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Hello my name is Sierra and I have an incredible story. Please sit down this will only take a minute to read. I was rescued with eight other of my mates by Sheri (Pokeadot’s rescue) and Bonnie a poodle lover. I was 12 years old at the time and was a mama to many, many beautiful toy poodles. I was adopted very quickly by a man name because I was so special. I was great company for him and stayed in his home for over two years until he passed away. I must tell you I never had a life like I did previously in his home. I was loved and spoiled. I was lucky enough to come back to Sheri‘s for replacement and I’m staying hanging out with Sheri and Darrell and sleeping next to Sheri's heart.  I'm also a great football doggie. How things come around full circle. My two favorite women Bonnie and Sheri are in my life again. So now you see I’m 14 but don’t let my age scare you. In February 2021 I had a complete physical and all my blood work came back perfect. My organs are working like a champ. The only thing that showing age are my teeth, which aren’t many and I may be a little hard of hearing. I stayed with Bonnie and Otis’s a couple of weeks with five other dogs and a cat. What a crazy life. We all sleep in their bed and go for walks daily. I walk up to a mile a day and then come on home and have a great meal. I am not a barker and love all people and even critters. Just come take a look at me and you will know no matter my age I remain a very special girl. If you’re interested in me, please visit our website at and kindly fill out an application.  The future home for Sierra has to be beyond perfect!  You may also give Sheri a call at 209 603-5866.

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August 23, 2021
Welcome to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue Pomeranian Peaches!

I can't believe the different stories each dog comes with.  This one will probably cause a few tears...Ok, here it's going to be long.

I got an email requesting help on Saturday from June who took this stray dog in trying to help.  Her Cocker Spaniel wasn't very happy.  She got the dog from Tina who originally found the dog close to Elm and Mills in Lodi.  She brought the dog in for the night.  She had poop all over her butt and they gave her a good bath and trimmed all the hair around her butt.  They also trimmed her very long toe nails.  Tina posted on Next Door that her two dogs didn't want this dog to stay.  So June said she'd help.  So, that's why she reached out to me.  She remembered me from years ago coming into a restaurant where she worked.  She told me I was always so nice to her.  So, on Saturday afternoon I went over to her house to pick up the sweet senior dog.  I could tell by just looking at her teeth she was up there in age.

So, I got her home and she blended in nicely with Checker, Cash and Lady.  She's eating good and gets around really good.  I held off posting her on Facebook lost and found sites to eliminate and too much drama that it sometimes comes with.  I communicated with Officer Jennifer and told her I was going to be helping her.  So, this morning I stopped by the Lodi Shelter to see if anyone had called in to report a lost dog.  Yes, there was someone who had left a message.  Officer Katie got in touch with the gal and then put her in touch with me.  I found out thru a few text messages that this gal and her boyfriend are homeless.  So, I grabbed my Poke-A-Dot's bag with an owner surrender form all ready.

When Darrell and I arrived at the park they were at we had a conversation with them.  Turns out Peaches is her name.  She belong to his mom who lived in Lodi.  Officer Jennifer from the shelter actually knows her and said she'd stop by the shelter to give Jennifer a hug from time to time.  She passed away from cancer in April of 2020.  So, she's been staying with family since she passed.  I told them Peaches lucky day was on Saturday when she found her way to our place.  I told them I would love to have her join Poke-A-Dot's and we would try and find her a terrific new home.  And, until that happens she'd be very welled cared for and loved.  I told her she didn't deserve to live in less than perfect environment.  So they agreed to surrender her to us.  I left with a very grateful feeling from these people.  They also have another dog I offered to help if they decided to surrender.  I also left them a bag of dog food.

They thought she was around 20 years old.  I tracked down her vetting and on paperwork she's about 14.5 years old.  Her eyes are good, teeth not so good and she could really stand to a dental.  She's got an appointment at the end of September.  Yes, I said September.  It's so hard to get an appointment soon.

Thank you to Tina and to June for stepping up to the plate and helping Peaches like you both did.  The world needs more people like you for sure.  She loves the black and white bed!

Peaches, welcome to Poke-A-Dot's Rescue.  If anyone reading this would be interested in adopting her or fostering her PLEASE PLEASE let us know.  PLEASE SHARE THIS POST...THANKS!

Peaches had her dental and vetting and she's all ready for her new home!!!

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Welcome to Pokeadot’s Rescue Fred and Buckley!  

I’m pretty speechless right now but I’m going to try to get the words out of my heart and soul. Meet Debra and John from Sacramento. They had a good friend who was a disabled veteran and they helped him with a lot of his needs. One need were his beloved dogs.
About eight months ago he passed away. Debra and  John took them their daughters house and the lived their for awhile. Her life became stressful so they needed to find a new home.  Debra and John picked them up about 4 days ago and Debra stayed in a motel because they have cats at home and didn’t want them to get stressed out. She was referred by a friend of a friend to us.
Poor Buckley has a hurt back leg that’s he’s had for a while probably an ACL injury that needs to be attended to. He’s probably about 6 and Fred looks about the same by his teeth.

These people love these dogs so much that they agreed to pay the vet bill for Buckley. They both were in tears when they left. They also made a wonderful donation for us taking them in.  They were both in tears when they left. Both happy and sad ones.
Debra is going to write up a bio about Fred and Buckley and I’ll post it tomorrow.
Welcome to Pokeadot’s Buckley and Fred!!!!!

This is a bio that Debra wrote about Buckley and Fred...

Buckley and Fred: two good dogs!

These sweet little guys lived with a disabled veteran, Daniel, who passed recently. He loved them a lot and asked his friends to make sure that they would get a good home after his death.

Daniel adopted Buckley as a pup in early 2016. Buckley enjoyed the neighborhood cats, which would often drop by to visit. He likes to ride in cars and is a friendly little guy.

In 2017 Daniel found little Fred abandoned in a pharmacy. People remembered someone setting him down on the floor in the candy aisle and telling him to stay. Then the guy left the store without Fred. Daniel brought Fred home and he became one of the family.
Fred is a little shy, but he is gentle and makes friends easily. He loves to sleep on pillows, under pillows, on the lawn in the sunshine, or just about anywhere. He’s good at problem solving and learns easily. Buckley also likes to sleep, especially in a safe fenced-in yard, or indoors on the sofa, bed, or dog bed. He is also a smart and friendly dog and likes stuffed dog toys.
Now that their veteran dad is gone, they are hoping to find their forever home.

Note:  Buckley has had his surgery and did great!  He's recovering and starting to put weight on his leg.  They are ready for adoption!