June 1, 2023

Lucy is home sweet home with her new family in Sacramento, CA.  She joined Bob and Sheri and their wonderful daughter Sami.  They reached out to us when they saw our post about Lucy.  They all came and met her, and it was LOVE!  So, we decided on a date, and I told them I would deliver her. 

When we got there, she walked in the door and made herself right at home.  She is settling in nicely.  She still has some puppy energy, but with some training she’s going to be one amazing and smart dog.  She’s so lucky she landed where she did.  In the home we chose for her, her stay with us at Poke-A-Dot’s and with the amazing couple Debbie and her husband Aaron who found her curled up by there back door of their house in the country.  She’s going to love her new family!

Here's her back story…

She was originally a stray who wandered up to a house in the country and was found curled up in a breezeway by their kitchen door.  The family took the dog in and searched high and low for her family with no luck.  They reached out to us for help. She was so frightened in the beginning when she was found. All she wanted to do was hide and not come out. After a long time of tender loving care, the finder could finally touch her, and her trust was starting to come through. She had her vetting done and the best guess on her age is about 1 to 1 ½ years old. She weighs about 13 pounds.  She's got lots of energy, good with other dogs (her roommates are Boomer and Milo), she is now trusting me and I can pick her up and she gets on my lap for loves. It's been one step at a time, but she's coming around. She’s going to need some training with jumping and just being a crazy puppy because we don’t think she’s had too much.  She’s going in and out the doggie door and going potty outside.  It will be exciting watching the changes in this little girl happen. Not too sure about her breed. We're thinking maybe a Terrier and Poodle mix, it's just a guess. All I know is that she's never going to have to worry again in her life!!! A special thank you to the finder for loving and caring for Lucy until she could come to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.

The family is going to call their new little girl Sadie.  Bob was missing in the photo because he was hard at work when I delivered her.  Sadie is joined by Sheri and their daughter Sami in the photo.  What an amazing family who totally understands rescued dogs.  Enjoy your wonderful new life Sadie and I promised you the best and you got it!  A very special thank you to Debbie and Aaron for their love and compassion when Sadie took up residence at their house!


Here is the history of Macy.  She came to Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue, on December 31, 2022…New Year’s Eve.

 Christina reached out to Poke-A-Dot’s for help.  She saved Macy from a terrible life and soon discovered she was pregnant.  She wasn’t uncomfortable letting Macy have her puppies at her place, so she reached out for help.  We’re so thankful that we could help.  Christina and her good friend Elizabeth dropped Macy off with June in Lodi on New Year’s Eve. We all thought Macy had a couple weeks left but by that evening, Macy was in labor. She was having a difficult time trying to deliver on her own. So, June, Sheri, and Dawn packed Macy up and headed for the emergency VCA Sacramento Referral Vet for an emergency C-section on New Year’s Eve. After a long night at the ER, two very little healthy puppies arrived. (Goliath and Hercules were adopted by Dawn, who is June’s amazing neighbor and best friend). June continued to foster Macy and her puppies with help from Dawn.

One of our adopters, Ralph and Tuesday in Reno, Nevada expressed interest in fostering Macy.  They recently adopted two of our puppies Chewy and Millie. So, Sheri met half way and then Macy’s amazing foster journey started!

We asked Tuesday to write up her experience with Macy, so the following is about her time in Reno...

Macy has been adopted! She is thriving in her new home in Sparks, Nevada. Macy was adopted by her human “Char” and Luna also a rescue as a puppy. Macy and Luna are going to have so much fun together.  Macy stole my heart!!!!!!  I struggled to let Macy and I only wanted her to go to a PERFECT PERSON AND HOME. We met Char at the dog park and immediately I knew she was the human for Macy.  Thanks for all the love you shared with us.  We feel like the lucky ones in this story, having Char come into our lives. She is a very special lady who we adore. You will both be loved forever.

We thought it would be cool to ask Char to write up her experience with Macy and here it is…

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, my dog, Luna, and l welcomed a magical new dog into our little family. Her name is Macy Jane, and she is sitting contentedly on my lap as l write this. l am honored beyond words that after a day of adjustment and a bit of reticence, she has bonded to me and allowed me into her world.

From what l have been told, Macy got off to a rough start, living with a street person and being bred to a much larger dog. Then a wonderful gal named Christina saved her life.  She required a C Section and delivered 3 puppies. 2 survived and have since been adopted. She spent time with Poke-A-Dot's Dalmatian and Friends Rescue in Lodi, California and lived with her foster mama June. Then she moved into foster care with Tuesday and Ralph in Reno, Nevada.

