September 2, 2019

A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from a really nice lady whose name is Gloria and she lives in Stockton, CA. She told me she had fallen in love with Betty Whites photo and her story. I just about feel off my chair. I was so happy!!! So about a week later I stopped by her place to introduce her to Gloria and the kissed each other just barely after I entered the door. I was in tears the whole time I was there. Of course they were happy tears. Gloria introduced me to her pet rabbit who was hiding from me under her bed. Her name is Snowy and she's a rescue rabbit that she took in. It's house broken and is the luckiest rabbit in the world! So I looked around at her backyard and there were a couple things that needed to be set up for Betty. So I went in last Sunday and Monday with my weed whacker and some other tools and created a ramp off her back door and downsized her backyard to keep Betty closer to her back door for potty breaks. Her stairs are really the ramp worked out perfectly.

So, Betty's first night was on Monday and she's doing great! Now, let me tell you about this wonderful angel Gloria. She loves dogs! That's really an understatement. She told me in a perfect world what she would love to do all day long would be sit on a floor and let dogs crawl all over and love all of them. What a wonderful lady!!! I made an agreement with Gloria that since Betty is 15 years old and I am so very thankful for her love and compassion that Poke-A-Dot's Rescue will oversee all medical for Betty as well as grooming, and also will help with her food. Gloria was so touched! And, before I left I was touched because I wasn't expecting a donation for Betty and she gave me a terrific one and I'm putting that towards her next round of food I purchase. She's on mainly a vegetarian diet and she's doing very, very well and we want to keep everything perfect for Betty.

Betty came to us by way of a fellow rescue friend Debbie who lives in Sonora. She noticed that Betty was in the Dublin Shelter for over 30 days. I agreed she could come to Poke-A-Dot's. I love this dog so much. She's so independent. She loves to eat! She loves to go outside and go potty! She loves to run around occasionally. And, she loves to sleep! She really gets into her beauty sleep. Debbie thank you so much for your love and compassion. This was all possible because of your kind and loving heart when you notice Betty. So, I thank you!

Gloria, I have no doubt that God put you into Betty's life to love her until the end. I will promise you to watch over you and Betty. By you inviting Betty to come live with you, I bet you didn't know she came with me! We're going to be wonderful friends. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the heart that lives inside of you!

Betty, it's been a long time at Poke-A-Dot's since March. I kept telling you were next several dogs ago, but it finally happened. You will always live in my heart Betty!

Feb. 18, 2019

Sophie who is now Abby is home!!!

This little girl is one lucky dog to be alive.  Here is her story. 

She was caught after several days of hard work trying to convince her to come to safety. There were about three people involved in trying to help her to safety. She was originally hanging out with 4-5 other dogs along a levee in Stockton. It's a place that a lot of people just dump their unwanted dogs. The other dogs were eaten by coyotes (found their remains) and the rescuers found this little girl almost covered with water in the levee. Her tummy was a little bit red probably from the elements of being outside for so long and being in the water. She stayed with a couple different people for over a month and it was time to get her into a rescue. The last foster mama Lynn was the person who reached out to us.  Thanks to all who were involved helping this special little girl!

So, right after I posted her on adopt a pet and petfinder, I received a phone call from a really nice retired gal in Manteca who really wanted a companion to love.  She's a dog lover!  She recently lost her dog and her life just hasn't been complete without a special dog.  She fell in love with Abby and her story.  A couple days later, I had to go to Modesto and we stopped by for a meet and greet and it was a perfect match.  Abby still needed to get her vetting done and then Karen and her husband Ernie came here to pick her up.  She's doing great in her new home and I am so thankful that Karen and Ernie reached out to love her forever.

Thanks again to all who were involved with saving her.  She's alive because of you!!!

August 14, 2019

Betty has a home and she's going to have a name change to Lucy (that's what my husband calls me half of the time).  Greg and Vickie reached out to me about a month ago.  Greg and Vickie and their daughter Christina came to meet Betty and they all fell in love with her sweet personality.  They had a trip planned to Betty stayed with us for about a month.  Betty staying was a blessing to me because she helped play mom to a puppy and she also teached lots of others the ropes of life at Pokeadots. 

So, this past Wednesday was move in day for Betty.  Greg and Vicky have a house in Lodi that they share with their daughter Christina and her husband.  They also have another home close to the Palm Springs area.  It'll be fun for me to have another dog close to us that I can go visit.  She's going to love her new home!!!

Betty...ok I'm switching over to Lucy now was one of 3 dogs who came to use from a gal who lived in Linden, CA.  She found all three dogs out in a field when Lucy and her sister Freida (she's Maybelline now) were tiny little puppies.  Their mama Myrtle (now Tessie) was also with them.  She took all three in and loved and cared for them.  The one day reality set in and she found herself getting a divorce and having to leave her house and move into an place where she couldn't have her dogs.  So, I reached out to her and said I would be happy to help.  I also made her a promise that I would find them beyond perfect homes and my mission has been completed, but I will never ever forget this family.  The dogs were all so very loving and sweet.  Thank you for trusting your girls with me to love them and find them a new family. 

Thank you Greg and Vickie for reaching out to me and opening your hearts and home to Betty, whoops I mean Lucy.  I know beyond any doubt she will be your best friend!

Let me end by saying...I LOVE LUCY!!!

April 28, 2019

Rooney just left with his new mom Alexis and his new brother Max.  He'll be living in Martinez, CA and I can't wait to go and visit him when he's all settled in.  Alexis works from home and will be able to spend lots of time with him.  Max and him hit it off really good and they'll be best buddies in no time.

Alexis reached out to us after reading about all the 9 Toy Poodles and she loves Poodles and wanted to adopt Rooney.  Rooney is going to love his new home.  No looking back at the past and only to his bright future. 

Thanks for being such a good little boy and staying with EZ in the our pool bathroom until you boys got neutered.  I'm sure you thought it was a five star hotel compared to your past living place.

Thanks Alexis for you all the love you're going to give to Rooney.  You're an awesome person and I am glad that you entered our lives.

Dec. 22, 2019

Lucy is in her new home in Sacramento.  Lucy's new mama Patti was referred to us by her friend Patti who adopted Julie from us.  They also live right around the corner from each other.  Patti's husband Roger has a buddy by the name of Birdie and she's so sweet.  Patti's former dog passed away and now she's go another little buddy to hang out with.  I just heard from Patti and Lucy is doing perfect and follows her all around the house and seems to be adjusting awesome.  Thank you Patti and Patti for the love in your hearts for Poke-A-Dot doggies.  Welcome to the family Patti!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention Patti and Patti live right around the corner from Catie & Christina, Wei Wei, Vera and Maya!!!!

Lucy originally to Poke-A-Dots' by way of my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton.  A lady who was a former Yorkie breeder surrendered Lucy to her because she basically didn't want her anymore.  She'll never have to worry again about not being loved and wanted!

Sept. 6, 2019

Our little Lexi (we originally named her Helen Elizabeth after Sheri's grandma) is home sweet home.  Her new mama Stacey reached out to us.  Her mother and father in-law are adopter's of Poke-A-Dot's.  Colleen and Tony adopted a sweet Shih Tzu Chloe from us about 3 years ago.  Time sure does fly.  Stacey saw this precious little girl who's about 4 months old now on our Facebook post and reached out immediately.

So, we set up a meet and greet and they all feel in love with her.  The family was going to move from Stockton to Linden within the month.  So, we kept her and loved on her until they got settled into their new home.

Friday was the special day when Stacey came to pick up her precious little Lexi.  She was so excited to finally get to take her home!  Lexi was originally with a family who didn't pay much attention to her.  They let her roam around and a neighbor kept picking her up out of a busy street about 20 times too many.  Finally one day upon saving her from getting hit, she went up to the door and asked if she could have the dog.  They said sure we don't have time and we don't want her anymore.  So, this nice gal took her to Jeweline who has a grooming business in Stockton.  Jeweline called me right away and told me the story and I drove down and picked her up.  She's a total sweetheart.  Went potty outside right away, loved the other dogs and loves to snuggle. 

Lexi will have a big brother Bentley.  Bentley loves his new little sister and Lexi loves him.  Thank you Stacey, Michael, Andrew, Austin and Bentley for opening up your hearts and home to Lexi.  I know you're going to love her so very much!!!  Thank you for all the love you have for doggies in need.

Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family!

December 28, 2019

The two Pugs Olivia and Rex are in their new home tonight.  Thank you Sommer and Kevin for reaching out to me for help finding Olivia and Rex a new home.  We received about 10 applications and Sommer and Kevin were very much a part of finding the perfect home.  I personally think we found the way beyond perfect home for their babies.  Sommer and Kevin moved into a new house located in a homeowners association.  They weren't told about the 2 dog limit until after they moved in.  So, they choose Olivia and Rex because they were the youngest and had better chance of finding a new home vs their older dogs.  Sommer and Kevin adopted a little Poodle from Poke-A-Dot's in our first year and he didn't live very long after his adoption.

Olivia and Rex moved in with their new dads James and Corey who live in El Dorado Hills.  Great people and they both love dogs.  They have two older dogs that are also a part of their family.  (One was getting teeth cleaned at the Vets this morning, so we just took the adoption photo with Olivia and Rex.)  They recently lost a sweet Pug and they both had a whole in their hearts and now they've got that whole filled with Olivia and Rex.  These dogs have been well cared for and based on how they made themselves right at home, they'll adjust real fast.

Thank you Sommer and Kevin for trusting us with your Pugs.  And James and Corey, thank you so much for reaching out to us with open hearts for Olivia and Rex to join your family.  Thanks for your loving hearts and have fun with your new Pugs!

May 10, 2019

Exactly one month and one day ago Angel and 8 other Toy Poodles wiggled their way into our hearts forever!  Right in the beginning we received a call from Pamela and her husband Bill who were very interested in adopting one of them.  So, they came and actually feel in love with all of them!  One very special doggie Bill reached down and she climbed up in his arms...that was little Miss Angel.  The rest is history.  They had previously plan to take a vacation towards the end of April and the beginning of May so Angel got to hang around her with all the other 8 dogs.  She had a blast and I personally had so much fun and special times with her.  Today was the day we packed up her bags and we got in the car and headed up to the pocket area in Sacramento.  She's going to love her new mom and dad and her house.

Angel "Abby" and her other 8 family members who ranged in ages from 4 (Angel) to 12 years old.  Angel is the baby of the 9.  They lived with an older lady who was a breeder and the conditions they had to live in where terrible...just terrible.  I am not going to dwell on their past.  My friend Bonnie received a call and the breeder said she could no longer care for them and wanted to surrender them due to her health.  (Wasn't the first time this had happened either)  So, Bonnie called me and we went the next day which was Saturday.  I wanted to take them all right then and there, but I needed to make a plan.  So, I got spays and neuters set up with along with grooming appointments the following Tuesday.  The lady's son and grandson dropped all the dogs off at our groomers AA Groomers and then I went in the afternoon with one of our former adopters who offered to help.  What fun!  And, I could stop myself from crying happy tears for all of these wonderful dogs.

We still have Shimmer available to adopt.  She's 5 years old and awesome!

Thank you Pamela and Bill for being the wonderful people you are and thank you for loving this precious dog who's just starting her life.  I will always have a big chunk of her heart inside of my heart.  Welcome to the Pokeadot's Family of amazing doggies and people too!

May 15, 2019

Dory is home sweet home!  She was originally in the Lodi Shelter as a stray.  I committed to pulling her, but there were 3 people who put their names on her.  I was playing tennis on the day she was available and I called the shelter at 11:15 to see if she was available and they told me know one showed to adopt her.  I told them I would be right there!  So, when I got there and did the paperwork she was so excited to get to start her new life.  The first stop was AA Groomers right down the street.  Thanks Arna for working me in on the spur of the moment.  Poor little girl really didn't smell very good.  So, she got a good bath and she had to get shaved down since she was pretty matted, especially her ears.

