Jan. 10, 2020
Welcome to Poke-A-Dot's Lucas!

What an interesting story...Last week when I took two dogs into my groomers, a mention was made of a lady who needed help for a 4 month old puppy who looked just like a small Golden Retriever.  They gave her my phone number to reach out to me.  So, in the back of my head I knew this dog may be coming to us.  Well, yesterday I was out at the Bank of America on Kettleman Lane in Lodi doing a store deposit (I normally go to the branch downtown) and my phone rang.  It was Tania the lady with the puppy.  I asked her what the story was behind the dog and this is what she told me.  She was at Walmart in Lodi last Sunday and this guy had a box of puppies.  I believe 7 of them.  He was giving them away free because he said he couldn't keep them at his house anymore.  This gal has a huge heart for dogs and she wanted to help at least one of them to a bright future so she took little Lucas home.  Turns out one of her dogs isn't too fond of a new pup and she's scared to leave him home with her other dogs.  She's been taking him to work with her and he's been hanging out in her car.  She also said she works in a terrible location in Stockton and knew she couldn't keep taking him with her for his own safety. 

After I heard the story, I asked her where she was at and it turns out she was almost right across the street from my location.  So, I went to meet her and Lucas.  Tania put Lucas in my arms and I could tell the need was really there.  She was in tears because she really had fallen in love with this special little boy.

I put Lucas in my car and it was about 3pm and walk-ins just started at my vet and he'd had one shot and was due for his second round so we stopped by and completed his vetting.  He checked out very healthy.  He was born on August 26, 2019.  He weighs in at 16.5 and growing.  I had a parvo test done and it was negative.  Got him home to introduce him to the others and he's a little shy and scared still.  He's a very sweet boy!!! 

As far as his breed, on the shot paperwork it lists him as a Retriever-Chihuahua.  He could be one of many different breeds.  I do know where he originally came from and if I'm brave I may stop by the home and see if I can find out a little more information on his background and perhaps see his mom and dad if I get lucky.  I will have to take one of my staff members from my business with me who speak Spanish.  Marissa has been out with me on one other adventure with Sonny and she was awesome.

If you're interested in adopting Lucas, please fill out our application at www.pokeadotsrescue.com or you may call Sheri at 209 603-5866.

Note:  Luke needs to be adopted to a home with no other pets.  He also will need some socialization and some training.  He's such a loving dog.

I stopped by the house where he originally came from 1/19 and I was able to take photos of his mom and dad.  Mom looked like a Terrier and Dad they told me had Golden Retriever in his blood line.


Jan. 4, 2020

These two really needed help as you can see from the photos so we agreed to help them!  They're about 4 would be our guess but will know more after their vetting appointment.  Georgia, the female looks like she could of had puppies about 3 months ago.  I'm pretty sure she's not spayed.  Male, we named Willie and he is neutered.  They're both very sweet Shih Tzu's.  The female is starting her new diet tomorrow!

These names are very special to me!  For those of you who know what we've been doing the past three weeks, trying to nurse my stepmom's dog Willie back to health.  We originally got him for my dad and mom about 6 years ago.  My dad passed away almost 4 years ago and he loved Willie so much.  So, I thought Willie would be a wonderful name for this special boy!

Now, Georgia is being named after one of my friends who passed away on Sept. 11, 2018.  We went to elementary school, middle school and high school together.  We've always been awesome friends, but we called each other sister.  She purchased my grandparents old house from us and many of my friends knew her.  She was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain tumor.  She lived for about 16 months.  I stepped in and helped her with most everything.  She couldn't speak or remember passwords, etc.  I had to become Georgia to help for a while to help get all her affairs in order.  It was a very difficult thing, but God gave me the strength to overcome being scared.  Georgia was the happiest sick person I have ever meet.  She laughed all the time.  She stressed with me so many times for me not to feel sorry for her.  I can't begin to tell you how many for our rescue dogs she got to meet.  We always went over to her house for show and tell.  She had a yellow lab named Daisy who was her everything.  She asked me if I would make her a promise and find a new home for Daisy when the time came.  I completed my promise and Daisy has been living in her new home in Bakersfield and the wonderful thing is that her new mom and Georgia were friends.  It's the perfect home for her.  I can guarantee their will never be another person like Georgia ever.  She loved to poke fun of my cooking because she was the opposite of me and a wonderful cook.  Well, I think you get the picture.  Georgia you may not be around me personally anymore, but your spirit will live on.  Now, I finally have the perfect dog to name after you.  And, Georgia's starting her diet tomorrow! 