Everywhere Macy has lived she has won the hearts of her foster families and of everyone who has crossed her path.

I first noticed this beautiful little soul at Link Piazzo Dog Park in Hidden Valley. She was with her amazing foster parents, Ralph and Tuesday, and their other three dogs, T-Bone, Chewy and Millie. I immediately noticed that she prances when she walks and looks for all the world like a tiny Lipizzan stallion. Everything about this sweet Chihuahua is pure enchantment.

My Luna is very social and really needed a sibling, so l decided to look into adopting Macy Jane.
On June 1, 2023 after 2 play dates filled with unbridled joy and delightful interaction, Macy joined our "pack."
She experienced the usual angst after Tuesday left, but by bedtime, she was snuggled close to my upper body, and Luna was on my legs.
By noon today, they resumed their exuberant play, racing the length of the house and rolling happily on the floor together.

The time came when l needed to go for groceries, and l left "the girls" for a little over an hour.  Up until that time' Macy hadn't formed a very strong bond with me. l knew she missed Ralph and Tuesday and her doggie friends at their home.  A wonder of wonders, when l walked in the door, she was jumping for joy and bouncing off my legs. She followed me everywhere, and l knew the bond had formed. My heart is so full!!!!

Macy Jane is home!!!!!

Sheri’s special note…
I can’t begin to thank all the people involved in this very special doggie Macy.  Christina, without your love this story would have never of come true for Macy!  June and Dawn, there are absolutely no words in my heart to explain how much you both mean to me.  I think I forgot to mention that when the puppies arrived, Mama Macy didn’t want much to do with them.  She had no milk and didn’t have many motherly instincts.  June and Dawn had to hand feed the puppies for a very long time.  This meant every two hours!!!  Yes, in the middle of the night too!  Dawn and her family adopted both puppies, Hercules and Goliath.  This is so special since Dawn helped raise these two boys. 

 Tuesday reached out to us and offered to foster little Miss Macy.  So, Macy and I headed halfway to Reno and she hopped in the car with Tuesday and her awesome husband Ralph and their daughter Helena.  Macy had a blast with Chew, Millie and even T-Bone!  She really started to come out of her shell with her foster family in Reno.  We can’t thank them enough for opening their hearts and home to Macy.

 Thank you Char for falling in love with Macy.  We all know this is the PERFECT fit because that’s what we strive for in each adoption.  We thank you for taking over for June, Dawn, Tuesday, Ralph, and Helena and providing the best future for Mac

February 26, 2023
Wow what a story! This is going to be a real long one!
Honey is now in her new home in Valley Springs with her new mama Cindy and her new daddy Tom and her new brother Bozzy. We’ve been working with them for a while and now they have their new little girl to spoil and love. Thank you so much on behalf of her former mama Debbie and Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue for opening your hearts and home to Honey. I know that Debbie is in Heaven rejoicing that Honey found her perfect place next to all of their hearts.
Now, here is her back story…my need Kleenex on standby.

About three years ago, Debbie reached out to us to see if we could help her with the future of her dogs. She was preparing for surgery and was afraid she wouldn’t come out alive and wanted to make sure she had a plan for her dogs. So of course, I told her we would help. She had her surgery and came out great. She recovered very nicely with her dogs buy her side.
Then about two years later, she reached out and said she was terminal and would let me know when the time was near. She made appointments for all the dogs Honey, Poppy and Oreo to get undated vetting done and June and I meet her at the Vets along with her sister. This is the photo we took on the right side of this post. They all returned home to her place. Prior to this, she lost her son who she was living with in a motorcycle accident. She went thru so much and was such a trouper.
Then one day in September, I was sitting in the dentist’s chair getting my teeth cleaned and my phone started to go crazy. Text messages, and then I got a phone call from the Ripon Animal Shelter. So I jumped up and crabbed my phone on the counter and said I’m taking a break to handle this! It was an animal control officer and she told me she had Oreo, Honey and Poppy had just been turned into the Ripon Shelter as stray dogs. I just about had a heart attack! So, when I finished, I went home and loaded up my car with dog crates for transport and off Thelma and I went to Ripon. Turns out the people who found them originally took them to Stockton and they refused to take them in so they ended up at Ripon. Thank God, they took them in. We chipped them and registered them to us in August and I am so thankful because this saved their lives!!!!! When I got there, Poppy and Oreo were very accommodating and accepted me right away. I was able to pick them up and get them into the crate in my car. However, Honey was scared right out of her body!!! She wanted to snap at the animal control officer as well as myself. So, we had to trick her into going into a crate. Once in the crate she settled down. I didn’t here a peep out of the three dogs on the way home. When we got back home, I sent Debbie a text not knowing is she was still alive. She told me she was still alive but couldn’t speak anymore and it was just a matter of days until she went to be with the Lord. She thought her care giver left the gate open and the three got out and a neighbor probably found them and turned them into the shelter. I told her they were staying with me and she told me how thankful and how much at peace she was in regards to her babies.