We got home and I believe it was the next day I received a call from Grace.  (She originally wanted to adopt Shimmer on of the Toy Poodles, but we discovered that Shimmer didn't enjoy other dogs too much when she was getting attention.  So, I told Grace I would let her know when the next doggie we had may work for their family.)  I had started thinking in the back of my head that she may be a good fit.  So, Grace and her family came and meet Dory and it was love all the way around!!!  They took her home for a couple of days to get her introduced to their other dogs...Nemo, Jax and Roxy.  Dory had her vetting appointment set up for Friday and her new daddy Duane brought her into our Vets office and picked her back up in the late afternoon.  She did awesome and is adjusting very nicely.

Grace and Duane live in Stockton, CA with their children Tyler and Kylie.  They all love animals.  Actually, Grace has a mobile pet grooming business called Beach Buddies Mobile Grooming. 

Thanks to all of your family for promising to love Dory forever!  And, thanks for the staff at the Lodi Shelter for keeping Dory (Rose) safe and sound while she was visiting.

June 7, 2019

Bobbye is now in her new home her new dad and mom, Mike and Glenda who live in Sacramento, CA.  They actually officially adopted her on paper about a month ago, but they had a vacation planned to Hawaii and didn't want to bring her and then leave for vacation.  So, it was best for her to stay her until today.  They just returned from their trip yesterday.  So, Bobbye and I packed up all her goodies and we rang their doorbell about 10:30 am today. 

Bobbye came to Poke-A-Dot's by way of a fellow adopter Cindy.  Cindy called me up and asked me if I could take her in.  A friend of a friend told her about a gal who needed to find a new home for a dog who she found with no luck trying to find who it belonged to.  I told Cindy sure and she went and meet the gal and brought the little girl to her house and she did great with her two.

So, she came home with me to Poke-A-Dot's and she got to hang out with some of the Poodles.  Actually, one of our adopters Pamela and Bill who adopted Angel (who is now Abby) told me their friends were looking for a dog.  So Glenda and Mike came down and meet her and feel in love with her.  I hadn't really named her yet, and they wanted to name her Bobbye (pronounced just like Bobbie).  Mike had the sweetest Aunt Bobbye and that's the name they picked out. 

So, Bobbye stayed her with her buddy Shimmer, Lucy, Wolfie and Betty White.  She's been an awesome dog for us!  But then all of our dogs are awesome!  The only time I heard her bark was today when I was getting her ready for her trip.  I think she knew today was her special day.

Thank you Glenda and Mike for opening up your heart, home and lives for this precious little girl.  I love her so much and I am so blessed to have been able to love her for about 6 weeks.  I am so glad you came into her life.  Thank you to Pamela and Bill for your referral.  I can't wait for the video of Abby and Bobbye playing together. 

May God watch over all of you and thank you again so much for all your love.

May 2, 2019

Bella is all settled in her new home in Auburn, CA with her new family.  Chris reached out to us very much interested in adopting Bella.  She came down and immediately the two of them hit it off the chart.  Bella couldn't stop giving her kisses.  Her other dog Myndie and Bella seemed to like each other.  Chris's husband and kids really love her so much!  Below is Bella's story...

Thank you to all the wonderful people who were involved in helping Bella.  She's a great dog and she loves to fetch and return tennis balls.  I'm going to miss playing fetch with her.  Now I have to throw the ball and fetch it myself.  Haha  Thanks for being so good while you were with us Bella!  I'll see ya in a month or so!!

 March 30, 2019

Sheri's note: Late last night I got a call from my good friend Julie about a little dog named Bella who was at risk and needed our help. (Julie and I have helped so many dogs together and she and her husband Bob have been awesome financial supporters to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and I personally can't thank them enough.) Julie also helped me out a bunch by writing the story on Bella. Thank you Julie!

Here's Bella's story...

Bella was previously owned by Cindy who got her when she was 3 months old. Cindy lives in Orange County now. Circumstances beyond her control found Cindy in a situation where she had to re-home Bella. Cindy’s dad had a neighbor (Elizabeth) that wanted Bella and she lived in Stockton and it seemed like a good fit. It was not. Fortunately Elizabeth never changed Bella’s dog tag so when people found Bella on the streets Cindy got the call. After having the finders return Bella to Elizabeth a few times Cindy called Elizabeth to see what was going on. Elizabeth said they don’t want her anymore. She said they were hoping she would run away or someone would just take her. They hadn’t been feeding her and had been letting her out to roam (Hammer Lane). Last night Elizabeth told Cindy that if Bella wasn’t gone by last night they were going to lock her out of the house for good. Cindy reached out to her previous employer (Julie’s Sister-in-law Cindy H.) who always shares posts on FB about dogs that need help. Shortly after: Julie and Cindy drove down and picked Bella up. When Elizabeth’s son carried Bella out he held her at arm's length with her back legs hanging. She meant nothing to him or his mom. At least the Dad cared enough to come to the car to say goodbye.

Bella seemed nervous but half way home she let out a sigh and put her head on Cindy H.’s shoulder. She was safe and she knew it. She spent the night at Julie’s and took a ride out this morning to meet the crew at Poke-a-dot’s.

Bella no longer has to wonder where her next meal is coming from, if she will sleep in the house or outside, and if she will be pushed off the couch or cuddled. She deserves a great life and we are going to help her get it.

Bella is a 2 year old MaltiPoo (born on Christmas and Day in 2016). She fetches and returns, sits, and is doing really well with the doggie door. She loves people and other small dogs and is so happy she can see again thanks to the wonderful hairdo she got this afternoon.

Sheri's note: Thank you Julie for helping this sweet girl. You and I became friends because of two very special dogs Faith and Hope. You and Bob are such wonderful, caring, loving, generous people and I am so blessed to have you by our side!!! Bella is fast asleep and loving the start of her new life.


Sept. 6, 2019

Our little Jonnie is going to be Bailey and she's got a new mom and dad!  Debbie and Brian live in Cameron Park and they were refereed from another rescue and friend Kerry who has Foothill Rescue.  Thank you Kerry!!!  They had a hard time trying to figure out which dog was going to go home with them.  Rose, Jonnie and Edrie were all ready for a new home.  Little Jonnie who is now Bailey was the lucky girl! 

Bailey originally came from the Lodi Shelter and was with her brother and sister.  Both other dogs were adopted thru the shelter and I was so blessed to be able to pull her, do her vetting and most importantly to love her.

She's fitting in perfectly.  Slept the first night between them in bed.  Likes the 2 cats and she's meet some of their grandkids and it's been perfect! 

Thank you so much for reaching out to us for your new addition to your family.   I can tell you love dogs!!!

May 11, 2019
I'm not too sure where to start this story, but about 2 months ago I received a call from Jordan from the Lodi Shelter asking if Poke-A-Dot's would pull these dogs they named Jack and Jill. So, I went to take a look at them and my heart melted. They were both is very bad shape and poor little Jill had two bubbles hanging down from her belly that were huge!!! There was no way I could say no! So, they both came home with me that day and waited out their stray hold at our place. Dropped them off at my groomers and they were so happy to get cleaned up.

Late the next week Jack was able to get neutered and then the next week he was adopted and move to Rio Vista. Our Vet Dr. Dornton from Lodi Vet took at look at Jill. She hadn't seen anything like this before and wanted to refer her to Dr. Koehler who travels around to different Vets offices and is a specialized surgeon. On April 22, 2019 Dr. Koehler and Dr. Dornton removed Jill's bubbles off. One of them had her intestines and in the other was her bladder. Surgery was successful!!!!!!!

We also raised funds to cover her surgery to the tune of about $2500.00. I am so very thankful to all you who donated on Jill's behave. She is so happy not to carry around her two bubbles anymore.

Now, here comes the rest of the exciting story...
About a week ago a really wonderful gal Seamus (who I meet thru another doggie who needed help) reached out to me and said she'd really like to come and meet Jill. So, last week she came and she told me she would really like to adopt Jill. I was so happy!!!! So, yesterday Jill and I packed up her things and took a 30 minute ride to Manteca. Seamus has two other dogs Toby and Finn and they welcomed Jill into their house.

Seamus wanted to change Jill's name to Dottie after Poke-A-Dots. How cool is that? So, Dottie it is from now on. Seamus, thank you so much for your heart and for taking over being Dottie's mama from me. She's going to have so much fun going to work with you and blessing the lives of so many people. Thank you so much for opening up your heart and home to the miracle girl. There's a pretty big chunk of Dottie's heart living in me and also a piece of my heart living in her. We will always share her heart!

And to all the staff at Lodi Vet and the awesome Dr's...
Dr. Webster, Dr. Casey and Dr. Dornton and of course Dr. Koehler, thank you so much for helping and for all the love you gave to Jill. She and I will be forever grateful!

Now the part that just totally touched my heart...All of you who financially contributed to her medical needs. This very special dog has lots of people's hearts living inside of hers. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart!!!

July 19, 2019

Ok, this is a pretty cool story...I couldn't even make up something like this one.

Daisy came to us with another dog Spotty.  They weren't really overly bonded.  Daisy loves her toys!!!  She loves them all with a very big passion.  So much that I got to break up a four way doggie squabble twice!  It was all over a toy.  Daisy started telling the others it was hers and they all wanted a piece of the toy and her!  So that was it!  I picked up all 50 toys and told them they were all busted!  They got over it and I did feel bad punishing the others but I didn't want any more issues.

I put a plea out on Facebook for a foster for Daisy because I thought she'd be a lot happier by herself.  I actually go a text from my rescue buddy Janice who I helped inspire to start her own rescue in Modesto...Country Road Rescue.  She and her husband are awesome.  Well, she said her in-laws John and LaDonna were looking for a small dog and Daisy sounded perfect.  LaDonna thought she wouldn't be a good foster cause she'd fall in love and want to keep her.  No down side there.  So, yesterday Daisy and I packed her bags, got in the car and drove to Modesto.

When we got there LaDonna was so excited to get her!  Janice also was there too!  So Daisy came in the house and made herself right at home and everyone was so happy!!!  She's going to love her new home!  She can play with as many toys as she wants.  I brought some tennis balls for her and she was fetching with her new mom.  She actually brings the ball back.

Oh Janice thank you so much for everything and LaDonna and John thank you so much for the love in your heart.  You're whole family is so loving and always puts the doggies first.

Janice, I am so thankful that God brought us together thru a very special little dog! 

Daisy, have a wonderful new life and remember we all love you.

April 20, 2019

Lavern and Shirley are in their new home today in San Rafael, CA with their new mama Liz and their big brother Rocky.  Liz fell in love with these two sisters and their precious life story.  We are so grateful to her for opening up her heart and home to these two girlies.  Her home is all about the dogs!

Lavern and Shirley were born about 7 months ago.  Mary, took in a pregnant Chihuahua who belonged to a homeless gal.  She had her 5 puppies, and then Mary got the dog spayed and returned the dog and she was able to find homes for 3 of the puppies.  She reached out to us for help with the last two who we named Lavern and Shirley.  They really live up to their names.  They're so lovable and fun to hang out with and love.  Mary was such a good mom to these doggies.  She's going to miss them, but I just told her that I would love to let her foster for Poke-A-Dot's!!!  She's also a dog groomer and a very good one so the girls where always very clean and pretty.  You're awesome Mary!

People like Mary and Liz and dogs like Lavern and Shirley make what we do such a blessing!!!  Thank you so much Mary for loving these girls and Liz thanks for adopting them and loving them forever!  Lavern and Shirley are going to love their new little perfect home!!!

Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year Story...and it's so HAPPY!

Joe and his partner Eric from Elk Grove, CA reached out to us to help find them a new doggie companion who much needed a new home.  We invited them to come last week to meet the dogs we had available.  There just wasn't a love connection and in their hearts, they really wanted a Cocker Spaniel.  They previously had two in their lives, and not to long ago lost their second one. 

