on lots of long walks with his new mama. 

Hans came to us from an older family in Colusa, CA.  Their mama passed away about 3 years ago and their daddy had to move into a retirement home.  Their two daughters did an amazing, loving job trying to find an option for them.  When I heard, I offered to help Hans, Mikey and Maggie.  All three of these dogs are doing wonderful in their new loving homes!  The way the family handled everything with these dogs was awesome.  I truly wish all owner surrenders were like this one.  They truly cared so much about these three special doggies. 

Thank you, Jeremy, Nichole and Brooklyn and Dixie for opening your hearts and home to a very special Poodle.  Hurley, thanks for being such a wonderful boy while you were with us. 

April 23, 2022

Jasper found his new home in Roseville, CA.  He will be sharing it with his new mom and dad, Marshall and Sun and their daughter Jennifer and her dog Miso visit a lot.  They recently lost their two beloved dogs, and they had such a hole in their hearts.  Jasper needed a very quiet home with no children.  He’s going to enjoy their wonderful backyard garden and getting so much love along with playing with all his toys.  Thank you so much to the whole family for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue and for opening your hearts and home to Jasper.  Jasper, enjoy you new home baby boy!!!

March 22, 2022

Zoey is in her new home and right next to her new dad’s heart.  Meet Matthew and his best new buddy Zoey!  I couldn’t wait to sit down and write this story.  Zoey has been with Matthew now for a couple of weeks and she’s all settled in.  We just finished up the paperwork today and I hadn’t had time to write up the story and now I do, so the timing fit.

Zoey came to us from the Lodi Shelter.  I was there one day seeing if anyone needed my help.  Officer Jennifer showed my Zoey.  Her former dad passed away and the family had just decided that they couldn’t offer her a home.  I looked at her and she looked at me and off we went.  Zoey had a growth on her leg that needed to be removed.  She’s all recovered from her surgery, and it all went very well.  The daughter of Zoey’s former dad and I have been in touch and she’s so happy for Zoey and Matthew.  She also donated towards the cost of Zoey’s surgery, and we thank you!

My friend Julie referred the family of Matthew to contact us about possibly adopting Zoey.  So, Zoey and I went over to Matthew’s and meet him a couple weeks ago.  Matthew is one of the nicest young men ever!  He’s a very special guy and his heart is so loving towards dogs.  He previously lost his 14-year-old dog and was ready to welcome a new one into his heart and home.  So, I went home alone and Zoey stayed!  Both are so happy and they both enjoy several walks throughout the day together.

We’re so happy to welcome Matthew into our Poke-A-Dot’s family!  Thank you so much for being Zoey’s new dad and for all the love you have given and will give her in her future. 

May God always watch over you both!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Zoey and Matthew live in Lodi, so I’ll get see them a lot!  One of the best parts of rescue work!

March 26, 2022

What a last couple of days!  I never thought we’d have to say goodbye to Poke-A-Dot, but we had to but her to sleep yesterday.  Last week I scheduled a meet and greet for Buckley and Fred and today was the day!  The last thing I wanted to do is cancel this…Buckley and Fred have been here since August.

So, when Mitchell arrived and the minute he met the two best doggie gentlemen in the world, it happened!  LOVE like no other.  It was so fun to watch, and I could feel the peace and love in this special moment.  Mitchell recently lost his very special Chihuahua, and he was ready to love two more.  He fell in love with their story and just knew he was the guy for them!

Buckley and Fred’s former dad was a disabled Veteran who passed away suddenly.  His name was Daniel.  Daniel adopted these two boys from a Sacramento shelter.  He loved them dearly.  Daniel also was blessed with two people who watched over him and the dogs.  Debra and John are their names and they were referred to us.  They brought us the two boys at the end of August and in September Buckley had his leg repaired.  They were so kind and helped with all the costs.  True angels! 

We’ve been holding out for the perfect home, and now they found it.  I was starting to lose a little faith, but I know I can never ever give up.  These boys are so fun and easy to take care of.  Buckley loves his toys and Fred loves his Buckley and his blankets!  He rats up inside and it’s hard to find him.  Every morning when I would wake him up, he would make me laugh so hard.