Poppy and Oreo warmed up pretty good, but poor Honey was stressed so for a few days I just let her destress and then she became my new best friend. It didn’t take her very long and I was so happy when she came out of her shell.
I wasn’t in a big hurry to place them because I wanted to get to know their personalities. Then came the end of December and January when all the rain started. These three where troupers dealing with water everywhere.
Last week Cindy who is the aunt of Emily who’s been a long time friend and who works at Lodi Vet reached out to me again and asked about Honey. She was looking for a new little girl and a few of the dogs she looked at in the past weren’t the right fit. Honey was the most independent of the three and not really that bonded to the boys. The boys sleep together, and Honey was always by herself under her blankets. So, Cindy came to meet Honey last week and then I delivered her up to her new home on Sunday. She’s doing great! I know her former mama Debbie has a great big smile on her face in Heaven. When I got into my car for the return ride home, I had happy tears!!!! Debbie, one of my promises have been completed. Now, we just have to find the perfect home for Poppy and Oreo. Each of these boys are senior citizens, very healthy and if you have an empty spot in your heart and home, they would love to fill it.

Honey, thank you so much for all the LOVE you shared with us while you were here. You deserve your new home girl…you’ve been so patient waiting for it…Thank you baby girl. Have fun with your new family and you will never be forgotten!!!
Now, it’s time to go wipe my eyes.

Well, Chester is now Cooper and his new mama Wendy is a good friend of his foster mama Elizabeth, so Elizabeth will be seeing lots of Cooper. Hurray! They live close by in Manteca, CA. Thank you Wendy for all the love that is in Coopers future!

May 21, 2023

Oh my goodness what a story I’m about to write!

Brandy left her this afternoon and now is in her new home with Marilene and Franklin who live in Roseville, CA.

Brandy came to Poke-A-Dot’s last week.  My good friend Jill from True Love Rescue originally adopted Brandy, who is a Standard Poodle about four years ago to a lady by the name of Judy who lives in Roseville.  Jill called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I could help her with Brandy.  She has a house full of Golden Retrievers looking for a new home and plus she just had some surgery on her hand.  She knows how much Darrell and I love Poodles. 

Brandy needed a new home because her mama was in Hospice care, and we were told it was getting close.  We got the call last week, so I drove up to Roseville to pick up Brandy.  The minute I met her, my heart was so sad for her and so happy that I was going to be able to help her find another home. 

The caregiver for Judy was there at the house and her name in Marilene.  She expressed some interest in adopting Brandy.  I didn’t think it was the time or place to discuss it further, so I called her the next day.  She and her family recently lost 4 dogs and they thought they may be ready for another.  Then they decided not to proceed and then she called me, and her two boys decided they were really ready.  I knew in my heart this would be the perfect home for Brandy.  Marilene was Brandy’s main caregiver for about 7 months. 

Marilene and her husband Franklin arrived today.  We loaded all of Brandy’s things in their car first.  Then I should them around our place.  Then it was time to go inside and see Brandy.  Brandy was so excited to see her.  I became second fiddle.  Hahaha!!!  Brandy didn’t want to leave her side!  As you can see from the photo, it is full of “photo bombers.” 

After they all left, I called Judy’s son and told him the great news.  He was so happy, and he told me his mom would be so happy with the outcome!!!   This dog was totally loved!  She also has a past history of seizures but has been free for almost two years. 

Brandy, thank you for being such a wonderful friend to all our dogs and for fitting in perfectly.  I’m going to really miss you, but I will rest good tonight knowing that you’re right where you belong…you’re new loving home!

July 29, 2023

Penny is HOME SWEET HOME!  We’re so happy for this precious little girl.  She’s in her perfect home.  We had several people who were interested in her.  Diane reached out last week and was ready to welcome little Miss Penny into her lovely family.  She retired a couple years ago and moved to a ranch setting.  She loves it! 

So, on Saturday Penny packed her things up and Thelma and I took her over to San Martin, CA which is about thirty minutes south of San Jose.  Diane was giving us the tour.  Guess what Penny is going to live with?  Well, one full size horse, two miniature horses, two other rescued Terriers and two kitty cats.  She’s going to have a great yard to have the zoomies in and play with her two brothers.  She’s going to love her new home! 

Thank you, Diane, for all the love you have in your heart.  Thank you for loving Penny and for joining the best family in the world.  The Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue family!!!

