Hi Sheri I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for bring two of the sweetest little girls into our life. Since we lost out little Cody a few months back, we had been looking for a new rescue dog to adopt. We found you and Cookie on the web and decided to check her out. Renee called and chatted with you and we decided to make the trip to Acampo to meet Cookie. She seemed very sweet but very shy and afraid. You explained her situation and told us that it may take some time, patience and work for her to trust us. We decide to give it a try. Your brought her to our home to see how she would do. She was very timid but we decided to work with her since she was so sweet. We worked on gaining her trust for several weeks and she started to realize that we were her family but was still very shy. Renee suggested that maybe another dog might help bring Cookie out of her shell. She checked with Sheri and she said that was a good idea but it would have to be the right companion for both Cookie and us. Sheri said that she had just the right dog for us both. Enter Sunshine!!!! Boy, I do mean Sunshine. Sheri brought Sunshine up to meet Cookie last week and it was love at first sight for us. Sunshine is just what we and Cookie needed. She is supers sweet and a little ball of fire. Cookie is doing much better since Sunshine arrived on the scene. We can't thank Sheri enough for her expertise. She has a real knack with matching people and rescue dogs. We are truly blessed to have found Sheri and our newest family members. We recommend Sheri and Poke -A-Dots to anyone who is looking for a rescue dog.. You will be please that you contacted her. Hi Sheri: Thanks again and feel free to post as much or as little of this that you choose. The "Girls" are very happy, thanks to you. Warm Regards Norm

My family and I simply cannot express in words the gratitude and appreciation we feel for all your support and care in our journey to adopt Emma. With open hearts, and open minds, you listened to our story and instinctively knew Emma was the perfect girl to heal our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to visit with you and the pups, for sharing your Dalmatian love stories, and for trusting us with one of your first rescues. We are so happy to have a new family member and new friends at Poke-a-Dot's Dalmatians and Friends Rescue
Caroline, Mac & Jovian...San Jose, CA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Poke-a-Dot's Dalmatians and Friends Rescue for the opportunity to adopt Rusty. Rusty is a beautiful Lemon Dalmatian that fills our hearts with love and joy.  I would recommend Poke-a-dot's Dalmatians and Friends to anyone looking to find a forever friend. They were very professional and diligent to make sure it was a "good fit" for both us and the dog.  They sent someone locally for a home visit, and had several conversations with me.  They even went so far as to drive from their home in Lodi to Bakersfield to meet us when we picked him up!  It made our drive from Mesa, AZ so much easier!! I highly praise Poke-A-Dot's for their efforts to make the world a better place for these rescued dogs as well as their new forever families.
Sherry A...Mesa, AZ

Poke-A-Dot's definitely start with the dogs as their clients and are thorough in their search for the best possible home for them. The rescue home is doggie heaven: lots of wide open but enclosed outdoor space and a room scattered with comfortable and cozy beds. Jamie and Sheri are warm, compassionate, personable, loving and efficient. We were very pleased with the entire adoption process. Calvin is already a complete and forever member of our family and we’ve acquired  new good friends. We are very grateful.
Judy Steinhart

My adoption of sweet little Cupcake...
For anyone looking to adopt a rescue dog, you should definitely look at Poke-A-Dots Rescue FIRST! I wasted a lot of time and effort with other rescues while looking for a sweet little companion, but my efforts were totally rewarded (and quickly), with Poke-A-Dots. Sheri, along with her husband, Darrell, were beyond wonderful to deal with! They were thorough without being intrusive, extremely accommodating and super kind. I really can't say enough about these people and their hearts for loving both the dogs and the soon-to-be new owners. They are truly a very special breed (pardon the pun) and I deeply appreciate them and their hard work of rescuing the unwanted. If you're looking for a loving, 4-legged addition to your family, PLEASE look them up! Happy adopting! Linda Doty Vancouver, WA

It was a quiet afternoon when i decided to browse the internet looking for the 'unlikely' chance of finding a Pomeranian dog for adoption. After losing our 16 yr old beloved Pom Troy id  been on the search for another but didnt want to spend up to $3,000 for one plus there are so many dogs who need a home. But looking onlike was a slim chance.