I love you Willie and Georgia!!!


December 29. 2019

Hi everyone! My name is Macie and my brother's name is Ace. Here's the story the best I know it.

My mom's mother was trying to help us find new homes and one of Sheri's rescue friends Debbie saw us on a facebook post. Debbie reached out to Sheri to see if she happened to have room. Sheri called and talked to our former grandma and got all the details on us. The good part was when Sheri said she would help us. She mentioned she was tending to Willie but we could tell her heart was hurting for us. Willie would want us to be helped! So our former dad just brought us to Sheri's from Livermore. So far, we really love it!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about us. I'll start out with my brother. He's 11 years old and is a Maltese. He’s been neutered, he's been with me ever since we were puppies in the same home. He's very sweet and loving and loves to nap on the bed. He's great with kids. And, he's potty trained. He's in great health that I know of...Now, I will tell you he needs to visit the groomers and I know Sheri will take him in on Tuesday to get freshened up.

Ok, so here's the scoop on me. I'm also 11 years old, a Maltese and I think I'm so cute! I've also been spayed. My brother's been next to me forever! We love each other so much. I'm just a little more outgoing. I'm always so happy. Whether or not I'm out playing in the yard or cuddled up in your arms I'm always happy. I'm even happy right now because I know that Poke-A-Dots Rescue is going to watch over us and find us a new home together. It may not happen real fast because there's two of us, but that's ok cause we've got each other.

Oh , did I mention to you about our pretty smiles? We don't have any teeth!!! And we don't wear dentures. We eat kibble just fine and dandy. I think we had all our teeth pulled out a while ago. Sheri's going hunting for our Vet records next week. So, at least we don't need a dental. We just need to make an appearance for a check up and get our shots up to date. We'll probably be doing that this coming week.

I think that's about it for now. If by chance you have a spot of both Ace and myself, please visit www.pokeadotsrescue.com and kindly fill out an application. You may also call Sheri at 209 603-5866.

We both would like to take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Our 2019 ended not as we expected, but things usually happen for a reason and we're both resting assured that the next home we go to will be the best one we've ever had and it will be forever.

We love ya all and we've never meet any of you before! Sheri keeps telling us all about the wonderful family of Poke-A-Dot's Rescue. We're so glad we ended up here!!!

Jan. 9, 2020

This special dogs life found him for the past week under the care of the Lodi Animal Shelter. The shelter named him Casper and we've had one previously so we thought Curly was a great name. He was brought in as a stray and wasn't claimed him and he's now ours! I just happened to stop by the shelter yesterday and they were just getting ready to call me to see if I could help this boy. I went out and he looked at me with his confused eyes and that was it. He's somewhere between 11-15. He was neutered in the past, he's been fully vaccinated, and his teeth are a big mess. We stopped by and scheduled his appointment to get them fixed. At the same time he has his dental, he will also have four skin tags removed from his face so they don't bother him in his future. His future "fix me up" cost is going to be roughly $1500. Could be a little less if he doesn't have to have 12 teeth pulled out. We've already had close to $500 come in for donations for him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! All of you who help with donations mean the world to us. This isn't just Darrell and I doing all of this...it's a big team of so many people who care and I thank you so much!

So far, he's fit in nicely with the two 11 year olds Ace and Macie and our two Shih Tzu's Willie and Georgia. Georgia just got spayed today and is doing great. She had an ultra sound to make sure she wasn't expecting any puppies.

