Meet Betty...she's about 4 years old.

Sweet as can be!

Good with other dogs and loves to be with you!!!

Weighs about 15 pounds and is a Poodle Mix.

Knows how to go out the doggie door to go potty.

What a great senior!  This poor dog was a stray at the Dublin Shelter for over a month!  Yes, she was living in a shelter that long.  She's out and is so happy and loving.  According to some of the info we have she may be around 15 years old, or she could be younger. She sure doesn't act 15.   Betty has had all of her vetting done.  She had a complete dental, blood tests and she's actually in very good health.  Please open your heart up to her!

She's good with other dogs, very quiet, goes potty outside, and is so perfect!  Please don't skip over her because of her age. 

ARE YOU HER ANGEL?  She would love you forever!  She's the perfect dog!!!!

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