Meet Dorothy and Sophia...after the ladies on the Golden Girls.  They were found in Woodbridge along a canal.  Rachel a very nice gal saw the two dogs running around.  She called one of her friends Julie to get some "how to catch a dog advice."  Julie is also a wonderful friend of Poke-A-Dot's and we've had some wonderful adventures together saving dogs.  We meet thru two dogs Faith and Hope about 5 years ago.  Wow!  Rachel got lucky, as the two dogs literally jumped right into her car.  She took them over to Julie and Bob's house where they spent the night and then I went over the next morning to pick them up.  Their dog Gracie does NOT like visitors!  Both dogs were spotted earlier in Lodi by Lower Sac and Turner Rd.  We think they headed a little bit west and took the canal.  So, we did a found report with the Lodi Shelter and they came to Poke-A-Dot's so they wouldn't have to be in the shelter and nobody came forward.  So, welcome to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue Sophia and Dorothy!

Sophia...You gotta love her glasses!  A good guess is she's had pups before and we think Dorothy is one of them.  Sophia appears to be about 5 years old.  She's shy at first but then after a day or so will be your best friend.  Good with other doggies.  And, Dorothy might be around 2-3 years old.  Both dogs have their spay appointments towards the middle of February. 

We're looking forward to getting to know these two girls better and we look forward to finding them their forever home probably together.  Thank you Rachel and Julie for helping bring these two blessings to safety.  Poke-A-Dot's promises to love them forever!

These dogs are really wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Note:  If you're not 200% ready to adopt a dog, then PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT and application.  Please understand that filling out an app does not mean you'll be selected.  We really try very hard to match of the dog with the right home the first time around.  Thank you for understanding that we don't want to waist your time as well as our time.  We really put 100% of our hearts into Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and we want the very best for each one of our dogs and adopters too.

Meet Gracie "Honey" Pie Poke-A-Dot!

She's about 1 year old and was found by a fellow rescue friend Jill's coworker Gracie.  Poor little thing was wondering around in a storm and wondered into a cement stairwell and walked up the stairs to the second floor and sat in the doorway to their office.  Gracie picked her up and started to let her know things would be okay for her.  After exhausting all avenues looking for an owner she asked Jill to help.  Jill has a Golden Retriever Rescue and always asks me to help with the smaller dogs.  She called me the next day after my business had a drunk driver drive in to the store and created a huge mess.  I told her I couldn't help until I got things cleaned up and that I felt so bad saying I couldn't help.  So on Saturday she came to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Thank you so much Gracie for helping her and loving her while she was staying with you.

She is staying with the best ever foster mama June.  June just got done fostering our little Ellie Mae and she's now in her new home.  June is still recovering from some surgery so she loves being able to make a difference in a dog(s) life.  Surgery or no surgery, June is always willing to lend a loving hand.  And, it's so cool because she comes with Dawn her amazing dog loving neighbor.  They both love dogs!  Poke-A-Dot's Rescue is so very thankful that both June and Dawn have come into our lives.  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION!!!!

We'll keep you posted on her progress as she learns what a good life is all about.

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Sheri's Special Note:  If you are looking for a special breed of dog to adopt, please fill out an application and once approved we can keep our eyes wide open.  We really enjoy working in advance with people wanting to adopt a rescue dog to add to their family.  Our application is under "adoption application".

ADOPTION PENDING  Today 2/13/2021 we received Cami and Febe back to Poke-A-Dots.  Their family invited family members to move into their house and they came with 2 Great Pyrenees mixes.  Big dogs!  These 2 dogs weren't too found of the little ones, so they thought for their safety they should bring them back.  They're wonderful dogs!  Lap dogs, housebroken and ever so sweet.  Totally not fair what happened to them, but it is what it is and onward and upward we will go.   Cami is about 6 and Febe is about 10.  These dogs would be perfect for a retired person/couple who wanted companionship. 

If you'd be interested in fostering please let us know.  Thanks!

We could save more lives if we had more available fosters.

Please fill out our adoption application and on the first line put "interested in fostering".