Thank you so much Mitchell for opening your heart and home to Buckley and Fred.  Thank you for being their new daddy and taking over what Daniel started.  Thank you so much Debra and John for all you’ve done for these two very special boys.

Buckley and Fred you’ll be missed but knowing that you’re where you belong with your new daddy and all snuggled up with him in your new bed warms my heart and soul and that’s what Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue is all about!!!

April 24, 2022

Jax is now in his perfect home.  I packed up all his stuff and we made a short drive to Manteca.  Guess where he went to live?  Remember our first three puppies who the one and only Mama Gracie gave birth too?  Coco is her name and now she’s got a wonderful big brother to play with.  And did I mention all the awesome family members?  Dad is missing from the photo as well as a few more kids.  He will always be surrounded by all the love and attention that he deserves.  I was very overwhelmed with all the people who came forward to offer to adopt Jax.  I wish each of our dogs got all this attention.  I’m so happy for Jax and I feel so blessed that one of our recent adopters reached out for our help.  Her mother got Jax and decided he was to much puppy for her.  It’s a longer story, but I’m choosing to make it short due to several reasons.

Thank you to Jennifer and her family for wanting to let Jax join their wonderful, loving family.  May God Bless all of you!  Jax, I really miss you, but I know your home!  Thanks for being such a good boy while you blessed our lives.  I enjoyed watching your nonstop energy and thank you for being such a great companion for Jasper.

January 15, 2022

We’ve had a very special visitor at Poke-A-Dot’s this past month.  Her name is Penny, and this is a very special story.

I must give you a little history first.  Before our rescue days, we used to have Mini Dalmatians who came from a breeder in Sale City, Georgia.  We meet a lot of wonderful people thru our precious dogs.  Many of which we are still wonderful friends with today.  The original gentlemen, Gene, who started with the minis passed away almost three years ago.  A wonderful couple Rebecca and Robb from Southern California purchased the business from Gene before he passed away.  They’ve made so many wonderful improvements for all the dogs.  During the past few years, Poke-A-Dot’s has been able to help with about 5 mini-Dalmatians.  One bonded pair for some reason ended up in a shelter and we were able to help them find a new home.  Another one if I remember correctly the owner passed away and we helped.  The most current was a friend of ours who had two bonded dogs, passed away suddenly and we were blessed to be able to help.

Well about a 6 weeks ago, Rebecca called me and needed some advice from me.  A man in Southern California adopted a young five-month-old and for reasons beyond anyone’s control needed to surrender the dog.  I won’t go into all those details.  So, we produced a plan.  I have adopters who live 15 miles away from the location where the dog was located.  They couldn’t wait to help us and drove to the home and the dog was surrendered.  They brought the dog back to their home overnight and had lots of fun with Penny.  Thelma, Sierra and I drove down the next day with Mike and his dog Mattie, who is an adopter friend of mine to pick her up.  It was about a 13-hour trip down and back and we got lucky and missed all the traffic.  We planned it that way and I’m so thankful that worked out.

Now enter Lisa who we met thru the minis.  She and I are very good friends and she and her daughter Jennifer live in Canada close to Toronto.  Lisa and her daughter are very much involved in rescued animals. Christina, who is like a second daughter to Lisa and a great friend to Jenn, had two deaf minis in the past and they’ve both passed on, the latest in 2020.  She was so ready to help this special little girl who she’s going to call Penny.

So, during the past month Rebecca, Lisa and I all started working hard on a good plan to transport Penny back to Canada.  So, last Friday Christina and Jenn flew into Sacramento from Michigan, rented a car, drove to our place, met Penny (which was amazing to see the love fly), had dinner, spent the night, had breakfast, and headed out on their journey back home.  First stop Las Vegas.  Christina has never been there before so she and Penny will get to look around for the first time.  They traveled the southern route all the way to about Oklahoma and then headed north.  They had wonderful traveling weather.  Lisa and I kept in contact with them during their travels.  We both got updates daily how Penny was doing on her big trip back home.