This dog is going to make someone a wonderful companion. I can see him joining a retired person's home and fitting right in. He's a very thankful dog tonight and he's also thankful he had wonderful people caring and loving him while he was at the Lodi Animal Shelter. Thanks to all of the people who loved him and made him feel comfortable. You'll all a special group of people who I have lots of respect for since I used to be a part of the volunteer base. I only lasted for a month or so and then I found my part in the rescue world. Sometimes people don't realize all that goes into saving one dogs life. I just want to say thank you for helping this precious soul and all the others that you touch on a daily basis.

If you're interested in adopting Curly please visit www.pokeadotsrescue.com and fill out our application or if you're not good on a computer you may call Sheri at 209 603-5866.

Update...Curly recovered nice from his dental and spot removal.  He's an awesome loving dog!!!

Sheri's Special Note:  If you are looking for a special breed of dog to adopt, please fill out an application and once approved we can keep our eyes wide open.  We really enjoy working in advance with people wanting to adopt a rescue dog to add to their family.  Our application is under "adoption application".

If you'd be interested in fostering please let us know.  Thanks!

We could save more lives if we had more available fosters.

Please fill out our adoption application and on the first line put "interested in fostering".


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2 girls must go together!

September 4, 2019


I'm not too sure where to start this story.  Last March I adopted Laverne and Shirley to a really wonderful lady who lived in San Rafael, CA with her 7 year old Chihuahua Rocky.  She was retired, and home all the time and she loved dogs.  These precious ones where her life.  She loved them so much. 

So, last night Darrell got up to go potty and I was having a hard time sleeping so I got up too.  Then I came out to the office for a little while and I checked my email in hoping it would put me back to sleep.  Fat chance!  I received a message from the daughter in law of the lady who adopted Laverne and Shirley.  It said she died unexpectedly yesterday (9/3/19.)  She wanted to know if I could take all three dogs.  Well of course I replied back with YES and that we'd touch base in the morning.  So, do you think I could go back to sleep knowing that these precious little ones lost their mama?

She was feeling uncomfortable in her chest, called 911 and by the time emergency services arrived she was in rough shape.  Had a massive heart attack and couldn't pull out of it.

This morning I got in touch with the daughter in law and the dogs were still in their house.  So, I drove 2.5 hours to San Rafael and Thelma joined me for the ride.  She went over with Darrell and I when we adopted them and she loves riding in the car!  I meet another daughter in law at the apartment and we pack all the doggie things up and Rocky and Laverne and Shirley and left about 11 am and headed back home.

I can't begin to describe how my heart totally hurts for these three doggies and for the family who lost a loved one.  This lady loved her dogs and she kept in perfect contact with me.  She lived to make her dogs content and happy and provide a great environment for them.  When I was there adopting the dogs, we spoke of this very thing and I promised her if something every happened to her that I would be here in a flash for the dogs.  She felt so relieved as she said she was in good health but you never know.  She said when it's my time I want to go fast!  (She got her wish)  I used her potty when I was there and above her toilet she had a rather unique photo of a Dalmatian.  She told me she used to have one.  She really liked art and she had a lot of cool photos.  I told her I really liked that Dalmatian picture and she told me "TAKE IT!".  I felt awkward and I said that's ok you keep it.  She said well if anything ever happens to me "TAKE IT!".  So today I kindly asked if I could "TAKE IT", so now I have it!  I need to decorate the walls in one of my doggie condos so this photo will go up so her spirit for dogs will live on and I can share the story of how important it is to have a plan for your doggies if something should happen to you.  This is the second time we've lost and adopter suddenly and have gotten the doggies back.  Wouldn't want it any other way!

Now, if you have a whole in your home and heart for 3 dogs, please come forward!!!  They could use a new mama.  Till then it'll be me.  I could split them up, but if I did it the two girls need to stay together for sure.  However, they're all used to each other and Rocky is a wonderful big brother and right now I want to try and find them a home all together.  I own them to try my hardest.  Lucy was her for one year and Betty White for 6 months so we can do this!!!

Please share this around so we have more opportunities to help them find a perfect home.

Oh, I forgot...Rocky is about 7-8 years old, maybe weighs about 18 pounds and the two girls will be one year old on Sept 23.