A very special to Jeannette and her awesome family for taking Penny in when they found her at a park in Stockton when she was only 1 month old.  She’s one blessed dog to have been found.  Jeanette’s family took her in and have been caring for her.  They decided they’re more of a cat rescue family and were very happy to have helped Penny but knew it would be better for her to be with a dog family.  We can’t thank them enough for all the love, compassion and care they gave to Penny. 

And Penny will be keeping her name they named her. 

After Thelma and I finished adopting Penny, we took a short ride over to Marina to visit Mischa who adopted a very sweet dog Mouse.  They both love each other very, very much!  It was great to see them both.  Thanks for the great visit!!!

August 15, 2023

Mindy is in her new home in El Dorado Hills, CA with her new dad and mom Mark and Christina.  She will also have a new brother doggie to hang out with and play together.  We’d been waiting for the perfect dog for a while to join their family and Mindy was it!  Christina just retired from UC Davis so she will have lots of time to welcome Mindy into her new home.  Christina is good friends with Jenni and her husband who adopted Chewy a few years ago.  Jenni also works at UC Davis and referred them to us.  And if you haven’t figured it out by now…We have a large UC Davis adopters club!  And it contains lots of pairs of bonded doggies. 

Mindy will never have to worry about lying by a railroad track literally taking her last breath ever again.  A very special thank you to Mindy and her daughter, the special people who cared enough to stop, get out of her care, and care for her, and get her to the Vet and then Poke-A-Dot’s picked her up from the Vet and the rest is history!!!

And a very special thank you to my good buddy Paula in Stockton who is also a life saver for several years and we’ve helped so many dogs together.  She stepped up with a beyond wonderful donation to help Mindy.  Thank you, Paula, and husband John, for being kind, loving, caring and the list goes on and on!

Thank you Mark and Christina for opening your heart and home to Mindy!

June 9, 2023

Bonnie and Clyde are now home in San Francisco with their new mom Logan and her husband David.  David was not able to make the trip today to Lodi so Logan’s parents who are visiting from Arizona came with her.  It was LOVE immediately when she first met them in person today at June’s house.  Bonnie and Clyde will be living the best life ever in San Francisco.  Thank you, Logan, for reaching out to us and for opening your heart and home to this wonderful sister and brother.

And let’s not forget June!  We just adopted our last set of puppies who went to live right next door with Dawn and her family.  She had a couple days break and then we got a call from a fellow rescue Animal Friends Connection, and they had just had an owner surrender them and they had no room.  So, June went right over and picked the two up.  Thank you, June, for all you do!  Poke-A-Dot’s couldn’t do it with you!!!

Bonnie and Clyde, have lots of fun with your new loving family and enjoy your new home!

March 12, 2023

Roscoe and Reba and in their new home with their new dad and mom, Craig and Donna. Donna reached out to us last week and said they would love to open their home up to these two seniors. We decided for them to come here, but I had Sunday free and called and asked if they’d like me to bring them up on Sunday. They both said YES!

So, we packed up pretty much my whole van of their goodies and of course we left room for my copilot Thelma. They rode perfectly up to Lincoln, CA. When we got there, they made themselves right at home. Roscoe immediately jumped up on Craigs lap and started playing with him and Reba who is more reserved took a liking right away to Donna. I couldn’t of been happier!!!

Here’s their backstory. A couple weeks ago my Golden Retriever Rescue friend Jill called me. A gal had left her a message about needing to find a new home for her two ShihTzu’s. So, Jill called me and then I immediately called their former owners. I set up a time the next day to go and meet them. When I meet them, my heart melted and I made a commitment to help them. The family is planning on moving and didn’t want the responsibility of having dogs anymore. I am all about helping the dogs!!! So, within a couple of days, their former family brought them and all of their goodies to our house.

They had about a week here to receive all of our Poke-A-Dot’s love and I was so thankful when Donna reached out to us! I knew we were getting them so I pre-posted with hopes of finding a new family sooner rather than later because I wanted the best for them.
Donna called me today and said they are both settling in very well. She said Roscoe loves to play on the floor with Craig with toys. So cute!

I can’t begin to thank these two people enough. People who love the seniors are few and far between, but Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue has been blessed with so many who love the older dogs. Now we just need to find the perfect home for Poppy and Oreo.
Roscoe and Reba, our promise to find you a new loving home has been completed. May you both love your new mom and dad with all your hearts and I’m so thankful that you were placed into our lives. Thanks again Craig and Donna for your beautiful hearts!

Our Miracle Puppies have been Adopted!