Christina told her two daughters who are 10 and 12 she was going on a transport, and they had no clue at all the transport was for a new doggie. 

They arrived home late Thursday night about 10:30pm their time, and we received a video shortly after of Christina’s two girls finding out Penny was going to be theirs.  Wow, it brought such happy tears to our eyes.

We’re so happy to have been able to help Penny and let me tell you, these two young ladies who we had the blessing to meet are totally awesome.  They both work at the Toronto Zoo.  Christina’s daughters want to visit us with deep pockets.  So, they can take lots of dogs back home in their pockets!  How cute!  We already miss them, and all our dogs just loved them both.  Thank you to everyone who was involved with this special story.  Rebecca, thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking us to get involved and help you.  This whole experience has been a total blessing all the way around!  Penny, thank you so much for being such a good girl and travel dog while you were here.  Poke-A-Dot enjoyed seeing another spotted dog around here!


February 13, 2022

Happy heart’s day Lola one day early girl.

Today was her very special day.  We got up and Lola, Thelma and I all took a short ride to Tracy, CA.  It’s a special town because our very first rescued dog Bandit lives in Tracy.  Along with one of our puppies from last year Heart. 

Her new family is wonderful.  They reached out to us last year in September and were referred by a previous adopter Amy who are good friends with Gordon and Debbie.  Amy and her husband adopted the poor little girl who was abandoned for over two weeks in a duplex and in terrible condition.

When I originally posted Lola’s “Welcome to Poke-A-Dot’s” post, I was in total shock.  I think I had about 5 previous adopters who expressed interest in adopting her.  I felt happy, and terrible at the same time.  I knew based on her personality Gordon and Debbie would be the perfect home.  So, I had to tell all the others that I was very sorry.  They all understood. 

Anyways, when we got to Lola’s new house, she made herself right at home.  She’s going to be so happy.  She came to Poke-A-Dot’s thru Penny, who cleans my business.  She got such a heart to rescue dogs who need help.  This is I think the third dog she’s saved.  The people who previously had Lola wanted to surrender her to a shelter and Penny heard them talking and she said NO, I’ll take her!!!  I’m so glad she did!!!

Thank you, Gordon and Debbie, for reaching out to us.  I told you if you had patience, the perfect dog would fall out of the sky.  Welcome to the best family in the world!  Enjoy your new little girl!

March 11, 2022

What a great couple!  Beliza and Geoff reached out to use wanting to offer Mikey a wonderful, active home.  Mikey is going to be loved forever by this wonderful couple.  Mikey will be living with his new family in Fair Oaks, CA.  Can't wait to go and visit him after he's all settled in. 

He came to Pokeadots with 2 other dogs whose family could no longer care for them.  All of the dogs were very much loved.

Thank you Beliza and Geoff for opening up your hearts and home to Mikey.  Welcome to our Poke-A-Dot's Family!!!


February 24, 2022

Cooper and Ginger are in their new awesome home.  They joined a family of 9.  Dad and Mom John and Lora and their 1 son, 4 daughters, their senior dog Paige (who was very camera shy), and their cat Willow.  So, now it’s a family of 11.  And the best news ever is they live in Lodi so lots of visits to watch these two grow as well as this amazing family.  The family just recently moved to Lodi from Texas. 

Cooper and Ginger came to Poke-A-Dot’s because the originally family who had them came into some circumstances beyond their control with their family members.  They both felt it would be best for the dogs to find another home for their future.  They have been long time customers of our business Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition Center and they’ve been following Poke-A-Dot’s for a very long time.  They both are so very happy for Cooper and Ginger.  They really cared so much about these two special puppies.

These two dogs are going to bring this family so much love and happiness.  Each one of them deserves so much love and these dogs deserve so much love and trust me, that got it with this family.  John and Lora are awesome parents.

Welcome to the best family in the world!  We are looking forward to watching these two grow up.  Thank you so much for all the love you all will be sharing with these dogs.  They are both certain to sleep well at nights with everyone to play with.  May God bless you always and watch over all of you. 

Cooper and Ginger, thank you so much for being so wonderful while you were here. We made your former family a promise and now it’s complete…you’re home sweet home!!!

