March 2, 2019

Cookie and Dolly are now home!  They both came into the Lodi Shelter last week and one day I happened to stop by...I think it was on Monday.  (Their shelter names were Rain and Shadow and we named them Pokie and Dottie). They were in the process of being evaluated and each of them gave me "the look."  There hold time wasn't up until Friday.  My initial thought was...well they would be a handful."  So, I came back on Friday and when I was standing in front of the kennel, they were both very calm and gave me "the look" once again and then the both smiled at me.  I happened to catch part of the conversation with my camera.  I stood there and just stared at them and they stared right back at me and then I told them both...I'll be right back I have some paperwork to do and then we'll go down the street and you both can get cleaned up and groomed.

So, off we went and they were good girls at the groomers and I got real lucky and they both went in for their vetting the following Tuesday.  They both had a ball playing with Ivy for one day and they settled in here very nicely.  I posted them and I received a call from Laura.  She and her husband Joe live in Concord and previously had to bonded Schnauzers who passed away.  They have been looking for a while for the perfect dogs and fell in love with them.  I just knew they would be perfect. 

They came today, and the minute they walked in the door, the dogs were all over them!  They gave them so many kisses it was so cute!  The feeling was mutual from Laura and Joe.  So after a little paperwork time, we loaded them up in their car and off to their new home in Concord, CA. 

I can't wait to stop by in a couple of weeks for a visit when I head over to San Rafael to adopted our other little sister Chihuahua's.  Thank you so much to Laura and Joe for all the love your going to give to these very special girls.  And, thanks to the Lodi Shelter staff and volunteers for loving on these girls while they were visiting.

March 23, 2019

I was beginning to think this day would never come, but it came today!  I received a call a couple weeks ago from Tracey who lives in Sacramento.  She recently lost her Poodle and had an empty hole in her heart and wanted to adopt another dog who needed a home.  She loved Merry's story behind her and she and I set up a meet n greet for today.

Merry came to Poke-A-Dot's from the Tracy Shelter.  I feel in love with her matted up face, cataracts in her eyes, and the love I could see in her eyes.  This was back in the middle of December and when I was thinking what to name her, Merry came to my mind.  So we've been calling her Merry Pokeadot Christmas.  She really fits her name because she is so merry.  She been with us for awhile and I have become very attached to her and she's been pretty attached to me too.  She loves to give the sweetest little kisses and her new mom got a few today.  I was so happy to see her love on her.  

Merry will be sharing the house with Tracey's roommate, Pinkie and her dog Sandy.  Merry and Sandy will be buddies in no time.  Merry is spends a lot of time at home and Merry will get lots of special love and attention.

Merry was just like Dino who had vision loss.  They spent a lot of time her and they taught and helped lots of other dogs feel safe and above all loved.  My heart is going to be sad that I won't see her every day, but I am so happy for Merry that she's going to have her very own mama to love her forever.

I am so glad that I listen to my heart the day I saw Merry!  Merry Christmas I love you so much and may you bless you new mom and everyone who enters your life.  I can't wait to come and visit you when you get all settled in. 

Tracey, thank you so much for the heart inside of your soul and for taking over for me and being her mama.    

Feb. 18, 2019

Sophie who is now Abby is home!!!

This little girl is one lucky dog to be alive.  Here is her story. 

She was caught after several days of hard work trying to convince her to come to safety. There were about three people involved in trying to help her to safety. She was originally hanging out with 4-5 other dogs along a levee in Stockton. It's a place that a lot of people just dump their unwanted dogs. The other dogs were eaten by coyotes (found their remains) and the rescuers found this little girl almost covered with water in the levee. Her tummy was a little bit red probably from the elements of being outside for so long and being in the water. She stayed with a couple different people for over a month and it was time to get her into a rescue. The last foster mama Lynn was the person who reached out to us.  Thanks to all who were involved helping this special little girl!

