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Welcome to Poke-A-Dot's Sonny!
I'm not a story writer by nature, and there's no way in the world that I could of dreamed this one up. I'll try and make it short and sweet and to the point, but knowing me it won't work.

Last night Julie a friend of mine saw a post on Facebook of a family who found a dog out in the country of Stockton. They actually almost hit the dog but didn't thank God and his 2 buddies. They pulled over and stopped and Sonny came right to them and they tried to get the others but couldn't. I reached out to them last night and they live in Lodi. The family feel in love with him and offered to adopt him if we couldn't locate his family. I'm so thankful they took the time to help this boy. He was a big mess. Dirty from head to toe and also had lots of fleas living on him.

I went over to their house this morning and we made a trip to my groomers. What a difference! He's got some little skin issues going on from flea bites but in time it'll all clear up. In the meantime the daughter of the gal who found him just graduated from college and had an interview for a job today and got it. So, they decided that they better not foster him. In the meantime, I discovered he did have a chip and I was able to get in contact with the owner.

I set up with her to meet this evening. I took one of our new Spanish speaking staff members Marissa with me to help me communicate with the family. When we drove up the dirt drive way, four small dog greeted us. I could tell 2 were puppies. One of the others was an unaltered male was limping and looks like he got hit by a car. Plus the fact that he probably has foxtails in his ears. The family agreed to surrender Sonny to us. I explained that he's been missing from your place for almost 3 months. I proceeded to tell them it wasn't fair for Sonny or all these other dogs to be living her loose living outside plus not having a fence to keep them safe.
Sonny didn't act the least bit excited to see them or the other dogs. I kept him in the crate in the back of my van. I told her I am a Christian and I know God was guiding me last night and today to help this very precious and special dog. I even offered to pay her for him. She was very sweet and said no she didn't want any money. I told her I took him to be groomed, and did flea control for him too. She truly was thankful and I have swapped a few texts with her and she wants a better life that what they could provide.

I had her sign an owner surrender form and then she asked if I would like the paperwork she had on him? I said yes! I actually wasn't expecting anything but they adopted from a Humane Society and prior to that the dog was in the Solano Animal Shelter. They got him in the middle of June and by the first of July the dog went missing. Who knows where he's been living, but one thing I know is he's safe and sound now with us.

Thank you so much to the family who stopped by to offer their help and keep him last night. Thank you to Julie my friend for tagging me, and thank you God for putting this little guy on my heart and guiding me in every step that I took today. And, thanks to my staff member Marissa for helping me communicate.

Sonny is about 2 years old and about 15 pounds.  He's awesome!


Mama and her new born puppies were surrendered to the Lodi Shelter.  So, they asked if we could help.  So now we've got some puppy love going around.  Mama has 2 little girls and 1 boy.  Working on names and future homes.  We have no idea what breed the daddy is.  Mom is a total sweet heart!  Puppies were born approx on Oct. 7, 2019.  Eyes opened up on 10/20.  They're so sweet and doing awesome!

September 4, 2019


I'm not too sure where to start this story.  Last March I adopted Laverne and Shirley to a really wonderful lady who lived in San Rafael, CA with her 7 year old Chihuahua Rocky.  She was retired, and home all the time and she loved dogs.  These precious ones where her life.  She loved them so much. 

So, last night Darrell got up to go potty and I was having a hard time sleeping so I got up too.  Then I came out to the office for a little while and I checked my email in hoping it would put me back to sleep.  Fat chance!  I received a message from the daughter in law of the lady who adopted Laverne and Shirley.  It said she died unexpectedly yesterday (9/3/19.)  She wanted to know if I could take all three dogs.  Well of course I replied back with YES and that we'd touch base in the morning.  So, do you think I could go back to sleep knowing that these precious little ones lost their mama?

She was feeling uncomfortable in her chest, called 911 and by the time emergency services arrived she was in rough shape.  Had a massive heart attack and couldn't pull out of it.

This morning I got in touch with the daughter in law and the dogs were still in their house.  So, I drove 2.5 hours to San Rafael and Thelma joined me for the ride.  She went over with Darrell and I when we adopted them and she loves riding in the car!  I meet another daughter in law at the apartment and we pack all the doggie things up and Rocky and Laverne and Shirley and left about 11 am and headed back home.

I can't begin to describe how my heart totally hurts for these three doggies and for the family who lost a loved one.  This lady loved her dogs and she kept in perfect contact with me.  She lived to make her dogs content and happy and provide a great environment for them.  When I was there adopting the dogs, we spoke of this very thing and I promised her if something every happened to her that I would be here in a flash for the dogs.  She felt so relieved as she said she was in good health but you never know.  She said when it's my time I want to go fast!  (She got her wish)  I used her potty when I was there and above her toilet she had a rather unique photo of a Dalmatian.  She told me she used to have one.  She really liked art and she had a lot of cool photos.  I told her I really liked that Dalmatian picture and she told me "TAKE IT!".  I felt awkward and I said that's ok you keep it.  She said well if anything ever happens to me "TAKE IT!".  So today I kindly asked if I could "TAKE IT", so now I have it!  I need to decorate the walls in one of my doggie condos so this photo will go up so her spirit for dogs will live on and I can share the story of how important it is to have a plan for your doggies if something should happen to you.  This is the second time we've lost and adopter suddenly and have gotten the doggies back.  Wouldn't want it any other way!

Now, if you have a whole in your home and heart for 3 dogs, please come forward!!!  They could use a new mama.  Till then it'll be me.  I could split them up, but if I did it the two girls need to stay together for sure.  However, they're all used to each other and Rocky is a wonderful big brother and right now I want to try and find them a home all together.  I own them to try my hardest.  Lucy was her for one year and Betty White for 6 months so we can do this!!!

Please share this around so we have more opportunities to help them find a perfect home.

Oh, I forgot...Rocky is about 7-8 years old, maybe weighs about 18 pounds and the two girls will be one year old on Sept 23.