I told them to please have faith and it might take a day, week, month or longer.  They both agreed to have faith in us.  So, a couple days later I saw a post from a rescue friend of mine Debbie from Sonora.  A gal up in her area had her son move back in with her and her son was very allergic to her Cocker Spaniel Lady so she was trying to re home or give to a rescue.  I got in touch with her right away and I agreed to take Lady.  She sounded so perfect for Eric and Joe.

Lady's former mom and I agreed I would come up on Jan. 1 and pick up Lady.  So, I stopped by Debbie's to finally get to meet her and she showed me around her place and I got to meet all her rescue doggies.  Then we headed to Lady's house and meet Lady.  What a sweetheart.  It was really hard for the gal to surrender Lady.  I told her all about the people she was going to and she was very happy for Lady's future.

Lady jumped in the car, we took Debbie back to her house which was only 1 mile away.  Lady rode excellently in the car to our final destination in Elk Grove, CA.  When I pulled up, Eric was out in front in his wheelchair waiting patiently for Lady and I to arrive.  We went in the house and Lady immediately started to make herself right at home.  She jumped up onto Eric's lap and I could see happy tears in both Eric's and Joe's eyes.  That night Lady slept right next to Eric and that's exactly what he wanted!  Lady is going to get to go almost everywhere with Eric and Joe.  And, most importantly Lady will be loved forever by these wonderful people.

I am so thankful that all of the worked out perfectly.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Lady originally came from the coast area in Southern California.  She was bounced around a couple times down there and then the current owner said she'd take her.  This will be her fourth home and final!!!  She is one of the sweetest dogs ever! 

They were able to get Lady into the groomers on the 2nd so we have a new photo of her all trimmed up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to LADY, JOE AND ERIC...Enjoy your new buddy and may God Bless all of you!  Can't wait to come and visit once she gets all settled in.  You both are awesome!!!

November 10, 2019

I am so happy for little Mattie!!!  She's staying in Lodi with Mike and Barbara.  They were referred to us from PALS (People assisting Lodi Shelter).  THANKS YOU PALS!  Mike and Barbara were ready to have a dog join their family and they both feel in love with her.  So, Mattie and I packed up her bag and off we went to her new home.  She's doing really well adjusting.  She's going to be loved so much!!!

Mattie came to us from the Lodi Shelter about two months ago.  Kelli, one of the animal control officers called me and asked if I'd be willing to help.  She was in pain and couldn't walk because of all her mats.  I was out of town, but Suzanne, one of the volunteers took her to the groomers for me (and she paid for her grooming....THANK YOU!!!) and then she took Mattie home to her house and I picked her up when I got back from the adoption I did out of town.  She was such a good girl for Suzanne.  Thanks for helping me out!

She stayed at our place during her stray hold and then she became officially a Poke-A-Dot's dog.  She was a pure joy.  She helped a few other dogs get adjusted and she taught Laverne and Shirley how to go in and out of a doggie door.  Thank you Mattie!!! 

Thank you so much to Mike and Barbara for promising to love Mattie.  I can tell we're going to be good friends and we will always share this little loving spirit.  Mike is going to be putting in a doggie door into their slider door and once he get his in he's going to help me with a project.  I want to install a doggie door into the slider at Betty White and Sassy's home with Gloria...Gloria is my angel I adopted!!!  She's a very special lady with a very special heart! 

Looking forward to visiting Mattie and thank you Mike and Barbara for all of your love and kindness!!!

April 25, 2019

Jill saw all the Toy Poodles and was very interested in adopting Gina one of the 12 year olds.  She and her daughter and husband live in Chilcoot, CA.   This is about 30 miles from Reno and they have lots of animals at their place.  If I remember correctly, Gina moved in with 3 other older rescue doggies, horses, chickens, a turkey, and a pot belly pig who thinks he's one of the dogs!

Gina works for a company in the bay area and reports in one day a month.  So, the timing was perfect for her to stop and do a meet and greet on her way and then she stopped and picked Gina up on her way home.  Her daughter Tiff was with her and they both feel in love with Gina.  They love the seniors and I wish everyone had their attitude! 

Gina is settling in nicely and come to find out that Gina's birthday is also Jill and her hubbies anniversary.  How special is this?  And, it just so happens Gina's birthday is today!  Happy Birthday Gina and Happy Anniversary too!

Thanks to all of you for your awesome hearts and for opening up your heart to one of our nine Toy Poodles who were living in a beyond terrible environment and now she will be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life.

March 10, 2019

This is a such an amazing story!  Well, actually all of the stories are but this one hits pretty close to home! 

I had a much needed hair appointed scheduled with my hair cutter Jayne on Friday, March 8th at 1pm.  I always ask her how her husband and his dog are doing.  Well, she tells me Tink passed away a few weeks ago and Bud is so lost with her.  Tink was a long haired Chihuahua and she was so much loved.  Went everywhere with Bud and Jayne.  So I told Jayne I had just received Mia who was an owner surrender and I showed her a photo.  I also told her that I had an appt later that afternoon for a meet and greet, but that I wasn't feeling too warm and fuzzy about it.  My appointment ended up canceling and deciding it wasn't the right time in her life to adopt a dog.  Jayne called me and told me her husband really wanted to come and meet Mia.  I told her perfect!  I had a few other apps turned in but I had certain things I was trying to keep consistent and I just had a feeling this was going to work out well.

So, the next day on Saturday, Bud, his great granddaughter who spends a lot of time with Bud and Jayne and her dad came to meet Mia.  Bud reached down and picked Mia up and Mia gave him a big kiss!  Mia played and played with all 3 of them.  I don't think I have ever seen a man with a bond happen like this before.  I was so wonderful to experience the LOVE!  Jayne called me back that afternoon and said yes and that sure wasn't a surprise.

So, on Sunday after I did some doggie visiting over in the bay area I packed up Mia's bags and delivered her to her new home.  She was greeted with open arms, and couldn't wait to give her new dad and mom a kiss, or two or three...well, it was really about 10!

A special thank you to my friend Jill who does Golden Retriever rescue for referring Mia's former mom to me.  Thank you to Mia's former mom for trusting Mia to me.  I promise you she will be loved forever!

And, Bud and Jayne thank you for your compassion you have towards dogs and for opening up your heart and home to Mia!!!  I know she'll be so loved!!!  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family and I am so glad that I showed you her photo and again I am so sorry about Tink.

April 10, 2019

Bob came to Poke-A-Dot's because his mom ended up in a nursing home with no chance of ever returning home.  The daughter-in-law Renee who is a dog lover and has one of her own by the name of Max took Bob into her home.  She knew it was time to find Bob his very own new home and she was referred to us.  So, we had it all scheduled a head of time and when Bob got her I totally feel in love with him and had a funny feeling I knew where he was going to live. 

I have been working with a really nice retired could Ron and Deborah from Grass Valley.  Deborah and I meet a few months ago and I mentioned I had a dog rescue and she proceeded to tell me she and her husband were looking for a perfect dog to add to their family. 

They had previously seen dogs they were interested in and for one reason or another it never came to be....until Bob!  When Ron and Deborah arrived, they walked in the house and Bob came to them.  Ron picked him up and that was it!!!!  Bob was home with his new dad and mom.

Renee, thank you for trusting me with Bob.  I totally enjoyed having him here with us.  I just loved his personality and I am sure that he scored the beyond perfect home.  Bob will also be the big brother to Abby their other dog who is an 10 year old Papillion and Yoshi who's a 6 year old cats.  Both are rescues and so much loved. 

Ron and Deborah, thank you so much for being wonderful people!!!  I wish more people where like you both and love seniors.  We will always share a couple of very special bonds!

May 15, 2019

Lacey has her new loving home and it's right in Lodi with wonderful former adopters.  Leonard and Maralyn recently lost their dog Keba.  After one of their dogs Charlie passed away they reached out to us and wanted to adopt Snoop.  So Snoop and Keba have been buddies for over two years.  Keba recently passed away and when they saw Lacey, they feel in love with her. 

I only had Lacey at our place for a day or two when Maralyn called me and asked if I thought Lacey would be a good match?  The answer was a big yes!  So, Lacey and I got in the car and drove over to their house for a meet and greet and I had to come back home alone!  Sleep over it was!  She fit right in.  Knows how to go outside with the doggie door to go potty and she loves everybody!  I came back over the next day to take her to the groomers for a bath and a trim and then back to her new house.  The next day we had an appointment at the Vets for her check up and get her shots updated.  She did great at the Vets and is loving her new home!

Lacey came to us from as a referral from a previous adopter.  The gal had to find a new home for her dog because she went thru a divorce, had to move out of her house into a place where she couldn't keep her dog.  She found a new home for her, but she heard the people weren't taking very good care of her so she made arrangements to pick her up and bring her to Poke-A-Dot's.  We're so glad she listened to her gut. 

Lacey, thanks for being such a wonderful little girl and I am so happy for you!!!  Snoop, take good care of your new little sister and thank you Leonard and Maralyn for you compassion and love for dogs!

P.S.  Shortly after Lacey joined the family, Snoop had to be put to sleep.  He had a really bad health issue.

March 23, 2019

I was beginning to think this day would never come, but it came today!  I received a call a couple weeks ago from Tracey who lives in Sacramento.  She recently lost her Poodle and had an empty hole in her heart and wanted to adopt another dog who needed a home.  She loved Merry's story behind her and she and I set up a meet n greet for today.

Merry came to Poke-A-Dot's from the Tracy Shelter.  I feel in love with her matted up face, cataracts in her eyes, and the love I could see in her eyes.  This was back in the middle of December and when I was thinking what to name her, Merry came to my mind.  So we've been calling her Merry Pokeadot Christmas.  She really fits her name because she is so merry.  She been with us for awhile and I have become very attached to her and she's been pretty attached to me too.  She loves to give the sweetest little kisses and her new mom got a few today.  I was so happy to see her love on her.  

Merry will be sharing the house with Tracey's roommate, Pinkie and her dog Sandy.  Merry and Sandy will be buddies in no time.  Merry is spends a lot of time at home and Merry will get lots of special love and attention.

Merry was just like Dino who had vision loss.  They spent a lot of time her and they taught and helped lots of other dogs feel safe and above all loved.  My heart is going to be sad that I won't see her every day, but I am so happy for Merry that she's going to have her very own mama to love her forever.

I am so glad that I listen to my heart the day I saw Merry!  Merry Christmas I love you so much and may you bless you new mom and everyone who enters your life.  I can't wait to come and visit you when you get all settled in. 

Tracey, thank you so much for the heart inside of your soul and for taking over for me and being her mama.    

Feb. 16, 2019

Chloe has found a lap, a bed and a very special mom!  Chloe was originally found as a stray who was running around for a long time.  When she finally trusted someone to get to safety, she had her daughter too!  I thought it would be best to find a home together so we found a great home!  Well, after settling in time the adopters and I decided it would be best to separate them.  Mama was getting very protective over her baby.  It was a very difficult decision, but it was best for both dogs.

Since I knew Chloe was coming back, I post her.  Karen, a wonderful retired lady called me on the phone.  She's not real computer sharp and that's ok.  This is why I put my phone number on my posts.  We had a nice conversation and she said she just lost her Bichon and she was so lonely without a dog to share her life.  I just had a feeling she would be perfect for Chloe.  So, Chloe and I took a drive to Roseville to Sun City Retirement Community the next day for a meet and greet.  Chloe climbed up in her lap and that was that...perfect!  That night she slept next to her new mama in bed.  She loves her!  Couldn't ask for anything to be more perfect for her.  She'll get so much attention!!!

Thanks to all the people who helped this special dog.  She's got such a sweetness to her!

Oh, and on a funny note....Karen teaches singing and piano lessons....maybe there's hope for me after all.  Hahaha!