So, right after I posted her on adopt a pet and petfinder, I received a phone call from a really nice retired gal in Manteca who really wanted a companion to love.  She's a dog lover!  She recently lost her dog and her life just hasn't been complete without a special dog.  She fell in love with Abby and her story.  A couple days later, I had to go to Modesto and we stopped by for a meet and greet and it was a perfect match.  Abby still needed to get her vetting done and then Karen and her husband Ernie came here to pick her up.  She's doing great in her new home and I am so thankful that Karen and Ernie reached out to love her forever.

Thanks again to all who were involved with saving her.  She's alive because of you!!!

Jan. 1, 2019

Happy New Year Story...and it's so HAPPY!

Joe and his partner Eric from Elk Grove, CA reached out to us to help find them a new doggie companion who much needed a new home.  We invited them to come last week to meet the dogs we had available.  There just wasn't a love connection and in their hearts, they really wanted a Cocker Spaniel.  They previously had two in their lives, and not to long ago lost their second one. 

I told them to please have faith and it might take a day, week, month or longer.  They both agreed to have faith in us.  So, a couple days later I saw a post from a rescue friend of mine Debbie from Sonora.  A gal up in her area had her son move back in with her and her son was very allergic to her Cocker Spaniel Lady so she was trying to re home or give to a rescue.  I got in touch with her right away and I agreed to take Lady.  She sounded so perfect for Eric and Joe.

Lady's former mom and I agreed I would come up on Jan. 1 and pick up Lady.  So, I stopped by Debbie's to finally get to meet her and she showed me around her place and I got to meet all her rescue doggies.  Then we headed to Lady's house and meet Lady.  What a sweetheart.  It was really hard for the gal to surrender Lady.  I told her all about the people she was going to and she was very happy for Lady's future.

Lady jumped in the car, we took Debbie back to her house which was only 1 mile away.  Lady rode excellently in the car to our final destination in Elk Grove, CA.  When I pulled up, Eric was out in front in his wheelchair waiting patiently for Lady and I to arrive.  We went in the house and Lady immediately started to make herself right at home.  She jumped up onto Eric's lap and I could see happy tears in both Eric's and Joe's eyes.  That night Lady slept right next to Eric and that's exactly what he wanted!  Lady is going to get to go almost everywhere with Eric and Joe.  And, most importantly Lady will be loved forever by these wonderful people.

I am so thankful that all of the worked out perfectly.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Lady originally came from the coast area in Southern California.  She was bounced around a couple times down there and then the current owner said she'd take her.  This will be her fourth home and final!!!  She is one of the sweetest dogs ever! 

They were able to get Lady into the groomers on the 2nd so we have a new photo of her all trimmed up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to LADY, JOE AND ERIC...Enjoy your new buddy and may God Bless all of you!  Can't wait to come and visit once she gets all settled in.  You both are awesome!!!

Feb. 25, 2019

This is a really cool story and It's so amazing how God works.  I was at the Lodi Shelter last week and after I meet the two sisters who were available (they came home with me) I wondered over into the other room and saw Ivy.  The shelter named her Cookie.  She looked really scared and give me "the look.".  I promised her I would come back and if nobody else was in line, I would pull her.  So, I called my Vet and made a spay appt for Wednesday, and I also called my groomer and scheduled an appt for Tuesday.  So, she became available at 11am on Monday.  I got there at 10:30 am and the shelter staff told me there was a couple from Valley Springs who had put their name on her the previous week.  I believe it was on Friday, the same day I was there. 

The couple showed up and there were also to other people interested in adopting her.  Dan and Pam went out to meet her and spend some time with her.  It was very obvious to me that I wasn't going to be able to pull her, but I sensed that God wanted me to hang around.  While they were outside I asked the shelter staff if these people agreed that I could pull her and then adopt to them.  They agreed that would be fine.  So I wondered outside to where they were hanging out with Ivy and offered my services.  After speaking to them, they had recently lost their dog and really wanted to adopt another companion to love.  I explained what I do and that I already had a grooming appt and vetting appointment.  If they adopted thru the shelter it was going to take a few days to get her spayed and with my option we could get her out of the shelter and she stay with me until Wednesday afternoon.  They both looked at me and they were so relieved that I offered to help them. 

