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Sheri's Special Note:  If you are looking for a special breed of dog to adopt, please fill out an application and once approved we can keep our eyes wide open.  We really enjoy working in advance with people wanting to adopt a rescue dog to add to their family.  Our application is under "adoption application".

Shimmer came from a Toy Poodle breeder who had to surrender her dogs because of her health and we're so glad we got to help!!!  Shimmer is about 5 years old and she weighs about 10 pounds.  She's so adorable!  She would love to sit on your lap all day long.  She's doing really good about going potty outside.  She would be best as the solo dog because she wants all the attention!!!  She deserves a wonderful home!  If you're interested, please fill out an application at or you may call Sheri at 209 603-5866.

What a great senior!  This poor dog was a stray at the Dublin Shelter for over a month!  Yes, she was living in a shelter that long.  She's out and is so happy and loving.  According to some of the info we have she may be around 15 years old.  She has her vet appt on Monday and we will know more later.  She appears to be in excellent shape.  Her skin is good and she can see good.  She's a little shy, but she's been thru so much.  Rumor at the shelter was that her owner died and none of the family wanted her and she must of gotten out, got picked up and not claimed.  She's ours now!!!

Update...She's had her vetting appointment and she's got a dental appointment for March 27 to pull out a few teeth to make her mouth feel so much better.  She deserves to be happy in her senior years.  She did great at the Vet and recovered great!

ARE YOU HER ANGEL?  She would love you forever!  She's the perfect dog!!!!

Dolly is such a happy go lucky dog.  She's so much fun.  She loves to play with her toys.

She knows how to go out a doggy door and she's good on a leash and loves to go for a walk.  She loves to ride in the car.  We originally took Dolly into our rescue back in July.  Her mom passed away.  She was used to living with a cat and another dog.  She's a little over 3 years old, in excellent health and would love to come and live with you.  Probably better no children as she's never experienced them before.

Please, Please, Please consider her!!!!

If you'd be interested in fostering please let us know.  Thanks!

We could save more lives if we had more available fosters.

Please fill out our adoption application and on the first line put "interested in fostering".

Bella is about 2 plus.  She was born on Dec. 25, 2016.  She's a very sweet girl.  She loves to ride in the car and she's doing great going in and out of the doggie door to go potty.  She loves pets!  Weighs 14 pounds.  She also loves to play fetch.  She's a really great dog and will bless you as your loyal companion!

She needs to be in a family as the only doggie.

If you're interested in adopting her, please fill out our application at or you may call Sheri at 209 603 5866.  Thanks!