November 12, 2019

I'm very sad to say the one of our 9 Toy Poodles had to be put to sleep this morning.  Gina was about 13 years old and was struggling with severe bladder problems over the summer.  She developed a tumor in her urethra which caused a blockage and pain.  She was gently put to sleep and she had all of her family surrounding her. 

I can't thank Jill and her family enough for all the love they gave to her.  This family is so awesome!  They wanted to adopt her and her age did not matter to them at all!!!  The world needs more people like these amazing people.  Gina was such a wonderful dog.  She loved everyone! 

Please keep Jill and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Gina, thank you for all the love you shared with your family and baby girl I've got tears coming out of my eyes for you right now.  You graced me with your presence and your love while you were here and I am so glad I was able to help you and your eight other family members.

Jill and family I know that God has a very special place in Heaven for Gina!!!  Hugs to all of you and thank you again for all the love you shared with Gina. 

Christine and Ed, thank you for giving Wyatt the best home ever filled with so much love.  He knew he was loved with all of your hearts!!!

May God watch over you.

I miss my Bubbles. ...Phyllis

November 2, 2017
Written on November 8, 2017

Last Thursday I think was one of the worst days in rescue so far that I have had to experience. In one's mind you know going into things that the bad comes with the good, but you last Thursday I wished that it wouldn't happen.

I'm pretty much an open book and I started out sharing stories with my rescue endeavors and turns out people love to read them. I put off writing this because I just couldn't sit down and put my thoughts into words until now.

On October 18, 2017 a two very special dogs came into our lives. Darrell and I went to the Tracy Shelter to pull out a small Poodle mix that we names Tracy. She was a stray. While we were putting her leash on, in the kennel next to hers was a sweet Cocker Spaniel named McKenzie. Darrell was the first to catch a glimpse into her beautiful eyes and he said "Oh, we better take her too!" I looked at her and oh my goodness our eyes connected and I also knew she had to come with us.

McKenzie was her name and someone actually brought her into the shelter and said they found her. She had a chip, but nothing turned up. The people called said they knew nothing about this dog. She was well groomed, probably about 4 years old. We had her spayed and she healed nicely, was in good health, no sign of kennel cough or anything else that could be detected.

I really loved McKenzie and I knew she'd have a wonderful life in her new home because you couldn't help yourself immediately falling in love with her. We had her with us for about two weeks and I was enjoying every minute with her. Everything about her was so perfect!

We have a past adopter who adopted a Dalmatian who came from the Modesto Shelter less than 3 years ago. The previous owner turned her in because she had seizures. We pulled her and she was with us for five days with any seizures and then she started having them. One night she had 12 small seizures on my watch. Of course it happened on a Sunday night. Monday morning off to the Vet ASAP and she was started on meds. I was a little concerned about my ability to care for her...I don't do too well with situations like this...not a nurse, but I will admit I am getting better. So, enter Cindy and Rick from Stockton. They wanted to adopt her and having seizures didn't bother her because she was very experienced dealing with dogs with seizures. Misty was her name and she had such beautiful blue eyes. Misty was back and forth to Vets trying to figure out her seizures. Had them under control for a while and then they would flair up. One time Cindy had to take her to Emergency and she had to say for a few days. Poke-A-Dot's helped them out with the care costs. They tried acupuncture and seemed to help and then one day she had a seizure that just wouldn't end and they had to make the tough decision to put her to sleep.

So, fast forward a few months and Cindy and Rick where ready to adopt another dog. I thought McKenzie would be a great fit for them. They have a cat and I thought McKenzie would probably ignore it. So, two weeks ago this Sunday, McKenzie and I headed to their house for a trial run. She walked in the house, ignored the cat, Freddy and Cecil and Nellie all loved McKenzie and all was wonderful. I walked out of the house in happy tears flowing down my face. I was planning on coming back the following weekend and do all the paperwork, etc.

McKenzie was doing so well. She would sit in a chair with all of the other dogs looking up to her like she was a judge. So, they decided to call her Duchess McKenzie. They all loved her so very much.

The following Thursday, Cindy called me and told me Duchess McKenzie had started having seizures. I couldn't speak for a few seconds. I felt like I had entered a horrible nightmare, but it was so real. She was on her way to her Vet which is close to where I live, so I meet her there.

