Thank YOU!


Thank you very much for your interest in one of our precious dogs we have available for adoption.  Please take your time and fill out each question in this form correctly.  Thanks!  We take adopting dogs seriously and we promise to reach out to you very promptly.  It's important to find each of our dogs the perfect home. 

IMPORTANT NOTE!   Please only fill out application if you're ready to adopt a dog.  If you have recently lost a precious dog (we are very sorry) please make sure the timing is right for you.  Also if your about ready to fill out our application, please make sure your significant other is on the same page as you.  It's happened more than once in the past, one person fills out the app, I speak to them and we schedule the meet and great and gets called off due to the fact that their significant other isn't on the same page.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR YARD IS READY FOR A DOG TOO!  Please figure this out before filling out the application.  This is a really important step in adopting one of our dogs, and we just ask that your heart(s) is ready to adopt.  We don't want to waste your time and too be honest with you we don't want to waste our time that could of been spent loving on our dogs.  Also please understand that you may not be the only one who submits and application for one of our dogs.  We also understand that you maybe working with another rescue and that's ok, but please let us know that in the beginning.  We take it very seriously finding the correct home for the dog.  For example if we get an a dog that we know came from a single dog family, we wouldn't want to place him/her is a home that has 3 other dogs.  I think you should get the point.  Thanks for understanding.  I really even hated mentioning things here, but recently we've gotten a few apps from people who aren't even close to being ready. 

Adoption Application