Our sweet boys first set of brothers. Thank you Sheri, they are the sweetest...Janet 8/10/2020

Here's a special page dedicated to all the Poke-A-Dot doggies and their new life.

We love all of you so very much...the dog(s) and their family also!

For updates, please send photo and a short or long story to sheri@sheris.com

Today is our friend Rico's birthday and I dedicate this page to him.  He's always looking out for dogs in need, plus he's part of our family!

Happy Birthday Rico!!!  8/10/2020

My name is Remy (aka Rambo at aunt Sheri’s house). I love my mom, dad and chasing my squeaky toys! I also love sitting with mom especially on her shoulder & sleeping on a comfy bed. I recently beat kidney failure due to lots of prayers. I guard my house, and my sister Patty...Bobbi 8/10/2020

Dottie, previously known as Jill. Is Polka-Dots miracle dog...8/10/2020

This is Roxy last Christmas with my dad. I adopted her after my mom passed away, she and dad had been married 60 years and dad was lost. She has continued to brighten dad’s days and he spoils and loves on her constantly. She is such a wonderful companion for dad. Notice the coffee mug has a picture of Roxy and my dad. Her gift to him!...Tony 8/10/2020

This is Joey. We've had her 2 years now. She was 13 when we adopted her and the first small dog I've had. She had a rough couple of years before she came to Sheri's and eventually our home. But she is a tough little girl. She has her daddy wrapped around her tiny paw. She loves to be held and snuggled. I can't imagine life without her little bossy attitude and she keeps the other 3 bigger dogs in line...Cindy 8/10/2020

This is Sadie! We are so happy that she came into our lives about 5 years ago. She is full of spunk and love and shares her kisses and sweetness with everyone she meets...Jessica 8/10/2020

The love of our lives, Maggie, when found she was full of foxtails. We love her so much, thank you Sheri and Darrell. I wish I had another...Candice 8/10/2020

Dory is thes best little doggie we could have ever hoped for. She loves to go bye bye so she is our little road dog and goes every where with us. She is also best friends with our other little dog Nemo ❤ we adopted her from poke a dots may 2019...Grace 8/10/2020

We have the sweetest, best dog ever! Her name is Kiwi, & she is from Taiwan. She loves all food except for kale. She thinks she is a lap dog, she sleeps on my pillow, just above my head every night & follows me everywhere. She & my daughter get a little jealous of one another, & compete for the spot next to me on the couch. We will be  forever grateful to Sheri for bringing this love bucket into our lives...Angela 8/10/2020

Hi, I'm Nellie. When I was 1, my Aunt Julie rescued me from running the streets of East Lodi (came in the safe car for an A&W hamburger!) Sheri found me a family, but then my mommy visited me & we fell in love. Sheri said it was destiny... in our 3 years together I learned to play with toys & love riding the car, but I still like to escape when given a chance... once a street dog...Jackie 8/10/2020

Well hello everybody I'm Sweetie Pokeadot's Rescue.  I went to my forever home in 2017 thanks for the kindness of Sheri and Darrell.  After my little Sarah passed away I was just fooling around looking at dogs found Pokeadot's Rescue. Far Cry from which she used to look like my little forever girl will always be in my heart.

Sheri's note:  I used to take Sweetie to the neighbor ladies house who was pretty much stuck in a chair.  She would literally sit on her lap all day long.  Until one day the caregiver let her out the front door.  We finally got her and then I decided it was time for her to retire from this situation.  Her new daddy Doug loves dogs so much.  He's a Vietnam Vet and he gave his life for us, so Pokeadots blessed his life with Sweetie.  Doug had a stroke a couple years ago, and we got a call from him and picked up Sweetie and Albert and they stayed with us until Doug was able to return home from the hospital.  I took Sweetie and Albert up for visits.  He's a wonderful doggie daddy and thank you for your service!

"We adopted Lucy and Spotty a little over a year ago from Poke-A-Dots. Lucy was 1 year old and Spotty was 2 years old. These little girls are polar opposites but love each other so much. Lucy was thrown out of a van, and she chased it down the road until she couldn't anymore. Thankfully a bystander saw the entire thing and took Lucy in and made sure she was safe. Spotty was the dog of an elderly woman who could no longer keep her due to age. Now Lucy loves to play with toys and LOVES to go on walks. Spotty loves to chew on bones and dances when she's happy. They are now both spoiled rotten and will be for the rest of their lives. It was meant to be"...Jasmine 8/10/2020


This is Oliver. We've had him for three years. He is a very sweet boy who loves being with his people. We foster neonate kittens and he loves them, too. He gets so excited when we first bring a litter home and he hears their tiny cries. When they start running around, he keeps a close eye on them. And he looks a bit forlorn when they go up for adoption.

Oliver with our latest batch of kittens. The little white one ended up being a foster fail and the two of them have become best buddies...Jennifer 8/10/2020

My life changed when I rescued my precious girls. Each day is a new adventure and they are learning so much. God blessed me with Roxy and Princess. They are so precious to me...Patti 8/10/2020

Sheri Helped set up transport from Alabama to New York in July 2020. Adjusting beautifully to our new home. Swimming in the pool,playing in fenced in yard, using doggie door, sucking up on Loving, eating like little pigs and chasing our new brothers. Thank You Sheri❤️💕❤️...Debbie and Wayne 8/10/2020