February 18, 2022

Our little “Brown Girl” is in her new home!  She will have two young girls to keep her entertained.  Jessica and her husband (not pictured) reached out to us with such a warm and loving heart for rescued dogs.  As of yesterday, the family was trying to figure out a great name for her.  She will be making her new home in Manteca, CA.  Hey Dottie, you’ve got another Poke-A-Dot doggie in your town.  Have a great new life baby girl!!!

April 18, 2022

Kami was returned to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue because the she was getting aggressive towards her sister and the people felt it was the best thing to do for Kami and BeBe.  So, the perfect lady came into our lives.  Meet Carole!  Kami was living in Manteca in the Del Webb community and he new home is in the Del Webb community in Roseville.  I took her up to her new home and she made herself right at home.  Carole's sister Jane was also there for the big day.  Both Carole and Jane feel in love with Kami.  I helped her with a few things around her house and had a wonderful visit.  Jane asked me before I left if we all could pray together.  I never had this happen before and it was so wonderful.  Carole called me later in the evening thanking me for making her life feel complete!  She lost her former companion and she had the spot all ready for Kami.  I know the God placed this little girl right where she needed to be!  Saturday was Carole's birthday, Sunday was Easter and she found a new church and she's getting baptized soon and on Monday she received the best gift ever....Kami!  Thank you so much Carole for reaching out to me and for opening your home and heart up to Kami.  Welcome to the best family in the world!  The Poke-A-Dot's Rescue family!!!

April 2, 2022

Maggie is home sweet home!!! Maggie was one of three dogs that came to us about a month ago.  Maggie, Hans and Mikey.  You see Maggie was the oldest one of the three and she’s 13.  Maggie had to have all her teeth pulled out and she was so happy to get them out of her mouth.  She’s a very active 13-year-old and ever so smart too!  We had several people interested in her and when they heard she was 13 well that’s another story. 

The three dogs used to live in Colusa with their older mom and dad.  Mom passed away about three years ago and then dad had to go into assisted living.  Their two daughters where trying to find a new home for the dogs and I just so happened to see the post on Facebook.  I reached out to them and offered our help.  That next weekend they brought the three dogs to us, and they adjusted very nicely.  Mikey was the first to get adopted by a great couple in Sacramento, CA.  Hans went to live with a family in Elk Grove, CA and now Maggie is living with her new family Russ and Frank in Aptos, CA.  I was born in Santa Cruz, so this area is my also part of me. 

Last week Russ and Frank called me and said they love senior dogs and would love to give sweet Maggie a loving home.  They recently lost their dog and had a big hole in their hearts.  Saturday just so happened to be Darrell’s birthday so I offered curb service for Maggie then we could go to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.  So, Maggie, Thelma, Kalli and Sierra all took a ride with us to Aptos.

The minute we got out of the car with Maggie, Frank and Russ started loving on her.  She took to them very fast!  She’s learning the new ropes at her new place, and she loves walking around their neighborhood greeting all her new friends.  She loves her new family so very much!  This just warms my heart so much.  The world needs more people like Frank and Russ who love the seniors.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for opening your hearts and home to sweet Maggie.  Can’t wait to come and visit again when she gets all settled in. 

I would like to give a very special thank you to the two sisters who helped their parents.  They were awesome to work with and they really loved these dogs and wanted the very best for them.  Their actions spoke loud and clear of the love they both have for their parents.  Their dad is happy in his new home and even happier his dogs are in their new homes and being loved where he left off.

Maggie, my promise to you, Hans (his story coming soon) and Mikey is now complete.  I love you baby girl and thank you for being such a wonderful little girl while you were at Poke-A-Dot’s.  Poke-A-Dot’s spirit will live on thru you and all the other dogs who bless our lives and then the lives of others. 

February 21, 2022

Our little “Brown Boy” has a new home with his new mom Stephine.  Darrell and I delivered him to his new home in Oakland, CA.  Stephine really wanted to adopt her first dog and it was important to help a dog who needed a new home.  She lives at home with her parents, and they agreed to help with getting the puppy all situated.  His new name is Scooby!  Perfect name for a wonderful little pup.  Enjoy your new life Scooby!