The Vet had already taken a chest x-ray to find the her lungs were 75% full of fluids. He was explaining so many things and about 20 minutes later she went into a grand mal seizure that lasted about 20 minutes and it felt like 20 hours. It was one of the most scary things I have seen in my whole life. I spoke to the Vet about all the "what if's" and the financial aspects, etc. I was pretty numb, not really knowing how to go forward. I went and looked in her eyes and I just knew what I had to do. I told the Vet to please put her to sleep. Poke-A-Dot's covered the bill which was a little less than $800. We also had a few tests ran to narrow things down. Thank you to all of the people who have donated financially to us. Each one of you makes a difference.

I felt so bad that Cindy had to experience another dog with seizures, but of all the people in the world that God could of choose, I am so thankful that she was with Duchess McKenzie because she understood seizures from all of her experience. The Vet seemed to think that she'd had seizures in her past. This is more than likely the reason someone took her into the shelter in the first place. I just wish people would be honest when surrendering an animal into the a shelter. If we know, we can offer help. Cindy, you and Rick are truly one of a kind people.

A couple days before all of this happened, we pulled 4 more dogs from the Tracy Shelter who needed a chance for a new life. Then two days later, all of this happened and for a moment I was so sad and so depressed that I didn't think I had much strength left in me. Then I got a message and phone call from three different people who thanked us so much for making their life so complete with a precious dog. The timing was so perfect. It was like God reaching down and giving me a much needed hug and words of encouragement to keep going dog at a time! Or in the case now...4 Flintstones at a time. Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry it took me a little while to write my story, but I had to get over the hard part first. I will never ever forget spending the time I got to spend with McKenzie. She was such a grateful dog and she appreciated all the love she received from all the people and animals who touched her life. McKenzie, I hope you know how much you are loved girl and thank you so much for blessing us with your presence. You'll always be in our hearts forever and ever until we see each other in Heaven.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support. Love, Sheri


July 24, 2018

Our poor little Maggie had a stroke and her new mom had to say goodbye to her.  Maggie only was with her for a little over a month, but the two of them had a piece of each others heart.  Her mama Peggy loved Maggie with all of her heart.  When she adopted Maggie, she didn't care about her age.  She was Maggies everything.

Maggie originally came to Poke-A-Dot's because her former mom passed away.  She was living with family members but they didn't really want Maggie anymore.  So I agreed to bring her into Pokeadots.  I literally thought she'd be with us for the rest of her life.  Well, I was wrong. 

I can't thank Peggy enough for giving Maggie such a wonderful last month of her life.  She was Maggie's angel. 

I personally will never forget little Maggie.  She was a very sweet little girl.  Peggy, I know your heart is broken, but know you did the right thing by letting go and she knew she was loved!!!!  And, in the end that's the most important thing ever!

Poke-A-Dot, thank YOU for changing our world and the world of so many other dogs and people!  You're spirit will live on FOREVER!

I'm in the process of writing Poke-A-Dot's life story.

August 28, 2019

Bubba you came a long way from where you started your life at sitting on top of a picnic table day in and day out.  Your mom and dad love you so much and I will be forever grateful to them for partnering with us to adopt you.  You will never, ever be forgotten.  You're spirit and love will life on forever and ever!!!

I know the last 3 years of your life you were loved every single day.

Indy was one of first rescued Dalmatians that we brought into Poke-A-Dot's.  She was with a family who didn't want her anymore.  She spent about two weeks at Poke-A-Dot's and we found the most awesome family in the whole wide world for her!  Mom and Dad Crystal and Jason, their sons Alexander and Jonathan and Indy's doggie buddies Marley and Newman.  She will be missed each and every day. 

About a month ago, Crystal and Jason were in town and they brought Indy by for a visit.  I am so glad Crystal and I had the opportunity to let our two senior Dals hang out together.  Thanks to your family for opening your hearts up to one of the spotted dogs ever!  Jamie and I are so thankful that we showed up at her former house and got her into your loving arms!!!

We all love you Indy!  We will all see you again in Heaven!