So, we went back in and I did the paperwork, and we got Ivy put her into my car and drove to my house.  Ivy joined the two sisters we pulled a few day prior and they played and played.  We did the paperwork and we agreed that Dan would meet me at the Vets office on Wednesday afternoon and take Ivy home.

Ivy, her and her new parents Dan and Pam live pretty close to us in Valley Springs, CA.  Just a 30 minute drive.  Ivy has settled in very nicely and is enjoying her new family so much.  I am so glad that I listened to my heart and was able to help assist in helping this very special dog and these awesome people.  Thank you Dan and Pam for accepting my offer to help!  I can't imagine my life without having helped her.  Everything worked out so perfectly for her and for you both!  I feel honored to have been able to take a part in her life and in yours too.

Thanks for the Lodi Shelter and to the volunteers for loving Ivy while she was there visiting and thanks for letting me help!!!

Jan. 12, 2019

About two weeks ago Cindy, a really nice gal reached out to us because she wanted to adopt a special little dog.  I stopped by her place to meet her since she was local in Lodi, and come to find out she's related to the man who we leased part of our land to for growing grapes.  Small world!

So, I invited her to come to our place to meet the doggies we had available.  She loved them all, but I could tell she really had her heart set on a little Shih Tzu and I just adopted one the week before.  So, I promised her I would let her know when the next one came available.  I told her based on the past, it could take a long time, or one could fall out of the sky.

So, that same afternoon I was relaxing on my bed for a moment and I got a phone call from a friend of mine.  She and a neighbor found a little Shih Tzu who was in pretty bad shape.  They canvassed the area with no luck of finding the owners.  There were reports that this dog had been running around stray for a while.  When I got there, I picked her up and I could tell she was so grateful to be safe.  The gal who was keeping her safe is actually my daughter-in-laws mom Jean. 

This poor little dog really needed some vet attention.  She had a really large hernia hanging off her stomach.  Looked like it had been there for a long time and needed to be tended to.  Not to mention she was one matted up mess.  She was able to get into my vet the next week to get the attention she needed.

So, on my way home from picking up our new little friend, I stopped by Cindy's house since it was on my way home.  I told her this little dog needs some much needed medical help and when she heals up, she will be needing a new home.  Cindy started crying happy tears.

So, Lucy said with us and recovered very nicely, and now she's in her new home and loving it.  Cindy's other dog Riley loves Lucy and Lucy loves Riley.  I keep getting such adorable photos of Lucy and Riley snuggling in a bed together.  Cindy also wanted a little doggie that would sleep next to her in bed.  Riley doesn't like to for some reason and wants to sleep in a bed on the floor.  Guess who is sleeping right next to Cindy?  Yes, Lucy!


Cindy, thank you so much for reaching out to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  I am sure you and I are going to be doggie friends forever!  I get excited when one of ours gets to stay local and your almost like being next-door.

May God Bless you, Riley, and Lucy and thank you so very much for all the love and compassion you have towards rescue doggies.  

Feb. 16, 2019

Chloe has found a lap, a bed and a very special mom!  Chloe was originally found as a stray who was running around for a long time.  When she finally trusted someone to get to safety, she had her daughter too!  I thought it would be best to find a home together so we found a great home!  Well, after settling in time the adopters and I decided it would be best to separate them.  Mama was getting very protective over her baby.  It was a very difficult decision, but it was best for both dogs.

Since I knew Chloe was coming back, I post her.  Karen, a wonderful retired lady called me on the phone.  She's not real computer sharp and that's ok.  This is why I put my phone number on my posts.  We had a nice conversation and she said she just lost her Bichon and she was so lonely without a dog to share her life.  I just had a feeling she would be perfect for Chloe.  So, Chloe and I took a drive to Roseville to Sun City Retirement Community the next day for a meet and greet.  Chloe climbed up in her lap and that was that...perfect!  That night she slept next to her new mama in bed.  She loves her!  Couldn't ask for anything to be more perfect for her.  She'll get so much attention!!!