January 21, 2019

Mama and Baby are now Chloe and Emma.  Love the names the have now!  They packed their bags up and moved to Merced, CA.  They will join their new dad and mom, Sam and Amy.  Amy wasn't able to make it on the day Sam came down to bring them home so she's not in the photo.  The minute her meet the dogs, they both knew he was their new dad!  It was so special!  They will also join Sparky who is a 10 year old Yorkie mix, Tucker who is an 8 year old Poodle/Pit mix...both rescue doggies.  They also have a kitty cat too and previously lost Joey who was a Poodle who suddenly passed away on Dec. 21, 2018.  Now, what's really interesting is that I got both dogs on Dec. 21, 2018.  And one month later on Jan. 21, 2019 the joined the family.

Sam and Amy are a total rescue family.  They love rescue animals!  I am so happy for Chloe and Emma.  They came to Poke-A-Dot's by way of my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton.  A lady came in to her shop with both dogs and she found them wondering around on the streets.  Chloe had been a stray for over a year she said and she was never able to catch her.  One day she was able to catch her and she had a baby along with her.

We enjoyed having Mama and Baby so much!  They're great loving pups!  Sam and Amy, thank you for entering our lives and the lives of these precious two girls.  We know they both are in excellent hands!!!

June 25, 2019

Freida is now Maybelline and is one happy camper!  She moved in with her new mom Cynthia and they make Fairfield, CA their home.  They live in a really cool senior community.

Cynthia was referred to us by Janie and Bill who live really close in the same community.  They adopted on of the sweetest and most shyest dogs Daisy about three years ago.  Daisy and Maybelline are going to be best friends!

Maybelline also has a kitty cat for a sister and the two of them are getting used to each other and doing much better.

Maybelline was one of the three dogs that we took in...mama and her two daughters.  She was one of the daughters. 

Thank you so very much to Maybelline's former mom for trusting me to find wonderful homes for her babies.  And, Cynthia thanks for wanting to love Maybelline for the rest of her life.  Have fun taking her on all of those fun walks!  And, Janie and Bill thanks for the referral and give Daisy a love from us!

November 22, 2019

One Saturday about 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from Karrie who is the office manager at Lodi Vet.  She had a couple Michelle and Louisa who were trying to help a young 8 week old puppy.  Louisa is in the home health care industry and one of her clients had just got a puppy.  He didn't realize how much work a new puppy is and he wasn't able to care for him.  He has an amputated leg which made it almost impossible.  So, Louisa and Michelle said they would help.  They took him in to their family.  Only issue was they have a senior Poodle and another 4 year old Poodle mix.  They both didn't appreciate all of the puppy energy Roscoe had to share.  They both agreed they needed help in finding him the perfect home.  So after learning all of this I contacted them and went over to meet Roscoe.  I thought he might fit in with Mama and her puppies if we were lucky.  So Michelle and Louisa brought little Roscoe over and I first tried him with our older rescues and they all thought he was a toy to play with and really scared him.  So, we put him in with Mama and Mama and the pups loved him.  So, he stayed!

He went to the vet the following week to start on his shots and we had a few people who expressed interest in adopting him.  His new mom Nancy is going to be great for him.  She's going to spoil him so much and he'll get to spend lots of time with her.  She's a very kind and loving person who loves animals and he's going to have a wonderful life with her.  Nancy is going to keep his name Roscoe.  So, last Friday, Roscoe packed his bags and I took him to his new home in Stockton.

Roscoe, we'll see you in a couple of weeks for your next round of shots, and then one more appt followed up by your neuter appointment.  Thank you Roscoe for being such a great big brother and your brother and two sisters and Mama were so happy they could help you boy.  Thank you so much to Louisa and Michelle for caring so much about Roscoe and thank you to Nancy for loving Roscoe forever!!!  Oh and Karrie, thank you for contacting me and asking if I could help.  I'm so glad all of this worked out.  And, thank you to Lodi Vet for caring so much about our doggies.


October 2, 2019

Little Lee was found out in the country close to Lodi.  He was found by a friends mom.  My friends name is Amanda and she reached out to me to see if I could help.  She had him at her house the first night.  When I got him, I took him to the groomers to get cleaned up and then I submitted him on paper to the County Animal Control and he did his stray hold at Poke-A-Dot's. 

We named him Lee.  And, what's really exciting is one of our previous adopters who live up by Placerville reached out and said they were ready for another dog.  They previously lost one we adopted to them.  Well, when they got here, he jumped up on their laps and that was it!  He's adjusting very nicely and I just love it when I get to have the honor of a past adopter adopting another doggie.  So special.

Lee will be loved so much and Amanda, thank you so much for helping him when he needed your help.  He's a sweetheart and ended up in the perfect home.  If I was a dog, I'd love their home!!! 

April 10, 2019

Star our first of nine Toy Poodles who were surrendered to us from a breeder is in her new loving home.  Since I knew we'd be getting these dogs, I pre listed them to see if there were potential adopters.  Well, a really nice gal Sherry reached out to use right away!  Her mom Dee lives with Sherry and her husband in Napa.  Sherry has been very active in rescue work in the Napa area.  Her mom recently lost her Toy Poodle and really wanted to help another special little girl.  We set up a meet and greet right away and Star was the one who feel in love with Dee.  It was so special to get to watch the special bonding happen.  Normally, I never let a dog get adopted before vetting happens, but this whole situation was completely different.  They actually did me a hug favor by committing to take care of all the vetting on their own.  I was so happy to see Star leave in the arms of her new family.  She'll get a new brother too...Flash, who's a very sweet and mellow boy and they got a long great.

We received an update and Star is adjusting very nicely and learning to go potty outside.  These poor dogs lived in a very tight space and went pee and poop wherever they could find had a spot.  Not going to dwell on the past anymore and off to the future for Star. 

I am so glad we stepped in to help these special 7 girls and 2 boys.  Thank you so much Sherry for reaching out to us and thank you for your heart for rescue.  Dee, thank you for your loving heart and for being the best mom in the world for your precious little Star.  Thank God she's home and loved!!!

One adopted, eight more precious souls to go!

July 9, 2019

This is such an amazing story and it's going to be a long one.

I have been looking for a person to come and start cutting my grass in our yard and we've got lots of it!  I enjoy doing it but I enjoy doing things with the dogs more than spending my time walking up and down rows with a lawn mower.  So, it was time to pass the torch!  After having several people come and give me a quote, I finally found the right young man.  He is just in the beginning stages of starting his business and I really liked his attitude and he showed up on time. 

He meet me one day and I showed him around.  I stressed that at all times the gates need to be closed and you always need to pay attention to the dogs!  I explained what we did in respect to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue and before he left, he asked me if I could help find his dog a new home.  His landlord has asked him a few times and he didn't want him to ask him again.  I asked him to tell me a little bit about the dog.  He is three years old, lives in the back yard with a dog house, is good around kids, wasn't neutered yet, and is a Basset Hound.  Well, the word Basset Hound made my heart melt big time.  Teddy a Basset was my very first dog in my life when I was about 5 years old and I remember him so much.  I told him I would be glad to help.  Now keep in mind this was on a Wednesday and the following week I was trying to take a few days off to spend time with a friend from Florida who would be here.  I wanted to do some day trips with her.

I called my vet and they could neuter him the following Tuesday.  So, on Saturday I dropped by to meet him.  My plan was going to let him stay at his current house after his neuter and then I would place in a new home once I found an adopter or after my friend left he could come here.  Well, after I saw his living conditions, I couldn't let that happen.  He would of gotten his incision dirty and he needed to become and indoor dog.  My heart melted even more.  He was the sweetest dog and his ears almost touching the ground brought back so many of my memories of my past.

His former dad said he'd meet me Tuesday morning at the vet.  So, I put out a plea on facebook and was praying that social media would help.  Oh my goodness the post of Olaf the Basset Hound went crazy in a good way.  Not too many Bassets in the rescue world.  I received a call from a lady by the name of Virginia from Galt who was very much interested in adopting him.  I told her the good and the bad.  The bad I thought would be the fact he'd have potty issues in the house because he'd never been inside before.  She has a Beagle Sophie who is 6 years old.  So, she jumped through all of the adoption processes real fast and we decided I would bring Olaf to her house Monday after he was neutered.

 When I got there it was like walking into a slice of Heaven.  I knew that God had been in control of this whole situation from the beginning.  Sophie welcome Olaf in a loving manner and Olaf acted like it was his home.  We let the two dogs explore in the backyard and they loved each other from the beginning.  I was able to catch some really cool photos of them hanging out together.

So, I did all the paperwork and gave Olaf who is now Ollie a hug and kiss and got on my way.  Virginia and I stayed in close contact and the next morning she noticed Ollie was bleeding some blood out of his urine.  So she took him back to my vet and he had an ultrasound and saw something that could of been a blood clot.  Sent him home with some antibiotics, did a couple other test and all was clear.  So, Virginia kept and eye out and it all cleared up.  He had another ultra sound done and all looked clear.  Awesome!

What a story!  Who would of thought something like this up?  I am so grateful that God put me into this situation.  Too be honest it was a little stressful with the timing, but I tried to have faith in what God was doing and not worry like I tend to do and it all worked out beyond perfect.

Virginia, you're awesome!  Thank you for coming to Ollie's rescue and mine too!  And, thank you God because you're the reason I am able to help these doggies and people too!

My birthday was July 10 and this was the best birthday gift ever being to have the precious doggie in his new home.  Yesterday, July 17th he had his check up at the vet and I meet Virginia at my vets office.  I could just sit and look at Ollie all day long.  I absolutely can't wait in a few weeks to go for a visit and hang out with him.  Sophie's taught him the doggie door and he's been doing great going potty more belly band for him!!!

Ollie you're one blessed young boy!!!  Enjoy your wonderful, wonderful new life and thank you to his former family for trusting me to help make all of this happen!

June 20, 2019

Casper the white Poodle has his new home!  I have been working with his previous owner for about 4 months.  She felt like it would benefit Casper to have a new home and she only wanted to trust me to find him one.  Wow!  So, the search seriously because a few weeks ago.  We had a about three meet and greets and then we found the perfect couple!  Meet Ed and Joan.  The recently lost a dog and they really wanted a lively boy and their other dog Lacy was missing her buddy.

Casper is adjusting nicely and he's going to love going for lots of walks with his new daddy.  Casper originally had a dad, but he passed away and it was just him and his previous mom.  She wasn't able to give him all the attention that he needs.

I am so happy for Casper!  Ed, Joan, Lacy and Casper live in Sacramento.  Thanks to all of you for opening your hearts to Casper.  I am very thankful I was a part in Casper's new adventure.

July 15, 2019

Daisy was a Poke-A-Dot's doggie from a little over 3 years ago we adopted to a family in Elk Grove.  They reached back out to us and they really felt Daisy would do better in a different home.  We've been working on finding the perfect placement for about 6 months.  We found the perfect lady! 

Meet Pat Daisy's new mom!  Her daughter in law Candi was referred to us by a friend of hers in search for a companion dog for Pat.  Her previous Poodle passed away and her heart was so broken and wanted another dog to love so bad.  So, Candi and Pat meet me at my house and we all went to meet Daisy and they really liked each other.  Pat had a vacation planned to visit family in Washington so July 15 was the date we did the switching of homes. 

It went absolutely perfect.  Daisy was very comfortable and so was Pat.  The two immediately bonded and the first night Daisy slept with her all night in bed.  Pat is 90 and I sure hope I am like her at 90!  She volunteers across the street from her house at an elementary school in Stockton.  She's been doing this for a very long time!  She goes in the morning and runs the crosswalk, goes back at lunch and helps serve lunch and then back in the afternoon to help run the crosswalk again after school gets out.  All the kids know her and love her so much. 

Pat and Candi are beautiful people and I am so glad that I had a part in helping Pat find the perfect little companion.  Her little Annie was such a big part of her life.  She couldn't stand living without a dog and she knew there was a special one out there in the world that needed a new home...DAISY!

A little history about Daisy.  She was originally spotted in Stockton in a bad area laying in a gutter.  A rescuer stopped her car and asked "who's do this was?"  A guy said oh that my dog Daisy.  Gal says "I'll give you $10 for her."  His reply was "$10 wow!  I'll take it!"  So out of the gutter she went and that was the beginning of her new life.