It was New Years Eve during the horrible storm that flooded Highway 99!  Mama Macy Jane who came to us very pregnant just hours before labor began, was having an unsuccessful time delivering the three puppies that were waiting to come into this world.  Macy was being fostered at her Foster Mom June's house and was being attended by Sheri, June, and June's neighbor Dawn.  It became evident that the first puppy got "stuck" and unfortunately died before being born.  We rushed Macy to the only Emergency Vet that we could find that had a surgeon on call - VCA Referral Center in Sacramento!  The Vet thought that the remaining two puppies could possibly be born at home so back to Lodi we went.  It was a few hours later that we knew that the only way these puppies had a chance was to rush Macy back to Sacramento for a C-Section (and spay).  Note:  This is how we use your donation money to safe lives!

And along came Hercules and Goliath!  They were very large puppies for Macy who was a deer Chihuahua mix.  Hercules had a slow heartbeat, and we weren't sure he was going to make it through the first night but we loaded everyone up into the van and headed home, narrowly missing the flood waters that swamped Highway 99 just an hour after we passed the Dillard Road exit!

Our co-foster mamma's, June and Dawn jumped into action and began bottle-feeding the puppies every 2 hours since Macy was not able to produce any milk.  The first week looked grim as both boys lost 3 ounces each at a time when they should have doubled in weight.  We did not give up and we reached out to Elizabeth who was fostering a mamma and litter of puppies for Poke-a-dot and arranged to supplement us around the clock feedings with three feedings from Mamma Millie, the puppies started to gain weight!

We had to deal with a couple of seizures caused by low blood sugar, some "diaper" rash, keeping the puppies warm and loved, the bottle feeding, transitioning them to solid food, and all the other duties that go along with "orphan" puppies.

Then one day, Dawn realized that she had fallen in love with them!  First Hercules with his soft brown fur and that fat puppy belly.  She knew that she could not let him be adopted away from her.  She would take him for visits to her family next door and her son Matthew and his girlfriend, Ashley, developed a bond with Hercules.  Dawn began taking Goliath for visits to her family and quickly realized that she couldn't separate him from his brother.  So, it was decided (and we whole heartedly approved) that Matthew and Ashley would adopt Hercules and Dawn would adopt Goliath.  The boys are already crate-trained (to the same crate) and they spend their time running up and down the stairs or playing with each other as sibling puppies do!  Hercules loves to snuggle with Matthew while he studies or plays video games and Goliath to cuddle with Dawn while she is watching TV or be her shadow her as she moves around the house.  Our Miracle Puppies are home, sweet home!!!  

May 7, 2023

Joey has been adopted!  He’s doing wonderful in his new home in Berkely, California with his awesome new family.  He’s going to have so much fun with this active family.

A very, very special thank you to my good friend Joanne for reaching out to me for help when she found Joey in her backyard.  He’s one special dog and Joanne and his new family are so special as well!  Thank you to all!!!!  And Joey thank you for being such a good little pup while you were visiting Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue.  You will be loved forever!

Here is Joey’s back story…April 7, 2023

Welcome to Poke-A-Dot’s Rescue Joey!

Last Saturday about noon I received a phone call from a very special lady and friend who I admire and respect so much…Joanne Mounce!  She told me she sure could use my help because there was a dog in her backyard!  So, I told her I’d be right there! 

When I got there the dog was hanging out by her back door just as comfy as can be. Upon my I inspection I found out he’s just a puppy. Maybe four months and about 15+ pounds. No chip, no collar, no ID.  Probably a Poodle/Terrier don’t know for sure…just a guess.

I told Joanne I wanted to name him after her!  So, we came up with Joey!  That also works out because that’s one of my adopted sons name too!  Joanne has low fences around her place and I’m sure some walking by saw him wondering around and picked him up and placed him over the fence.

I place a found report with Officer Jennifer at the shelter right away and he did his stay hold here with us. Today was the official day I signed the pull paperwork he’s now ours. He has a vetting appointment on Monday and then we will start our search of his perfect home!  If you’re interested, please fill out our application at www.pokeadotsrescue.com.

Thank you, Joanne, for all your love, compassion and for calling me to see if I could help. So happy I could say yes!!!  Thank you so much for all you have contributed to the City of Lodi. And thank you for being my good friend!!!

Joey, welcome to Poke-A-Dot’s and we promise to find you a perfect home.