I came upon this site called Pokeadots and decided to look just for the heck of it and my heart beat faster when i saw two available Poms! They were both so adorable although by the photos i chose the one id prefer. I decided to email the site to ask about them. I received a quick and pleasant reply from a lady named Sheri. We exchanged emails back and forth. She told me one of the Poms was pretty much promised to another family- the one i had chosen of the two by the photograph. Sheri spoke very kindly and lovingly about both of these little guys she had given cute little names to.  She told me the available one "just wants to be loved and is very sweet". She asked me to fill out a questionare which i did. She seemed passionate about finding "the right match"" and not "just a place to give them to".  She seemed to  consider this serious business.
She let me know she would review the questionare and let me know.  She later replied based on my answers it made me pretty much a candidate. 

 She said she would drive out with who she had called "Little Bear". She drove from Lodi to Somerset- not a short trip. I had offered to meet in Placerville but she seemed insistent of coming to our home even though a long drive. I realized later the reason she seemed to want to come to our home- probably to "check out" how we lived and to see if it was a safe loving suitable home. I have no doubt had she found our home not suitable she wouldve politely refused to leave "Little Bear" with us. 

When her and "Little Bear" stepped out of the car---heart be still... this little guy looked like a stuffed toy- couldnt be more darling... and friendly...and sweet... and had obviously been being well cared for and not just in some cage. It became obvious once me and my husband talked to Sheri that he had been treated like he was her own. He was so happy and joyful and friendly- running right up to us and it was truly a love connection! 

We went into the house and Sheri wanted to see our home and see if it was a safe and happy place in person and verify our online answers. She saw our sincerity- and true love of Poms by the photos of our beloved late Pom and the obvious love for him. 

We passed! And we now have "Wyatt" formerly named "Little Bear"! We hit the jackpot. He is an incredible little guy and within a week it felt as if hed been here forever. 

We are very impressed by Sheri- her process of love and dedication in caring for and taking time to properly place these precious little angels who are just looking for someone to give them a loving home. We consider this no less than a ministry for the animals using special gifts she has been blessed with.

God forbid if i lost one of my precious angels id hope she would be the one to rescue them!

Thanks to this wonderful woman for what shes doing and thanks to her for our happy little angel Wyatt!

God truly blessed us with the best Christmas gift ever!
Christine Campbell, Somerset, CA

We're so lucky to have found Poke-a-Dots Rescue!  Sheri responded so quickly to our questions about her recent rescue Little Eddie. She is very passionate about saving dogs and has a clear connection with them.  Before we met Little Eddie, she was able to tell us about his temperament because she spends a lot of time getting to know the dogs.  In fact, we were looking at two dogs and she knew which one was clearly better for our family.  And she was right!  Little Eddie is a wonderful addition to our family!  Sheri has a gift with animals. Poke-a-Dots is a genuinely honest rescue center with the utmost integrity and love for the animals and their people.
Thank you Poke-a-Dots!!
Sara Atherton, CA

Diana and Fred Simmons are proud to let our friends know we adopted our rescue dog, Sasha, through Sheri Didreckson's Poke-A-Dot's Dalmations based in Lodi, CA. Sheri and her husband have the nicest rescue facilities for dogs we've ever seen including separate buildings, insulated with their own heating and air conditioning!  We were impressed with Sheri's loving concern for her dogs as she visited our home to make certain Sasha was going to an appropriate home.  We won't look anywhere else in the future should we need to find a rescue dog!
Fred and Diana Simmons

Gold River, CA

A very special thank you to Sheri for a most wonderful home & family for my 2 very dear companions CB & Ms Tess. I was fortunate & blessed to have them for ten years and because of my husbands illness  & eventual passing it became more & more difficult to give them the attention and love they were so deserving of. l did pray for guidance & knew of Sheri's love and dedication to finding good homes for dogs.  I made contact and the next few months proved to be very interesting along with faith building. Sheri too immediatley loved my pets and assured me yes there would be a most special loving home in their future.   Over the next three to four months there would show up some spark of intetest but maybe they would just want one & there was no separating them.. Not once did she ever doubt there would be that perfect match show up...her words were powerful & totally faith filled.  I was very anxious cause I knew they needed more than I had to give.  She would say "we are not going to settle.there is a perfect match. They will show up at the right time."  I leaned on her faith & trust and it proved worthy.  There is scripture that talks about when you lean on &.trust GOD that you receive above & beyond your greatest expectations. I know Sheri has been called to do this work she is doing.  So many are being blessed the dogs and the new owners.  In my case the ones also having to release them . The new family for my dogs are truly so much more than I could have hoped for or imagined. A special thank you to a very neat lady named  Sheri with an enormous heart called to do a great work. My heart is filled with gratitude for the perfect match.  May God continue to bless your efforts.  