Thanks Pat for your loving heart and for giving one of the most precious dogs in the world a wonderful future with you.  Candi, thank you for reaching out to me for help. 

Daisy enjoy your new home with your new mom!

April 11, 2019

Well, Joanie and Jack now have their very own little girl Petunia.  Petunia was originally a stray and I am convinced she ran away from her former home for a brand new life!!!  Well, now she has it.

Joanie and Jack lost their Golden Retriever about a year ago and new it was time to add another dog to their live.  This time they wanted a small little girl.  Petunia is going to be one lucky little girl.  She's going to get to travel around in her new dad and mom's motor home and do lots and lots of traveling.  She's gonna love it! 

Petunia, thanks for being such a wonderful little girl while you were with us.  We love you and can't wait to see you again when you're all settled in to your new life.

Thank you Joanie and Jack for reaching out to us.  Have lots of fun traveling around!!!

March 18, 2019

This is going to be a long and beyond happy story.

A little over a year ago my adopted mom Nancy and her dog Kalli were volunteering at a doggie event directing runners and walkers. She was stationed with a great gal by the name of Bonnie. Nancy told Bonnie of a Poodle who was at Sycamore Lane Kennels that needed a new home that she just meet the day before picking up Kalli from a grooming appointment. Bonnie said she'd love to help out and foster the Poodle. Nancy informed me about everything and I got in touch with Alicia from Sycamore. Turns out Patrick's owner passed away and the family was boarding him out their not knowing what to do. So Patrick joined Pokeadot's and Bonnie fostered him at her house. We found a perfect older gal who had a huge hole in her heart and she adopted Patrick. This was the beginning of a friendship that was based on what all of us love...DOGS!

Bonnie and her husband Otis love Poodles! They're all about the dog! Bonnie and Otis have fostering in their genes. They have given their home and life to many fosters over the years. Bonnie and I have developed a wonderful friendship and she mentioned at some point they wanted to add a perfect dog into their family. Bonnie and I have so much in common. Plus, I think I had one more dog that Bonnie and Otis fostered for about 3 days before we found the perfect home for her. I couldn't of asked for better people, home and hearts! Oh, and I just love all their dogs!

So, fast forward to a couple weeks ago a rescue friend of mine Debbie reached out and said a gal who she works at Love and Second Chance Rescue in the bay area had a dog from Taiwan coming in who she hadn't placed yet. She was originally found as a stray on the streets and a big dog had beaten her up really bad. She required emergency surgery and she's all healed up, spayed and ready for her new journey for her new home. So, I said that I would be willing to accept her into Pokeadot's Rescue.

When Debbie picked her up from the airport, she stayed with her one night and then Debbie brought her to me on Monday. The minute I saw her face I immediately thought...oh my gosh, I need to call Bonnie!!! So, I did and Bonnie came over about 2 hours later, picked up little Fei Fei and she never put her down. She's settling in really nice with her husband Otis, Nicki, Iris and Clayton. They're still working on a name.

I stopped by today for some loving and she was sitting on the couch with Otis and Clayton and Iris. It was priceless! She's got a few trusting issues to work out and help with potty habits but I know with Bonnie and Otis's love it will all work out fine.

This special little girl will be loved forever! Thank you so much Bonnie and Otis and I am so very thankful that God put us in each other's lives. You're both such awesome people with such big doggie hearts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Oh, and it's so cool that Bonnie and Otis and the doggies live very close to us. Love you guys and all the doggies so very much!!! Thank you once again from the very bottom of my heart for being so loving and kind.

And, a very special thanks to all the other rescue people involved in helping this special little girl. Thank you to Lynn from Taiwan for all the love you gave to Fei Fei while she was with you. It will always be remembered! Thanks to Debbie, and Melody for your trust in me. Takes a lot of people sometimes to help one dog!

Thelma, Mama and her two pups and I just returned from leaving little puppy Charlie in the arms of his new mom Tiffany. Tiffany is actually a good friend of one of our former adopters Kim and Matt who adopted Bubba. (Bubba recently passed away). Tiffany reached out to us about five months ago and she had just lost a dog and wanted to make sure it was perfect timing and the perfect dog. So, when the puppies came into our life, she was the first one to fall in love with them. She came a couple times to visit and didn't want to leave. She's going to make a wonderful mama to little Charlie. He's got a wonderful new mom and and wonderful house in Roseville, CA to call his very own.

Tiffany, welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family and thank you so much for all the love you're going to share with Charlie. You're a very special person and now you have a very special little doggie.

May God Bless you both and surround you with all of His love.

April 24, 2019

Alan saw the story of the Poodles and he wanted to open his heart and home up to one.  He made the trip to our house to see which one took to him and which one he felt a bond to.  It was so perfect.  He feel in love with Ciera, the one I was so hoping for him to have a connection with from his heart.

Little Ciera was one of nine Toy Poodles who were living at a breeders house in horrible conditions.  I won't dwell on the past, only look forward to the future.  She's so happy to be out of there and to start her new life.  She was born there and she'll never have to look back!

Alan is such a really wonderful man.  He lost his wife a while ago and then he lost his dog.  Now it was time for a new companion to share his life.  He just moved into a very nice mobile home park in Modesto.  A few days after he came her I stopped by to see his house after I played tennis one day and made sure he was all ready for his new buddy.  He was all ready and so excited.  Oh, did I mention Alan just turned 90?  He's the "youngest 90 year old" I've ever meet.  Ciera is 12 years old, so this is a perfect match.

So the following day, Ciera and I packed up all her things and drove back to Modesto and Alan could wait to get her into his arms. 

Thank you so much Alan for all the love in your heart.  Looking forward to coming and seeing you both all settled in with each other. 

June 8, 2019

Wolfie is in his new home and settling in nicely.  Michele and Scott feel in love with Wolfie and his story and of course his wonderful personality.  They were ready for another dog in their lives and Wolfie is the perfect dog.  Wolfie packed his bags and headed to San Jose, CA with his new dad and mom on Saturday. 

Wolfie has a great story behind him and here it is...(I copied and pasted this from his original story...saved me lots of time)

My friend Julia who is also a dog trainer Coach for Canines was running errands and a woman in the Kohl’s parking lot in Lodi asked her if she knew about dogs. The SUV full of crates and gear may have tipped her off plus Julia's dog Jessy was in the back...She wanted to know if Julia knew anyone who wants a sweet German Shepherd puppy she found a few months ago. She mention she was homeless living In her car and doesn’t want to be selfish by keeping him. Julia said "sure let me see him" and she brings out a Pomeranian which was pretty young. Julie felt badly for her because the gal told her she has mental health problems which is why she can’t work right now, and he makes her feel calmer and better.  The gal was afraid of Wolfie growing to be a bigger dog.  Julia told her he won’t get any bigger and he looks very healthy.

Julia asked her if she'd be willing to let Poke-A-Dot's schedule and neuter and get his shots he needs and mentioned she didn't have to pay for it.  She said sure!  So, I reached out to her and went to meet her.  I told her what Poke-A-Dot's is all about and she mentioned that she knew she really needed to surrender him so he could have a better life.  I told her he had an appointment the following Friday and that Julia would make arrangements to pick him up.

 Fast forward to Friday, and Julia arrives and accidentally got stuck in the mud at this gals mother's house where she sometimes hangs out at during the day.  Julia called me and I came and picked up Wolfie while she got her car pulled out of the mud.

Wolfie did great at the Vet and he's probably about one year old.  He's a really nice boy.  He stayed with Julia for a few days and then the gal called and said she was ready to get him back.  Julia meet up with her and gave Wolfie back and reminded her when she was ready to surrender him to call us.

This past Thursday a day after she got him back, I reached out to her on the phone and told her the hot weather was coming soon and that I would promise to find him a really awesome home.  She told me she was doing lots of thinking since Julia brought him back and she was ready to surrender him to us.  I told her we could meet up Friday afternoon.  When we meet, she had a big smile on her face and she said she was so thankful.  She mention that she loves Wolfie so much and she wants the best for his life and this is the right thing to do for him.  She said this is the second dog in a year that she's help.  I gave her a big hug and promised to keep her posted.  She proceeded with..."Now I can go to the Salvation Army and get some help and stay there at nights instead of sleeping in my car because I won't have a dog." 

 I've been sending her some photos and she's very happy for the new life that both of them will have soon.  When Julia posted the Wolfie story on her facebook page, several of her friends donated to Wolfie's vetting and it was all covered.  Right now, he's at the groomers getting a bath and then I'll take some photos and post.

Julia, thank you so very much for everything you did to help Wolfie.  Thanks to all the people who didn't even know him who helped.  He's adjusting really good to life here at Poke-A-Dot's and he's going to make someone special a really awesome companion.  He's good with other dogs and he's going to have fun playing with Lucy, Betty White, Shimmer and Bobbye.

Wolfie is no more than 1 year old, very calm and loyal, quiet, good with other dogs, and he weighs about 15 pounds.  He's probably a Pomeranian mix.  More photos are on our website.

So it's kind of ironic that Wolfie's former moms name is Michelle and his new moms name in Michele.  Thanks to all involved who helped Wolfie find his very own home!  And, thanks to Michele and Scott for adopting Wolfie and making him part of your family!

July 18, 2019

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!  This one took my patience to a new level, but I am so happy to report that our little resident Chihuahua Lucy/Dolly is in her new home!!!!  Yes, it finally happened!

She came to us last July with another dog by the name of Doofy.  Their mama who was in her 80's just passed away and her daughter was trying to find a new home for Doofy and Dolly.  So, we took both in and loved them.  We found a good home with a previous adopter, but they both had a little too much energy for the gal.  So, back they came.  In December Doofy packed his bags and moved in with my old neighbors from about 23 years ago.  They were looking for a companion and are in their 80's.  Doofy loves them and they love Doofy. 

Dolly stayed with us.  We had a few people who expressed interest, but it wasn't the right fit.  So, I can't begin to count the number of dogs she's gotten to see come and go.  Did I tell you this dogs loves her toys! 

So about 3 weeks ago Bailey put in an application.  I just about had a heart attack.  I called her and she and her boyfriend Omar came to meet her and feel in love.  We decided on the best timing for the transition and in a couple of weeks she got to finally pack her bags and move to her new home.  She will be living in Sacramento.

I am still in a state of shock in such a happy way.  I never wanted to give up!  She deserves so much happiness!  (Here come the tears!!!)  I checked in yesterday and she slept in their bed under the covers!  Awesome!  She's made herself right at home!

Bailey and Omar, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for opening your hearts and home to Lucy.  (She'll be doing by Lucy now).  She's so funny cause half the time I called her Dolly and the other half Lucy.  (The first gal I adopted her too started calling her Lucy)

Well, all I can say is WOW and thank God!!!

October 28, 2019

Our special little Danny got to pack his bags and move up to Nevada City.  Hurray Bob (our cool senior poodle) you have a new Poke-A-Dot's neighbor in your neck of the world!   And, Danny's new dad's name is Bob.  Pretty Cool! 

Danny came to Poke-A-Dot's from a really great guy who name is Dan.  A friend of his found Danny as a stray and Dan said he'd help him out.  He took him to the same groomer I use, AA Pet Groomers in Lodi.  Arna who is the owner told him about Poke-A-Dot's.  So, Dan comes down to our store and just happens to find me and I agreed to help the little dog.  After nobody coming forward to claim him, he became ours.  He was vetted and recovered nicely.  It was pretty easy coming up with a name for him.  Dan is a really wonderful dog loving man so I thought Danny would be great!  Dan came out several times to visit with his name sake.

Thanks so much for all the help and all the donations of toys and clothes you have given to us.  You and you precious little girl doggie Mollie are so wonderful.  And, Bob you're gonna love Danny.  She's one little love bug and he'll be your buddy just like you wanted!  Thanks for reaching out to us!  You're a great guy and we thank you!!!

