If you'd be interested in fostering please let us know.  Thanks!

We could save more lives if we had more available fosters.

Please fill out our adoption application and on the first line put "interested in fostering".

Please Note:  If you're not 200% ready to adopt a dog, then PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT and application.  Please understand that filling out an app does not mean you'll be selected.  We really try very hard to match of the dog with the right home the first time around.  Thank you for understanding that we don't want to waist your time as well as our time.  We really put 100% of our hearts into Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and we want the very best for each one of our dogs and adopters too.

Sheri's Special Note:  If you are looking for a special breed of dog to adopt, please fill out an application and once approved we can keep our eyes wide open.  We really enjoy working in advance with people wanting to adopt a rescue dog to add to their family.  Our application is under "adoption application".