March 24, 2023

Been waiting for all of this to pan out in God’s perfect timing…

Our beloved Mama Millie who raised her five puppies has her new home with Bob.  You probably remember Bob who adopted Gracie several years ago.  He gave her the best live and recently had to put her to sleep.  Then his heart opened up to Dino the white Poodle who we got back from his former adopter who could no longer care for him.  Dino couldn’t see or hear very good, but this boy had so much love to give.  Poor Bob only had Dino less than two months and then he started to have seizures and he had to make the hard decision to put him to sleep.  His heart was really hurting and soon it opened for another dog.  Well, he found a little boy Yorkie who needed a new home.  So, he agreed to take him in from a party in the bay area.  When he got him home and to the vet for a check-up, the dog had a chip.  The contact was made and it turned out the dog had another story behind it and Bob did the right thing by giving it back to the owners.  (I believe the dog could have been stolen, or a stray that was found who never got scanned for a chip.)  So, now poor Bobs heart was hurting once again.

All this time, I was thinking that maybe Mama Millie might be a good fit for him.  Well, he reached out to me, and we spoke and I told him all about Mama Millie.  We had Galaxy’s final shots done on Friday at 3pm, so foster Mama Elizabeth brought both Millie and Galaxy.  So, Foster Mama June meet us at the vets and she brought Galaxy to our place (we have an adoption soon for him) and Darrell, Thelma and I packed up Millie and off we drove to Rio Linda.

Millie traveled fine for the car ride and when we got to Bob’s she crawled into Dino’s bed and claimed it as her own and looked so comfortable.  She slept next to Bob in bed just like she did with Elizabeth.  How perfect!  She’s still a little bit nervous this morning, but Bob will give her lots of love and attention. 

Millie was formerly living with a homeless man.  A friend of Elizabeth’s reached out to her for help trying to figure out how to get this pregnant girl to safety.  Elizabeth called me for some suggestions and to ask if we could help.  I agreed but asked her if she could foster at her place.  She agreed and her friend was able to get Millie that afternoon.  So, for the past three months it’s been a busy home for Elizabeth.  We’ve got all the puppies except for Galaxy placed and he will be going to his new home next Friday to Reno.  We will be posting all the puppy adoption photos next weekend celebrating all of them in their new homes.

Thank you so much Elizabeth for fostering Mama Millie and her puppies!!!  You’ve been such a blessing to all these amazing dogs!  And a special thank you to your friend for originally saving them from an unknown future.

Millie, thanks for being such a wonderful Mama and raising such great puppies.  Job well done!  Enjoy your new life with your new Daddy.  I am sure you will love him and enjoy living with all the love he has to give to you girl!

Charlotte packed up her bags and is doing very well with her new mama Kalynn and they live in San Juan Bautista, CA. Thank you so much for opening your heart and home to Charlotte. Charlotte enjoy your wonderful life!

January 16, 2023

Rambo is all settled in his new home with his new family Terry and Beth in Stockton.  He is also joined by two other doggies so he’ll have his pick on who to play with in addition to his new dad and mom.  Rambo will be living in Stockton and Terry and Beth are all about their dogs!  So grateful they joined the Poke-A-Dot’s family!  Welcome!!!

Rambo came to us on Christmas eve.  We offered to help him as he was a found dog close to a park in Lodi and he almost got hit by a car.  A great dog loving guy jumped to his rescue and took Rambo home.  Then he and I spoke, and he brought Rambo to Lodi to our store for a meet up place.  So, then the search for his family started.  A young lady on Christmas surfaced and she said he belong to her.  She came to our house on Christmas and it was very obvious he knew her!  I asked her if he was and indoor dog and she said no my mom doesn’t allow him or the other dogs inside, but he does have a doghouse to sleep in.  I really didn’t know what to say but I told her “that’s very mean to make a dog sleep outside…would you like to sleep outside?”  She said, I know it is mean.  Then I proceeded to tell her what we do at Poke-A-Dot’s and she agreed to surrendering him to us and I promised her I would find a wonderful new home.

I am so thankful she did the right thing.  Rambo was the best Christmas gift ever!  He also got to experience all the water we have had from the rain.  He was a real trouper.  And, let me tell you, he loved sleeping inside at night!!!!

Thank you, Rambo, for being such a great boy and we hope you have the best future ahead of you!!!

August 27, 2023

Gracie and Nippers are in their new home with their new mama Martie.  We (my good friend Vicki came with me tonight.)  She is also friends with Don the foster daddy who took awesome care of Gracie and Nippers until tonight came to pass them onto their new mama.  A very special thank you to Don who gave them both so much love and care.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Martie is a wonderful lady and I know her since she is a volunteer at another rescue in Lodi call PALS.  PALS works well with Poke-A-Dot’s and the other way around.  I have known the founder of PALS Nancy for a very long time.  We met through Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition Center.  It’s so nice to work together!!!  So, we know these two special dogs will get lots of love and attention from Martie and her African Grey Parrot too! 