July 18, 2019

Spotty and Lucy Lou packed up their bags and now are new residents in Hollister, CA with their new mom and dad Jasmine and Jose.  Jasmine reached out to me and was interested in adopting two smaller dogs who got along good together.  They came and meet Spotty and Lucy Lou and fell in love with them.  Jasmine is a total doggie lover....and both dogs loved both of them!

Spotty original came to use with Daisy.  They were with an older lady who couldn't care for them and my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop took them in and then called me.  We discovered that weren't really bonded, but when Lucy Lou joined us at Poke-A-Dot's the two of them become friends and playmates.  They love to play together.  And, little Miss Daisy would be better as the solo dog. 

Lucy Lou came to us from Martinez and she was originally tossed out of a van and saved and cared for in a home.  The gal who cared for Lucy Lou reached out to us for help finding her a new loving home.

Spotty and Lucy Lou, thanks for being good dogs while you were here and I pray you will have a wonderful life. Jasmine and Jose, thank you so much for your hearts!  Welcome to the "I've adopted 2 Poke-A-Dot doggies club."

OCTOBER 15, 2019
What a fabulous dog and fabulous people!!! Edrie is a very special dog. She was a stray that was found in my country neighborhood. She was a mess, covered in fleas, mats, skinny, fox tails inside of her ear and she was in pain from them. My neighbor Lynn reached out to me for help. She's been with at Pokeadot's for almost 3 months. She was helping me with getting other dogs adjusted while I searched for her perfect home. We actually had lots of applications turned in, but for one reason or another I didn't find the perfect home until Barbara reached out to me. I invited them to come and meet her and she jumped in their arms and that was it. They had plans for the weekend so Edrie and I packed up her suitcase and we moved her into her new home on Tuesday. She walked right in like she was home! This is always so special to watch. Her new daddy Randy just retired so she's one lucky dog to get to hang out with him. And, what's really cool is she stayed right in Lodi so she's close. Nice!

When Edrie came to Poke-A-Dot's it didn't take me too long to figure out a name. I have a cousin whose name is Edrie. I can't wrap my head around the fact that she's 81 now. She lives in Florida and she's a very special person to me!!! Edrie was a professor of dance at Temple University and the minute I saw little Edrie she reminded me of my cousin Edrie. You see, I am the person I am today because of very special people who inspired me when I was younger. Edrie was one of those people. Every time she came to visit her mom and dad Margaret and Richmond she would come and see me or I would go out and visit her at my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Richmond's house. We had amazing conversations and I remember one day as clear as can be. We were standing in my grandparents house and she told me to always try and do the best at whatever I do and always to reach for the stars. Well, I took those words of wisdom to heart. Thank you Edrie for all the sunshine you added to my life. I will be forever grateful for your love in my life.

Thank you little Edrie for all the love you shared with me and all the Poke-A-Dot's Rescue doggies while you were here visiting. You will always live inside of my heart! Randy and Barbara, thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's. May God bless you and Edrie with lots of love today, tomorrow and forever.

October 2, 2019

Sassy is home with Gloria and Betty White!!!

What a wonderful outcome for this very special dog who needed a new home.  Sassy was living with a lady who's 91 in Sutter Creek.  I went up to meet with her a few weeks ago to come up with a plan.  When I meet Sassy and Barbara there was a special beat in my heart that went off.  Gloria would be perfect for Sassy!


Barbara is very ill and she wanted to see Sassy in a new home before she passes.  So, I agreed to help her.  It was very emotional!  Sassy is about 10 years old and a total lap dog.

Gloria who has Betty White our 16 year old Poodle living with her has jumped into the middle of my heart in so many ways.  The heart this lady has is so wonderful.  She loves dogs with all of her heart.  Betty White isn't a lap dog.  She loves to sleep in her bed, get up wonder outside to go potty, eat some, wonder by and get a few pets, and finds her bed again.  Oh, and somewhere in the middle loves to chew on a big bone. 

I never really mentioned this idea to Gloria of Sassy coming to live with her.  I wanted to keep her at our place for a while and think and pray about it.  So, a couple days after I got her Gloria called me and shared her heart that she'd love for Sassy to come and snuggle with her.  I knew in my heart this would be so perfect.  So, Sassy and I and Darrell came with us drove Sassy into her house and she's been in her arms ever since.  She sleeps next to her all night.  She just told me today when I stopped that she's with her all the time!!! 

Betty White and Sassy are going to remain under the care of Poke-A-Dot's for grooming and medical care.  I'm telling you that the love this lady has for dogs in one of the most incredible things in the last five years that I have witnessed.  The look in her eyes when she holds a dog is so beautiful and this is my way of saying thank you for being an angel and loving two of the most special dogs ever. 

It was very sad to take Sassy away from her mom, but placing her into her new mama's arms, well there are no words!

Barbara, thank you so much for trusting me with Sassy and I my promise I made in now in action!  And, Gloria well all I can say is I love you and I am so grateful that God placed you in my life.  I promise to watch over both girls and of course keep my eyes on you! 

Oh, almost forgot something....Gloria is a sports fan!  She loves the S.F. 49er's and she just got the blanket on her chair behind her.  I just noticed when I made the flyer up the word Hall of Fame.  If there's such a place for animal lovers Gloria would be number 1. 

Jan. 12, 2019

About two weeks ago Cindy, a really nice gal reached out to us because she wanted to adopt a special little dog.  I stopped by her place to meet her since she was local in Lodi, and come to find out she's related to the man who we leased part of our land to for growing grapes.  Small world!

So, I invited her to come to our place to meet the doggies we had available.  She loved them all, but I could tell she really had her heart set on a little Shih Tzu and I just adopted one the week before.  So, I promised her I would let her know when the next one came available.  I told her based on the past, it could take a long time, or one could fall out of the sky.

So, that same afternoon I was relaxing on my bed for a moment and I got a phone call from a friend of mine.  She and a neighbor found a little Shih Tzu who was in pretty bad shape.  They canvassed the area with no luck of finding the owners.  There were reports that this dog had been running around stray for a while.  When I got there, I picked her up and I could tell she was so grateful to be safe.  The gal who was keeping her safe is actually my daughter-in-laws mom Jean. 

This poor little dog really needed some vet attention.  She had a really large hernia hanging off her stomach.  Looked like it had been there for a long time and needed to be tended to.  Not to mention she was one matted up mess.  She was able to get into my vet the next week to get the attention she needed.

So, on my way home from picking up our new little friend, I stopped by Cindy's house since it was on my way home.  I told her this little dog needs some much needed medical help and when she heals up, she will be needing a new home.  Cindy started crying happy tears.

So, Lucy said with us and recovered very nicely, and now she's in her new home and loving it.  Cindy's other dog Riley loves Lucy and Lucy loves Riley.  I keep getting such adorable photos of Lucy and Riley snuggling in a bed together.  Cindy also wanted a little doggie that would sleep next to her in bed.  Riley doesn't like to for some reason and wants to sleep in a bed on the floor.  Guess who is sleeping right next to Cindy?  Yes, Lucy!


Cindy, thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  I am sure you and I are going to be doggie friends forever!  I get excited when one of ours gets to stay local and your almost like being next-door.

May God Bless you, Riley, and Lucy and thank you so very much for all the love and compassion you have towards rescue doggies.  

December 6, 2019

What a special day in the history of Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Our first newborn puppy was able to join her new home in Galt, CA.  She will be living with a really wonderful family.  The family didn't want to be involved in social media, so with respect to their wishes, I sat in along with Mama for the adoption photo.  Little Miss Daisy is going to love her new home and we'll provide you with updates every now and then.  Thank you so much to Daisy's family for promising to love her forever!

Mama and the pups came to us when the pups were just a couple days old.  Officer Kelly from the Lodi Shelter reached out to me and asked if we could please take them.  I went down to look at them and let me tell you the look on the Mama's face was "Please help us!"  So this was the beginning of this very special relationship with Mama and her three pups.  Mama has been awesome and the pups take after their mama for sure.  My heart will never, ever forget this experience!  I'm so beyond grateful!!!

January 5, 2018

Well we're happy to announce that Marley has found a new loving family with his new mom Nicole and dad Bill in Nevada City, CA.

He was one of the dogs we adopted out in our first year about 3 1/2 years ago.  As time went on for his first family he developed some snipping habits towards their young son.  So, they reached out to us thinking Marley would be better off in a family without any children.  So, Marley stayed with his first family until we could find him another home.  We found a great retired couple in Jackson, so I went and picked up Marley and delivered him up to Jackson.  They also had another mellow lab.  Well, the first couple days both his mom and dad got bit and he got into a scuffle with their other dog.  So, we all decided Marley needed a home with no other dogs and a "dog trainer" for a mom or dad.  I made them a promise that I would try again and not put Marley to sleep.  (The thought did cross my mind, but in my heart I new there had to be someone out there that could help the boy.)  I thank you both for trying and for the love you shared with Marley.

One day we got a phone call from a great gal Nicole who really was interested in him.  Quiet home, just her and her husband and they had recently lost their dog.  She used to work for a dog trainer many years ago, so she has lots of the basics.  She and her husband came and meet Marley and fell in love with him and all of his aggression issues.  They promised they would work with a trainer and give him the help that he needs.  He also needs a dental cleaning and perhaps a few teeth pulled and Poke-A-Dot's will be paying the bill for this to be done with their vet next month. 

Marley has adjusted very nicely to his new home and new life.  Nicole and Bill I am ever so grateful to you for providing a home and the guidance that Marley needs.  You both are awesome!  Marley, enjoy your new home and thanks for being so good while you were back visiting us!!! 

Feb. 25, 2019

This is a really cool story and It's so amazing how God works.  I was at the Lodi Shelter last week and after I meet the two sisters who were available (they came home with me) I wondered over into the other room and saw Ivy.  The shelter named her Cookie.  She looked really scared and give me "the look.".  I promised her I would come back and if nobody else was in line, I would pull her.  So, I called my Vet and made a spay appt for Wednesday, and I also called my groomer and scheduled an appt for Tuesday.  So, she became available at 11am on Monday.  I got there at 10:30 am and the shelter staff told me there was a couple from Valley Springs who had put their name on her the previous week.  I believe it was on Friday, the same day I was there. 

The couple showed up and there were also to other people interested in adopting her.  Dan and Pam went out to meet her and spend some time with her.  It was very obvious to me that I wasn't going to be able to pull her, but I sensed that God wanted me to hang around.  While they were outside I asked the shelter staff if these people agreed that I could pull her and then adopt to them.  They agreed that would be fine.  So I wondered outside to where they were hanging out with Ivy and offered my services.  After speaking to them, they had recently lost their dog and really wanted to adopt another companion to love.  I explained what I do and that I already had a grooming appt and vetting appointment.  If they adopted thru the shelter it was going to take a few days to get her spayed and with my option we could get her out of the shelter and she stay with me until Wednesday afternoon.  They both looked at me and they were so relieved that I offered to help them. 

So, we went back in and I did the paperwork, and we got Ivy put her into my car and drove to my house.  Ivy joined the two sisters we pulled a few day prior and they played and played.  We did the paperwork and we agreed that Dan would meet me at the Vets office on Wednesday afternoon and take Ivy home.

Ivy, her and her new parents Dan and Pam live pretty close to us in Valley Springs, CA.  Just a 30 minute drive.  Ivy has settled in very nicely and is enjoying her new family so much.  I am so glad that I listened to my heart and was able to help assist in helping this very special dog and these awesome people.  Thank you Dan and Pam for accepting my offer to help!  I can't imagine my life without having helped her.  Everything worked out so perfectly for her and for you both!  I feel honored to have been able to take a part in her life and in yours too.

Thanks for the Lodi Shelter and to the volunteers for loving Ivy while she was there visiting and thanks for letting me help!!!