Thanks to all the people who helped this special dog.  She's got such a sweetness to her!

Oh, and on a funny note....Karen teaches singing and piano lessons....maybe there's hope for me after all.  Hahaha!

January 5, 2018

Well we're happy to announce that Marley has found a new loving family with his new mom Nicole and dad Bill in Nevada City, CA.

He was one of the dogs we adopted out in our first year about 3 1/2 years ago.  As time went on for his first family he developed some snipping habits towards their young son.  So, they reached out to us thinking Marley would be better off in a family without any children.  So, Marley stayed with his first family until we could find him another home.  We found a great retired couple in Jackson, so I went and picked up Marley and delivered him up to Jackson.  They also had another mellow lab.  Well, the first couple days both his mom and dad got bit and he got into a scuffle with their other dog.  So, we all decided Marley needed a home with no other dogs and a "dog trainer" for a mom or dad.  I made them a promise that I would try again and not put Marley to sleep.  (The thought did cross my mind, but in my heart I new there had to be someone out there that could help the boy.)  I thank you both for trying and for the love you shared with Marley.

One day we got a phone call from a great gal Nicole who really was interested in him.  Quiet home, just her and her husband and they had recently lost their dog.  She used to work for a dog trainer many years ago, so she has lots of the basics.  She and her husband came and meet Marley and fell in love with him and all of his aggression issues.  They promised they would work with a trainer and give him the help that he needs.  He also needs a dental cleaning and perhaps a few teeth pulled and Poke-A-Dot's will be paying the bill for this to be done with their vet next month. 

Marley has adjusted very nicely to his new home and new life.  Nicole and Bill I am ever so grateful to you for providing a home and the guidance that Marley needs.  You both are awesome!  Marley, enjoy your new home and thanks for being so good while you were back visiting us!!! 

January 26, 2019

What a great dog and I am so thankful we could help her find a loving forever home!  Her name is Millie, but now it's going to be Lily.  Still pretty close to Millie and she's learned it already.  She's also a very, very smart dog.  I knew we were going to adopt Mama and Baby and I really wanted to introduce another dog so the Merry wouldn't have to be alone.  Well, I just so happened to see and ad that someone had a Poodle mix that they didn't want any more.  They had the dog for 1 1/2 years but they said they were too busy to take care of her.  Darrell and I drove to Modesto and meet up with the people.  You could tell the dog really loved her owner a lot, but the owner told me he and his family had no time for her.  So, she fit right in with the pack and she soon got vetted and loved all the other dogs!

I received and app from two families looking for a dog.  I knew either one would be perfect for her, but decided not to be in a rush and let time tell.  In my heart I felt she would do great with an older person and being around children wouldn't be best for her.  Our first app was a very nice daughter trying to help her dad find a special companion since his previous girl passed away and his heart was hurting.  The other family had a dog and two kids and they thought they'd like another dog for their family.  However, their one dog hadn't been around other dogs too much.  So, I made the call and decided the older gentleman whose name is Ed was the best choice.  In the meantime, the other family had introduced their dog to others and she wasn't too fond of them.  So, they're going to wait and try and get their dog accustomed to others a little more.  So, this all worked out for sweet Lily.

When I took Lily to her new house in Carmichael, CA, she made herself right at home in her new daddy's arms.  Ed's daughter Sharlene who lives down the street was also there loving on Lily.  Ed's wife Ella passed away in Jan. 2012 and Sharlene found a sweet dog Ella in November of 2013 to join Ed.  When Ella passed away a part of his heart went with her.  When Ed and Sharlene came here to meet Lily, it was very clear to me that Ed was a total dog person.  He loved everyone and wanted to take all of our dogs home too! 

Thank you Sharlene for reaching out to us and for having faith in us.  I am so blessed to have been able to help your dad feel love from a special doggie once again.  This is what I live for...helping a wonderful dog find LOVE!

Thanks for being such a good girl Lily!!!  Love you!