Judy, Lodi CA

I cannot begin to say how pleased my husband and I were when we adopted our adorable PBGV, Molly, from Poke-A-Dot's Dalmatian's and Friends Rescue last April.  Through the loss of our beautiful Basset Hound, Jess, we found ourselves without a dog for the first time in many, many years. We have had many rescued dogs and the search was on for our next best friend.  Working with Sheri, the adoption coordinator, was such a pleasant experience.  I could really feel her love and concern for Molly when considering us as an adoptive family. Needless to say, we fell in love with Molly at first site and the adoption process was easy and straightforward. We have kept in touch with Sheri and sent pictures of Molly, happily moved into her new home.  When we are ready to consider another 4-legged friend for the family, we will definitely be in touch with Sheri and Poke-A-Dot's Rescue!
Sallee and Steve Kimble ( and Molly, of course!)  Fallon, NV


Sheri is definitely “all about the dogs.”  But people too.  I was interested in a standard poodle and Sheri contacted me as soon as I filled out an application.  She took the time to get to know me in order to determine which of the poodles would fit my lifestyle best.  The dogs were going to be flown in from Taiwan in a week or two.  She was in close communication from the rescuers in Taiwan and kept me informed throughout the process.  She texted me a picture of Summer at the airport in Taiwan, let me know there was a 6 hour delay due to a typhoon, and when she and other volunteers from Pokeadots came to pick up the dogs at SFO, she texted a picture of her and assured me she was doing fine after the long flight.  She even let me know when they arrived back at her place in Lodi that night.

During the next five days, Sheri allowed the three dogs to relax and acclimate to their new country.  Knowing that Summer was going to have a dog door to my back yard, Sheri trained her before I came to pick up my new girl.  I loved having the tour of Sheri and Daryl’s home.  Summer and her Taiwanese brother Sparkle had been sharing the little house in the back yard, complete with raised beds in the cheery dalmatian-themed room.  I really appreciated that Sheri took the time to sit down with me and transfer Summer’s chip information to me before we left.  We reviewed all the documentation of her excellent veterinary care in Taiwan.  Her behavior assessment was true to Summer’s personality: a little shy at first, then warms up to people quickly.  The only thing they got wrong was that she was “ok on leash.”  She is excellent on leash!  She has walked right beside me from the start.  What a dream dog she is.

She now has a new brother Rusty, and Pippa the chihuahua.  Rusty is so happy to have a playmate — and do they play! — and 7 pound Pippa is happy that Rusty now does not need to bug her to play!  All three get along, and all our neighbors love her.  We walk by the beach every day, where the are always lots of dogs and their owners.  Summer is sweetly friendly, coming up to people to be petted.   She is going to her first big event in October:  Poodle Day Carmel. 

Thank you, Sheri, for the wonderful dog you found for me.  Your communication was reassuring during the three weeks or so from when I first inquired about Summer, and her journey from Taiwan.

Thanks again, and you know I’ll keep you informed of special events in Summer’s life, or just when I have an ‘awww’ moment or picture to share.

Love, Sally


"We saw our Hannah's face on the perfect day at the perfect time and we right to the pokeadotsrescue.com page to learn more!  We knew we wanted to adopt a mature dog and had been looking for months. No sooner did I respond to seeing her online that I got a call from Sheri.  When we started to talk to her about Hannah she was up front with the information on her background and you could tell right away how much care and time she puts in to finding these rescues great, safe, loving homes. We had already fallen in love with Hannah from her picture and her story and then we met Hannah through a facetime call and fell in love with her again.  Ever since Sheri brought her to us, she has filled our house with love with her mild manner, cute personality, playfulness and she loves walks.  She is a great addition to our family and it is hard to remember when she was not part of it.  Thank you Sheri for all that you do for your rescues while they are in your care!  You are truly a blessing!"

Carol and Hannah