January 25, 2022

The story I’m sure lots of you have been waiting for…Mama Rosie is now in her new, wonderful home in Stockton with her new very own mom and dad Jim and Carol.

Carol reached out to me within the first two weeks of adding Mama Rosie to our Poke-A-Dot’s family.  They recently lost their dog Molly.  They were both ready to fill the empty spot that only a dog could fill. 

Carol came to our place and fell in love with Mama Rosie.  She and Jim picked out her name and we started teaching it to her.  A few days before she had her puppies, I took her for a ride so she could see the house where she was going to move into and spend some bonding time with Jim and Carol.  She had a blast.

She had her 3 puppies on November 27th, two days after Thanksgiving.  She had two boys and one girl.  She was the best mama and taught all of them well.  We just couldn’t let anyone but myself inside with her because she was very protective over her pups.  And I mean extremely protective!!!

Last week one day I was going to go to Stockton to visit with Gloria, so Mama Rosie came with me, and I dropped her off at Jim and Carol’s house for a little bonding time. 

Then this past Monday was Rosie’s big day at Lodi Vet.  She got spayed and when I picked her up, she acted like nothing ever happened.  I brought her home and she joined Buckley and Fred.  They were all together before her puppies.  I could tell she wanted to go find her puppies, so I called Carol and Jim and asked them if they were ready for Rosie?  Of course, they were!!!  So, last night we packed up hit the road.  She made herself right at home! 

She had a great first night and Carol just sent me a photo of Rosie taking over her chair every time she gets up…so cute!

Rosie came to us by way of Lodi Animal Shelter.  She was in a car at a DUI stop and the people in the car had to go bye-bye so she was taken to the shelter.  Her former family never came back to get her out, so we got asked to help her.  When she arrived at the shelter the staff noticed she was getting larger and after an extra was determined she had three little ones.  So, we pulled her, and the rest is history.  We’re so thankful to have the relationship we have with the Lodi Shelter.  We work awesome together with always the best interest of the dog first.  Thank you, Officer Jennifer, Officer Jordan, Officer Katie and the rest of the staff and volunteers.  You’re a total blessing!

Thank you so much Carol and Jim for opening your hearts and home to our Mama Rosie.  Thank you for all the love and compassion in your hearts and souls.  We hope God will bless you both with many, many years of Rosie’s love.  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot’s family!

Oh, and Rosie thank you for being the best mom you could be!  You taught your puppies so well!  They’re all doing great without you, and you made my job so much easier taking care of all of them.  They’re all going potty so well on our sheets we set up as a giant potty pad.  Thank you, Julie and Motel 6 Lodi, for all the sheets.  We love them!!!

Whoops one more thing…Rosie is all set with her 49er football collar we had here for her.  Her mama and daddy are hug 49er fans as is my hubby Darrell.

March 20, 2022

Welcome to a wonderful family Tiffie!!!

Here’s her story…a friend of mine Lynn reached out for help. He dad needed to move from his retirement home into a nursing home under hospice.  She asked me if I could help with his 13 year Yorkie Tiffie?  I picked her up yesterday. Before I went to get her, I called Cindy and Rick who just lost their little Yorkie Joey who they adopted from Pokeadot's if they’d be interested in her?  Cindy said YES!!!!!  So, after I picked her up yesterday, she came home with me for a while and then we packed up her goodies and made a short trip to her new awesome home in Stockton.

Cindy told me this morning it was 6 months ago yesterday the lost Joey and how thankful Rick and she were to have been blessed with another little Yorkie who needed lots of love. She’s already attached herself to her new daddy and follows him all around.  So cool!

I’m beyond happy for this little girl who lost her daddy but now has gained a new dad and mom to take over for the rest of her life.

Thank you Rick and Cindy for all your love over the years. You truly live to make a difference in all the dogs who enter your life.

Thank you God for always directing our lives and filling our hearts with so much love.