Feb. 10, 2019

Lenny has his new home!  Lenny came to us from a lady in Stockton, CA who had to go into a care home and is close to her last day.  Her son was caring for her dog Lenny.  She also lived in a home on his property, but due to her health there was no possible way of her to return.  Lenny was a very loved dog and lived with her for about five years.  Lenny was referred to us thru her groomer and my friend Jeweline.  Jeweline called me and told me about the situation.  So, I called and made arrangements to pick up Lenny.  When I picked him up, I could tell he was the center of attention and loved!  He jumped in the car and off we went.

When I got home, I took a few photos of him and posted them on facebook.  I got a really wonderful application from a couple Jim and Claudia who are from San Leandro, CA. They actually adopted a Golden Retriever from my friend Jill's rescued True Love Rescue in Lodi.  The also have had Shih Tzu's in the past and they've lost all of their doggies and were ready to adopt a new one.

March 10, 2019

This is a such an amazing story!  Well, actually all of the stories are but this one hits pretty close to home! 

I had a much needed hair appointed scheduled with my hair cutter Jayne on Friday, March 8th at 1pm.  I always ask her how her husband and his dog are doing.  Well, she tells me Tink passed away a few weeks ago and Bud is so lost with her.  Tink was a long haired Chihuahua and she was so much loved.  Went everywhere with Bud and Jayne.  So I told Jayne I had just received Mia who was an owner surrender and I showed her a photo.  I also told her that I had an appt later that afternoon for a meet and greet, but that I wasn't feeling too warm and fuzzy about it.  My appointment ended up canceling and deciding it wasn't the right time in her life to adopt a dog.  Jayne called me and told me her husband really wanted to come and meet Mia.  I told her perfect!  I had a few other apps turned in but I had certain things I was trying to keep consistent and I just had a feeling this was going to work out well.

So, the next day on Saturday, Bud, his great granddaughter who spends a lot of time with Bud and Jayne and her dad came to meet Mia.  Bud reached down and picked Mia up and Mia gave him a big kiss!  Mia played and played with all 3 of them.  I don't think I have ever seen a man with a bond happen like this before.  I was so wonderful to experience the LOVE!  Jayne called me back that afternoon and said yes and that sure wasn't a surprise.

So, on Sunday after I did some doggie visiting over in the bay area I packed up Mia's bags and delivered her to her new home.  She was greeted with open arms, and couldn't wait to give her new dad and mom a kiss, or two or three...well, it was really about 10!

A special thank you to my friend Jill who does Golden Retriever rescue for referring Mia's former mom to me.  Thank you to Mia's former mom for trusting Mia to me.  I promise you she will be loved forever!

And, Bud and Jayne thank you for your compassion you have towards dogs and for opening up your heart and home to Mia!!!  I know she'll be so loved!!!  Welcome to the Poke-A-Dot's family and I am so glad that I showed you her photo and again I am so sorry about Tink.

January 21, 2019

Mama and Baby are now Chloe and Emma.  Love the names the have now!  They packed their bags up and moved to Merced, CA.  They will join their new dad and mom, Sam and Amy.  Amy wasn't able to make it on the day Sam came down to bring them home so she's not in the photo.  The minute her meet the dogs, they both knew he was their new dad!  It was so special!  They will also join Sparky who is a 10 year old Yorkie mix, Tucker who is an 8 year old Poodle/Pit mix...both rescue doggies.  They also have a kitty cat too and previously lost Joey who was a Poodle who suddenly passed away on Dec. 21, 2018.  Now, what's really interesting is that I got both dogs on Dec. 21, 2018.  And one month later on Jan. 21, 2019 the joined the family.

Sam and Amy are a total rescue family.  They love rescue animals!  I am so happy for Chloe and Emma.  They came to Poke-A-Dot's by way of my friend Jeweline who has a grooming shop in Stockton.  A lady came in to her shop with both dogs and she found them wondering around on the streets.  Chloe had been a stray for over a year she said and she was never able to catch her.  One day she was able to catch her and she had a baby along with her.

We enjoyed having Mama and Baby so much!  They're great loving pups!  Sam and Amy, thank you for entering our lives and the lives of these precious two girls.  We know they both are in excellent hands!!!