June 29, 2019

Myrtle who now is Tessie is in her new home in Rescue, CA.  Yes, there's a small down up by Shingle Springs with this name.  Her new mom and dad Ann and Dennis reached out to me about 8 months ago from a referral from a gal who has a rescue called Foothill Dog Rescue.  Kerry helped me out last year with two dogs because I had too many dogs here at the time and she accepted them to her rescue program.  Ann and Dennis had a couple of trips planned and so when they got done they reached back out and said it was time. 

Their present dog Troy is 15 year old and was ready for another buddy and they wanted another lap dog to bring into their lives to love.  They're all about helping dogs in need.

They made the trip to my place with Troy to meet mama Myrtle.  She was the mom of Freida and Betty who we also had in rescue.  They were all originally with a gal who went thru a divorce and had to move to a place she could keep them.  I told her I would be honored to help and she accepted it.  She's a really great person and she really loved all these dogs very much.  Mama was originally found as a stray and pregnant and she took care of Mama and babies for four years. 

Myrtle is now going by Tessie, and she's settled in very nicely.  She's the perfect dog for the whole family and she fits right in.  So happy for Tessie!

Thanks Ann and Dennis for being wonderful people and understanding what rescue is all about.  Kerry, thanks for referring Ann and Dennis to Poke-A-Dot's and to the former mama, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me!

Dec. 13, 2019

Mama & I delivered her last puppy to Jennifer and family in Manteca, CA today.  All the family got together later in the afternoon and took this awesome photo. I love this photo!  I think is the most people we've ever had in an adoption photo.  They have a very large family and their little girl and Coco adore each other.  They all love her to pieces.

Thank you Jennifer and family for making the commitment to love Coco forever!  Thank you all for opening up your hearts and home and we'll be looking forward to updates of her growing up. 

We'll all going to miss you all so much, but we all know your with your new families and the brings a huge smile to all of our faces!!!

December 21, 2019

Mama Gracie is HOME SWEET HOME!

Here's the story everyone's been waiting for over 2.5 months.  What an amazing Mama Grace.  She came to us via the Lodi Animal Shelter.  Officer Kelli was at a house on a call and she was inside and noticed a small crate with Mama and 3 new born pups.  She told me the house was really bad and the people didn't speak a lot of English, but she kindly asked them if they would surrender them and she promised they would all get a wonderful life in the future.  So, the people signed them over.  Kelli immediately called me and asked if I had room?  The day before I was thinking that this is the time of the year I could keep puppies and a mama in the bathroom by our pool.  How's this for perfect timing.  I went to the shelter to meet them all and the look on Mama's face spoke loud and clear!  So, Mama and pups spent one night there in an office while I went to work getting everything set up.  Never having done this I reached out and received awesome advice from fellow rescue people.

They arrived the next morning and then the 2.5 months of fun began.  Mama really did all the work.  All I had to do was take her potty (she would not use potty pads at all), make sure her food bowl was filled up and also her water bowl.  She was eating and drinking lots to supply the pups!  Then three times a day I changed all the bedding.  I used the bottom of a extra large crate since it has sides and then when they got a little bigger we graduated to the swimming pool and then when one of our condos where open they moved in.  The pups from day one used the potty pads and I continued to come and let Mama outside every 2-3 hours.  Plus a tremendous amount of time playing with everyone.

Everybody's health was perfect!  We got two rounds of vetting for the pups as well as Mama got spayed last Monday.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Lodi Vet for watching over all of them.  Couldn't of asked for a better experience.  From the beginning to the end, everything was PERFECT.  A big thank you to all of you who came out to visit with Mama and the pups.  I think this really helped all of them to see others besides me.  And, thank you so much to all who made donations to Mama and the pups!  We love our partners so very much!!!

All the pups are in their new homes during the past 2-3 weeks.  Daisy the black girl went to a wonderful family in Galt.  She was the first one to be adopted.  The family has chosen to remain private.  Charley the brown boy he moved to his new home in Roseville with his awesome new mom Tiffany.  He's doing awesome!  Our little girl Coco moved to Manteca to join Jennifer and her very large family.  I just heard and she doing wonderful.  The pups are all very blessed to have all these amazing, loving and  perfect homes. 

Now let's move to Mama Gracie.  About two years ago a gal reached out to me by the name of Sarah.  She told me someday she wanted to adopt a very special little girl from Poke-A-Dot's who needed a new home.  She told me retirement was coming soon for her and she was really looking forward to adding another dog to their family.  So, when Mama Gracie came into our life she feel totally in love with her.  She and her husband Glenn came and meet her and she jumped up in their lap, gave a kiss and that was the first of many. 

I invited Gloria who is the mama of our very own Betty White who's 16 years old and Sassy Sadie who's 10 to ride to Benicia with me.  Gloria raised her kids in Benicia and loves the town so I thought she might enjoy riding with me on this adoption.  Plus the fact she is such an amazing doggie lover.  I've never seen anyone like her.  She bonds with everyone so fast!  Her heart is so amazing and she deserves so much happiness in her life.  I know God placed me in it for several reasons!  And, I'm so thankful she placed her in my life and into Betty's and Sadie's life. 

So, Thelma and I picked Gloria up at her house in Stockton and Mama Gracie got to ride on Gloria's lap.  I normally keep small dogs in a crate for transport but I made an exception.  Mama Grace and Gloria loved the ride over.  Mama Gracie got lots of pets!

When we got to Mama Gracie's new house she walked in and made herself right at home!  Went in the backyard and did her business and then came back into the house and went exploring.  Sarah and Glenn and their daughter served us lunch.  It was very good.  Thank you all so very much!

Then we took a few photos and decided it was time to leave.  Mama whined just a little after we left and then they took her for a walk and her little tail kept on a wagging which was a good sign.  She got lots of belly rubs yesterday too and I'm sure she slept like a little queen. 

Thank you so much to Sarah and Glenn for all your love and compassion.  I know without one doubt that she's in the perfect home.  Thank you both for all of your generosity to Poke-A-Dot's.  We're so blessed to have people like you both enter our family of Poke-A-Dot's adopters.  We love you both very much and can't wait to come and visit Mama Gracie when she gets all settled in.  May God bless all of you and Merry Christmas to you!  Mama Gracie I love you with all of my heart and then a lot more!!!  Now, her come the tears!!!  Good ones though!!!Type your paragraph here.

October 20, 2019

Little Whiskers who was found by Captain Dave the Lodi Fire Fighter in Lodi now has a wonderful home.  He and I drove up to Marysville and he joined his new dad and doggie sister Winnie.  Whiskers in now going to be Willie.  Whisker spent about two weeks living under our bed at Poke-A-Dot's.  He needed a long time to have faith in people again.  He's still working on it but little Winnie will have him trained in no time at all.  Casey is his new dad and he previously lost a dog.  He and Winnie have been really lonely and when they made a trip to us to meet Willie, they both feel in love with him.  I thought he needed some more time here so when I felt he was good to go, we packed his bags, climbed in the car and off we went.  Thanks Casey for loving this very special little boy.  And, Captain Dave you're the best!  Thanks for loving this little boy while you had him at the fire department!

January 26, 2019

What a great dog and I am so thankful we could help her find a loving forever home!  Her name is Millie, but now it's going to be Lily.  Still pretty close to Millie and she's learned it already.  She's also a very, very smart dog.  I knew we were going to adopt Mama and Baby and I really wanted to introduce another dog so the Merry wouldn't have to be alone.  Well, I just so happened to see and ad that someone had a Poodle mix that they didn't want any more.  They had the dog for 1 1/2 years but they said they were too busy to take care of her.  Darrell and I drove to Modesto and meet up with the people.  You could tell the dog really loved her owner a lot, but the owner told me he and his family had no time for her.  So, she fit right in with the pack and she soon got vetted and loved all the other dogs!

I received and app from two families looking for a dog.  I knew either one would be perfect for her, but decided not to be in a rush and let time tell.  In my heart I felt she would do great with an older person and being around children wouldn't be best for her.  Our first app was a very nice daughter trying to help her dad find a special companion since his previous girl passed away and his heart was hurting.  The other family had a dog and two kids and they thought they'd like another dog for their family.  However, their one dog hadn't been around other dogs too much.  So, I made the call and decided the older gentleman whose name is Ed was the best choice.  In the meantime, the other family had introduced their dog to others and she wasn't too fond of them.  So, they're going to wait and try and get their dog accustomed to others a little more.  So, this all worked out for sweet Lily.

When I took Lily to her new house in Carmichael, CA, she made herself right at home in her new daddy's arms.  Ed's daughter Sharlene who lives down the street was also there loving on Lily.  Ed's wife Ella passed away in Jan. 2012 and Sharlene found a sweet dog Ella in November of 2013 to join Ed.  When Ella passed away a part of his heart went with her.  When Ed and Sharlene came here to meet Lily, it was very clear to me that Ed was a total dog person.  He loved everyone and wanted to take all of our dogs home too! 

Thank you Sharlene for reaching out to us and for having faith in us.  I am so blessed to have been able to help your dad feel love from a special doggie once again.  This is what I live for...helping a wonderful dog find LOVE!

Thanks for being such a good girl Lily!!!  Love you!

September 12, 2019

Jake is a 14 year old Poodle mix who needed a new home due to the fact his elderly mom could no longer take care of him to do her health.  The family reached out for some help and a rescue friend of mine Deb asked if we could help.  I said sure as long as we could find a foster home.  Well she found one for him with Bill and Mary who actually live not too far from our house.  THEY LOVE THE SENIORS!  When I walked into the house I could see where their hearts the hearts and souls of the dogs and kitty cat that they have living with them.  Most of them are seniors and so very much loved.  After a week or so Jake really started to settle in.  He started to feel more and more comfortable each and every day.  When I checked in with Mary, I asked what are the chances you'd like to keep him?  She said yes!!!!  Welcome to the failed foster family of Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  Jake has been with Bill and Mary for about a month.  I've got a couple of failures living with us and we're proud!  I personally couldn't of asked for a better home for Jake.  I went over a few nights ago to take this photo that really turned out good with all of their family members.

Bill and Mary, thank you so much for all of the dogs and cats that you both have helped.  I wish there were more people like you.  I couldn't be happier for our two seniors Betty White who's about 15 and Jake 14.  They've got the best and they deserve the best!  And, Deb thanks for finding Bill and Mary for us.  We are so glad they've joined our family.

March 2, 2019

Cookie and Dolly are now home!  They both came into the Lodi Shelter last week and one day I happened to stop by...I think it was on Monday.  (Their shelter names were Rain and Shadow and we named them Pokie and Dottie). They were in the process of being evaluated and each of them gave me "the look."  There hold time wasn't up until Friday.  My initial thought was...well they would be a handful."  So, I came back on Friday and when I was standing in front of the kennel, they were both very calm and gave me "the look" once again and then the both smiled at me.  I happened to catch part of the conversation with my camera.  I stood there and just stared at them and they stared right back at me and then I told them both...I'll be right back I have some paperwork to do and then we'll go down the street and you both can get cleaned up and groomed.

So, off we went and they were good girls at the groomers and I got real lucky and they both went in for their vetting the following Tuesday.  They both had a ball playing with Ivy for one day and they settled in here very nicely.  I posted them and I received a call from Laura.  She and her husband Joe live in Concord and previously had to bonded Schnauzers who passed away.  They have been looking for a while for the perfect dogs and fell in love with them.  I just knew they would be perfect. 

They came today, and the minute they walked in the door, the dogs were all over them!  They gave them so many kisses it was so cute!  The feeling was mutual from Laura and Joe.  So after a little paperwork time, we loaded them up in their car and off to their new home in Concord, CA. 

I can't wait to stop by in a couple of weeks for a visit when I head over to San Rafael to adopted our other little sister Chihuahua's.  Thank you so much to Laura and Joe for all the love your going to give to these very special girls.  And, thanks to the Lodi Shelter staff and volunteers for loving on these girls while they were visiting.