They came to us from a referral from Officer Jennifer from the Lodi Animal Shelter.  Their former owner had to go into a nursing home and so we offered our help.  They’ve been such a joy to help, and we couldn’t be happier that the perfect person came along.

Again, thank you Don for fostering Gracie and Nippers and Martie, thank you for opening your heart and home to these special kids!

It’s been a long day, but I know there are lots of people waiting to see this.  Now it’s time for bed!  Goodnight Gracie and Nippers!!!  Sweet dreams and have fun loving your new mom!

August 5, 2023

Krispy and Kloe are in their new home tonight!  They joined their new mama Jodi and her other dog Tiki and will be living in Sacramento.  Jodi’s grandchildren came over for a visit, so they climbed into the adoption photo.  How special!

Jodi and her son previously had two dogs like this in their past that they loved.  Now, Krispy and Kloe will take center stage. 

Jodi reached out to us earlier this week.  So, we set up a meet and greet for this morning at *.  When she walked in, they both jumped up on her lap and I wish I could have taken a photo of the love in her face.  Not to mention the faces of Krispy and Kloe.  After we were done, I told her she needed to go home and think about it, etc.  She said she was done thinking about it now and the answer was if I agreed, YES!  So, Jodi went home with all their doggie stuff, and I followed about noon with the two pups and my hubby Darrell rode along.

The minute we all walked in the door, they both started to make themselves right at home.

Thank you so much Jodi for opening your heart and home to this amazing, bonded pair.  All of you will have so many memories to make in your future. 

September 1, 2023

This is a very interesting story!!!  More like a miracle for a lady named Wanda and a dog whose name is going to be Daisy.

Last Tuesday I (Sheri) received a phone call from a gal who found a stray dog around the corner of Hwy 12 and Bruella Road, not too far from us.  She took her home to care for her, tried to find the owner, and we all concluded she was dumped because she was found next to a crate.  She reached out to us for help.  She told me she had taken the dog to get scanned for a chip and one was not found. 

We have a lady named Wanda who reached out to us about three weeks ago who really wanted to adopt another dog.  June went to Stockton last week to meet with her and her other dog Cali so we could get a better feel for the kind of dog to place with her. 

So, when this dog needed help, we thought…she may be the perfect one for Wanda.  June went out to meet the stray little girl on Tuesday and made a commitment to the finder that we would bring her into our rescue on Thursday.  June got there about 9 am to pick her up.  Then she met me at Pump, my gym where I work out.  I was going to chip her.  I scanned her just to double check and she was chipped!  So, we called the chip company, and they gave us all her information.  The dog was from Valley Springs.  Highly unlikely she would make the 30-mile journey on her four legs.  We then proceeded to call the person and she answered.  We asked her if she was missing a dog?  She replied with “I’m at work and haven’t been back home yet today.  We then told her the dog had been missing for some time!  A little silence and then we said, “So if this was your dog we have in our procession, you don’t want her back?  Correct?  She said yes, and we thanked her very much.  Then we had a phone call from the Vet asking if we needed a spay appointment because they just had a cancelation and we said YES!!!

June took our new little girl into get a much-needed bath, toenail trim, etc.  Then she drove to Stockton for a meet and greet.  It was love at first sight.  The dogs hit if off and Wanda just couldn’t have been happier!!!  She spent the rest of the day with Wanda and her new sister.  I called about 6 pm tonight and they were all snuggled in bed watching TV.  Wanda is an early bird and gets up early and retires early. 

Tomorrow June is picking up the new little girl who Wanda wants to call Daisy at 7am and then to the Vet for her vetting and then June will take her back to Wanda’s in the afternoon.  Wow!  What a miracle!  This precious little Daisy will never have to worry about being lost in the world again or unwanted. 

All went well at the Vet today.  Poor little Daisy got a foxtail out of one of her ears.  She’ll feel so much better with this out!  Thank you, Wanda, for reaching out to us.  Thank you, June, for all your love from your heart that you put into this adoption!!!

Daisy, we’re so happy for you and your new family!!! 

Butterscotch is now living with his new mama Vivian and family in Valley Springs, CA. Thank you for all the love you'll be sharing with him!

September 24, 2023

Auggie is in his new home with Fred and April and their daughter in Stockton, CA.  Auggie is going to be sporting a new name...Cotton!  I thought their daughter picked out a perfect name.  April reached out to me last week.  Their family recently lost their dog and knew it was time to add another special boy to their family.  When they came last week to meet him, he jumped up on their laps and the rest was history.  So, Sunday Cotton and I packed up his bags and took a very short drive to his brand new loving home.