Thank you Lynn for reaching out and asking us for our help.  You and Steve are such wonderful people and we will be praying for your dad and for your family at this difficult time.  Hugs to all of you!  Please let your dad know she will be loved forever!!!

March 28, 2022

JoJo is home!  You probably remember her from being adopted in January of this year.  Her original name was Rebecca. It wasn’t the perfect fit with the family, and they really want her to thrive, so they brought her back.  This is exactly what’s supposed to happen! 

So, we’ve had her back for about two weeks, and I’ve really been enjoying her and her energy.  If I got feeling a little low, she’d pick me up real fast!  So, on Saturday my personal trainer Abraham said that his brother and his fiancé were really interested in meeting her.  So, Saturday afternoon Abraham, Ahmed and Carina (and their dog Dolly) and Carina’s mom all came and feel in love with JoJo.  What a great family.  Now Abraham is officially in the Poke-A-Dot’s family as an uncle to JoJo! 

JoJo is fitting in very nicely and everyone just loves her.  Thank you, Ahmed and Carina and Dolly, for opening you hearts and home up to JoJo.  I’m sure she’s attached herself right to your hearts.  Thank you, Uncle Abraham, for your help in making all of this happen.  You’re a wonderful young man and I’m so thankful that God placed you in my life.  I’ve almost totally recovered from twisting my knee and I have Abraham to thank for all the great training he has offered me. 

JoJo, enjoy your new home and I can’t wait to here about your new life!!!

March 26, 2022

Sophia is in her new home tonight with her new sister Bella and her new mama Shannon.  Shannon reached out to me sometime ago.  Her sister Stacey and her husband adopted their little Lexi from us.  She lost one of her dogs and she and Bella have been so sad.  I promised her I would find her the perfect one, but we all needed to be patient.

So, last week when I stopped by Lodi Animal Services to get a dog license for Zoey’s new owner Matthew, Officer Jordan asked me if I was here to look at Sophie?  Well, you know me know I had to go look at Sophie.  I picked her up, she kissed me and that was it.  I immediately contacted Shannon and told her I think Sophie is the one for you.  So, the next day Officer Katie dropped her off at the groomer and then I picked her up and she spent a couple days at our place.  After I picked her up from the groomer, we went to Shannon’s work so they could meet.  The minute she saw her she started to cry.  It was very touching.

So, tonight was the night we packed her goodies up and went to her new house.  Right as we finished up the paperwork, in walks Shannon’s sister and her husband and our little Lexi and her brother Bentley.  It was so special.

Sophia still needs to finish up some of her vetting and that will happen soon.  Poke-A-Dot I sure do miss you girl and I’m so thankful we’re able to do help all these dogs and you’re the reason why. 

Thank you so much Shannon and Bella for opening your hearts and souls to little Sophie.  May God watch over you all!  Oh, and Sophie is going to be living in Lodi.

February 9, 2022

Toka is in her new home with her new Dad Matt.  What a wonderful man!  He lost his previous dog and her told me he had dog stuff all around and no dog and it was time to add a new dog to his home and heart.  Toka packed up all her goodies and headed to San Rafael, CA.  She has settled in perfectly in her new home.  Matt texted me a couple days ago saying he’s so much in love with her.  Her former family is so happy for her and I’m so glad we could help Toka and her precious family out.

Toka’s back story is this…

Toka originally belong to a friend who went thru a rough time in her life.  She had asked me if I could help her with some of her dogs and I did.  They’re all in great homes.  She had to move from one place into another that didn’t allow animals.  She was very sad to have to surrender her loved dogs.  I was so glad to be able to help her.  Toka was one of her dogs and she found a coworker to take her in.  Well, she had to move, and she took Toka back.  She’s been hiding her out in her house, and she reached out to me for help again. 

Thank you so much for trusting us with Toka.  I know this was such a hard thing for you to do, but I promise you I would find her the perfect home and she’s there now with her new Dad.  Toka, thank you for being a great Poke-A-Dot’s dog while you were with us visiting.  Enjoy your new home and I can’t wait to come and visit you!  The world needs more men like Matt in it who love dogs with of his heart and soul.  Thanks Matt!  Welcome to the best family in the world!!!!