October 2, 2019
Buddy was a stray running around on the streets of Stockton.  He was being fostered during his stray hold by a really great gal by the name of Elizabeth.  My rescue friend Deb who's so excellent at securing dogs on the loose reached out to me to see if Buddy could be a Poke-A-Dot's dog?  I said sure, and then Elizabeth and I met up at my vet's office on the day Buddy was scheduled for all of his vetting.  Once he finished his appointment I came to pick him up and he came to Poke-A-Dot's.  It was really hard for Elizabeth to say goodbye to Buddy.
Now, this is where it gets really special.  A family in Modesto who Elizabeth knows decided that they may be interested in adopting Buddy.  So, Steve and Linda and their awesome granddaughter Madison who live in Modesto came to meet Buddy.  Buddy literally jumped up in Madison's lap and that was it!!!  Madison and Buddy are going to be buddies for life!!!
I couldn't be happier with the outcome of this adoption.  Thank you so much Elizabeth for all the love you gave to Buddy and thank you Madison, Steve and Linda for opening up your hearts and home to Buddy. 

September 15, 2019

Stickers was running around in a corn field for 3 months in a country area of Stockton.  A gal who was active in rescue and used to live in Stockton reached out and asked if I could help him.  She put me in touch with Barbara, a gal who loves to help rescue dogs was she final was able to catch him.  He was covered with stickers from head to toe.  She was able to pick a lot off, but he needed professional help.  When my groomer was working on him, he helped out by raising one of his front legs and pointing out he had a clump of them in his arm pit!  Smart boy!   I normally don't name dogs after their past, but this name kind of Stickers it is and will be forever.  Once he was brought to safety, we agreed to bring him to Poke-A-Dots.  After his stray hold was up and was officially ours, we vetted him and found a wonderful couple, David and Victoria who live in Livermore who wanted to adopt him.  They recently lost their Yorkie and had a huge hole in their hearts and home.  They really wanted to help a dog in need.  They immediately fell in love with each other.  Stickers is doing wonderful adjusting to his new home.  His new dad and mom love him so much and his sister is starting to play with him.  He's never going to have to worry about being out in a corn field ever again.   

Thank you to all involved in helping Stickers.  And, above all, thank you to David and Victoria and Tasha for promising to love Stickers forever!

Feb. 10, 2019

Lenny has his new home!  Lenny came to us from a lady in Stockton, CA who had to go into a care home and is close to her last day.  Her son was caring for her dog Lenny.  She also lived in a home on his property, but due to her health there was no possible way of her to return.  Lenny was a very loved dog and lived with her for about five years.  Lenny was referred to us thru her groomer and my friend Jeweline.  Jeweline called me and told me about the situation.  So, I called and made arrangements to pick up Lenny.  When I picked him up, I could tell he was the center of attention and loved!  He jumped in the car and off we went.

When I got home, I took a few photos of him and posted them on facebook.  I got a really wonderful application from a couple Jim and Claudia who are from San Leandro, CA. They actually adopted a Golden Retriever from my friend Jill's rescued True Love Rescue in Lodi.  The also have had Shih Tzu's in the past and they've lost all of their doggies and were ready to adopt a new one.

March 24, 2019

Yung Yung who now is Mickey has his very own forever home! 

He came to us from Taiwan.  Debbie a rescue friend of mine knew he was ready to come from Taiwan to Love and Second Chances Rescue in the bay area.  They didn't have a home lined up and Debbie reached out to me to see if I would be interested to help him.  I said sure! 

He was originally in a shelter in Taiwan and more than likely would of been put to sleep because he was born practically blind.  He was pulled from the shelter and loved and loved and loved until he was able to make his journey.  When Debbie brought him to me on Wednesday I knew what kind of home he was going to need.  He's a very smart little boy and he lives to be in your arms and held.  He also enjoys running around like a goofy little boy.  Loves to go on car rides and even walks pretty good on a leash. 

I posted him and received a few apps but not the perfect home and then I got a phone call from a compassionate young lady.  Alex told me she was looking for a special needs dog, one that she could be her constant companion, one she could take to work with her, one she could love forever.  She really wanted to help a dog in need.  She just finished collage and lives with her animal loving mom Evelyn in Stockton which is very close to us, so I'll get to visit and watch him grow up!  They both came Sunday afternoon to meet him and they both feel in love so fast!  Yung Yung laid his head on Alex head and was the beginning of the new chapter in Yung Yung life.

So, we went and did some paperwork and loaded their car up with lots of goodies and then they left to go home and I shortly followed with the special baby boy.  When we got their he was such a good boy.  I told him to go potty and he did.  So we went into the back yard and their other dog and Yung Yung sniffed around and then we went into the house.  Yung Yung, now Mickey will also be living with a few rescue kitties.  He's going to love his new home.  His new mom Alex works from home three days a week and then two days drives to Berkeley and she's going to have a new buddy in the car.  This is the life I so wanted for this wonderful little boy.

Alex, I am so thankful that God answered my prayer for him.  I love your heart and the compassion you can see coming from your eyes.  I look forward to getting to watch you and Mickey grow together.  May God always watch over you both.

And, a very special thanks to all the other rescue people involved in helping this special little boy.  Thank you so much to Grace from Taiwan for loving and caring for this wonderful little boy.  Thank you so much for not letting him die in a shelter.  Thanks to Debbie and Melody for asking me to help.  I look forward to watching him grow up.

April 14, 2019

Jack you've come a long way from the first time I saw you at the Lodi Shelter.  I could hardly make out what you were under all those mats and dirt.  Jordan from the Lodi Shelter reached out to us to see if we could pull Jack and his buddy Jill.  They both needed special attention so very much.  I remember when I stopped by and looked at them.  There was no way in the world I could of said no.  So, off to the groomers we went.  When I picked them up, I couldn't believe what was under all of that hair.  Poor little Jill has two big hernias which house her intestines in one and her bladder in the other.  She is having this repaired soon and both dogs weren't bonded so they could be adopted separately.

Last week, I had a really nice gal Terry who was looking for another companion for herself and he boy Poodle Cubby.  So, Terry and Cubby came last week to meet Jack and it was an a great match up.  The two boys really liked each other. 

So, today Jack and I packed up his bags and jumped in the car along with my Thelma and drove about 30 minutes to Rio Vista to Jacks new home.  He's gonna love it and I just got a photo and he's taking a nap from playing hard on his new mom's lap. 

Jack thanks for being such a wonderful boy while you were here.  Terry, thank you so very much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's and thank you for having room in your heart for Jack.

November 7, 2019

Spirit and Toto have a new home with their mom Sandy in Roseville, CA.  Bless her heart for wanting to give these two special dogs who lost their originally mama a new loving home.  Spirit and Toto were living with an older lady who could no longer stay in her home.  Her family wanted to take the dogs and put them to sleep.  A friend Marsha who loved these dogs couldn't let that happen.  She said she'd take the dogs in and look for a new home.  She had them at her house for over two months and new it was time to start looking for a new home.  She reached out to my friend Jeweline who has a grooming business in Stockton.

Jeweline called me and said Marsha needed help.  So, I called her and made arrangement to come and pick up them both up.  It was very emotional for Marsha and her husband.  They really stepped up to the plate and helped these awesome dogs.  Toto's teeth were pretty bad.  She needed a dental (thank you so much for your donations to help cover her dental.)  Spirit on the other hand he needed a neuter.  They both recovered nicely and last week we packed up their bags and headed to Roseville.

Sandy, thank you so much for your love, and compassion and for opening up your wonderful home to Spirit and Toto.  I know they're in amazing hands.

Marsha thank you so much for all you did to help Spirit and Toto.  The world needs more people like you and your husband!

October 10, 2019

Our little puppy Rose who my friend Alonna Rose told me about who was in the Modesto Shelter when she was 3 months old now is in her new home.  I new when I was able to get her out of the shelter her name needed to be Rose.  Alonna and her husband are amazing people and have been a blessing to Poke-A-Dot's.  This little girl has been a blast to have around.  She never had any accidents, learned the doggie door right away, and loved all the other doggies.  She actually helped a lot of the new dogs adjust.  She's such a blessing.

She will be calling her home in Davis, CA.  She's actually only about 4 miles away from where EZ now Peachy (one of the 9 toy Poodles live).   Yes, after I delivered Rose I went visiting!

Rose is going to love her new home.  She's got a great mom and dad and she's going to have two little ones to grow up with, play and get lots of love from. 

Alex and Jelena and children, thank you so much for opening your hearts and home to little miss Rose.  She's going to love you forever! 

July 5, 2019

What a great family!  Newman who is now Archie is doing wonderful with his new family!!!  He joined Chris and Geri, Reese and Finn and his new doggie brother Logan in Sacramento.  They recently lost a dog and had a big whole in their hearts and wanted to help a dog who needed a home. 

Geri reached out to me and was very interested in adopting Archie.  The whole family came to meet him and I thought it was very special after meeting him they all had a family meeting for a little while.  Archie backed his bags and left on a trial run for a week.  He fit right in from day one.  I just stopped by for a visit and he's every so happy and I think he remembered me.  I got a special kiss.

Archie was originally visiting the Lodi Shelter and he had to have some minor surgery to fix an opening on his tummy.  He's almost all healed up and is so very thankful.  Logan loves his new brother and Archie loves everyone so much.

Geri, I am so thankful you and your family reached out to Poke-A-Dot's.  Thank you for all for that special love you have in your hearts!  Archie, thanks for being such a wonderful doggie while you were under our care at Poke-A-Dots and enjoy your new loving life!!!

June 22, 2019

Shimmer, is HOME SWEET HOME!  Shimmer is the last of our Toy Poodle to get her very own new home.  I got pretty attached to this wonderful girl, but it's time for me to pass her over to her new mom and dad.  Shimmer will be joining Steve and Judy and they live in Elk Grove, CA.  Right next door to me so Auntie Sheri can't wait to stop by and see her all adjusted in her new home sometime soon.  Shimmer is such a great girl and she knows she's one very blessed dog!  The way she walks is the cutest thing ever.

Shimmer was one of nine Toy Poodles who we took in back in April from a breeder and all the dogs were in beyond terrible conditions.  I trying hard not to focus on their past and look forward to their future.  We're so thankful we could help all of these amazing dogs!!!  Each one is so special. 

Thank you Steve and Judy for opening up your heart and home to this amazing little girl.  I've got happy tears coming out of my eyes as I am typing this up. 

A special thank you from the bottom of my heart to my buddy Bonnie for telling me that these dogs needed help!  Bonnie this will be a memory that will never leave me...not ever!!!  I know God put all these dogs into our lives for so many reasons!  I wouldn't of done one thing different looking backwards.  Everything worked out so perfectly.

I'd also like to say a very special thank you to all of you who made financial donations, time donations, and all your thoughts, prayers and support.  This was a big undertaking for us, but it was all so wonderful.  My heart and soul is beyond blessed because of all of these dogs, our adopters and our supporters.  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION!

April 26, 2019

Shelley and Steve are from Vacaville, CA and they're totally awesome and beyond.  Shelley reached out to us and expressed interest in adopting the two Toy Poodles Millie and Lilac.  Millie is 9 and Lilac is 10 and they both have vision loss.  It's their passion to help senior dogs with special needs.  

So, they came a week ago yesterday and fell in love with Millie and Lilac in person.  It was so wonderful to watch.  They're such amazing people with hearts like no other. 

So, this past Friday, Millie, Lilac and I packed up their suitcase and moved them to Vacaville.  When I arrived I was in doggie Heaven.  There were a few doggies outside enjoying the sun in the morning.  All of these dogs came from either the shelter or nobody wanted them.  They all were wonderful dogs.  They have a Poodle who has no eyes.  He got around really good.  Shelley said that most of the dogs she has don't snuggle much and she was so hoping both dogs loved to do this...well, she's going to have 2 little lap dogs.

Millie and Lilac are 2 of 9 dogs who we took in from a breeder who was very ill.  They lived in terrible conditions and they will never ever have to look backwards...only forwards!

I know that these two girls will be loved the rest of their lives by Shelley and Steve.  Thank you both for what you are doing!!!  I hope in the future we can be of help to each other. 

I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!