My life is so complete because of all the special dogs we have been able to help and find awesome, loving homes along with all the special people who adopted them.
     I remember a very special moment when we my husband and I were at the Tracy Shelter about 6 years ago. We went there to pull Tracy who is now Cali and is in an awesome home. The dog in the kennel next to Cali was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel by the name of McKenzie. She looked in his eyes and got his attention. He turned to me and said "we can't leave her here." So, McKenzie came home too. McKenzie was one of the dogs we lost and we had to have her put so sleep, but she had a great last three weeks of her life.  I had such a connection with her.  I still have a hard time writing or speaking about McKenzie...have tears coming out my eyes now.

     I would also like to thank a very special man, my husband Darrell. He's always is so encouraging and always loves each and every one of the dogs who call our home their home for a while or a long time. 

     Over six years we added a new dog to our family. After loosing Peanut and Hairball, I prayed that God would place a special "BIG" dog into our lives. Well, we got "BIG" alright! Thelma is a 80 pound Golden Doodle who was everything and more that I had prayed for in a doggie. She's now9 years old and such a wonderful dog. I hardly ever pray for myself and I am so thankful that God placed her in our lives.

     Then about a 5 years ago we came across a Standard Poodle, Stella who was only 7 months old.  Her life was living in a crate.  We got her spayed and when she recovered we posted her, but for one reason or another we couldn't find the perfect home for Stella.  She's made our home her home and we love her so much!!!

     I think we just surpassed adopting 600 dogs that we've helped find new homes in just under 9 years. We actually go very slow and try and get to know each and every dog very well. Some of them take up residency a little longer and some of them find their special homes relatively fast. I remember back when we reached 10 dogs. I was so happy! Then when 20 came I was in shock. Well, when 50 happened I nearly had a heart attack. Just kidding! Then when 100 came, I was speechless. Now we're over 600 there is no way I could ever explain the feeling inside of me. I know beyond the shadow of any doubt that I am doing what God has blessed me with each and every one of the dogs we've helped. However, if it wasn't for such wonderful people who have come into our lives to offer homes to all of these dogs, I'd have 350 dogs living with me. Thank you to all the awesome people who have adopted one of our family members into yours. You're all the BEST in the WORLD! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart and I consider you part of our family!

     I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have donated to Poke-A-Dot's!  All of the dogs really appreciate your generosity.  They can't speak, so I will continue to speak for all of them.  I know I say thank you a lot, but that's just the kind of person I am.  I appreciate the fact that helping animals takes more than one person and I truly appreciate the wonderful team around us.  So, one more THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything!!!

There are no words for how blessed and grateful I feel.  I feel like I'm in the middle of a great big circle and there's no way for me to fall down because I'm surrounded by all the dogs and their families.  THANK YOU!!!

Whoops I better add the following...

In March of 2020, a friend of mine who had the same name as mine and spelled the same way passed away.  She had a massive stroke and when she was trying to communicate with her cousin in Alabama she spit out 4 words...Dogs, Sheri, Pokeadots, Lodi.  She sent a friend of Sheri's to her house and found me in her phone as Sheri Pokeadots.  Long story made short, Elsa, Piper and Sadie sleep next to me every night and I thank God Sheri remembered when we meet two years ago and her dogs and I where on the floor playing together when I asked her if she had a plan.  She said no not really and I said I'll be your plan.  I cry every time I think how God moved in this situation.  I took her girls to see here almost every day for a month before she passed away.  She knew she could say goodbye with a great big smile on her face and contentment in her big heart.

 Love, Sheri

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