This is the worst part about rescue for me is having to say goodbye to a piece of heart.  Poor Charlie only had about two weeks with his wonderful new family.  Carol and Joe where Charlie's angels and gave him so much love.  These two people loved this dog from the minute they laid eyes on him.  Charlie couldn't see, but Charlie could feel all the love we gave to him and especially all the love from Carol and Joe.  Charlie you will always have a piece of our heart!  We love you Charlie!!!

Our hearts are very heavy, and are hearts aren't quite the same to find out that our first rescue Dal (Rusty) Reily has passed away.  He was only 6 years old.  We're pretty sure it was kidney issues that prevailed and his family provided him the best care possible.  He was originally an owner surrender and a great friend of mine Sherry from Mesa, Arizona said she wanted to adopt him.  He was a wonderful addition to her family.  We know Sherry is so upset about loosing Reily.  We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Reily's family.  We had Reily with us for over a month and he was such a pleasure to have loved.  Rest in peace my sweet boy and we will see you one day in Heaven.  He passed away on the date they celebrated his birthday on...July 4th.

Feb 21, 2017

We are sad because a very special dog passed away yesterday.  Misty who was by far the most special needs dog we've had in rescue so far had severe seizures.  We were so blessed to have found Rick and Cindy from Stockton, CA who adopted Misty almost two years ago.  They loved her with all of their hearts.  They made sure she received the best possible vet care for her seizures.  She had been free and clear for three months and yesterday (Feb 20, 2017) one got a hold of her and wouldn't let go.  Misty was such a warm and loving dog and she will always live in lots of hearts.  Her mom and dad have golden hearts!  God's love always surrounded Misty each and every day.  Misty, you will live in our hearts and soul forever.   See you in Heaven!

December 2. 2019

Well, I'm not too sure where to begin this story.  Grab your Kleenex. 

Saturday a rescue friend Debbie called me and asked if I could help take in a 12 year Cocker Spaniel who was going to be turned over to the Sacramento Shelter today.  I was trying really had not to accept any dogs right now in preparation for the new floor we're having put in our doggie condos.  Well, there was something that was telling me I needed to help her and I really had no clue about her.  I spoke to the previous owner and she told me she had to let her son take her because she had to move into a place that wouldn't take her.  He was the one who couldn't keep him any longer and to make a long story short two nice gals went to pick her up and bring her to us on Saturday.  The former owner wasn't aware of any medical conditions just that her son said this past month her health seemed to be going downward.  When I got her I felt all around her body to find what I thought were cancer growths of some sort.  They were so big around her throat, ears, tummy, and her ears reeked and so did her mouth.  Her spirit was just like all of the other Cocker Spaniels that we've had.  SWEET!  I don't think she could hear me but we connected in our hearts. 

Today I was able to get her into my vet.  I was expecting not such good news.  Lymphoma and it travels and grows very quickly.  Can come on all of a sudden.  Her breathing was also really labored.  I had to make a tough decision, but it was for the best.  She was put to sleep very peacefully.  Thank you to the entire staff at Lodi Vet for all of your love and compassion.

All I can say is I new her for two days, and she was spoiled rotten and she was very much loved when she left us.  Have fun running free as can be in Heaven and please always remember that I loved you baby girl.

Now, I need to make my rounds and love on all the other dogs that call this place HOME.

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Buzz was a very, very special dog to me.  He was where my fostering began for another rescue.  I had Buzz living with us for about four months.  He and I became really good buddies.  Then a very special person with the same name as mine adopted Buzz.  Shari and her husband live up in Sacramento.  I got to personally deliver Buzz to his new home on Christmas Eve of 2015.  I remember being so happy for Buzz and I was so happy that I cried.  He loved his new mom and dad so much!  I was so happy for him.  It took a long time for him to find his forever home, but he finally made it.  He was the best dog.  Never complained about anything.  Buzz passed away February 17, 2017. 

Buzz, I know you will be missed and I can promise you boy, you will never be forgotten!  Love you Buzz!!!

Aug. 22, 2019

Little Miss Sadie had a tragic accident.  She escaped out of the fence in the backyard that wasn't secured from the gardener leaving.  This needs to be a lesson we all take to heart!  Rest in peace dear Sadie and God please watch over your family.