Cotton came to us by way of a real Jewel, Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton.  A friend of hers was finally able to catch this boy after several months of trying.  She reached out to see if we could help him and it was actually National Doggie Day.  He was the second dog we helped on that day.  Little Sammy (Doggie) was the first one that landed in our laps.

Cotton, thanks for being such a good boy here and we want you to enjoy having your new family.  I promise you that you'll never have to worry where your going to sleep, what you're going to eat and the list goes on.  The day you finally trusted a very special person who made it her mission to help you, your whole life changed!

Thank you to Fred and April and your family for opening your hearts and home up to Cotton. 

May 19, 2023

Thomas is home, sweet home with Colleen and Linda in Elk Grove, CA.

Colleen and Linda adopted Finn from us a few years ago.  He passed away a few months ago and they reached out to me to ask if I could keep my eyes wide open for a new dog to join their family.  So, when we got Thomas, I had a feeling that they would be perfect for the boy. 

They were on a trip to Southern California last week when I called.  So, they got home last Thursday and Friday morning Thelma and I took Thomas and his goodies to Elk Grove.  When I walked in he made himself right at home.

We’re so happy for Thomas and Colleen and Linda.  They all deserve the best and they all have each other to love.  Thank you both so much for being part of the best family in the world…our Poke-A-Dot’s family!

Thomas thanks for being such a wonderful little boy who will touch the hearts of all who meet you.  I know you will touch the hearts of your new moms forever!  Love you all!

Midnight joined Jasmine and family and they reside in Danville, CA. Midnight enjoy you new family and thanks to all of you for opening your hearts and home to Midnight!

June 16, 2023

Abraham is home in San Francisco, CA.  His new mama Jose reached out to us about a month ago.  She came and met the sweetest little boy and fell in love with him.  She had a vacation planned and didn’t want to bring a new dog home and then leave him, so he got to stay here just a little bit longer.   Now, she’s got her new little boy right by her side.

We met up in Fairfield at a previous adopter’s house.  I had plans to be there, so it worked out perfectly.  Thank Janie and Bill for letting us use your place.  Their dog Daisy and Thelma had fun hanging out with Abraham for a little while.  When Jose drove up, Abraham got very excited to see his new mom.

Jose works most of the time from home, so her new little buddy will be right by her side. 

Abraham came to us about three months ago.  He was a stray dog from Stockton who almost ended up on the freeway.  We’re so thankful to the person who saved him!  He ended up at Jeweline’s grooming shop and she groomed him.  He was all matted, foxtails, etc.  We named him Abraham after a wonderful young man who’s my personal trainer at Pump and he’s become very close to Darrell and I.  He’s getting married next weekend and we’re so happy for him and Anabel.

Jose really liked his name, so he’ll be sporting Abraham as he enters the next chapter in his wonderful life.  Thank you, Jose, for all the love you have in your heart and home and may you and Abraham develop a very special bond for life! 

And, Jeweline, thank you for all the love you have in your heart to help dogs like Abraham!

January 28, 2023

Wow!  Times a million!!!!!  Baby and Sugar have left and have a great new home!!!!! 

Here’s their back story…

A little over a year ago one of neighbors who were living in her parents home (both passed away and we were very close to them) needed to move out of the house so the family could sell it.  When they moved they couldn’t take three of the many cats that were living there.  Baby, Sugar and Peewee.  So, these three cats became our issue to try and figure out how to help them.  I put up two 10 by 10 dog kennels and made a hug out door kitty condo.  They were mainly outdoor cats, but they did come in from time to time.  Betty and Ray loved all animals and Betty helped save a lot of cats and would always get them fixed and love them.  I could feel her spirit saying, “Sheri you just have to help these cats.”  So, that’s what I did.  Figured they were better in a secured place than outside and become someone’s dinner.  They all adjusted fine and really were very happy. 

January brought us so much rain that we’ve been pumping water almost all month!  The kitty condo was in about 6 plus inches of water and there was no way they could stay inside.  I moved them into our bathroom out by the pool.  They did ok in there, but I think it bothered me more then them.  We did have to let Peewee go to Heaven.  She was not doing good, and she was about 18 years old.  I made an emergency post asking someone to have a heart for these two.  Nothing came up until this week when Christina who is the daughter of an adopter and I’ve known her for a while reached out and said she and her girlfriend would love to come and meet them.  I was so happy!!!!  So Christina and Megan came yesterday and fell in love with both of the cats.  I am so happy for them, and I know Betty their former mama is so happy for them as well.  This was a hug burden taken off my heart.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Christina and Megan.  You both have wonderful hearts and enjoy your new kitty cats!!!

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